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Alicia Unleashed- Be Aggressive

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Alicia Unleashed taped 7/22/16 with B-Side and Hostess Alicia Cox


Hot, Hot, Hot, RIP Cousin Donny Nicastro, Dogs making noise, Joey just had a heart attack, Jimmy Garoppolo vs. Tom Brady, Bridget gets dirty, Recap pirate party, Can you flirt?, Be aggressive, Joey impression, Have you ever been the first one to initiate a kiss?, Birthday buddies and podcast, Cuddling, Scaping, A product that’s sponsor of your life, Snap chat pet peeves, Internet trolls, Dancing

GloucesterCast 193 With Ringo and Emily Tarr, Cat Ryan, @kimSmithdesigns and @Joey_C taped 7/24/17


GloucesterCast 193 With Ringo and Emily Tarr, Cat Ryan, @kimSmithdesigns and @Joey_C taped 7/24/17


subscribebuttonTopics Include:

CountryFest July 30th and BluesFest August 6th Ringo Tarr and Emily Frank From Boston Fence Donates the Fencing, Get $30 tickets at The Chamber or Firefly downtown before, at the gate tickets are available for $35
Kent XCircle tree Lighting, Flags At The Boulevard, the Concerts at The Boulevard, The Fireworks, Founding member of The GloucesterFund
Squished Bunny- how small must the bunny Rabbit’s Brain’s be that you give them like 150 yards and they still manage to at the very last second leap in front of your tire?
Monarchs are arriving (especially females) Journey North App
Southward Migration under way
Flip Flop thieves at Good Harbor
Dogs and garbage will continue to be an issue at area beaches as long as there are ignorant lazy people walking the earth
 193 GMG Podcast Ring and Emily Tarr copyright Kim Smith


GloucesterCast 192 with Heidi Dallin, Bob Walsh, Andrea Goldman, Jenna Worden, James Dowd, George and Charles King, Cat Ryan, Kim Smith and Host Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 7/17/16

GloucesterCastSquareGloucesterCast 192 with Heidi Dallin, Bob Walsh, Andrea Goldman, Jenna Worden, James Dowd, George and Charles King, Cat Ryan, Kim Smith and Host Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 7/17/16

podcasticon1 - Copy

subscribebuttonTopics include:

The Last Schwartz Andrea Goldman Playing Kia, Running From Now Til the 30th of July At The Gloucester Stage Co, Same Playwright as Out Of Sterno Deb Laufer
James Dowd Volunteer For Block Party Running
Flying Car Advertising Co Needs Advice On Lobster Bait
Cat Ryan and Charles and George King You can see your quotes for the coats and other information on the youcaring site. Thank you everybody, all the coat supporters, and the news –Good Morning Gloucester, Cape Ann Beacon, Bay State Banner, Gloucester Daily Times, and The Gillnetter– for spreading the story and helping save this coat.
Two shared artist spaces in Fitz Henry Lane House and Sefathia for The Arts
Wigaersheek is an odd name- odd days for dogs in the winter


Block party

The security guy at Niles Beach Eastern Point Pillars is a great ambassador for the city

GMG Podcast copyright Kim Smith(1)

Alicia Unleashed-Punk’d

alicia 2

Alicia Unleashed Episode 34 taped 7/12/16 with B-Side and Hostess Alicia Cox


Homiecast sound effects, Bridget’s contact high, Stay-cation recap, What movie’s are new?, Step Brothers 2 spoiler, Blackburn Challenge (by the time this airs its over), Homiecast recap, Alicia Unleashed is Joey’s guilty pleasure, Bridget was crowned battle winner, Do we even have listeners?, Pokemon Go and dating, Back on the scene, No one reads, Anyone can find you on google, Moon Pie, Lying is bad, Alicia has people sign contracts, Alicia Punked Bridget, One bad seed, Wipe down your workout machines, Alicia does not listen to Bridget, Bridget has great legs, Social media is private, No regrets, Homiecast Spy and first woman on Homiecast



GloucesterCast 191 With Ken Riehl, Kerry McKenna, Donna Ardizzoni, Paul Morrison, Karen Pischke, Gina Lampassi, Cat Ryan, Kim Smith and Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 7/10/16

GloucesterCastSquareGloucesterCast 191 With Ken Riehl, Kerry McKenna, Donna Ardizzoni, Paul Morrison, Karen Pischke, Gina Lampassi, Cat Ryan, Kim Smith and Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 7/10/16




