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You Can Own The American Eagle For $750,000 (Which Is a Steal Considering How Much Money They’ve Dumped Into The Adventure)

The American Eagle Has Been Completely Restored Meticulously And Can Actually Take Paying Passengers

(No slight to the well intentioned and passionate people who have donated millions upon millions to the restoration of The Schooner Adventure)  It’s going to be awesome once The Gloucester’s Big Dig Adventure gets sailing but in the meantime you can get the last Gloucester built fishing schooner which is a proven turn key sail operation.

Thanks Anthony Marks for submitting-


Here’s the link to the listing-

When I knew the American Eagle she was offloading whiting here at our dock- Captain Joe and Sons and she looked like she did in this first picture-


Frankie and I would nail the wooden box covers on the boxes of whiting to be shipped to New York’s Fulton Fish Market.  If you would have told me back then that The American Eagle would ever have gotten the makeover it got and be selling in 2015 for $750,000 I would have laughed you out of the building.  Probably one of the greatest success stories out of many failed dreams of restoring old, huge money to maintain wooden fishing boats.

Rosalie Parisi forwards this link back in 2012-

The American Eagle used to offload whiting and groundfish here at our dock back in the day.  It was an eastern rigged dragger which most of the Gloucester fleet was back then and Captained by Rosalie’s father Captain Joe Piscitello. 

The American eagle was bought from her father and converted into the boat she is now, a schooner.  You can read all about it here-


and now this is what she looks like-


More GMG coverage of Modern Day American Eagle-

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The Schooner Defender From Al Bezanson

The 30th Annual Gloucester Schooner Festival and Parade of Sails is Just Around the Corner!

2013 Schooner Race Results

Watching the Schooners from Niles Beach Friday Night

PISCITELLO FAMILY 1934 and Now Family Reunion

They are neck & neck

Let The Race Begin! from Vito Piscitello

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29 days to the Gloucester Schooner Festival

Last of The Eastern Rigs From Jon Campbell

The Last Schooner

Sharon Update: Out at sea

Nick Parisi Photos Of The Picton Castle

Gloucester At Dawn Spirit Of Massachusetts 7/6/09 4:45AM

Painting – Meeting of Gloucester Boats on Rum-Row From Bill Hubbard and More About The Arethusa


Here is my Painting, “Meeting On Rum-Row”

It’s 1932,  Prohibition and two former Gloucester fishing schooners meet up with the US Coast Guard’s 75’ patrol boat, CG-100 which was then based in Gloucester.  They are on Rum-Row, 3 miles off the coast of New York and New Jersey.  The coast guard is charged with patrolling the 3 Mile Territorial Limit to protect against the illegal entry of liquor into the US.

On the left is the 100 ft. Sch. H.L. Marshall and on the right is the 110 ft. Sch.  Arethusa.  Both were Essex-built and had been high-liners among the Gloucester fishing fleet.  They were purchased by the legendary bootlegger,  Bill “The Real” McCoy of Florida.  Both were rebuilt, strengthened and had their twin auxiliary engines replaced.  The Arethusa had a new ten ft. bowsprit added to accommodate a flying jib and increase her carrying capacity to 16,000 cases of liquor.  The Marshall carried 15,000 cases They were operating out of the Bahamas under British registry.  At that time the Arethusa’s name was changed to Tomoka after McCoy’s home port in Florida.  They were fast under sail or power and the nemises of the US Coast Guard.  At the height of his career, McCoy operated six former fishing schooners, hauling illegal booze from the Bahamas, Cuba, Bermuda,  Jamaica and St. Pierre & Miquellen Islands off Newfoundland.  Those cases, offloaded on Rum-Row to fast small boats and landed in the US earned McCoy $10/case.  The Marshall carried 1,500 cases and the Arethusa 1,600 and would earn him $31,000 cash

Rum-row was the 3 mile territorial limit of US legal jurisdiction off our coastline at the time.  The federal boats had no jurisdiction outside the limit and the smart rum-runners stayed outside to avoid capture.  McCoy operated one and hired young, seasoned fishing captains to skipper his other boats.  His boats were mounted with Bofors and Colt Machine guns – not to battle the Coast Guard but, as protection against mob-owned hi-speed boats that cruised the “row”  and hi-jacked unprotected ships.  McCoy earned the nickname, The Real McCoy because he refused to buy his liquor from the mobsters and guaranteed it was not watered down.

