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Did you know The Red Jacket Resort was named after a Famous Clipper ship Which Was Named After a Famous Indian?

A couple of weeks ago I was driving up North and when we passed through Newburyport I got to wondering why it was that Newburyport associated itself with Clipper Ships as opposed to Essex and Gloucester being associated with Essex built and Gloucester fished Schooners.

I emailed our boy Al Bezanson for some answers which he answered in yesterday’s GloucesterCast (listen here).

But then during school vacation I took the girls up to the Red Jacket Resort in North Conway which right around 40 years ago was the first place my parents took me on vacation.  When checking in at the Red Jacket Resort, right behind the desk was a framed print of the Clipper Ship The Red Jacket.

So I googled it.  Check out the results here and the interesting history of the Famed Clipper.


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Uhmmmm that is just plain stupid!

Here’s the deets-

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Tracking the Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race (GCBSR)

The GCBSR starts Thursday October 15th at 1330.  Each boat carries a transponder and can be tracked via the website link below.  The race course is 127 miles straight down the Chesapeake from Annapolis to Thimble Shoal Light off Hampton Roads.  Participating schooners that have raced in Gloucester include Adventure (MD). Adventurer 65, Apella, Liberty Clipper, Light Reign, Malabar II, Norfolk Rebel, Pride of Baltimore II, Summerwind and When and If.  Here is the complete entry list.!fleet-2015/chps

There is a legendary Awards Ceremony/Oyster and Pig Roast October 17th at the Portsmouth, VA Visitor Center (photo).  Operatives from the Gloucester Schooner Festival Committee will be present.

Al Bezanson


Short walk to Pig Roast

Featured stopover on the drive to Baltimore from New Jersey … Fort Square Cafe

Last Sunday at the Fort Square Cafe … ran across some friends at breakfast. They were on their way to Baltimore from New Jersey. No kidding! On the right, Caitlin Warr, aerial ballet artist from Missoula, MT, now living in LA, was about to do a photo shoot aloft on the THOMAS E LANNON. Eve Brem from Switzerland is the photographer. Bryan Ruegg, holding a calendar featuring Caitlin flying over schooners, and his father Tom Ruegg did the driving. They are all racing on sch ADVENTURER in the Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race (GCBSR) from Baltimore to Portsmouth, VA starting Oct. 16th. 

ADVENTURER, from Easton, MD was first (again) in the medium class this year in the Gloucester Schooner Race, and has often been first in class in the challenging GCBSR.  Last year at the GCBSR Awards/Pig and Oyster Roast Caitlin Warr wowed us with her daring, fluid moves from high aloft.

Al Bezanson

ADVENTURER crew, Fort Square Cafe

Does anyone know anything about old model boats?

Terry Weber submits-

Does anyone know anything about old model boats?

This thing is practically a fossil, covered in dust, with no identifying marks on it that I can find except a possible faded British flag. 

Someone told me that it was not worth much, it was just a decorative piece, but I want to make sure before it goes in the yard sale bin. 

Thank you!

a boat 2boat close up 2boat flag 2



Schooner Green Dragon Gloucester Schooner Festival Al Bezanson ©Kim Smith 2015Al Bezanson’s Green Dragon Schooner is in the foreground with the Schooners Mystic and Roseway in the background. Click to view larger. I’ve been too swamped and neglected to post Schooner Fest photos and will try to schedule this weekend although there have been so many gorgeous photos posted, more may be redundant.

More 2015 Gloucester MA Schooner Festival Pics From Mary Barker!

Mary Barker submits-
Hi Joey,

I hope the GMG world can tolerate a few more photos from the Schooner Festival.
Seanna Kelley, the executive director of the Mystic invited Three Sheets to the Wind aboard to sing on a Saturday sail.
She then invited me back aboard for the Parade of Sails and Race on Sunday so I could take some photos OF the
Adventure sailing, not just FROM the Adventure as I’ve done in the past. What a gorgeous vessel she is. I feel
so blessed to have now sailed on a 3 masted schooner. I was very excited to see the Essex built Lette G Howard
in port for the festivities. And the Columbia is nothing short of amazing. The Mystic’s crew were wonderful, and kept spirits high and
lively despite quickly falling into last place during the race and missing a buoy. How great it was that the weather was
so perfect for this amazing weekend.

Mary Barker

Fish Tales at Schooner Adventure

Dear Joey,

You know that one of my personal efforts is to encourage non-profits in the city to work together and help each other grow. Here’s a good example of how that can happen. The poster attached is for Fish Tales, the popular live story telling program that is a part of the Gloucester Writers’ Center. This month it is being held on the deck of Adventure, and will feature former fishing crew member Ron Gilson, as well as several other well-known local raconteurs, telling true stories on the theme “Home.” Adventure is of course tied up at Webster Pier, part of Maritime Gloucester on Harbor Loop. Three great local organizations working together; everybody wins.

Thank you for your help getting the word out on GMG.





Gloucester Schooner Festival 2015 Parade of Sail with time lapse ~

A perfect day for the Parade of Sail, the 31st annual Gloucester Schooner Festival was the most highly attended festival to date, with 23 schooners participating and thousands of spectators perched all around the beaches and boulevards surrounding the harbor.

You’ll see parading through the inner harbor the smallest rowboats to the grand three-masted 169-foot Schooner Mystic, with the Roderick McAllister chugging through the scene. Look for Gloucester schooners the Adventure at 2:10, the Thomas E. Lannon hoisting her sails at about 3:10, and the Ardelle at 3:30. GMG FOB Al Bezanson’s Green Dragon is seen at 4:51. Out by the Dogbar breakwater the 610-foot Navy’s USS Fort McHenry was positioned and surrounded by sailboats and schooners, you really get a sense of the size of this ship.

