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Pavilion Beach Sunset Gloucester Greasy Pole Beauport Princess copyright Kim SmithBeauport Princess and Greasy Pole

Last night’s spectacular fireworks display was preceded by a glorious twilight. After photographing the parade, I met my husband at the Beauport for a fabulous al fresco dinner of fresh, locally sourced fish and veggies. The deck was filled to capacity with expectant firework’s viewers yet despite that, our meals were delicious and the service exceptional. Marly was our waitress and although it was her first night on the job, she is top notch. Colleen was the hostess. Many may recall what a sweet and welcoming person she is from her years at the Studio and Rudder. It was a treat to see Colleen at the Beauport!

The sky changed from golden violet to violet pink within seconds and it was fun to see all the boats jockeying into position for firework’s viewing.

Pavilion Beach Sunset Gloucester Greasy Pole Thomas Lannon copyright Kim Smith

Schooner Lannon and the Greasy Pole

Pinky Ardelle and Ten Pound Island copyright Kim SmithPinky Schooner Ardelle and Ten Pound Island from the Beauport Hotel Deck

Schooner Lannon copyright Kim SmithSchooner Thomas E. Lannon

DSCF1747Beauport Hotel’s very helpful and friendly concierges  Emily Jermyn and Chris Horack

Thomas E. Lannon – Celtic Music Sail

IMG_0004Captain Heath Ellis of the schooner Thomas E. Lannon and Michael O’Leary’s Celtic Music provided a great sail into a beautiful sunset and moon rise of the June Strawberry moon.





“What happens in this race anyhow?” Racing, of course, with some cheating too (as revealed in the video), along with photo competitions, songwriting contest, creative knot tying, and much more! Everyone is welcome to participate, but hurry and sign up today because tickets are going fast.

Check out this super fun video from Barry O’Brien, featuring our Gloucester Captains Tom and Heath Ellis of the Schooner Thomas E. Lannon, Captain Stefan Edick of the Schooner Adventure, and Captain Harold Burnham of the Schooner Ardelle.

JOIN THE 4th ANNUAL SCHOONER CHALLENGE! Monday, June 6th, 6 to 8 pm. The Schooners Adventure, Lannon, and Adelle join forces to help us to protect and preserve the Schooner Evelina M. Goulart here at the shipbuilding museum. Schooners sail from The Maritime Gloucester dock on Harbor Loop. More fun than you can imagine. Sign up at, or call Marcia at (978) 375-3337 today! Tickets will sell fast!

Video by Barry O’Brien, with footage lent by Marty Luster

Gloucester Schooner Challenge


Driving home several nights ago, I passed Saint Peter’s Square at the moment the Ardelle was passing by and just had to turn around and take a snapshot of this beautiful pinky schooner in the golden late day light. For only one week more, you can purchase at Maritime Gloucester (or online at pre-season passes for the Ardelle. 


Ardelle Pre Season Passes


Schooner Adventure Gloucester MA -10 c Kim SmithSchooner Adventure Gloucester MA -11 c Kim SmithSaturday was a working day at the Harriet Webster Maritime Gloucester pier where three Essex built schooners, the Adventure, Ardelle, and Roseway were undergoing spring scraping, painting, and overall maintenance.
Schooner Adventure Gloucester MA -7 c Kim Smith
The Adventure’s Captain Stefan Edick’s and Lead Shipwright Geoff Deckebach’s crew of volunteers spent the day getting the schooner ship shape for the upcoming sailing season.
Schooner Adventure Gloucester MA c Kim Smith

Volunteer workday Saturdays are a recurring event on the Schooner Adventure. Volunteers are needed every Saturday to help with vessel maintenance. I can attest to the fact that this a super fun and hard working group of people. They are ready to take on any task that comes up. No experience necessary; the knowledgeable volunteers and crew will show you the ropes. Join the Adventure crew and volunteers as they work on this tremendous project!Schooner Adventure Gloucester MA -8 c Kim SmithContact Lead Shipwright Geoff Deckebach at or call 978-281-8079 to sign-up or if you have any questions.Schooner Adventure Gloucester MA -9 c Kim SmithSchooner Adventure Gloucester MA -3 c Kim Smith

Schooner Adventure Gloucester MA -5 c Kim Smith

The Adventure’s big sister, the Roseway (affectionately called as such because she is 91 years old while the Adventure is 90 years old) arrived early in the afternoon and she is currently berthed next to the Adventure.


Saturday’s Adventure Crew: Geoff Deckebach, Logan Livingston, Maura Hackett, Alex Myers, Shaun Coveney, ChristineMcCormick, Mike Bergmann, Tom Hovey, Stephanie Bean, Jay Boland, Susanne Flynn, Pam Bradbury, Cullen Morawski, Ira Moll, Annika Heinhold, and Willy Leathers


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Did you know The Red Jacket Resort was named after a Famous Clipper ship Which Was Named After a Famous Indian?

A couple of weeks ago I was driving up North and when we passed through Newburyport I got to wondering why it was that Newburyport associated itself with Clipper Ships as opposed to Essex and Gloucester being associated with Essex built and Gloucester fished Schooners.

I emailed our boy Al Bezanson for some answers which he answered in yesterday’s GloucesterCast (listen here).