Eventually, McCoy was captured by what he and many others claimed to be a very unscrupulous trick by the Coast Guard.   My next painting in this series will be the show-down between his Schooner Tomoka/Arethusa and the cutter Seneca.

Bill Hubbard

Meeting on Rum-Row

Joey’s  note:

Our Lobsterman Tommy Burns named his boat The Arethusa after Bill “The Real” McCoy’s Schooner Arethusa.

Paul Frontiero Photo-

Check out Paulie Walnuts Post Here-

Arethusa 04/22/12


Definition: Arethusa was a nymph, possibly the daughter of an Arcadian river god, and a follower of the virgin goddess Artemis. One day as she was bathing, she discovered the river god Alpheus desired her, so she fled. She ran as far as the island of Syracuse, but he kept up. In desperation, Arethusa called on Artemis to defend her. Artemis did what she could. She transformed Arethusa into a spring, but according to Pausanias, the nymph didn’t remain pure even in her transformed state. Alpheus had himself transformed into a river running under the spring so that the waters of river and spring might mingle. AND KNOW YOU KNOW.

There are also these videos from Ben who came up and had a short stint aboard the Tommy’s Arethusa-

You may remember Ben from his brief stint as a lobsterman aboard Tommy Burns’ Arethusa and the Cartoon That Was Made About His Experience-



The Original Schooner Columbia Was Built At Story Shipyard In Essex Ma- Now Recreated In Steel

The Schooner Colombia was built in 1923 and sank in 1927.  It was built as a racer but has a storied history in it’s short 4 year life.  When it sank it lost all hands and those names are on the Cenotaph on the plaque representing 1927.

Watch the video and see the construction in which no expense was spared.  What a thing of beauty.


Eight Year Old Boy Kick-Starts An Extraordinary Educational Series

Nubar Alexanian submits-

Captain Tom Ellis of the Schooner Thomas E. Lannon and Nubar Alexanian of Walker Creek Media are working together to bring to fruition an amazing young boy’s vision: a science educational series created by and starring a kid. The series, “Science All Around Us,” will be produced right here in Gloucester, and so far it looks beautiful.  Take a look at their Kickstarter campaign. 
This new friend of Captain Tom believes that science doesn’t only need to be taught by adults. Kids can (and should) teach other kids too! Right now, this amazing project needs your help. They’ve got the talent, the passion, the powerful idea and all they need are the resources to make it happen.  Even if you can’t donate, check out Collin’s answer to his father’s question about why we should care about science by clicking on the questions below. It will convince you this is a project that matters.
PLEASE REMEMBER to “like” this project on their Facebook and follow them on @SciAllAroundUs Twitter, where they’re posting hilarious facts and articles daily.

Check Out Science All Around Us with Collin Keegan

Our Buddy Tom Ellis Of the Schooner Thomas E Lannon Is Involved In A very Special Project-

Science All Around Us with Collin Keegan

As captain and owner of the Schooner Thomas E. Lannon for the last 17 years, I’ve met thousands of people. Many stand out, 

but one eight year old boy named Collin Keegan is exceptional.  I first met Collin on a Saturday morning Kids-go-Free sail. 

It was obvious from our first conversation that he was special.  Collin has a huge curiosity about the world and likes to share 

what he learns with other kids. What better way to do that than through video? After seeing the first edits of this film, 

Collin came up with the idea of “Science all around us.” And  that became the title of the 5 episode video series we would 

like to produce. 

