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St. Peters Fiesta 2014 Release From Chief Of Police Len Campanello

Hi Joey,

Attached you will find our release for the 2014 Fiesta. Thanks for all the work you do at GMG, and thank you to all your readers for making this a great Fiesta!




Leonard Campanello

Chief of Police

City of Gloucester, MA

I am so happy to have celebrated St. Peters Fiesta with the citizens of Gloucester again this year. I am even happier to report the following:

The Gloucester Police Department Fiesta Response was forced to make only three arrests (two for assault, stemming from one incident, and one for drug possession) and place one individual into protective custody for drunkenness this year. Overall we received fewer than 15 Fiesta related calls for service (disturbances, mv stops, lost and found property, and capsized boat.). We received enormous cooperation from the business community and, especially, St. Peters Club and St. Peters Fiesta Committee. We also had the great support of the Essex Sheriff’s Department and the Massachusetts State Police. I cannot thank the residents, visitors, and business owners enough for their cooperation and respectfulness throughout Fiesta. I would also like to thank Mayor Carolyn Kirk for her strong support of the Fiesta Action Plan.

As you know, we always evaluate police presence at Fiesta. Our first priority, always, is to maintain a safe and enjoyable atmosphere for ALL who attend St. Peter’s Fiesta. And we can’t do it alone. This year, we had very frank discussions with business owners and interested parties, about their responsibilities in continuing to make St. Peter’s a tradition we can all be proud of. Those businesses stepped up to the plate and delivered in 2014. They are the reason for the low number of disturbances and I congratulate them on a job well done.

With the business taking such a responsible role in Fiesta, we were able to quell disturbances before they rose to the level of a police action. We were able to effectively manage the crowds of patrons at the end of the night with little more than our presence, and we believe it was one of the most successful Fiesta’s in recent history, from a public safety standpoint.

One of the most noticeable additions to this year’s Fiesta was the Mounted Unit of the State Police. We have thus far received overwhelming support for this Unit and are happy to have had them. Families enjoyed having their picture taken with the horses and their quiet presence was an effective and proactive deterrent to the historical late night disturbances.

A Fiesta that has gone this smoothly from a public safety standpoint is good for all of us. It reinforces that St. Peter’s is a RELIGIOUS, FAMILY AND COMMUNITY event. And we here at GPD are proud to do are part to keep it that way.

Leonard Campanello
Chief of Police

FINAL WALK for Salvi Benson ~ All Time Greasy Pole Champion Winner

Salvi Benson All time Greasy Pole Champion Gloucester MA ©Kim Smith 2014Salvi Benson is the All Time Greasy Pole Champion, with 4 Saturday wins and 6 Sunday wins (wiki). As he swam in from the Greasy Pole platform, his friends shared that this was his last walk. Congratulations to Salvi for all his wins over the years. Very best wishes to you!

Salvi Benson All time Greasy Pole Champion Gloucester MA ©Kim Smith 2014-2Salvi Benson All time Greasy Pole Champion Gloucester MA ©Kim Smith 2014 -3.

2014 Fiesta Sunday Midnight Closing Ceremonial Procession Around Fort Square


Leaving the altar for the procession around Fort Square

Each year hundreds gather at the altar around 11:30 pm Fiesta Sunday evening, to line up for the ceremonial procession of parading St. Peter around Fort Square before returning him to the St. Peter’s Club window. This procession around Fort Square marks the official end of The Feast Of St. Peter.

Procession Leaving Fort Square, heading to St. Peter’s Club to return St. Peter statue to the Club window

The voices of parade goers screaming the St. Peter Chant “Ma Chi siammo Tutti Mutti”….”Viva San Pedro”  echoes’ throughout the downtown area of Gloucester.




Fiesta Whites- Pictures From The 2014 Saint Peter’s Fiesta Sunday Parade

Bringing it back old school. As long as I can remember it was all about wearing the Fiesta Whites when you were a kid. Felicia was out to capture as many people as she could in the parade wearing their Fiesta Whites- Enjoy the slideshow- there’s a ton of pictures for us to work through and a ton coming at you over the next couple day
Here’s the Fiesta Whites Slideshow (Remember next year if you can to dress your beautiful children in their Fiesta Whites So We Can Include Them In The Fiesta Whites Slideshow-

Fiesta Through the Eyes of the Little Guys

For anyone who has grown up in or around Gloucester, the St. Peter’s Fiesta has clearly served as the true kick-off to summer. But, it is much more than that. The funny thing is that the importance and significance of Fiesta has probably also changed throughout each individual’s life time depending on their age.  At times the religious celebrations have been of upmost importance… and later the rides. At times maybe the five day celebration was all about family… and later it was all about hanging out with friends.  At times it was about hoping to get a glimpse of that certain “crush” under the ferris wheel and years later it was all about air guitar at Old Timers or trying to cut in line at The Gloucester House. Still later, possibly you’ve come full circle, and celebrating with loved ones makes the Fiesta a time to truly be treasured.  At times the parade reigned supreme….and later, maybe the fireworks.  For many years playing on the beach during the seine boat races was more fun than actually watching them….and later cheering for a certain crew was equivalent to the Kentucky Derby.  The Greasy Pole has always been….well, the Greasy Pole.  Whether you love it for the tradition or the insanity, the sport or the absurdity….whether you watch it from Pavilion Beach or by boat in the harbor…there is nothing quite like it.

I’ve been there for all of them.  I have fond memories of the Fiesta that range from being a very young child, to a preteen, to a teenager, to a college student, to a bar-crawling 20 something year-old, to a “grown-up”, and now as a parent….who feels blessed to be sharing the experience with my own children. I have Fiesta memories that involve holding my grandfather’s hand as he guided me through the crowd and later memories of holding his hand as I supported him. I have Fiesta memories of holding the hand of long ago boyfriends and later Fiesta memories of holding the hand of my now husband.  Maybe the best memories are the newest….as just today, I held the hands of both of my sons while jumping from ride to ride.

So, as the mother of a 5 and 7 year-old, St. Peter’s Fiesta to me so far this year has been all about the rides, the games, and the food.  It is all about the color, the sounds, the smells…and the way they all seem to blur together.  While I may have desired to capture other aspects of this year’s Fiesta and I would love to get that “perfect shot”…..I have found myself enjoying it through my children’s eyes.

And this is how they see it.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Live From St Peter’s Park Sunday Morning- Warren Durgin Being Interviewed By Fox News- Sunday Mass- Parade and More

Behind The Scenes- St Peter’s Club Pinning Ceremony


Inside The St Peter’s Club –



photo 3

photo 4

photo 1photo 3photo 4

photo 1photo 2photo 3photo 4

photo (90)

Getting Ready For The Parade

photo 5photo 2photo 3

Lining Up The Oar Carriers

Live Posting From The Parade Route


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