Topics Include:

Props To Chief Campanello and The GPD In Light of Whats Going On Right Now

Bought my daughter Eloise a Fishing rod at Three Lanterns. Got my fishing permit online, it was a snap- Here’s where you apply-

New ART@the IceHouse Gallery offerings – original works by artists Peter Vincent & Capt. Phil Cusamano

Ken Reihl Kerry McKenna Events Cape Ann Chamber Auction This Thursday, Block Party This Saturday, Festival By The Sea July 30th, August 6th Blues Festival, August  20th Is Waterfront Festival and The Second Block Party Info-

Donna Magnolia Art Show and Sale The 15th, 16th and 17th

Shout Out To Premier Imprints For Puzzles

Thanks To Everyone That Comes Out For The One Hour at A Time Gang

Paul Morrison- Pokemon Go and Blackburn Challenge This Coming Weekend

Gina Lampassi looking for volunteers

Karen Pischke Reid’s Ride Update

Cat Ryan Cape Ann Reads-

Kim Smith – The Last Schwartz Opens On Wednesday At Gloucester Stage

Cape Ann Museum Design/ Build Lecture

Correction from Kim- “Correction: Our Lady of Good Voyage was designed by Halfdan Hanson”

Good Morning Gloucester Podcast 191 copyright Kim Smith

Alicia Unleashed- Mudslide Therapy

alicia 2

Alicia Unleashed Episode 33 taped 7/8/16 with B-side and Hostess Alicia Cox

*Music lovers will appreciate this podcast*

Impromptu podcast, Tonno restaurant, Katrina’s, Boy meets world, Ryder Strong, Girl meets world, Forgive for good, Therapy moments, The world today, Joey already tuned out, Epic break up song battle, Tyler interrupts song battle with spoiler alert, Snap chatting song battle, The Adele card



Alicia Unleashed- Spillin’ the Tea

aliciaunleashed-1-picsay (1)

Alicia Unleashed Episode 32 Taped 7/5/16 with B-Side, John Sheehan and Hostess Alicia Cox

How did John get on the podcast?, Arancini interruption, Weekend Festivities, Traffic to Winga, Kardashian’s, Body types filters on Grinder, Tindah, Dating off the island, John’s spiritual date, John rants about dating, Orlando, John’s summer career goals, Fatimas Hair Design, Summer drinks, Jamie at Stones, How did the EFX appear?, Love the YMCA has AC, Do’s and Don’ts with John, Salon pet peeves, Has there been an age that’s been hard for you?, Where you think you should be at your age?, Zodiac signs, Go visit Jessica at Etsy, John throws out a special deal for listeners, Follow John on Instagram @Jgaga92, Longest podcast

Gloucestercast 190 With Donna Soodalter-Toman, Cidalia Schwartz, @SchwEJ, Cat Ryan, @KimSmithDesigns and @Joey_C 7/3/16

GloucesterCastSquareGloucestercast 190 With Donna Soodalter-Toman, Cidalia Schwartz, @SchwEJ, Cat Ryan, @KimSmithDesigns and @Joey_C Taped 7/3/16



Topics Include:

Horribles Parade

Donna Soodalter-Toman Opened DIVA Donna’s Infinte Variety Of Adornments- Catwalk Curls Rock Conditioner 161 Main Street Gloucester MA+

Stickie Of The Day- Craig’s Video On The New Pasta Making Joint


Cidalia Schwartz Bluefin Blowout August 4th-6th

Wing and Creature Update

Cape Ann Museum Walking Tours

Water Feature At Burnhams Field- Lots of Fun

TJ Ciarametaro New Harbormaster Chad Johnson Named deputy Harbormaster

Harborwalk Movie Night Grease July 13th Wed

Captain Dave Marciano Taking Wounded Vets Out /Yankee Fleet Providing The Boat Destinos Donating Food Mayor Sefathia Giving The Vets Gift Bags

Crazy Animal Attacks

GMG PODCAST copyright Kim Smith

Alicia Unleashed- Just the tip

alicia 2

Alicia Unleashed Episode 31 with B-Side, Kevin Bacon, Alicia’s sister and Hostess Alicia Cox



