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Sista Felicia’s Feast Of St. Joseph Celebration An Evening of Faith Friendship and Family!




My Cumnares who made this years St. Joseph Feast happen!

Thank you to everyone from the bottom of my heart for helping carry on Our Sicilian tradition honoring St Joseph this year. It was Awesome display of faith friendship & family from beginning to end. I’m honored to be hosting my My Aunt Vincie & Uncle Michael Militello’s Altar and honored to be doing it with most incredible Cumnares in the world. This year I felt the need to call in all the saints and angel and decided to change the color scheme of the altar wanting to look more angelic like, I now know why. This years novena became even more special and important when my princess Coconut took ill on March 15 and needed emergency surgery on March 17th. I believe in the power of prayer and being surrounded by so much love really help me make it through the last few days. Friday night wouldn’t have happened without each and every one of you. They say it takes a village and my village is filled with rock stars Im feeling blessed this morning and ask you all to continue to pray for my Coconut.

coconut altar1








mike and vinci 2mike and vincie1
Honnored to be hosting and carrying on my Great Uncle Mike & Great Aunt Vincie Militello’s St. Joseph Tradition. The Novena  I grew up attending with my mother gradmother aunts and cousins. We tresure the memories sitting at their dinningroom table singing the Sicilian songs and prayers!
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Father Gariboldi Blesses Our St. Joseph Altar During Night 6 of This Years Novena Celebrated with Our Children @ Sista Felicia’G



Father Gariboldi’s Altar Blessing


Last nights rosary was celebrated with our children. It was so heartwarming to see kids of all ages come together to pray. Each child took a turn reading the English translation friend Abbey Mathews gifted our altar this year.

IMG_7133The Children Of the Rosary



Godchild Lainie Nobel Placing St. Sarah, Patron Saint of Laughter on the altar befor last night’s blessing.


Comare, Andrea Randazza Carlson’s Mother Catherina Randazza shares priceless old St. Joseph Novena stories at during last night’s Novena Coffee Time!



The First Batch of my exclusive and limited edition, edible St. Joseph Prayer Card Cookies were gifted to all my “cumnares”, AKA by bestest friends and family the  women who help me day in and out throughout the entire month of March prepare for and successfully pull off this huge undertaking of hosting a nine day rosary followed by a giant celebratory feast.  


Ella Tucker great grandaughter of my Uncle Mike and Aunt Vivcie Militello, reading a prayer/song translation. Many of the Saints and statues on our alter resided on their St. Joseph Alater for over 35 years.  


The Feast Food is displayed on a side altar each year for it’s blessing

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2016 St. Joseph Novena Day 5 @Sista Felicia’s Photo Gallery!




Paternal Grandparents Joseph & Felicia Ciaramitaro & Maternal Joseph & Rose Ciaramitaro

IMG_6956Andrea Carlson Lighting the altar candles


Caryn Ryder, Marie Linquata, Fay Quinlan


Sue and Katy Lovasco



Novena Coffee Time!


Reading the English Translation provided by Abbey Mathews, that are projected onto the wall adjacent to the altar


The Vigil Candle Altar



Play time for Coconut and son BJ after the rosary

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A Powerful Evening of Prayer @Sista Felicia’s Night 4 2016 St. Joseph Novena





Part of last nights Novena Prayer Group



Novena Coffee Time!

The Dinning Room Table…The place where Novena history is made. Each night everyone gathers around the dinning room table for Espresso and Freshly baked sweet confections. We laugh, we cry and reminisce of St. Joseph Novena’s of our past. The beauty of our Altar is that it has drawn people together from several different families who like me grew up with this tradition from a very young age. The priceless stories shared about sitting on the floor in front of our families altars surrounded by dozens of cousins, listing to our grandparents parents, aunts and great aunts beautiful voices are all memories we cherish deeply. The stories have been shared many of times and they never seem to get old. Each and everyone one of us vividly remember learning how to recite the Sicilian St. Joseph Rosary, and sing all the Sicilian Novena Songs, at a very young age. To this day like we did as kids find ourselves singing the songs and prayers in our heads over and over during this time of year. Many of us never knew their was an English Rosary until we started Sunday School.   



