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Oh My! Have You Tried Sanpellegrino “Prickly Pear & Orange Yet? 


Im In Love! Definitely Serving this To guest 4th of July Weekend!

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St. Peter’s Fiesta Parade Participants Annually Enjoy French Fries At The Halfway Mark of the Sunday Procession!



Viva Destino’s Sub Shop!




Cousin Timmy White & 15 Large Orders of French Fries For the Fishing Boat Oar Walkers!



The Last Supper Fiesta Float Enjoying French Fries & Chicken Fingers!

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Fiesta Sunday Traditional “Whites” Photo Gallery!





Fiesta Sunday Whites!

Wearing white on Fiesta Sunday has been a Sicilian tradition honoring St. Peter for generations. Weeks before Fiesta mothers and grandmothers shop for their families Fiesta Whites! Hundreds of people wearing their Fiesta Whites lined the streets of Gloucester during yesterday’s procession around central Gloucester. I personally thank all who allowed me to snap of photos of their beautiful children. How blessed are we to live in a community with deep rooted tradition, and culture. VIVA St. Pietro & VIVA Gloucester!


President of the Fiesta Committee, Joe Novello with his beautiful granddaughters!


 Generations in Fiesta Whites






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Do You Have Your Fiesta Sunday Whites Ready For Today?




Buona Fiesta Sunday Everyone!

I will be Snapping Photos along the parade route of all the kids wearing their “Traditional Fiesta White Outfits” again this year!  Look for the Fishing Boat Oars & flag me down for your photo! Photos captured today will be posted tomorrow!




2016 St. Peter’s Novena Final Rosary & Traditional Procession To Beach Court!




On this last evening immediately following the mass the novena committee members head to the kitchen to slice& serve Cassatha Cake to all in attendence while the Men prepare to remove St. Peter from the Novena Altar.  Following the final “Novena Coffee” all gather outside the American Legion hall for St. Peter’s ceremonial procession to Beach Court to the Sanfilippo home, where  Fiesta Committee President Joe Novello addresses the crowd with the official begining of The St. Peter’s Fiesta!


  • image image image  image

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Sista Felicia’s “Cello” Bottling Night


Last night’s my comer’s gathered to bottle this years summer batch of Sista Felicia’s Fruity Cello just in time for St. Peter’s Fiesta and the 4 th of July!


This years summer batch consist of Watermelon, Cantaloupe, & Rasberry Cello all in both straight and cream versions!image

Our evening started off with light dinner of Grilled Muddica Steak Sandwiches, and String Bean Potsto Salad,( both recipes highlighted in “Gifts Of Gold In A Sicilian Kitchen With Sista Felicia; Harvest”




Comere Bridget and I carefully concocted the batches of fruity cellos while the girls assisted in an assembly line fashion of bottling each flavor. Custom “Sista Felicia Cello Labels” designed by James Eves owner of Cape Ann Giclee beautiful adorn each bottle!




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Live With Peter Favazza At The St. Peter’s Club Changing The Drapery Of St. Peter Statue Window! 

Live With Peter Favazza Dressing The St. Peter Window With new custom made drapery! #gloucesterma #stpeterfiesta #sicilianyradition

A video posted by Felicia Ciaramitaro-Mohan (@sistafelicia) on

When You see Peter Favazza this weekend be sure to thank him for the new “Custom Draperies” adorning the St. Peter Statue Window at the St. Peter’s Club on Roger Street Gloucester Ma. Peter started this tradition of dressing St. Peters Window years ago, as a thank you to St. Peter for granting his personal Petition. The Fiesta community thanks you Peter for your beautiful heart and commitment to this beautiful anunal tradition! Your Lady friends from Vegas did an amazing job creating this years drapes with fabric made in Italy. The window is simply Gorgeous!

2016 St. Peter’s Fiesta Novena Days 4,5,&6 Including Julianna’s Crew Fundraiser Photos! 



Faces of the Rosary Day 4

Fishermen of the Rosary

Novena Coffee

Faces of the Rosary Day 5

Novena Coffee Time

A Besutiful Sunset lit up the Gloucester skyline as the rosary ladies excited the American Legion Hall

Julianna’ Crew Kick-off Fiesta Fundraiser   @ The Gloucester following Novena Night 5

Parents Debbie Tony giving the latest medical update on their beautiful daughter Julianna’s condition and their heartfelt Thanks for the community of Gloucester’s support!

Faces of the Rosary Novena Night 6

Children of the Rosary

Novena Coffee

2016 St. Peter’s Fiesta Novena Night 2 & 3 Photo Gallery!



My apologies for the delay post of photos from Tuesday evenings St. Peter’s Rosary. Simply the result of forgetting my camera Tuesday evening, and a hectic past few days….Enjoy!





Faces Of the Rosary Night 2


Voices from the women at the head table (night 2),who lead the rosary nightly

IMG_1483Sista Felicia’s Italian Flag Cookies!


Novena Coffee Time  Night 2


Faces Of the Rosary Night 3



Novena Coffee Time Night 3


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Sista Felicia’s Feast Of St. Joseph Celebration An Evening of Faith Friendship and Family!




My Cumnares who made this years St. Joseph Feast happen!

