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Sean and Tuffy- In Case Anyone Had Any Thoughts That They Like To Have Fun, Here’s Sean’s Jock Strap Dive

Anyone who thought that our boys were serious only needed to look at this gem from the past-

Here’s our boy diving off our roof in his Jock strap-

It’s a tough job man
Winter fishing on the Trapper John-

Pimping Tuffy

So yesterday morning I get an email from a woman named Kaitlin Herbert.  Kaitlin works for the television production company that produces the number one show on BRAVO- “the Millionaire Matchmaker and one of the top rated shows on Animal Planet “Pit Boss”.

So her production company is looking for some fishermen for a particular type of show they are developing for the Food Network.  She told me that she found GMG after an extensive search for Gloucester Fishing vessels. I sent here a pile of links to some of the videos we’ve done featuring Tuffy, Stoga and Trapper John.

Within an hour or so I got an email back from Kaitlin asking for the contact information for Tuffy saying that he and his crew seem like a great group of guys and that they would love to hear their story.

Tuffy happened to be out fishing but when he hit the dock we taped a special message for Kaitlin which you can view below.

She wrote back last night.

What do you suppose she said? :)

Here are the videos I sent her which led to her interest.

Here you go-

Jock Strap Swan Dive Because He Loves Lobstering-

Greetings From The Crew of the Degelyse


Sean Gives Back To His Gay Fans


Nate Goes All Mr T On Us


The Boys Aboard The Degelyse Take Tiger’s Sloppy Seconds


Tuffy’s Tootsie Pop Hat- “How Many Licks Does It Take?”


An Unsuspecting Tuffy Prepares To Fuel Up The Degelyse

Stoga! Video

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