Tanya Frost and Cousin Eleanor Tucker




Dee and Lainie Noble



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Charlene Delaney Gifts Our Altar Two Beautiful Mexican Tin Milagros On Night 3 Of St. Joseph Novena 2016



Last night Charlene Delaney gifted our St. Joseph Altar two beautiful Mexican Tin Milagros. I had never seen or heard of them piror to last night, and was incredibly touched to be the recipient of such a special gift after learning that they were purchased by her late husband during their last trip together in Mexico. Charlene explained that Milagros are a folk charm offered to a saint as a reminder of a petitioners particular need or in gratitude for a prayer answered. They couldn’t be more fitting for our Altar this year.


Charlene Thank you so much.  I’m truly touched by your thoughtfulness. The Milagros are absolutely beautiful and are perfect additions to “Our Altar.” Please know, that I will treasure them forever! We are all thrilled to have you here with us celebrating St.Joseph this year!


Family Friends Jeff and Cindy Beck


My Beautiful Daughter Amanda


Sugared Lemon & Orange Citrus Crack Candy 


The Ceremonially “Cutting and Filling” of the St. Joseph Zeppole for Novena Coffee Time!


 Click on photo above to see  Video



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Abbey Mathews St Joseph Prayer Translation Project Debuted During Last Nights Novena!



Six years ago my daughter Amanda and I attended the Orlando Family’s St. Joseph Novena in their home. We had the pleasure of sitting next to a family friend, Zina Saputo. Zina, with her beautiful voice, has celebrated and honored St. Joseph through prayer and song for decades. Each night of the rosary, between reciting prayers and singing of songs, Zina would clarify the correct pronunciations of both the Sicilian and Italian words, and would often give short translation summaries to the younger generations in attendance. It was just as the older generation of Novena attendee’s did at my Aunt Vinci and Uncle Michael Militello’s St. Joseph Rosary years ago.

Amanda and I loved listening to her sing, and especially loved her warm embrace and nurturing ways. Sitting next to her during the rosary each night at the Orlando’s Altar, brought back childhood memories of sitting at my great aunt and uncles altar next to elder relatives who, like Zina, translated and taught the younger generations the beautiful rosary. The Rosary brought here from Sicily by relatives settling in Gloucester generations ago. Although the number of altars in the City of Gloucester has dwindled from 36+ family altars to todays 8-9 altars, the prayers and songs, sung each night of the Novena and the devotion to honor St. Joseph, with this deep rooted Sicilian tradition, remain the same. It was that year, I realized how important it was to document the Feast of St. Joseph for generations to come. I realized that with the passing of each of one of our elders, this tradition became closer to extinction. Not only was my generation at risk of losing something so incredible special, but the future generations of our families were as well. The sad reality is that there are only a few handfuls of mentors left in the City, who have a real understanding of the old Sicilian dialect that so many of the songs are written in.

Five years ago I sat down with my brother Joey to talk about the importance of documenting how our Sicilian community celebrates the Feast of St. Joseph held annually March 10-19th. I am unaware of any other community in the US that celebrate St. Joseph like Gloucester, Massachusetts. We discussed how important it was to highlight, embrace, and educate others on this special tradition celebrated in our community. With it being such a big part of our childhood, we knew firsthand just how important it was to get it documented before it was too late.

At the recommendation of my brother Joey, I reached out to GMG contributor Kim Smith, for assistance with 3 goals in mind. The first goal was to document the prayers and songs sung in the Sicilian language along with translations. The second goal was to interview each and every family in the city who still hosted a family Altar, and document their family’s St. Joseph altar history, and the stories and memories surrounding the feast of St Joseph. My third goal was to highlight the traditional foods and ingredients, along with their significances, surrounding the tradition.  Kim loved the idea and immediately jumped on board  and accepted the goals I had in mind for the documentary.