The parade time lapse footage was shot in real time and is one hour and 23 minutes long, compressed into roughly six minutes at 1000 percent.

Schooner identification provided by Green Dragon Captain Al Bezanson. Thank you Al!







3:54 LETTIE G HOWARD (w/o sails)

3:54 HINDU (hoisting)

4:51 GREEN DRAGON (into and out of Harbor Cove)




5:31 LIBERTY CLIPPER (inbound)







More 2015 GMG Community Schooner Festival Photos


Peter Digre submits- Three Masted Schooner


Elinor Teele submits-

A huge thank you to the captains, crews, and organizers! 
I’ll be posting highlights of the day – including individual schooner portraits – to my Flickr account ( and photo blog ( this week.
All photos will eventually make there way into my Boat & Ship Gallery:
If any of the crew would like a digital copy of a photo, they can contact me via my website:
Here’s to Gloucester! 
Elinor Teele


John Sullivan submits-

Joey a little inspirational poem about Columbia schooner design from past now living in present. 

Submitted by John Sullivan
The Columbia stem to stern shear balance of line taunt lines massive power of a lost age takes the wind out of my sails. If one is to be resurrected give me a steel hull where losing a wooden plank will not send me to the bottom. With ease she glides by other more mortal boats and her full sails from top mast down speak of a daring past of wind power. For millennia a steady breeze was the hope of all at sea. We have fallen overboard as we reach for more of everything leaving the past locked in irons. The boat is a compromise of past and future but bow to the dream of its builder. Hail Columbia grand lady of the sea may you have fair winds.

Gloucester Schooner Festival View from Stage Fort Park 09/06/2015

Gloucester Schooner Festival

View from Stage Fort Park 09/06/2015




For information on reserving space on a schooner during the 2015 @GlSchoonerFest :

Plus all the information including downloadable 2015 Festival programs check out the Schooner Festival Website-

Info from The Gloucester Schooner Festival website-


For information on reserving space on a schooner during the Festival:

Adventure, call 978-281-8079
Ardelle, click here
Mystic, click here
Roseway, click here
Thomas E. Lannon, call 978–281–6634

Click here for downtown Gloucester parking information.
Click here to download the 2015 Festival Program (printed programs will be available Sept 4)

Tickets now available for Festival Raffle.  Grand prize is an oil painting by John Caggiano!

Adventure’s Freight Hauling Voyage from Greg Bover

Gloucester’s recently restored 1926 Schooner Adventure was hired by a group of Maine farmers, the Greenhorns, and an outfit called Maine Sail Freight, to carry goods from Portland to Boston for sale in the Boston Public Market, the first such delivery under sail since before WWII. Their idea was to show that there are alternative ways to reduce one’s carbon footprint. I shipped aboard as a volunteer deckhand. It was a privilege to be part of such a fine crew (most of whom are half my age or less).

We left Gloucester at 2300 on Wednesday after our regular member sail and arrived in Portland to load the next morning. There were plenty of volunteers to help get the goods on the ship. We left Portland at 0600 on Friday morning, sailed south all day and through the night tacking against the prevailing southwesterlies. I stood lookout and did my turns at the helm from 0400 to 0800 so I saw moonset and sunrise with my two watch mates while everyone else was asleep. It was an amazing experience to be sailing such a powerful ship twenty miles off the coast in darkness and almost total silence. Whales, porpoises, gannets, and shearwaters came by to check us out. There was some time to catch up on sleep and eat the great food coming from the galley before going back on watch from 1600 to 2000, and sailing into Boston Harbor. We unloaded early Sunday morning so the goods could be sold at the Boston Public Market and entertained visitors on deck during an Open Ship before sailing back to Gloucester and anchoring in the outer harbor allowing Columbia, in town for the Schooner Festival, to stay at our usual spot on Maritime Gloucester’s Webster Pier until the next morning. As the official schooner of the City of Gloucester, part of Adventure’s mission is to represent the city in places beyond Cape Ann, I think we did so ably. Our upcoming trips to Provincetown and New Bedford will continue that ambassadorial role.

A link to the NPR story:

My crewmate Lukas Baumgaertel sent these pictures. <<…>> <<…>> <<…>> <<…>>

Gregory R Bover

V.P. Operations, Project Manager

C. B. Fisk, Inc.

Cowboying the ForesailCraig and Natalie in the holddeck panoramaoff watch


Coming next weekend, the 4th through the 6th, the spectacular 31st annual Gloucester Schooner Festival is an event not to be missed. Organized by the Gloucester Schooner Festival Committee and Maritime Gloucester, click here for a complete list of activities throughout the weekend.

Your Daily 2015 SChooner Festival Update For 8/27/15

Carol Thistle From Community Development Forwards-

Hi Joey,

We’ve been trying to get the word out about this! The Gloucester Schooner Festival is recognized both locally and nationally as one of the top 15 Labor Day Destinations!

Orbitz Travel listed the Gloucester Schooner Festival as one of the Top 15 Labor Day Destinations! Also, the Boston Globe selected Gloucester as a top 15 pick!


Daily 2015 #GloucesterMA Schooner Festival Update For 8/27/15 @GlSchoonerFest

For 2015 Gloucester Schooner Festival Information-

2015 MHD poster

The Schooner Fest is #1 of ‘s “15 ways to spend Labor Day in New England” #GloucesterMA


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