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Sean Hurley Opening Tonight

Hey Joe,Sean Hurley here. I just wanted to mention that I have an opening at Gravure Gallery, 51 Main Street tonight from 5 – 8 PM, entitled New England Relics: Recent Drawings and Etchings by Sean Hurley", incase you feel like stopping by or mentioning it on the blog. I attached an image too: Cement Factory – pencil and white charcoal on cream Rives BFK paper – 2010 – 22" x 30"Thanks alot Joe…


Sean Hurley Etchings- The Process At Gravure Gallery

Sean Hurley Describes and Demonstrates The Etching Process He Uses In His Printmaking Process-
I’ve never heard of or seen anything like this type of painstaking process which will take over a month to finish.
One of the great things about the blog is that I get to meet people and ask questions that I’d never probably ever know the answers to…and then I get to share it all with you guys.

More with Sean In part II coming tomorrow
Check out his website here-
You can see his work at Don Gorvett’s Gravure gallery at 51 Main St, Gloucester Ma

Sean Burn’s Lobsterboat The Four Sisters Prepares To Offload

It was so cold that the plug which drains his lobster tank was frozen solid.  He had to take a layer of lobsters out of the tank and then dip a five gallon bucket in to take out some water and then take more lobsters out followed by bailing out more water til the tank was empty.  The extreme cold makes

Sean Welcomes Schooner Racers

Sean wanted to send a special welcome shout out to all the Schooners as they came into port yesterday.  Who says our lobstermen aren’t a welcoming lot?

Sean Welcomes Schooner Racers, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Welcome To Gloucester

Welcome To Gloucester

Sean Secures The Bait Before Heading Out

The boys didn’t seem to happy to be going out this morning.  With the cold water temperatures the catches fall off dramatically.  Tough to get motivated when you know you’re not going to make a whole lot of dough.

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