Although Kim had never experienced the tradition herself, she was eager to learn and help me document one of my most cherished Sicilian traditions for future generations. After mapping out a plan together, I contacted every family, with the help of our dear family friend, Sefatia Romeo Theken, to arrange a time and place for each family interview.  Over the course of a week, I introduced Kim to each family, and she stood faithfully behind her camera attached to a tripod (sometimes not in the most comfortable of positions) and videotaped my interview at each home. I was honored to have each family’s trust and was truly touched by their openness to the idea of sharing their priceless stories and precious memories with me for this documentary.

I vividly remember walking out of the first night of taping at the Orlando Families Novena with Kim wholeheartedly thanking me for asking her to be a part of this journey. She was overwhelmed with what she had experienced and I could completely understand knowing it had been her very first time attending and witnessing a Sicilian Rosary. It’s one of the most beautiful and spiritual things to experience both physically and emotionally. I think we would both agree that the process of documenting each altar history and their family’s stories was heartwarming, uplifting, special, and exhausting. Together we worked hard, laughed and cried, but felt so honored to be the recipients of this material. Kim has the footage we taped together, along with the release forms everyone graciously signed for us. Over the past few years, Kim has continued to film additional footage about St. Joseph’s celebration in Gloucester and has presumably spent countless hours piecing the documentary together. Kim’s work is amazing and she is very aware of how meaningful this documentary is to me and our Sicilian community. Although I am not personally involved in the editing of this documentary, I want the families who put their trust in me and shared their stories, to know I have the highest faith in St. Joseph, that Kim is taking special care of our work, and doing her absolute best to highlight each and every family with respect and just honor. I have no doubt the final product is going to be absolutely incredible.

One of the most important goals when beginning this documentary was to have the traditional songs recorded and translated. Knowing the meaning of what we were singing would be so powerful to all of us. At one point, we thought about going into a studio to tape audio of the songs, and Kim actually reached out to a friend to coordinate a studio recording time. Sometimes things happen for a reason, and I believe that nothing could replace the authenticity of the song and prayer footage taped at the Orlando Family home during that first night almost 4 years ago.

For the past couple of years, I dreamed  of  adding a short English translation to our prayer books, next to each Sicilian and Italian prayer and song. This year, Abbey Mathews, one of our rosary’s youngest Novena attendees,  daughter of GMG contributor Bridget Mathews, and Italian language teacher with the Winchester School Department,  took it upon herself to make my dream come true. One afternoon, over February school vacation,  Abbey and I sat down to start to translate the prayers and songs. She translated, I typed. We ended our meeting with a short list of questions and a few fill-in-the-blanks areas.  This past Thursday night, after our First Rosary, Abbey sat me down at the kitchen island, and presented me with a sneak-peek of a power point presentation she had been working on since our meeting in February. As she passed through the slides I was completely moved to tears.

At our Rosary last night,  Abbey shared her labor of love with our faithful, and presented a beautiful slideshow of translations projected adjacent to the altar. We all sat in awe as we read her beautiful words.  Abbey Mathews, from the bottom of my heart, I thank you for all your hard work, countless hours, and total dedication to this project.  Thank you for making my dream come true and for making last nights rosary so extra special. You will forever be a part of the St. Joseph’s Novena history in Gloucester. Your efforts and hours put into this project are so greatly appreciated, and will be enjoyed by all, for the next 30+ years. Most importantly they will be passed to future generations and help this important tradition carry on. You are simply the best!





Teaching the next generation Ella Tucker how to make

Novena Coffee Time Espresso


Sista Felicia’s Pistachio Macaroon Cookies


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2016 St. Joseph Novena Night One at Sista Felicia’s




Family and friends gathered around this years altar dressed in gold and white for the first night of our nine day rosary honoring St. Joseph.



Rose Vizena ans Cindy Beck


Novena Coffee Time Confections!


Sue Lovasco slicing her delicious Almond Cake!