Not for nuthin Joey, Putting fiesta to rest, Hydrating with water and sit-ins by the alter, Half -ass disclaimer, Episode 30 was respectful, Bridget was queen of fiesta, Kudos to GMG team, Summer traditions, We sell ammo sign, Half ass disclaimer, ESPN male nude shoot, Insecure males, Texting makes communication easier, Ghosting, Who follows you on snap chat?, Alicia kept her cool, Bridget AKA exec. producer helped


GloucesterCast 189 With @NicholeSchrafft, Cat Ryan, @EJLeFavour @K_HRock, The Bear and @Joey_C 6/26/16


GloucesterCast 189 With @NicholeSchrafft, Cat Ryan, @EJLeFavour @K_HRock, The Bear and @Joey_C 6/26/16

podcasticon1 - Copy (2)



Topics Include:
Fiesta- proud of the contributors, once again the GMG team decimated all other media outlets on Fiesta coverage and Joey has not been down to the Fiesta once this year, it was all the team minus Joey.
Nichole’s Finn got stung by a bee at Fiesta and the ambulance staff was incredibly sweet and caring
Spots open on the Ryan and Wood, Ninety Plus, Cigar GMG cigar and rum cruise on the Lannon July 14th-This will sell out- book online
nichole paddleboard at greasy pole- the scene
felicia’s fiesta cookies
joey’s grill fail
YMCA sail camp starts july 5th 1/2 day sail lessons $135
full day $200  looking for people to sign up sign up at teh ymce
YMCA beach swim lessons tuesday Niles 11 pre school and 11:45 for youth thursday at plum cove same times
2016-06-26 04.56.29

Alicia Unleashed- Viva Fevah

alicia 2

Alicia Unleashed Episode 30 taped with Kevin Bacon, B- Side, Sam Frontiero and Hostess Alicia Cox

Hey Goombadi, Dirty 30, Sam may have a leo baby, Sam and Alicia share a cousin, Beauport Hotel opening, Shout to rowing girls of Rogue, Gary’s first fiesta, What do you tell your “outside” friends about fiesta?, Sammo wins greasey pole, Weird… people drink during Fiesta?, Have you ever been to the greasy pole?, Fiesta baby, 42 isn’t old any more, Greasy pole contenders, Fiesta when your younger, Summer goals, How Sam announced the baby, Alyssa Curcuru photography, Summer beach reads, Pixar movies, Khole’s book, 2016 deaths this week, How do you prounce the chant? Alicia ruined the closer

alicia 3

Gloucestercast 188 With @KimSmithDesigns, Jon von Tetzchner, Deb and Frank Sacco, Catherine Ryan, Karen Pischke and @Joey_C




Gloucestercast 188 With @KimSmithDesigns, Jon von Tetxchner, Deb and Frank Sacco,Catherine Ryan, Karen Pischke and @Joey_C

Topics Include:

Jon von Tetxchner Vivaldi New Internet Browser being developed in the Innovation House- Magnolia MA-
Reids Ride July 17th third sunday in July with us are Deb Sacco Frank Sacco
International Dory Races
Beauport Hotel 1606 Restaurant For Dinner Incredible.
Tonno- Pork Chop.  Incredible how relaxed and on point the staff at Tonno were right off the bat.  Get the Pork Chop.
Cigar and Rum Cruise July 14th on The Thomas E Lannon.  2 Ninety Plus cigars, Rum Drinks from Ryan and Wood and a Sail On The Lannon
Mayor has new executive assistant Christopher Sicuranza- kudos Christine Pantano
New LED Lights On Plum St
Piping Plover update and Kim Is Taking On The Law Breaking Dog Owners
Mike Hale Is The Best Head Of Gloucester DPW Ever and His Team Is Incredibly Hard Working
Paolo Laboa from Pinoli who left Beverly MA to open Pinoli at Former Alchemy and then Left Pinoli To Open a joint in San Fran  has left San Fran to Open a Joint in Portland – Sol Italiano
Gloucester boxing club new location, 18 Sargent  st, next to capeann crossfit… find them at or facebookWomens classes  Thursdays at 6 and Saturday  at 9
GMG Podcast copyright Kim Smith

Alicia Unleashed Episode 29- Where is the love?

aliciaunleashed-1-picsay (1)