But then during school vacation I took the girls up to the Red Jacket Resort in North Conway which right around 40 years ago was the first place my parents took me on vacation.  When checking in at the Red Jacket Resort, right behind the desk was a framed print of the Clipper Ship The Red Jacket.

So I googled it.  Check out the results here and the interesting history of the Famed Clipper.


Right Now You Can Buy A 2016 Deal Coupon For a 2 hour sail for 1 Person On The Lannon 2016 Sailing Season For Only $22 Bucks

Uhmmmm that is just plain stupid!

Here’s the deets-

You can redeem your 2016 Deal Coupon for a 2 hour sail for 1 person during our 2016 sailing season. Buy up to 4 total. Within 48 hours of purchase we will send an e-mail to the address provided with a coupon code for booking your sail.

Buy a 2016 Lannon Deal Coupon for $22. You can redeem your 2016 Deal Coupon for a 2 hour sail for 1 person during our 2016 sailing season. Buy 3 more for friends. This is the biggest discount we will be offering for 2016. Don’t miss it!

Get the deal here



Tracking the Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race (GCBSR)

The GCBSR starts Thursday October 15th at 1330.  Each boat carries a transponder and can be tracked via the website link below.  The race course is 127 miles straight down the Chesapeake from Annapolis to Thimble Shoal Light off Hampton Roads.  Participating schooners that have raced in Gloucester include Adventure (MD). Adventurer 65, Apella, Liberty Clipper, Light Reign, Malabar II, Norfolk Rebel, Pride of Baltimore II, Summerwind and When and If.  Here is the complete entry list.!fleet-2015/chps

There is a legendary Awards Ceremony/Oyster and Pig Roast October 17th at the Portsmouth, VA Visitor Center (photo).  Operatives from the Gloucester Schooner Festival Committee will be present.

Al Bezanson


Short walk to Pig Roast

Featured stopover on the drive to Baltimore from New Jersey … Fort Square Cafe

Last Sunday at the Fort Square Cafe … ran across some friends at breakfast. They were on their way to Baltimore from New Jersey. No kidding! On the right, Caitlin Warr, aerial ballet artist from Missoula, MT, now living in LA, was about to do a photo shoot aloft on the THOMAS E LANNON. Eve Brem from Switzerland is the photographer. Bryan Ruegg, holding a calendar featuring Caitlin flying over schooners, and his father Tom Ruegg did the driving. They are all racing on sch ADVENTURER in the Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race (GCBSR) from Baltimore to Portsmouth, VA starting Oct. 16th. 

ADVENTURER, from Easton, MD was first (again) in the medium class this year in the Gloucester Schooner Race, and has often been first in class in the challenging GCBSR.  Last year at the GCBSR Awards/Pig and Oyster Roast Caitlin Warr wowed us with her daring, fluid moves from high aloft.

Al Bezanson

ADVENTURER crew, Fort Square Cafe

Does anyone know anything about old model boats?

Terry Weber submits-

Does anyone know anything about old model boats?

This thing is practically a fossil, covered in dust, with no identifying marks on it that I can find except a possible faded British flag. 

Someone told me that it was not worth much, it was just a decorative piece, but I want to make sure before it goes in the yard sale bin. 

Thank you!

a boat 2boat close up 2boat flag 2



Schooner Green Dragon Gloucester Schooner Festival Al Bezanson ©Kim Smith 2015Al Bezanson’s Green Dragon Schooner is in the foreground with the Schooners Mystic and Roseway in the background. Click to view larger. I’ve been too swamped and neglected to post Schooner Fest photos and will try to schedule this weekend although there have been so many gorgeous photos posted, more may be redundant.

More 2015 Gloucester MA Schooner Festival Pics From Mary Barker!

Mary Barker submits-
Hi Joey,

I hope the GMG world can tolerate a few more photos from the Schooner Festival.
Seanna Kelley, the executive director of the Mystic invited Three Sheets to the Wind aboard to sing on a Saturday sail.
She then invited me back aboard for the Parade of Sails and Race on Sunday so I could take some photos OF the
Adventure sailing, not just FROM the Adventure as I’ve done in the past. What a gorgeous vessel she is. I feel
so blessed to have now sailed on a 3 masted schooner. I was very excited to see the Essex built Lette G Howard
in port for the festivities. And the Columbia is nothing short of amazing. The Mystic’s crew were wonderful, and kept spirits high and
lively despite quickly falling into last place during the race and missing a buoy. How great it was that the weather was
so perfect for this amazing weekend.

Mary Barker

Fish Tales at Schooner Adventure

Dear Joey,

You know that one of my personal efforts is to encourage non-profits in the city to work together and help each other grow. Here’s a good example of how that can happen. The poster attached is for Fish Tales, the popular live story telling program that is a part of the Gloucester Writers’ Center. This month it is being held on the deck of Adventure, and will feature former fishing crew member Ron Gilson, as well as several other well-known local raconteurs, telling true stories on the theme “Home.” Adventure is of course tied up at Webster Pier, part of Maritime Gloucester on Harbor Loop. Three great local organizations working together; everybody wins.

Thank you for your help getting the word out on GMG.




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