Hannah Kimberley with her yummy no-bake Chocolate Cake!


Andrea Carlson’s Almond Biscotti Cookies


GMG Contributor Bridget Mathews and Nicole Curcuru, serving

 Sista Felicia’s Limonciello and Aranciello

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Join Sister Felicia in her kitchen with friends and family as they have a blast while showing you how to make limoncello at home. She has 2 recipes for you in this video, the classic and the creamy styles of limoncello!

(click the little gear at the bottom right for full HD video)

Novena Girls Gather at Sista Felicia’s to Assemble The 2016 St. Joseph Altar!


IMG_6312Part of yesterdays crew, from back left Sista Felicia, Jacquelyn Amero, Andrea Buttler, Dee Noble, Eleanor Tucker,Andrea Carlson, Nicole Curcuru, Mo Klop, Julie Douglass, Pat Ciaramitaro, Carlene Delaney, Cindy Beck



Andrea Carlson and Sue Lovasco preparing the altar for the fabric and lace


Nicole Curcuru and Jacquelyn Amero removing the Saints and Angel figurines from the china cabinet, for their annual bath!




Tanya Frost keeping tradition…Bathing each and every Saint before it’s placed on the Altar



A special “Thank You” from the bottom of my heart for everyone’s help and support. I ‘m blessed to have you all, and look forward to honoring St. Joseph together. We have 30+ more years of keeping tradition and building memories together.  


Julie Douglass dressing the tables


Mrs. San Giuseppe 2016…Andrea Carlson!  


Jacquelyn Amero, a new comer to our St. Joseph Altar this year, drove one and half hours from her home in New Hampshire to be apart of building this years altar. Like so many others in our community,  Jacquelyn grew up celebrating the Feast of St. Joseph as a child, and has longed to get back to her childhood roots celebrating and honoring St. Joseph. Yesterday Jacquelyn found her way back to an altar to be apart of a tradition that’s in her Sicilian Blood. Our families have been friends for generations, and I’m sure our grandparents had something to do with reconnecting her to St. Joseph and us after so many years.  Jacquelyn reminisced about attended  her great grandmother, Lucia Auditore Pino’s Feast of St. Joseph Novena, one of over 36 St. Joseph Altars thought out Gloucester years ago during the fishing industries prime throughout the day. I was thrilled to have Jacquelyn here, and even more thrilled that she reached out to me after seeing all the photos posted last year. Welcome Jackie! This Altar is for all who grew up with this amazing tradition, and are longing to have it be apart of their lives again.


Abbey Mathews, Nicole Curcuru, Dee Noble


“Ma” & Bridget Mathews, carefully placing “Aunt Vinci Militello’s” antique Saint and Angel figurines on the altar



Magical things happen on our Altar each year. Yesterday while assembling this years altar dressed in Gold & White and adorned in Angel  feathers, new comer & friend Charlene M Delaney​ noticed the lights flickering on the altar every time she held her camera phone up to take a photo of the altar. Immediately we all took out our phones and held them up to see if our phones displayed the sane flickering lights…not one displayed the same images…Only Charlene’s. Here is a small video clip of the flickering images her phone displayed each & every time she held her phone up to photograph the altar throughout the entire afternoon! I Believe the Angels are letting us know they are happy with the  design of this years altar & that Charlene has joined our group for prayer this year!

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Limonciello & Aranciello Bottling Night @Sista Felicia’s



Friday night friends and family gathered to bottle & sample this years batch of Sista Felicia’s Limonciello and Aranicello for the upcoming Feast of St Joseph! 


From left; Cousin Marisa Marcantonio Annaika Eves, Bridget Mathews,Andrea Carlson,Sista Felicia,Pat Ciaramitaro,Cousin Eleanor Tucker, BFF Dee Noble, Mo Klop


From left; Steve Noble,James Eves, Neil Mathews


While “Comere” Bridget Mathews and I mixed this year batches, the ladies help strain the rids from the alachol, and  prepared the bottles.