Alicia Unleashed Episode 29 tape with B-Side and Hostess Alicia Cox


Much needed extended intro: Where is the love? #orlandostrong, No words can describe, Bridget’s raw emotion, Mind blown, Crazy world we live in, Alicia’s last minute, Bridget promoted to producer, New trash, Chuck Lorre talks about Gloucester Police Chief, Closet listeners, Am I?, Homie Cast where you at?, Do you have the GMG app?, Every time we lose a listener we gain one, Inquiring minds want to know, Ask Joey podcast, Dr. Ruth, Alicia’s voice, Alicia rants back, There is a disclaimer, People who read the notes and don’t actually listen, Podcast etiquette, Tyler says his mom is the coolest, Biting our tongues, We are not editing again, Do you touch gross stuff?, Dogs were super quiet, Be kind to one another

Gloucestercast 187 Taped @BeauportHotel With @nicholeschrafft , Neil Mathews, @shutterbythesea @DonnaArd, Marty Luster, @kimsmithdesigns @DeputySecKirk, Jimmy Douglass and @Joey_C


Gloucestercast 187 Taped @BeauportHotel With Nichole Schraft  , Neil Mathews, Bridgette Mathews, @Donna Ardizzoni, Marty Luster, Kim Smith, Carolyn Kirk, Jimmy Douglass and Host Joey Ciaramitaro

podcasticon1 subscribebutton

Topics Include:

Taping At The Beauport Hotel On The Eve Of The Official Open, Initial Impressions

Donna’s Birthday. Thanks Bridgette For Getting A Cake

The Magnolia Farmers’ Market starts Monday, June 13, 2016,Donna will be participating

Annisquam exchange Art Gallery in Annisquam, so grateful for One Hour at A Time Gang t-shirts, Cigarette butt counter

Our Friend EJ Is All About Jesus speaking to her and telling her to do things.  I did not condone, endorse or approve her Homosexuality Religion Post.  She has been demoted from Editor to Author.  James Eves has been elevated to Editor Status.

West End Revival- Has Everything to do with Beauport Hotel

Brass Monkey-Tonno-Rusty Shatford Fort Sq Cafe

Carolyn Kirk Steps In

Cape Ann Whale Watch With Jimmy Douglass

New restaurant in Rockport. Feather and wedge.


Fiesta Beginning, Novena, I completely Disagree With Alicia’s Take On The Fiesta

Nichole Chartered Stevie Douglas’s boat last night with a bunch of friends. Such a no-brainer and tons of fun!

Boys want to paddleboard in the harbor this year to watch the greasy pole and boat races. Too dangerous for them?

Can’t wait to book a room at the new hotel and spend the day by the pool and at the pool bar.

Trolley about to start from stage fort park. Talk about no-brainer! A great way to get to good Harbor Beach on the weekends without having to pay a fortune to park.


Nichole Shrafft Photo

Alicia Unleashed Episode 28-We go deeeeeep.

aliciaunleashed-1-picsay (1)Episode 28-Taped 6/1/16 with B-side, Tyler and Hostess Alicia Cox.



It’s Summertime! Math is hard, how old are you Selia? It’s Saturday Night LIVE! Summer TV, Alicia is not convinced it’s Summer. We address Muhammad Ali’s Death (RIP Champ), Tangent-Best Biographical Movies and the actors that portray them. B goggles stuff. Singer/Youtube Star/Voice Contestant Christina Grimmie shot just signing autographs at a show, what is wrong with Society? Fiesta Time is upon us and Alicia IS GOING OUT #Fuckittour2016 (your PSA), Fight Culture at Fiesta Time-Alicia gets real, Can you spot the “Out of Towners”? B-side talks about Gun Violence and Silent Violence, B-side opens up about a very serious situation. Male fat shaming with Wentworth Miller, Axl Rose, Rob Kardashian, Marc Maron. Hope the Apocalypse does not happen in November. Alicia doesn’t know the Kardashians and B does not believe her. Alicia knows nothing about Khole and the man in a coma (who is no longer in a coma). Alicia loves Ellen episodes.  Alicia does not know how Kindles and B’s Amazon account works. The Rock Clock (get it). Alicia doing things for herself! Alicia bought and attached a propane tank, went to the car wash, installed AC’s. Tyler comes in and joins us. We get serious. B can use a lawn mower, weed whacker, change a tire (but would rather call AAA), drag race, attach a propane tank and use power drills. Tyler found an extension cord and searching with his hands and not his eyes.  Sorry to Future Mr. B-Side. AC’s magically installed themselves at the Cox house. Tyler’s alcove…er boy cave. Alicia and B educate Tyler on 1999’s internet. Seasonal things where Alicia has had to do things. Shout Out to Gloucester Boxing Club, The Cave. Stuff we want to accomplish this summer. B’s personal hell at Market Basket. Tyler is going to be a L..I.T. at Camp Spindrift. Tyler will miss Alicia’s birthday. Tyler wants to go to Florida, and blames Alicia for not being on a plane yet. Tyler calls out his dad about not knowing how to turn off a TV.

