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Congratulations to Joey DaSilva, 2015 Saturday Greasy Pole Champion!

Joey Dasilva Saturday Greasy Pole Champion 2015 ©Kim Smith 2015

Joe’s Mom, Anita Louise Stewart, writes on FB, “My son took his first flag down in 2011 on the 80th greasy pole anniversary . That year Hurricane Irene took down the greasy pole in Sept and In November they did a greasy pole fund raiser called the Fall Classic down at the GHS; gold, bronze, and silver rounds. My Joseph took the gold and he was the only winner that day who had won over land and sea, dubbing him Surf and Turf. He set the Guinness world record in Cali in July 2012 for walking the greasy pole in 4.9 seconds and taking the flag down in the 2nd round. He held that record for 2 years. Today he took the flag down once again, 2nd round, and now he is a lifetime walker on Sundays. The only way to go Joseph Cole DaSilva– -Friday 2 Saturday and Saturday 2 Sunday…Keep going…”

Joey Dasilva Saturday Greasy Pole Champion 2015 ©Kim SmithJoey Dasilva Saturday Greasy Pole Champion 2015 -4  ©Kim SmithJoey Dasilva Saturday Greasy Pole Champion 2015 -3  ©Kim SmithJoey Dasilva Saturday Greasy Pole Champion 2015  -5 ©Kim Smith


Esther mathieu photo cake-1

Fabulous and delicious cake made by Maria for my in-laws 65th wedding anniversary. Needless to say it was huge hit, with layers of raspberry and lemon cream sandwiched between creamy sweet frosting. Stop in to Caffe Sicilia for your Saint Peter’s Day cakes and confections. See Maria featured on the front page of today’s Gloucester Daily Times!

Photo Courtesy Esther Mathieu


Buona Festa!

Bianca Saint Peter's Fiesta ©Kim Smith 2015 Love! 

Mayor Sefatia Saint Peter's Fiesta ©Kim Smith 2015Mayor Romeo Thekan and Joe Orlando

Saint Peter's Fiesta -4 ©Kim Smith 2015

Bianca, Rosaria Floyd, Mayor Sefatia (holding the key to heaven), Joe Orlando, State Representative Ann Margaret Ferrante

Saint Peter's Fiesta -5 ©Kim Smith 2015Kathy and Dominic Nicastro

Snapshots from Friday night opening ceremony. I am mostly filming, but do manage to take a few photos. So many beautiful moments last night–I wish there was a simple way to film and take good quality photographs at exactly the same time.

Dante Saint Peter's Fiesta ©Kim Smith 2015Saint Peter's Fiesta -8 ©Kim Smith 2015Saint Peter's Fiesta -1 ©Kim Smith 2015Saint Peter's Fiesta -2 ©Kim Smith 2015See More Photos Here

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Junior Seine Boat Elimanition Race Winners Wise Guys & Dirty Oars



Wise Guys & Dirty Oars Win today Elimination Race!

The Start….

Both Crews Row In  Tomorrow Fiesta Sunday Race against Defending Champs “Bad Intentions”


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Anywhere Else, This May Seem Strange…. VIVA!

If you came across grown men dressed like the Naked Cowboy, a Ninja Turtle, Hulk Hogan and more walking down the street mid afternoon on a Saturday anywhere else in the world it may seem strange…but here, in Gloucester, during Fiesta weekend, it screams GREASY POLE!

So, of course….we followed them…

IMG_1194 IMG_1195 IMG_1200 IMG_1205

Friday’s Fiesta

“Cumpardes” Annual “Rizzi” Picking On Backshore



larry & jopey Backshore rizzi picking fiesta 2015 003

Every year our cousins Joey and Larry Marcantonio  gather to pick “Rizzi” with their “Cumpardes” somewhere along the coastline of Gloucester each Fiesta Weekend!

IMG_0418larry & jopey Backshore rizzi picking fiesta 2015 016IMG_0469IMG_0471


Fiesta Saturday Lunch at Bass Rock Ocean Inn



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Good Sports

More from this morning’s race between Gloucester’s finest!  The Gloucester Police Department, the Gloucester Fire Department and the Coast Guard.

Competitors on the water today….but, joined normally by the same mission to keep us all safe.

What good sports.  It was great fun to watch them all race!

While the Coast Guard was ultimately victorious, it was a close race from beginning to end!

Joanne Frontiero …The Women’s Seine Boat Ledgend


2015 friday seine boat womens race amanda crew xtra oar dinary 227

Joanne Frontiero a legend in Women’s Rowing!

Joanne’s Exclusive Story…Posting Latter Today!

Joanne Frontiero Writes…

Congratulations to the winners of both the senior and junior women’s crews, the Breakfast Club and the Savages. Also to all the women and girls, win or lose, who have contributed to carrying on this tradition of twenty years!! This past week has had some really close exciting races in both the men’s and women’s. Thank you also to Felicia Ciaramitaro Mohan for all her photos and videos for us to look back at all of them in the future! I know your heart is with your Daughter’s crew, but you always included every crew in your pictures, so that there would be a history to look back on for everyone. I am especially proud of both of my crews today. We may not have won, but we tried like hell, and that’s all you can ask for. Viva San Pedro!

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