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Daily 2015 #GloucesterMA Schooner Festival Update For 8/27/15 @GlSchoonerFest

For 2015 Gloucester Schooner Festival Information-

2015 MHD poster

The Schooner Fest is #1 of ‘s “15 ways to spend Labor Day in New England” #GloucesterMA


Daily #GloucesterMA Schooner Festival Update 8/26/15



Ron Gilson submits-

Ben Pine’s name was a household word in the days of sail- the illustrious 1920s.  Piney said that the Essex built Schooner Columbia “Was the finest piece of wood to ever show her highs out of Gloucester.”  Schooner Columbia was lost prematurely off Sable Island only a few years after her launching.  She was the best that Essex built and Gloucestermen sailed schooner in the history of dorymen.

You can see from the photo Ron took this morning that on the tombstone of Ben Pine it depicts the beautiful Schooner Columbia.

Come down to Maritime Gloucester (23 Harbor Loop, downtown Gloucester) to celebrate the arrival of the schooner Columbia on Thursday, August 27, at 10am. All attendees will be entered into a raffle for a free 2015 Schooner Festival Hat and Schooner Festival T-Shirt! (must be present during the drawing to win)

Help us welcome the Columbia is proper Gloucester style!


Tracy Arabian

Schooner Roseway In The Fog – Photos From Anthony Marks

For More Info-

The 2015 Schooner Festival poster is avail for sale for $5 (+postage/handling). Contact @MaritimeGlou #GloucesterMA

The Thomas Lannon Sista Felicia Appetizer and Wine Sail August 18th Menu-

Here’s the Thomas E. Lannon 8/18/15 Wine Cruise Appetizer Menu From Sista Felicia, book now!!!

Sailing from Seven Seas Wharf at the Gloucester House Restaurant (978) 281-6634 or book online at


Petite Toast with Carrot Cake Marmalade & Goat Brie

Thinly Sliced Fresh Baguette Rounds with Manchego Cheese & Rose Petal Jelly

Grilled Peppered Flank Steak Baguette Sliders with Fresh Baby Arugula, Red Roasted Pepper, & Daffinos Fromage Garlic & Herb Cheese


Zucchini Pesto Crostini

Captain Joe’s Lobster Mac & Cheese
Sicilian Style Ricotta Nachos


The wine pairings by Nick DeFazio-

Purato Catarato Pinot Grigio

App 1 and 3B

Cambria Katherine’s Vineyard Chardonnay

App 2 and 4

Byron Santa Barbara Pinot Noir


Bisol Prosecco Jeio

App 5

“Polly-Five-Toe” The Gull Visits the Thomas E. Lannon

_2015_07_25_065362“Polly-Five-Toe the Gull” started visiting the Thomas E. Lannon in 2014, it returned again this year.  Capt. Heath has become friends with “Polly-5-Toe” as you can see in the slide show below.  Polly-5-Toe loves oyster crackers and sits on the back of the Lannon, or on Capt. Heath’s hand to enjoy her crackers.   



Barque Picton Castle Departs Gloucester

The Barque Picton Castle is a three-masted tall ship based in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada.

It has completed her sixth circumnavigation around the world in May of this year.

She was in Gloucester harbor for a few days before heading north to Portland, for a Schooner Festival.

During her departure, our own schooner the Thomas E. Lannon, made chase after a 30 minute head start, to wish her a safe voyage.

Below are some photos taken from the Breakwater, Enjoy.

The Thing About Our Cigar and Rum Cruise Aboard The Thomas E Lannon Is That We Never Have Any Fun

Hey Joey Need A Light? Aboard The Thomas E Lannon With Captain Tom @schoonerlannon1

A video posted by Joey C (@captjoe06) on

I’ve said it for as long as I can remember. If I had a visitor in Gloucester for only one day and they wanted to do the very best thing they could do in this city and it could be only one thing, at the pinnacle of my list would be a sunset cruise aboard the Thomas E Lannon. The pinnacle. As in the very tippity top of the list. Such a no-brainer good time, The Ellis family are the nicest, funnest, most hospitable people in this town, the Lannon is the most beautiful boat in town, you get Gloucester Harbor. It Is The Perfect Evening, Every Single Time!
It doesn’t hurt that you get to share your time drinking with Gloucester’s finest spirits with Bobby and Doug Ryan from Ryan and Wood, and 95Plus rated cigars from Paul Giacalone. Win Win Win
Photos from Terry Weber-

So sweet Of Pauline Bresnahan to make a special commemorative pennant for us

2015 Cigar and Rum Cruise Tickets 5 Spots Just Opened Up For Tuesday Night’s Sail!

It Always Sells Out!

Buy Your Tix online now!

2 Killer Cigars From Paul Giacalone’s Personal Collection, 3 Rum Drinks From Ryan and Wood Distillery, A Sail On The Lannon All For Only $40

Total deal of the century.  If You added all this up that’s like $85 worth of stuff and even if it cost double it would be worth quadruple.  Best night of the summer.  I can’t wait!