Alicia Unleashed Episode 27- To the Left, to the left.

Taped 6/5/2016 with Joey C, B-Side and Hostess Alicia Cox. Single ladies put your hands up, Closet followers, Alicia Unleashed cost GMG subscribers, Joey #1 fan. Ghost Episode, We miss you Kyle, Kyle and her Southern Regions, Brave Face Off, Bridget’s Accent Nails, 3 Fingers, 1 Thumb. Shoutout to Erin at Couture-Dream Team. Bridget does physical labor,  Riverview Pizza-Must go! Ipswich Ale Brewery, SALT, Clown Shoes, Ipswich Time. Beach Stickers-did you get yours? Alicia only goes to Niles Beach, Bridget has a Mini Dog Park at her house, puppy friends. Get off Bridget’s Lawn! Bridget’s weekly street rant. Alicia drinks from a Fishbowl. Joey wants a Lolo Lid for Father’s Day. Alicia’s obsession with Sour Cream. Out of Towners start fights, Fights at Fiesta, Alicia is GOING OUT for FIESTA, Joey loves white shorts for the summer, Leggings and Yoga Pants. Bridget has nice legs, Bridget calls out Joey on women complimenting women. We are Proud of our Pride Flag at City Hall. Shoutout to Varian for their Pride Support. Joey gets distracted by Alicia signaling her dogs. We went off topic. Joey is a fan of Yoga Pants (we knew this already), Joey talks about Bridget’s issue with ladies not “Toe-Checking”, Joey does not like lacy undergarments. Do you know the term “Fast”? ***Turn your headphones down***Whiskey D is a thing. Joey has never seen Toe IRL, no need for pockets out the bottom of the shorts. Back on the Most Beautiful Women List, Sexiest Man Alive, Joey learns about Magic Mike. Female Strippers vs. Male Strippers. Athletic Body vs. Curvy, What is Curvy? Joey’s gotta Gut. Joey’s awkward stage up to age 20+. Wool Beanie Caps in 90 degrees, when did trendy Beards become a thing, Joey’s take on the Bacholorette finalist. Bridget spotted SKIDZ. Joey wants to give a Life Lesson Class and his advice to High School Graduates. DON’T PLAY GAMES. It’s BEY DAY. Spinach Dip. To the Left.  aliciaunleashed-1-picsay (1)



GloucesterCast 186 With @KimSmithDesigns and @Joey_C Taped 6/5/16 #GloucesterMA


GloucesterCast 186 With @KimSmithDesigns and @Joey_C Taped 6/5/16 #GloucesterMA



Topics Include:

Bridgette and Neil Matthews deer vs coyote pictures Picked up by Fox and CBS and WHDH.

Gay Pride Month Friday The LBGT Flag was raised at City Hall and Kim was there- Gender fluidity come a long way.

City Hall going to be recognized by Secretary of State William Galvin is presenting a 2016 Massachusetts Historical Commission Historic Preservation Award.

Silverback Gorilla Taken Down When Baby Falls Into Cincinatti Zoo Pit

Plover update

Fun doing Lettice and Lovage with my daughters. Thanks To Heidi Dallin amd Lindsay Crouse for being so gracious with their time.