The men snacked on freshly fried Arancini and Hot Italian Bread with fresh Ricotta Cheese, Pesto and Red Roasted Peppers, while they anxiously waited to sample all 4 varieties.  Each year 2 straight up versions of Limonciello & Aranciello, and 2 creamy versions of both lemon and orange are prepared and bottled.




Neil Mathews, our official taste tester, sampled each, while bridget and I mixed and tweaked the ratios until Neil deemed it to be “Perfecto!”Several rounds of samples were enjoyed by all! 





Chris Carlson and “Ma”

A Special Thank You to my incredibly talented friend & Creative Director James Eves Owner of Cape Ann Giclee, for the beautiful Limonciello & Aranciello Lables he created and “Feliciatized”…XO

image image

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Enjoy Your Thanksgiving Leftovers After Black Friday Shopping With A Pecan Pie Cocktail ?


Enjoy your Thanksgiving Leftovers with a delicious Pecan Pie Cocktail!

Enjoy your Thanksgiving leftovers after Black Friday Shopping with a Pecan Pie Cocktail! @captjoe06 @pinnaclevodka

A video posted by Felicia Ciaramitaro-Mohan (@sistafelicia) on


Pecan Pie Cocktail


For rimming the glass:
½ cup crushed Graham Cracker Crumbs

¼ cup Honey

For the martini:
1 part Pinnacle Pecan Pie Vodka
2 parts Baileys Coffee Creamer French Vanilla

1 cup ice


1 Dip glass rim in honey; immediately dip in crushed graham cracker

2 In a shaker with ice, vigorously shake vodka and Baileys Coffee Creamer French Vanilla glass.
3 Strain & pour mixture into prepared graham cracker rimmed glasses; serve immediately

*Note~ Adult Beverage 21 years & older; Contains Alcohol

Congratulations Joanne Frontiero! Your This Weeks GMG Cook Of The Week!


Early yesterday morning my Facebook Feed messenger was buzzing with cooking questions! Below is one of my favorites. Joanne Frontiero’s success story made my day! #CookingStep-By-Step with “Gifts Of Gold In A Sicilian Kitchen With Sista Felicia;Harvest

Sista Felicia’s Turkey Hot-line…

I received this FB tag from friend Joanne Frontiero,”I Can Do This. Thank you for reminding me about the turkey recipe – Felicia Ciaramitaro Mohan – it actually wasn’t so hard. The bird is in the oven!!! My first turkey ever… I feel so grown up!

Felicia Ciaramitaro Mohan You can so do this girlfriend… My Turkey Recipe is foolproof!


Joanne Wojna Frontiero Felicia Ciaramitaro Mohan… you know what? It was pretty easy…. turkey in for 2 hours, I am unsure how I am going to flip the 22 pound bird??? Any tips???

Felicia Ciaramitaro Mohan Use 2 pair of long Kitchen tongs stick one in each end ( make sure you have oven mitts on your hands! You’ll be surprised it actually is not as hard as it seems
Joanne Wojna Frontiero I will let you know in 1 hour and 15 minutes…. wink emoticon

 Tanya Frost Anyone want to place bets she drops the bird?? Memory Layne Gnerre Felicia Ciaramitaro Mohan?? Lol

 Joanne Wojna Frontiero I have faith in you!!
 Memory Layne Gnerre Jim Frontiero set up a webcam please

 Joanne Wojna Frontiero Getting nervous…. getting ready to flip the bird wink emoticon LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Felicia Ciaramitaro Mohan update…?

 Joanne Wojna Frontiero I flipped the bird!!!
 Joanne Wojna Frontiero And it wasn’t too hard Felicia Ciaramitaro Mohan!!!!! XO
 Tanya Frost Woohoo Time for a drink 🍷🍷cheers
Joanne Writes~ “Felicia Ciaramitaro Mohan… your recipe was a hit, and my turkey was delicious. Moist and flavorful!!! My 1st ever Thanksgiving feast had two thumbs up from all. :)”


Omg, it was delish… turkey coma now… Felicia Ciaramitaro Mohan , you made my family very very happy with your delish recipe! And . more . importantly I rocked this meal!!! Cheers!!! XO. Pics to come when I get off the couch.

