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Well, it’s been a while since I posted. But in the meantime, Nichole Shrafft and others have been killin’ it in the representing Rockport department, so that’s been awesome. A whole bunch of stuff is coming up, so I wanted to pass along some information, starting with a local Food Forum in Rockport scheduled for next Thursday night. We can all get together and figure out the answers to some pressing food-related issues. There’s an anonymous survey too, in case you want to make your thoughts known and submit any questions to the panelists. Click HERE for the survey.

Feel free to share the poster

Feel free to share the poster

Electricity and Home Energy Saving No Brainer Series

Number 1) Change Electricity Supplier From National Grid which is currently (as of 3/2/15) charging 16.273 cents per kWh to Think Energy which has the lowest rates for the same exact Electricity delivered over the same exact poles and still serviced by National Grid and is currently (as of 3/2/15) charging 9.7 cents per kWh with a locked in 6 month guaranteed rate with no cancellation fee.  40% or so money in your pocket and less than two minutes to sign up. Absolute No-Brainer unless you don’t like money.


Read all about it here-

Electricity Update 22- Paying Way less On Your Electric Bill By Choosing A Different Supplier- HUGE!!!!


Number 2) Sign up for a free Home Energy Assessment and get a ton of free energy efficient lightbulbs, power strips, electronic thermostats that will turn down the heat at night or while you’re at work automatically, and efficient showerheads.  Read about it here-

Electricity Update #4: Free Home Energy Assesment With Kevin From Next Step Living


Number 3) Check Out The Alternative Heating Solutions At Local Cape Ann Chimney and Hearth-

Electricity Savings Alternative Home Energy and Comfort Update #7- Cape Ann Chimney and Hearth

Electricity Update 22- Paying Way less On Your Electric Bill By Choosing A Different Supplier- HUGE!!!!

As of my writing this (3/2/15) you can pay 9.7 cents per kWh locked in for 6 months at that rate instead of what National Grid is currently charging which is 16.273 cents per kWh by signing up here-


So I’ve researched all the different Electricity Suppliers and Think Energy Has Consistently Been Wayyyy Less Than Any Others.

If you are currently using National Grid for electricity then you are flat out getting crushed.

Last fall National grid filed for a 37% rate increase and got it-

National Grid Files For Steep Electric Rate Hike

September 25, 2014 1:20 PM

But what many people don’t realize is that you don’t have to get your electricity from National Grid.  You can buy your electricity at wayyyy lower rates per kilowatt hour and not lose any service at all because National Gris still services the power lines and poles. is a website that aggregates all the available Electricity supplier rates and tells you who is cheapest.

I’ve been following it for three months now and Think Energy has consistently offered the cheapest rates for you to lock in at.  Currently if you’ve done nothing you are paying the current 16.273 cents per kilowatt hour to National Grid. But you could be paying 9.7 cents per kilowatt hour locked in for the next 6 months or 11.7 cents per kilowatt hour if you locked in for 12 months.  That’s an INSANE amount of money to throw out the window by not signing up. Something like 40% on the 6 month lock in. So I’m signing up my mom today.  Here’s the link for yourself-



For 6 Months Locked in


For 12 Months Locked In


My Mom’s Latest Bill You Can See She Was Charged 16.275 per kWh, sure is going to be nice to get her next bill locked in at 9.7kWh. A HUGE SAVINGS


She was, like everyone else that hasn’t switched to a new supplier paying .1627, now with Think Energy’s 6 month lock in, she’s going tio pay on her next bill .097.

So this one was .16273 x 2976 kWh by not having switched over. .16273×2976 kWh= $484.29

Next month her rate goes to .097. By Switching To Think Energy.

If she uses the same amount of electricity you multiply the new rate .097 x 2976 kWh = $288.67

$484.29 – $288.67= $195.62 In Savings

THAT’S $195.62 In Savings a Month!!!!!  That’s Like a Toyota Tercel Car Payment For Cripes Sake!!!!


#BOOM!!!!!!!  So Psyched About This!!!!!

This was from 3/2/15-



Here’s my mom’s contract- took less than 2 minutes to fill out! Check the rate! 9.7 cents per kWh!!!!-



Hi Joey:
Great talking to you on Saturday night.  As per our conversation about Gilligan Lovasco, here is some relevant information.
Gilligan’s obituary can be found at .  Click on obituaries and on the next page click on Gilligan’s picture to read the obituary.
His celebration of life, as noted in the obit, will occur at the Gloucester Elks, 30 Atlantic Road, Gloucester, Ma, on Saturday March 7, 2015, from 2-6 PM.  I will serve as master of ceremonies and the entire affair will be, as noted in the obit, very casual.  Chelsea Berry will be singing, and their will be food and also a brief prayer by Reverend Jim, (whoever he may be)!  Anyone who knew Gilligan is invited, and welcome, to attend.  Thank you for your interest Joey.
Best regards,
“Don Juan”

VIDEO: Making Saint Joseph Altar Bread with Caffe Sicilia’s Maria Cracchiolo

Artists-in-the-Kitchen Maria Cracchiolo, and her parents Domenic and Nina Damico, demonstrate how to create beautiful bread in shapes symbolic of Saint Joseph and inspired by nature. Watch as Maria, Nina, and Domenic artfully shape angels, a carpenter’s saw, San Giuseppe scroll, Saint Joseph sun, snails, flowers, butterflies, grapes, and more.