Order now-

Book online at:
Or call (978) 281-6634



Photos from Past Cruises Courtesy Kim Smith and Dani Lubbers-

View album

Saturday June 13th at 3:00 PM, Cape Ann Museum

Saturday June 13th at 3:00 PM, Cape Ann Museum

Al Bezanson submits-

Gloucester’s Chet Brigham has completed a splendid biography of our 121-year-old Official State Ship.  The lives (yes lives, not life) of the extraordinary Ernestina-Morrissey are chronicled in 276 pages.  The author sorted through mountains of material to give us this entertaining story.  He will introduce the book at the Cape Ann Museum at 3:00 PM Saturday, June 13th.

From the schooner’s website:  “ The Ernestina-Morrissey’s story is one of wide-ranging maritime adventures, lived by a remarkable cast of captains, crews and voyagers. Sailing to the Grand Banks from Gloucester for cod in the 1890s … voyaging to the Arctic every year for almost two decades on scientific expeditions … serving under both the U.S. Army and Navy in the Arctic during World War II … crossing the Atlantic a dozen times as a packet ship, linking Cape Verdean-Americans in New England with family members on their home islands … back in America under sail out of New Bedford, educating boatloads of school children on the wonders of their ocean environment.

In Phoenix of the Seas, Chester Brigham writes of the indomitable spirit of the Ernestina-Morrissey. Of the men and women who have commanded her: Gloucester fishing captains Bill and Clayton Morrissey, Arctic navigator Bob Bartlett, Henrique Mendes on Cape Verde, round-the-world captain Dan Moreland. Of the lives the vessel has touched: dory-trawling fishermen on the Grand Banks, hardy field scientists, Inuit hunters, GIs at remote weather stations, Atlantic islanders, volunteers who have sacrificed much for love of the ship.

She has been written off as doomed time and again. But now, this Phoenix ship will rise from the ashes once again! Thanks to a combination of private and state funding, the Ernestina-Morrissey is to be completely restored – after which, based at the Massachusetts Maritime Academy, she will set sail in her next, yet-to-be-decided incarnation.

Gloucester author Chester Brigham has written three other books on Gloucester’s maritime history: On Opposite Tacks (2011), Gloucester’s Bargain with the Sea (2007) and The Stream I Go A-Fishing In (2003). Phoenix of the Seas. Whale’s Jaw Publishing. Hardcover. 296 pages. 42 illustrations. ISBN 978-0-9740778-4-0”


Effie M Morrissey at Beacon Marine, c. 1940.  Note the ice sheathing for Arctic work.  She was built in 1894 for the J F Wonson Fish Company which would have been just to the left of this photo.  In the deadly Portland Storm of November 1898 she had the good fortune to be in port, but broke loose from Wonson’s dock and was blown ashore,    (Photo by Leslie Jones, courtesy of the Boston Public Library.)

Al Bezanson

What is the official State Ship of Massachusetts?

That’s a question the Al Bezanson sometimes asks friends sailing on his schooner Green Dragon. He’ll get answers like “Old Ironsides,” “Mayflower II,” or “Arabella.”

Wrong! The correct answer, as Al points out, is the Gloucester schooner Ernestina-Morrissey, originally the Effie M. Morrissey, built in Essex in 1893-94. In 1995 then-Governor Bill Weld named her the official vessel of the Commonwealth.


How did this little schooner qualify over all other contenders? Through a history of international outreach and service, nobly representing the maritime heritage of Massachusetts. She performed ably in hook-and-line fishing out of Gloucester that preserved fish stocks, in two decades of scientific expeditions to the Arctic Ocean, in wartime military missions, as a vital link between Cape Verde islanders and family members who had emigrated to New Bedford, and as an at-sea schoolhouse for educating thousands of Massachusetts school children in the wonders of their ocean environment. Nearly lost time and again, she is now undergoing complete restoration.

The story is told in Chester Brigham’s book Phoenix of the Seas, to be launched with a presentation and signing at the Cape Ann Museum on Saturday, June 13 at 3:00. Chet will also be introducing the book at the Essex Shipbuilding Museum on Wednesday, June 24 at 7:30.


Those planning to attend the Cape Ann Museum launch are invited by Harold Burnham to a half-price sunset sail in Gloucester harbor in his schooner Ardelle from 6:00 to 8:00 that evening. Tickets available on the Ardelle website,, and at Maritime Gloucester. Mention “Phoenix” when ordering

Schooner Challenge and Luncheon to Benefit the Phyllis A Marine Association

You are invited to attend:

Schooner Challenge and Luncheon to Benefit the Phyllis A Marine Association

Saturday, May 30, 2015 from 10:00 AM5:00 PM

Kick off a year of celebrating the Phyllis A‘s 90th Anniversary with a day of fun and food!

Join the crews of the Schooner Thomas E. Lannon and Schooner Ardelle as each ship’s captain challenge their teams to knot tying, sail raising, a sea chantey sing-off, and more!

Following the sail, join us for a luncheon in the Gloucester House function hall (Seven Seas Wharf, Gloucester, MA). Special tickets are available for those who can only join us for lunch. Luncheon begins at 1pm.

The Phyllis A Marine Association would like to offer our gratitude to the owners of the Schooner Thomas E. Lannon, Schooner Ardelle, and The Gloucester House restaurant for their support of our efforts.