Congrats Joanne! I’m thrilled to have had a small part in the preperstion of your first ever Thanksgiving Feast for your family! Happy Thankskgiving! 

Spicy String Beans with Toasted Sesame



IMG_0779Spicy String Beans with Toasted Sesame

Spicy up Thanksgiving with this easy to prepare, side dish!  Last week I served these delicious green beans with a Roasted Asian Infused Turkey. The family gave both a two thumbs up!


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Asian Infused Turkey Brine


Stay Tuned for my new Recipe! Put an Asian Twist on the "Traditional Thanksgiving Turkey with an "Asian Infused" Turkey Brine!

A video posted by Felicia Ciaramitaro-Mohan (@sistafelicia) on

Click on above photo for short video tutorial

Who knew passing the refrigerator case with fresh turkey’s during my routine Sunday morning shopping trip to Market Basket yesterday would be the cure to my sadness of not hosting this year’s Thanksgiving Holiday!  

Just Back from vacation, with a desperate need of groceries, and the realization of the holiday season  fast approaching,  Sunday morning, I took a quick scan of the frig and pantry before heading out to shop. Made mental note of a few key ingredients on hand like, hot peppers from the garden still fresh and firm in the crisper drawer, and a half  filled bottle of soy sauce on the door shelf. With Lone Gull Tea in hand I entered Market Basket, and immediately noticed holiday packaging, and speciality items strategically placed  throughout the store.

Their strategic placement of holiday product, caught my attention and literally flipped my mood from sad to happy! Thanks to creative holiday packaging and product placement, my creative juices started flowing, and I found myself walking through the store thinking of past holidays shopping experiences with my mother for key ingredients in the aisles of my grandfather’s Italian Variety store. Pat’s Center Grocery.” Before I knew it I found myself  tossing a fresh turkey into my shopping cart. At the same moment, my Grandpa Joe’s famous saying came to mind, “ When life gives you lemons make lemonade!”  

Right then I knew I had to go with the flow of life, and not let my disappointment of not hosting this year’s traditional feast day on the 28th, stop me from creating a special Thanksgiving feast for my family. Since tradition was already set to be broken I decided to embrace our  non-traditional year with a non traditional feast with all the fixing! Over the years I have read numerous articles about the the likes and dislikes of roasting a turkey using traditional roasting methods verse roasting birds that have been prepared in a brine.  In keeping with non-tradition I decided to go out of the box and prepare a brined turkey for the first time! Inspired by the ingredients I made mental note of before heading out to shop on Sunday  I began creating this new “Asian Infused Turkey Brine” for this week’s scheduled  family dinner! Stayed tuned for the final out come and reviews Thursday here on GMG Sista Dish!


Asian Infused Turkey Brine

Click Read more for Recipe Details


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Gloucester Mourns The Loss Of The Iconic Italian Pastry Chef & Legend Mike Lentini


mikes pastry 2Mike Lentini

Owner of  Gloucester’s Famous “Mike’s Pastry Shop” passed away, Sunday with his loving Family by his side.


mikes pastry1

Photos from “Gifts Of Gold In A Sicilian Kitchen With Sista Felicia: Harvest”, (purchased from the archives of Cape Ann Museum)

Mike’s Pastry Shop once located on Main Streets West End was “the” gathering place for fisherman and dockworkers during the fishing boom years of  Gloucester’s On & Off Shore Fishing Fleet.  Mike’s Pastry Shop was the go to Italian Bakery for all special occasions and holiday celebrations throughout the year for dozens of Sicilian Families residing throughout our city. Mike and his wife Katie, are best know for confecting the “World’s Best” Cassada and Strawberry Shortcakes” along with endless Italian sweet confections.  All their pastries, cookies and Italian Ice were  made from scratch using nothing but the very best of ingredients!

mikes 3

Trips to Mike’s Pastry shop with my parents and grandparents as a child inspired me as an adult to recreate my favorite pastries, cookies and desserts, once purchased at Mike’s Pastry. One of my most cherished childhood memories of shopping at Mike’s and my “Pasticciotti” recipe, I recreated from nothing but the flavors and textures I remembered as child are highlighted in my cookbook “Gifts’ Of Gold In A Sicilian Kitchen With Sista Felicia;Harvest” For recipe and memory details See pages 86-88 in “Gifts Of Gold”!