Saint Joseph altar bread is available by special order at Caffe Sicilia. Call to place your order at (978) 283-2345.



As you will hear Maria’s story unfold (while deftly shaping the dough), her family’s tradition of making the Saint Joseph altar bread began several years ago, for a very heartfelt reason. In 2010, her young daughter was facing a very serious operation. Maria had never made the special Saint Joseph altar bread, but decided that year to make it her devotion to Saint Joseph. Maria taught herself how to shape the bread, finding inspiration in old photos of altars, and also from images, which she found online, of bread made in Sicily. Maria lived in Italy for five years, attending art school and studying fashion design. When I write “Artists-in-the Kitchen” you’ll see why after viewing the video.

Both of Maria’s parents, Nina and Domenic, were born in Sicily and grew up celebrating the Feast of San Giuseppe in the Sicilian tradition of feeding the poor and orphaned, and welcoming all who came to their table. Thank you Maria, Domenic, and Nina for graciously welcoming me into your Caffe Sicilia’s kitchen!

saint-joseph-bread-caffe-sicilia-c2a9-kim-smith-2014- (1)

Beautiful Saint Joseph Altar Bread Created by Caffe Sicilia


Packing Up The St. Joseph Pasta!



Last night the family carefully packed thousands of handmade dried Fettuccini  cuts of St. Joseph Pasta made Saturday, during our Annual Pasta Making Day. Packing up the pasta requires team work and patience!  Each and every strand is placed into large plastic storage bins that will latter be placed under the constructed Altar until the traditional Feast Of St. Joseph Blessing is preformed by a roman Catholic priest. 


The Pasta Is Ready For the Goranza!



The Pasta Making Is Officially Done!

Now onto preparing the Altar!

Dental Assistants Recognition Week is March 1st -7th!

Originally posted on Cape Ann Wellness:


Dentists in the United States and Canada will celebrate by honoring their dental assistants for the variety of duties they perform and helping them provide patients with quality dental care. This year’s theme, “Dental Assisting: Embracing the Changes of the Profession,” acknowledges the growing importance of dentistry’s role in health care and the responsibilities of dental assistants.

We want to thank Stephanie Bakland of Harbor Cove Dental for being one of the best dental assistants ever!  Our office couldn’t run without you.

Check us out here at  Follow us on Facebook at

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The World is Not a Scary Place Says the Rubber Duck Part III

In part I and II Rubber Duck has pointed out that the world today in 2015 in the United States and for most parts of the world is a safer place than it has ever been in the totality of the history of the world. Crime, disease, food to eat, clean water to drink, clean air to breath, are all increasingly getting better. Some of these bad things had a peak in the 60s and the 80s but the Clean Water Act, and a hundred other small changes have made this world the most habitable place ever.

Now if you happen to hang out in social media you might think Rubber Duck is insane. That nasty chemicals, autism, cancer, disease, viruses, are all increasing. Or that Big Pharma, Big Medicine, Big Agriculture are all run by the dude in the Monopoly game with the monocle and all they want is your money and he does not care if you die a miserable death.

But it’s all bullshit. So part III is a slight change in direction. THE BIG SCARY OUTDOORS FILLED WITH STUFF THAT WILL KILL YOU!

If you don't leave food that I love near your house especially poodles staked out in the backyard I will never bother you.

If you don’t leave food that I love near your house especially poodles staked out in the backyard I will never bother you.

Bullshit again. Take for instance the wolf coyote hybrids that are moving into the Northeast filling the niche the wolf used to fill before our forefather drove them west. Are we all waiting for the first instance of a child being attacked and eaten like Little Red Riding Hood’s Grandma?

Read the following article by a sane person who seems to have spent a lot of time outdoors running into all sorts of deadly animals that lurk in the that scary place called the outdoors. With a little common sense we may never hear of a grandmother being eaten. And with just a little due diligence you might keep your pets out of trouble too.

Which Animals Are A Threat Outdoors And What You Can Do About Them

14 works by Eileen Patten Oliver at Island Art and Hobby

“We are pleased to announce the opening of an exhibit of 14 works by our own Eileen Patten Oliver here at Island Art and Hobby, now through the month of March. Please come in and see her paintings, and while you’re here, see what else the store has to offer and ask about our Artist discount card program.”

Community Photos 3/3/15

The birds are: r. – Red Bellied Woodpecker, Towhee and a Cardinal.

Picture was taken through a window during a snow flurry.  Poor quality photo but a unique sighting.

Thanks,  Jim Groves


Hi Joe,

Betty Lou Schlemm took these in the Good Harbor Beach parking lot and asked me to send them to you. Lots of snow over there,

Hope all is well with you,


Kathleen Valentine

Hi Joey,

I’ve been enjoying all the photos on your blog and thought you might have a use for these photos of the Unitarian Cemetery after the first storm and the last storm. It is the oldest Unitarian Cemetery in the United States.



Why Did I Wait So Long?

Sadly, Christmas morning came and went and Santa had not left me a Suzy Kuzy. So, I became resolute to order one for myself.

But, I forgot.

An exceptionally cold day at the hockey rink was all it took for me to come home one day last week and order one up!

It is even better than I imagined it would be.

So, now, the only question is…  Why in the world did I wait so long?

Hockey moms, I suggest you order yours NOW for next season!

Pick your color here…..  pick your refreshment later.  #SuzyKuzy




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