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Adventures in Roatan With Tuffy

Hello Joseph!!!!!     How are you  ??!!     This is a photo of zavanny .she is three years old and a delight to be with .she is my niece. ( iris’s  younger sisters daughter ) . I like to spend a lot of time with her when we are here.we had her for Friday night sleep over and swam in the pool, made mr. Potato head ,watched Winnie the Pooh and read books .she has a great laugh and smart as a whip. Keep smilin ……..  Tuf


Is that a Honduras Soccer shirt?

You gonna try to make the squad Tuf?

Sean and Tuffy- In Case Anyone Had Any Thoughts That They Like To Have Fun, Here’s Sean’s Jock Strap Dive

Anyone who thought that our boys were serious only needed to look at this gem from the past-

Here’s our boy diving off our roof in his Jock strap-

It’s a tough job man
Winter fishing on the Trapper John-

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