I’m asking you to watch this short video about Collin. If you like the idea of getting our youth excited about learning, 

you can help by making a kickstarter pledge. Even if you cannot donate, you can help by sharing this video with your 

friends, colleagues, or members of the organizations you belong to. And I know you’ll enjoy watching Collin!

Our goal is to produce a pilot video that will attract a distributor for the series. 

Check Out The Kickstarter Campaign Video-


Meet Collin Keegan. At first glance, he looks like a normal rambunctious eight-year old. He likes wearing a faded red baseball cap. He carries a pen and a notebook in his pocket just in case he needs to draw a diagram to explain a scientific concept to a friend or peer. He has a charming British accent and an endearing lisp. He’s cute—that you’ll be able to recognize easily—but something special sparks inside this small forty-pound boy when he’s sharing knowledge and learning with others. He has a truly infectious joy of learning and an amazing ability to recognize the creative way science affects and shapes our world. Through Collin’s eyes the rudder and steering wheel of a sailboat become a “mechanical connection system.” He knows intuitively the science that propels every day objects, and he applies scientific concepts and principles in a way that’s truly inspiring.

Collin docking the 65 ft Schooner Lannon

Collin docking the 65 ft Schooner Lannon

     Like the project on Facebook and follow them on Twitter

and once again check out the mission page here

Glimpses of the Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race in Portsmouth, VA – Part 3

Glimpses of the Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race in Portsmouth, VA – Part 3


North Landing from my window in the Renaissance.  Pig and Oyster Roast Awards in the tent at far left.  Portsmouth Visitor Center and landing for the ferry to Norfolk on the far side.  The ferry was evicted for the weekend to make space for schooners.  On the near side center, with flags flying, LIGHT REIGN, first in Class A and winner of the Perpetual Trophy for the best corrected time to Thimble Shoal (127 nm)

2014 Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race – Official Results 10/18/2014

Start off Annapolis; AA and A boats race 127 nm to Thimble Shoal, B and C boats race 80 nm to Windmill Point

Class AA 127 nm Start Thu 13:40:00

Elapsed time / Corrected time / Place

Summerwind  18:19:26 / 14:46:58 / 1

Pride of Baltimore II  23:15:34 / 20:56:26 / 2

Liberty Clipper  DNF

Lady Maryland  DNF

A J Meerwald  DNF

Mystic Whaler  DNF

Lynx  DNF

Class A 127 nm Start Thu 13:40:00

Light Reign 18:54:44 / 13:04:58 / 1

Woodwind 18:13:34 / 13:18:33 / 2

Brilliant Fri 18:37:00 / 13:54:37 / 3

Adventurer (56) 20:51:49 / 14:51:37 / 4

Hindu 35:58:00 / 30:20:44 / 5

Britanya  DNF

Liberté  DNF

Class B 80 nm Start Thu 13:50:00

Apella 19:02:00 / 14:45:32 / 1

Tom Bombadil  18:49:00 / 14:51:54 / 2

Adventurer (65)  19:07:00 / 15:24:44 / 3

Sally B   22:11:00 / 17:53:41 / 4

Libertate  36:47:04 /  32:01:15 / 5

Edlyn Rose  DNF

Shanty  DNF

Sultana  DNF

Bonny Rover  DNS

Class C 80 nm Start Thu 13:50:00

Farewell  18:15:00 / 12:59:21 / 1

Susan B Merryman  23:22:06 / 17:48:36 / 2

Istar  30:32:00 /  24:17:16 / 3

Adventure DNF

Summer Wind  DNF

Norfolk Rebel  DNF

Quintessence  DNS

Celebration  DNS

According to Race Chair Bill Mellen, “It was light air at the start with winds appearing early AM on Friday. Then it was a drag race on a reach for schooners Woodwind and Summerwind as they made the 47 nm between Windmill Point and Thimble Shoals in 4hr 6min neck and neck with Woodwind making it to the line at Thimble Shoals first.”