The Ciaramitaro family extends their deepest condolences to the Lentini Family.

Visiting hours Wednesday 4-8pm at Greely Funeral Home Gloucester Ma 01930, and Funeral Mass is scheduled for Thursday November 12 th, 11:00 am in St, Ann’s Church, Holy Family Parish 




Decorative Halloween Wreath Craft Project!

Printwreath with coconut

Halloween Wreath

Are looking for something to do with the kids/grandkids this weekend? Try this Last Minute Halloween Craft. It’s fun for all ages!


1  14 inch metal wreath form with 4 dividing sections

8 large black trash bags

1/4 Yellow plastic table cloth

1/4 Orange plastic table cloth

1 Festive bow

1 -3 sequence embellishments

1 twelve inch length thin craft wire


Halloween whreath 207

1  Cut trash bag in half length wise; place one half ontop of other; fold in half again; cut; fold in half again and cut, fold and cut one last time making eight 15×17 pieces; repeat with remaining 7 bags (64 pieces)

Halloween whreath 215

Halloween whreath 210

Halloween whreath 211

2 Cut each plastic table cloth section into five 15×17 inch pieces( 5 of each color)

Halloween whreath 221

3  Tie 8 black pieces in a single knot, one at a time, to the inside ring; repeat this step, until all 4 inside sections are completed

Halloween whreath 212

4  Tie 8 black pieces to each outside ring section

3  Tie orange and yellow pieces evenly spaced around wreath; fluff and open all pieces

Halloween whreath 228

4   Using craft wire secure festive bow, and sequence embellishments



Last night we celebrated Joey’s Birthday and look who stopped by…

wallie 2

Happy Halloween Lets Go Red Sox!

Pumpkin Caramel Halloween Cookie Bark


bark final

Pumpkin Caramel Halloween Bark

It’s no secret to my friends and family that Halloween is one of my most favorite holidays. As soon as my twins were old enough to sit up in their highchairs I had them cooking and crafting for Halloween. Each year our activities grew grander and our creativity in the kitchen did too! A few years ago I combined two of our all time favorite recipes, Pumpkin Caramel and Chocolate Cookie Bark together and confected this almost to pretty to eat Halloween treat! I promise you won’t be disappointed and either will the Ghosts and Goblins in your life!

halloweeen bark


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Chicken Guadalajara



Chicken Guadalajara

My favorite dish on the menu at “The Boarder Café” is Chicken Guadalajara. Last week I was inspired to create this recipe after sadly missing the turn into the Boarder Café parking lot at their Saugus Route One location. Rush hour traffic had both north and south bound traffic backed up for miles, making it an easy decision not to attempt turning around. Craving the heavenly flavors of this dish, I headed straight to Market Basket to pick up a few key ingredients I knew I didn’t have on hand at home. Within 45 minutes of walking in the door my favorite Boarder dish was recreated and served to the family. It tasted amazing! Everyone gave it a double thumbs up!!  

Click “Read More” for recipe details

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Charlene Delaney is This Weeks GMG Cook!


Charlene Delaney pea hot ham pasta GMG cookes photos

Photo submitted by Charlene Delaney

Charlene writes~
 Tonight’s dinner another inspired by Felicia Ciaramitaro Mohan. Turn out great like all her recipes. Pasta with Ham & Peas. My biggest challenge is cutting recipe for one.


Thank you for the kind words! Looks like you did a fine job of cutting the recipe down for one …it looks delicious! Happy Cooking





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