All proceeds benefit the mission of the Phyllis A Marine Association: to promote the heritage, culture and folk life of the fisheries of Gloucester, MA, through the display and preservation of the gillnet fishing vessel, Phyllis A.
To reserve seats and pay by cash or check, please call the Phyllis A Marine Association at 978-381-3901.

Additional notes: Please arrive at the wharf 30 minutes before departure. The Schooner Lannon is berthed at Seven Seas Wharf (Rogers Street, Gloucester). The Schooner Ardelle is berthed at Maritime Gloucester (Harbor Loop, Gloucester)

Seven Seas Wharf

Rogers St

Gloucester, MA

Attend Event

John Huss, Curator of the Manchester Historical Museum presents "The Saga of the St. Petersburg".

One of Manchester’s most fascinating and important figures, Captain Richard Trask, will be the subject of an upcoming program presented by the Manchester Historical. Richard Trask, abandoned by his mother at childbirth, raised by foster parents, taught the fundamentals of seamanship as a teen, captain of a series of successful merchant ships, personal friend of the czars of Russia, skipper and part-owner of the St. Petersburg – the largest ship ever built in Massachusetts at the time – was a massive figure – both physically and by reputation.

On Tuesday, April14th, you are invited to the Sacred Heart Parish Hall for a 7pm program to learn more about this important local sea captain and his strong-willed wife Abigail, when John Huss, Curator of the Manchester Historical Museum presents “The Saga of the St. Petersburg“. The program will also include the story of the museum-quality half-model of the St. Petersburg which was built and presented to the museum last year by Steve Parson of Hamilton.  Steve will be joined at the podium by his mentor Matt Sutherland of Concord, one the nation’s most highly regarded model boat builders.

Refreshments served at 6:30, program starts at 7pm in the Sacred Heart Parish Hall in Manchester. Members are free, Non-members $10. To RSVP, please contact the Manchester Historical Museum at 978-526-7230 or email: .

St. Petersburg

“Wicked Cod” To be Aired Jointly On PBS and CBC

Al Bezanson submits-

The Gulf of Maine Chapter of the American Schooner Association in conjunction with the Nova Scotia Schooner Association announces a new radio program to be aired jointly on PBS and CBC, “Wicked Cod.” The show will feature a multi-national schooner fleet under sail scouring the Gulf of Maine in search of a codfish. The rules stipulate hook and line fishing only, and if a cod is actually captured it will be measured and released without disclosing its location. The program will be broadcast continually. Further details to follow.

Cod by Phyllis

(Painting credit:  Cod __ 30 X 15 Acrylic on Masonite __ Phyllis Bezanson 1970)   

Al Bezanson

You Can Own The American Eagle For $750,000 (Which Is a Steal Considering How Much Money They’ve Dumped Into The Adventure)

The American Eagle Has Been Completely Restored Meticulously And Can Actually Take Paying Passengers

(No slight to the well intentioned and passionate people who have donated millions upon millions to the restoration of The Schooner Adventure)  It’s going to be awesome once The Gloucester’s Big Dig Adventure gets sailing but in the meantime you can get the last Gloucester built fishing schooner which is a proven turn key sail operation.

Thanks Anthony Marks for submitting-


Here’s the link to the listing-

When I knew the American Eagle she was offloading whiting here at our dock- Captain Joe and Sons and she looked like she did in this first picture-


Frankie and I would nail the wooden box covers on the boxes of whiting to be shipped to New York’s Fulton Fish Market.  If you would have told me back then that The American Eagle would ever have gotten the makeover it got and be selling in 2015 for $750,000 I would have laughed you out of the building.  Probably one of the greatest success stories out of many failed dreams of restoring old, huge money to maintain wooden fishing boats.

Rosalie Parisi forwards this link back in 2012-

The American Eagle used to offload whiting and groundfish here at our dock back in the day.  It was an eastern rigged dragger which most of the Gloucester fleet was back then and Captained by Rosalie’s father Captain Joe Piscitello. 

The American eagle was bought from her father and converted into the boat she is now, a schooner.  You can read all about it here-


and now this is what she looks like-


More GMG coverage of Modern Day American Eagle-

The 2012 Gloucester Schooner Festival “The American Eagle”

Sail Gloucester 09- The American Eagle 4:40AM 7/6/09

Live Blogging The 2014 Schooner Race With Play Action Call From Daisy Nell!

The Schooner Defender From Al Bezanson

The 30th Annual Gloucester Schooner Festival and Parade of Sails is Just Around the Corner!

2013 Schooner Race Results

Watching the Schooners from Niles Beach Friday Night

PISCITELLO FAMILY 1934 and Now Family Reunion

They are neck & neck

Let The Race Begin! from Vito Piscitello

Schooner Festival Images: Saturday

Community Stuff 8/17/12

29 days to the Gloucester Schooner Festival

Last of The Eastern Rigs From Jon Campbell

The Last Schooner

Sharon Update: Out at sea

Nick Parisi Photos Of The Picton Castle

Gloucester At Dawn Spirit Of Massachusetts 7/6/09 4:45AM

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