This year Jay Irwin received the Black Dog Trophy, created in 2006 to honor the individual(s) who supports the Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race in the spirit of Captain Lane Briggs (1932-2005), the founder of the GCBSR. Named after Captain Briggs’ faithful companion, Reb, this bronze statue of a black dog signifies loyalty to the race mission and faithful and honorable support for the event without personal recognition. In the words of Captain Briggs, “It’s amazing what you can get done if you don’t care who gets credit for it!”

The board of directors presents this award, honoring significant contributions to the race, as deserved and not on an annual basis, making it the most prestigious presentation of the organization.  Flanking Jay are Race Chair Bill Mellen and Al Roper in his role of perennial emcee.


Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race Perpetual Trophy  Awarded to LIGHT REIGN (A Fleet), James Turrell at the helm, with the best corrected time at Thimble Shoal of 13 hours, 4 minutes and 58 seconds.  LIGHT REIGN was first in the new Special Class this year in Gloucester.


Howdy Bailey Buckle, awarded to a B or C Fleet schooner for line honors at Windmill Point, was given to FAREWELL (C Fleet), sailed by Linda Gunn, with an elapsed time of 17 hours and 18 minutes.  The Windmill Point Trophy, formerly the Michelob Chesapeake Bay Challenge Trophy, was also awarded to FAREWELL, with the best corrected time at Windmill Point of 12 hours, 59 minutes and 21 seconds.  Linda is hobbling with ski poles after hip surgery.  Looking on is P-town’s Stormy Mayo, who hung in with ISTAR for third place with an elapsed time for the 80 miles of 30h32m.


Capt. John Eginton with Pat Dutton of Mystic Whaler received the Rebel Educational Trophy, which balances the triad of the Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race: a valiant race down the length of the Chesapeake Bay; historical preservation of the schooner fleet; and an education program focused on the heritage, ecology and natural resources of the Chesapeake Bay. We all know that it takes an experienced crew to race a schooner under full sail, but often the educational program the schooner carries along goes unnoticed. The schooners participating in the education program spend untold hours planning, fundraising, training and executing their educational program. The Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race Educational Program Committee selects the schooner deserving recognition for their contribution to this essential element. It is the schooners’ educational programs that will perpetuate Captain Briggs’ vision of the Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race for generations to come.


The Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race Clock, awarded for line honors at Thimble Shoal to the fastest schooner in the race, again went to WOODWIND, Capt. Jen Kaye, with an elapsed time of 18 hours and 15 minutes.


Every year a donation is made to the Chesapeake Bay Foundation with the stipulation to put students on the water for a day.  Many of  these kids are from large cities, and it is a very special experience for them.  $177,624 has been donated to date.  Nan Nawrocki, Race Chair from Baltimore, George Treiber, GCBSR Treasurer and Elizabeth Buckman of CBF.


James Grundy, owner of Class AA winner Summerwind (the ex-Merchant Marine Academy boat familiar in Gloucester) made a personal gift of $5,000 to match the GCBSR.


The volunteers that make the GCBSR so enjoyable for schooner crews are like family to those who are, or have been regular participants.   This is race chairman Bill Mellen, who has run the event for seventeen years.  It is a complicated one-way race that requires a very wide starting line for the large schooners close to the main shipping channel.  Bill is always ready to listen to suggestions about handicapping, safety or any other aspect at the Sunday morning captains’ recap of the race.    Roger Brown donates a breakfast for all the captains, crew and volunteers at his popular restaurant.


Schooner crews have a way of blending and here we have folks from ADVENTURE, BRILLIANT, PRIDE OF BALTIMORE II etc. etc. and etc.