Cape Ann Farmers Market Is Running Every Thursday Into October

Strawberry Festival This Saturday

Schooner Challenge This Monday June 6th

Winter Moths Caterpillars

Got the honey bee cough drops

Steve Linsky Cazeault Solar Interview

Our Lobstermen have used lobster traps that people can buy

Ali Dies

Chef G’s Bacon Marmalade

Rainbow Flag Gloucester MA cropped for GMG copyright Kim Smith  copy

GloucesterCast 185 With@KimSmithDesigns, @DonnaArd, Tim Sanborn and @Joey_C Taped 5/29/16 #GloucesterMA


GloucesterCast 185 With@KimSmithDesigns, @DonnaArd, Tim sanborn and @Joey_C Taped 5/29/16 #GloucesterMA



Topics Include:

Tim Sanborn coming up on 100th Solar install on Cape Ann
Call to talk to Tim Sanborn From Cazeault Solar Home at 978-281-4625  He’s local and he’s a straight shooter.
Beauport Hotel
Harbortown Arts Festival
Magnolia Farmers Market June 13th Mondays 3:30-6:30 Donna will be there
Schooner Challenge June 6th at 6pm from Maritime Gloucester
Vernal Pond Event
Swan Update
Piping Plover On Good Harbor Beach Update
Viral Video Harvard Commencement Speech Donovan Livingston Lift off
Ice House Art House
Donna Kayaking

Joey Ciaramitaro, Donna, Tim Sanborn podcast copyright Kim Smith

GloucesterCast 184 with the Cast Of Lettice and Lovage


GloucesterCast 184 with the Cast Of Lettice and Lovage

Sitting in with us are Kim Smith,Lettice and Lovage Actors Lindsay Crouse and Marya Lowry, Director Benny Sato Ambush, Artistic Director Bob Walsh and Host Joey Ciaramitaro

podcasticon1Good Morning Gloucester Lettice and Lovage Podcast copyright Kim Smith


May 19–June 11

By Peter Shaffer Directed by Benny Sato Ambush Featuring Lindsay Crouse*

“British playwright Peter Shaffer (“Equus,” “Amadeus”) has created two bastions against the decline of Western civilization in the personas of two magnificently eccentric ladies, Lettice Douffet and Lotte Schoen…” Variety
Leading tours through an obscure English mansion utterly devoid of interest, Lettice Douffet chooses to ‘Enlarge! Enliven! Enlighten!’ by fabricating fanciful stories. Igniting the wrath of her employer, a battle ensues that rapidly turns to friendship and a series of escapades that will surely delight. Featuring Lindsay Crouse as Lettice, this delectable comedy by acclaimed playwright, Peter Shaffer, will be directed by GSC veteran, Benny Sato Ambush. Genre British comedy Who it’s for Fans of Downton Abbey; Fans of Lindsay Crouse, Fans of The Norman Conquests (Alan Ayckbourn)


GloucesterCast 183 with @KimSmithDesign @NicholeSchrafft Cat Ryan and @Joey_C Taped 5/22/16 #GloucesterMA

podcasticon1 - Copy - Copy

Subscribe to the Podcast Here-

subscribebutton - Copy - Copy

Topics Include:
Congratulations to nephew BJ on graduating
nichole’s week as a tourist in gloucester
 cat ryan brought flowers for Kate
UU Citizenship award Pauline Bresnahan,
best lobster roll

Harbortown Arts Market Sat, May 28, 10am – 7pm

WhereHarbortown Cultural District, Gloucester, MA (map)
Description10:00 am – 4:00 pm: Harbortown Arts Market. Free parking. 65 Rogers Street. 10:00 am – 4:00 pm: Sea Glass Jewelry-Making Demonstration. Premier Imprints. 48 Main Street. 10:00 am – 4:00 pm: Art @ The IceHouse OPEN HOUSE, Cape Pond Ice Company. 104 Commercial Street. 11:00 am – 1:00 pm: Music in the Courtyard with Henri Smith, Cape Ann Museum, 27 Pleasant Street. 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm: Origami Master Class – “Know When to Fold Them.” Law & Water Gallery. 18A Pleasant Street 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm: Talk and Talkback with Gloucester Photographer Nubar Alexanian. Trident Gallery, 189 Main Street.

Sun, May 29, 10am – 7pm

Where Harbortown Cultural District, Gloucester, MA (map)
Description9:00 am – 3:00 pm: Art @ The IceHouse OPEN HOUSE, Cape Pond Ice Company. 104 Commercial Street. 2:00 pm – 7:00 pm: Retrospective Exhibition of Gloucester Etchings with Lecture and Demonstration. Cornelius Sullivan Studio at The Fort, 27 Commercial Street 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm: Celebrating Harbortown, Gloucester Unitarian Universalist Church courtyard, 10 Church Street.


cat is wondering why the guys from the homiecast never cross over to the gloucestercast


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