Thank you to everyone from the bottom of my heart for helping carry on Our Sicilian tradition honoring St Joseph this year. It was Awesome display of faith friendship & family from beginning to end. I’m honored to be hosting my My Aunt Vincie & Uncle Michael Militello’s Altar and honored to be doing it with most incredible Cumnares in the world. This year I felt the need to call in all the saints and angel and decided to change the color scheme of the altar wanting to look more angelic like, I now know why. This years novena became even more special and important when my princess Coconut took ill on March 15 and needed emergency surgery on March 17th. I believe in the power of prayer and being surrounded by so much love really help me make it through the last few days. Friday night wouldn’t have happened without each and every one of you. They say it takes a village and my village is filled with rock stars Im feeling blessed this morning and ask you all to continue to pray for my Coconut.

coconut altar1








mike and vinci 2mike and vincie1
Honnored to be hosting and carrying on my Great Uncle Mike & Great Aunt Vincie Militello’s St. Joseph Tradition. The Novena  I grew up attending with my mother gradmother aunts and cousins. We tresure the memories sitting at their dinningroom table singing the Sicilian songs and prayers!
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Father Gariboldi Blesses Our St. Joseph Altar During Night 6 of This Years Novena Celebrated with Our Children @ Sista Felicia’G



Father Gariboldi’s Altar Blessing


Last nights rosary was celebrated with our children. It was so heartwarming to see kids of all ages come together to pray. Each child took a turn reading the English translation friend Abbey Mathews gifted our altar this year.

IMG_7133The Children Of the Rosary



Godchild Lainie Nobel Placing St. Sarah, Patron Saint of Laughter on the altar befor last night’s blessing.


Comare, Andrea Randazza Carlson’s Mother Catherina Randazza shares priceless old St. Joseph Novena stories at during last night’s Novena Coffee Time!



The First Batch of my exclusive and limited edition, edible St. Joseph Prayer Card Cookies were gifted to all my “cumnares”, AKA by bestest friends and family the  women who help me day in and out throughout the entire month of March prepare for and successfully pull off this huge undertaking of hosting a nine day rosary followed by a giant celebratory feast.  


Ella Tucker great grandaughter of my Uncle Mike and Aunt Vivcie Militello, reading a prayer/song translation. Many of the Saints and statues on our alter resided on their St. Joseph Alater for over 35 years.  


The Feast Food is displayed on a side altar each year for it’s blessing

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2016 St. Joseph Novena Day 5 @Sista Felicia’s Photo Gallery!




Paternal Grandparents Joseph & Felicia Ciaramitaro & Maternal Joseph & Rose Ciaramitaro

IMG_6956Andrea Carlson Lighting the altar candles


Caryn Ryder, Marie Linquata, Fay Quinlan


Sue and Katy Lovasco



Novena Coffee Time!


Reading the English Translation provided by Abbey Mathews, that are projected onto the wall adjacent to the altar


The Vigil Candle Altar



Play time for Coconut and son BJ after the rosary

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A Powerful Evening of Prayer @Sista Felicia’s Night 4 2016 St. Joseph Novena





Part of last nights Novena Prayer Group



Novena Coffee Time!

The Dinning Room Table…The place where Novena history is made. Each night everyone gathers around the dinning room table for Espresso and Freshly baked sweet confections. We laugh, we cry and reminisce of St. Joseph Novena’s of our past. The beauty of our Altar is that it has drawn people together from several different families who like me grew up with this tradition from a very young age. The priceless stories shared about sitting on the floor in front of our families altars surrounded by dozens of cousins, listing to our grandparents parents, aunts and great aunts beautiful voices are all memories we cherish deeply. The stories have been shared many of times and they never seem to get old. Each and everyone one of us vividly remember learning how to recite the Sicilian St. Joseph Rosary, and sing all the Sicilian Novena Songs, at a very young age. To this day like we did as kids find ourselves singing the songs and prayers in our heads over and over during this time of year. Many of us never knew their was an English Rosary until we started Sunday School.   



Tanya Frost and Cousin Eleanor Tucker




Dee and Lainie Noble



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Charlene Delaney Gifts Our Altar Two Beautiful Mexican Tin Milagros On Night 3 Of St. Joseph Novena 2016



Last night Charlene Delaney gifted our St. Joseph Altar two beautiful Mexican Tin Milagros. I had never seen or heard of them piror to last night, and was incredibly touched to be the recipient of such a special gift after learning that they were purchased by her late husband during their last trip together in Mexico. Charlene explained that Milagros are a folk charm offered to a saint as a reminder of a petitioners particular need or in gratitude for a prayer answered. They couldn’t be more fitting for our Altar this year.


Charlene Thank you so much.  I’m truly touched by your thoughtfulness. The Milagros are absolutely beautiful and are perfect additions to “Our Altar.” Please know, that I will treasure them forever! We are all thrilled to have you here with us celebrating St.Joseph this year!


Family Friends Jeff and Cindy Beck


My Beautiful Daughter Amanda


Sugared Lemon & Orange Citrus Crack Candy 


The Ceremonially “Cutting and Filling” of the St. Joseph Zeppole for Novena Coffee Time!


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