At the Gloucester Schooner Festival no volunteer worked harder than Brett Ramsey.  Our mutual friend Jay Irwin is no stranger to Gloucester.  Jay, 81 drove up from his ‘old folks home’ in Baltimore to help rig Ed Boynton’s SUGARBABE in May,  then again to race with Ed in the Gloucester Schooner Festival.

So hat’s off to the volunteers!

Al Bezanson


Postcript ___  In Baltimore, before the race, there are days of festivities with a similar dose of hospitality.  Every schooner is assigned a liasion in Baltimore and another in Portsmouth,  insiders, who make a real difference in the quality of the participants’ visits.  It can be a tough slug getting a boat to and from this race, with a substantial  commitment in time and expense.   The typical autumn weather often makes the race itself challenging to say the least.  Why do we do it?   It’s the people!

Glimpses of The Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race in Portsmouth, VA – Part 2

Al Bezanson submits-

Glimpses of The Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race in Portsmouth, VA – Part 2


Mystic Seaport’s BRILLIANT, first in the medium class this year in Gloucester, was among the few that finished early.  Most of the fleet was well astern dealing with light air, then heavier headwinds.


WOODWIND runs public sails out of Annapolis and is a consistent winner in this race. She is of lightweight construction, built by John Scarano in Albany in 1993.  Every year, after the pig roast, there is a famous rum party aboard for all the crews and volunteers.


APELLA, 2nd in class in Gloucester this year, with PRIDE OF BALTIMORE II.  She is a Shearwater 45, designed by Dudley Dix and built in South Africa.


This was the 25th GCBSR and LADY MARYLAND has sailed in most all.  She is a pungy, built in 1985 by Living Classrooms in Baltimore and used for hands-on multidisciplinary education for students of all ages.


A J MEERWALD of Bivalve, NJ is the state’s official tall ship.  Built in 1928 for oyster dredging, she is fully engaged in educational programs with the Bayshore Discovery Project.


FAREWELL, built in a backyard in Annapolis and launched in 1972, is a scaled down Grand Banks schooner design by Peter Van Dyne.  FAREWELL and GREEN DRAGON were rivals in Class C in six of these races between 1997 and 2009.


Brett Ramsey took time out for a high speed drive to VA over the weekend to talk to boat owners and sample the legendary hospitality that is the feature of the GCBSR.


On  the inside, TOM BOMBADIL, Pasadena, MD with ISTAR, the 37 ft schooner launched this summer in Provincetown by Stormy Mayo.  ISTAR has been a project for nearly forty years, and would have been at the Gloucester race this year had she not been held back by headwinds as she returned from Maine.


Dr. Al Roper, President of the GCBSR Executive Committee, was up all night managing docking and seeing to it that every schooner got a full measure of southern hospitality.

More to come, including the race results in Part 3 of this series.

Al Bezanson

2014 Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race Recap From Al Bezanson

The Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race finished last weekend in Portsmouth, VA and here is a glimpse of goings on there.  Brett Ramsey and Al Bezanson from the Gloucester Schooner Festival Committee attend on a regular basis.


Night crew tended to the schooner bait, aka slow roasted pork.  No need to hurry, for the wind was contrary and most of the boats were a long time getting there.


In due time it was roasted to perfection


Transportation to Norfolk was compromised for a worthy cause


The Dockmaster’s Command Center was set up while the Schooner Liaison Crews kept the coffee flowing.  It was going to be a very long wait for the arrival of most of the boats.


The race this year was hosted by four boat/yacht clubs, and the Portsmouth Boat Club stood by the docking area.


Early arrivals were BRILLIANT, LIGHT REIGN AND WOODWIND.  They are docked at the North Landing, adjacent to the Renaissance Hotel and Portsmouth Visitor Center.

More to come, including the race results, in Part 2 of this report.

Al Bezanson

Want to go watch meteor showers Aboard The Most Beautiful Boat in Gloucester Harbor?


Hi Joe,

Monday night is the night. We are leaving on the Lannon at midnight to head out to where the sky is big and dark to watch the Orionid Meteor Showers. We have invited a local astronomer from the Gloucester Area Astronomy Club to join us. Virginia Renehan is very knowledgeable and happy to share her knowledge of the nighttime sky with our passengers. Take a nap if you have to, but join us for one of the final sails of the season.

Track the 2014 Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race



Local schooner fans might enjoy tracking the boats in the 127 mile Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race starting today at 1330 off Annapolis.   Entries in this year’s race include these schooners who have raced in Gloucester:  Adventurer 65, Apella, Brilliant, Hindu, Liberty Clipper, Light Reign, Lynx, and Pride of Baltimore II.  Istar, stormy Mayo’s new schooner from Provincerown is also racing.  The tracking link is

Here’s the forecast at the start.  Not a friendly one for schooners.

The actual wind near the start is displayed here

There is a half day oyster and pig roast at the finish in Portsmouth, VA.  When you’ve spent up to forty hours rockin’ and rollin’ your way down the bay dodging shipping traffic it’s the light at the end of the tunnel.

Al Bezanson

Three Captains Briggs

GloucesterCast 96 With A Group Of Your Favorite GMG Contributors

GloucesterCast 96 With A Group Of Your Favorite GMG Contributors

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Martin Del Vecchio’s Thomas Lannon Drone Video

For the past 15 years, every 5th-grader in the Gloucester Public Schools district has sailed Gloucester Harbor with captain Tom Ellis in his schooner the Thomas E. Lannon.

The students travel a century back in time to learn how Gloucestermen sailed, navigated, fished, and sang sea chanteys to entertain each other in the age of sail.

On September 18, 2014, the East Gloucester School 5th-graders had their turn to learn about their history.

You can learn more at

The Roseway Was Relaunched At The Gloucester Marine Railway on Tuesday Evening.

Hi Joey,

Tuesday evening just before high tide the Roseway was launched at the Gloucester Marine Railway.   The Roseway will stay docked at GMR through Tuesday, then cross the harbor to Maritime Gloucester where she will pick up some students then head out to sea.   She is a beauty!   Here are some photos of the launch.

Mary Barker

Community Photos 9/9/14

Peter Tysver at Beacon Marine Basin From Eric Schwartz

Eric writes-

Taken 9/1/2014 at Beacon Marine Basin. The painter is Peter Tysver.

Spars, Stars, and Stripes Forever From D or R Teele

spars and stripes

Gloucester Schooner Festival 2014 From Antony Marks

German film ‘Ways of Love’ filming on Atlantic Rd. From Bernie

photo 1photo 2

Hi Joey,

Anyone figure out what happened to the family of swans we saw on Henry’s Pond this spring? They had 4 little ones.


(or maybe I don’t really want to  know)?


Thought you might like to share this. I was expecting a Pot O’Gold when I reached my place but no such luck.
Bing McGilvray


Thought this was a different shot of the Eagle, climbing the rigging before parade of sail.
Vicki Gamage


Hi Joey,
Thought your readers might enjoy this photo taken out our window from our home on eden road in Rockport last night.
Sandy Simon


Studio Restaurant on Rocky Neck around 6 p.m.

Trish Castraberti


Partners Reunited

Roseway, hauled, with Highlander Sea (ex-Pilot), both built in the 20’s in Essex.  Fifty years ago they were working together for the Boston Pilots from Long Wharf.  One or the other was usually seen off Nahant jogging under trysail, year ‘round. 

Al Bezanson

Roseway and Pilot

Green Dragon and Skipper Al Bezanson Winners!


Schooner Green Dragon placed first in the Small Schooner Class in the 2014 Schooner Races, winning the Betty Ramsay Plate. Al Bezanson, who’s the owner of Green Dragon and is on the Schooner Race committee, sits in the cockpit of his schooner. Photo  by Kathy Chapman.

Photo © Kathy Chapman 2013-14


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