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Acclaimed singer Chelsea Berry will perform a solo concert of original vocals to benefit the Cape Ann Symphony.  Her exciting performance in the folk/pop/rock genre promises to be compelling and energetic.

Concert Tickets: $35 – General seating 2:00pm

Post-Concert Reception – 3 :30 pm

A post-concert reception will be held upstairs to meet Chelsea Berry. Live entertainment will be provided by guitarist Nate Weaver and vocalist Brittany Betts.  Refreshments will be served.

Post-Concert Reception Tickets: $15

Tickets for both the concert and reception are available at the Rockport Music Box Office, 35 Main Street, Rockport, through the website here or by phone at 978-546-7391.

About the Cape Ann Symphony:  Celebrating its 65th season, the Cape Ann Symphony has grown into a 70 piece professional orchestra that rivals any regional symphony in the country and features concert soloists throughout the year. The Youth Initiative Program gives 4th and 5th grade students their first exposure to Classical Music.  To learn more about the Symphony, click here. 

Meet Chelsea Berry

Chelsea Berry is a singer/songwriter with incredible edge, power, and finesse. Her presence has been described by listeners as “compelling… she draws the entire house into her world like moths to a flame.” Born and raised in Alaska, she now makes her home on Boston’s North Shore.

A favorite among venue owners up and down the East coast, Chelsea’s commanding stage presence and energetic rock/folk/pop sound has begun bringing her across the U.S. as regular support for Livingston Taylor as well as headliner of her own shows from California to Washington, Minneapolis, New York, and everywhere in between.

Along with her solo shows, Chelsea frequently supports artists such as Chris Isaak, Jonathan Edwards, Jon Butcher, Chris Smither, Cheryl Wheeler, Marshall Crenshaw, Patty Larkin, and many others.


Rockporters Nichole, James, or Sarah Kelly I would love to know who designed the Rockport Farmer’s Market logo? Is it the same person who does all your gorgeous event’s logos? I think they are all beautiful and especially love the design for the Farmer’s Market.1048077_621736324510649_184966018_o


Butterfly Days are Here!

Monarch Butterfly Female -2 ©Kim Smith 2015Female Monarch Butterfly Necating at Red Clover, Waring Field, Rockport

I am looking for Monarch eggs and will travel! Monarch eggs are found on the upper leaves of milkweed plants. The eggs are tiny and dome-shaped, only as large as a pinhead, and are a pale golden yellow color.

Monarch Butterfly Egg ©Kim Smith 2015

Monarch Butterfly Egg

Waring Field supports myriad species of pollinators and is simply a fantastic place to explore. Although I didn’t find any eggs on my search on the leaves at the Common Milkweed patch at Waring this morning, I did see four adult Monarchs, three male and one female, along with fritillaries, a Common Ringlet, a bevy of Pearly Cresentspots, Blue Azures, and Yellow Sulphurs. The Monarchs, Ringlet, and Sulphurs were nectaring at the great field of Red Clover and the Pearl Crescents at the milkweed.

Pearl Crescent  Butterfly Female Milkweed ©Kim Smith 2015

Female Pearl Crescent Nectaring at Marsh Milkweed

Common Ringlet Butterfly Waring Field Rockport ©Kim Smith 2015Common Ringlet

Monarch Butterfly Female -3 ©Kim Smith 2015Newly Emerged Female Monarch Butterfly

Please email me at or leave a comment in the comment section if you have Monarch eggs you’d like to share. Thank you!

   *    *    *

Emerging from the woods onto the sunny lower field, I startled a small herd of White-tailed Deer foraging. If you click on the photo to enlarge, you can see the male deer antlers are covered in velvet. Antlers are true bone structures and are an extension of the skull. The velvet provides blood flow that supplies nutrients and oxygen.

Waring Field Deer ©Kim Smith 2015

White-tailed Deer

John Keegan of Madhouse Tonight @ Dave Sag’s Blues Party @ The Rhumb Line 8:30pm 8.6.2015



Dave says,

He’s back! By fopular demand, let’s welcome Mr. John Keegan and his roving band of flesh-eating itinerant musicians. The fearless leader of “Madhouse” will have you quaking’ and shakin’ your tootsies all night long. And he’s bringing along an infectious band of merry men to titillate and tease. We got the fabulous jazz snob, Mr.John Hyde, on the keys and accordion, we have the Irish Ace of Pace, Mr. Benny Benson on the iron lung, we have The unwitting Mr. Brian Alex, on catarrh and vocals, all topped off by the saxophone sorties of the legendary Mr. Marque Earley. Oh, and my wrist is much better, thank you very much! Showtime is 8:30 at the Rhumbline. Where else??
And don’t forget: Monday at the Rose Baker Senior Center, from 1 to 3 the Good Old Salties are still at it, gnawing our way through the entire Great American Schlongbook. It’s free! Scope it out!

john keegan rl ds


40 Railroad Avenue
Gloucester, MA 01930
(978) 283-9732

Rockport Retail: It’s Gettin’ Hot in Here

by Rockport artist Stefan Mierz

Rambling in Rockport

Yesterday, a post went up on GMG written by the venerable Joey C. on his Saturday a.m. shopping experience in the equally venerable town of Rockport, Mass. The post has since been edited in response to the wail that went up from Main Street and parts of Bearskin Neck — a wail that could be heard all the way in East Gloucester, ringing through the antennae of the crustaceans piled up on the dock as Rockport shop owners rose up in protest. (The protest is mostly on Facebook if anyone wants to read along for some insight into what I’m talking about).

It seems that Joey came to Rockport on Saturday no less than twice (which is two times more than a whole lotta other locals) in an effort to procure some goods from some stores that had caught his eye on Instagram, but both times he was thwarted. Once, because he showed up with the not-unreasonable plan to eat breakfast and shop after the stores open (in theory anyway) at 10 am and the other time — after he was stymied the first time — because he couldn’t find parking. A parking pain we have all felt from the regular schmuck just trying to buy a doughnut from Brothers’ Brew to the the highest Selectperson in the land, just trying to buy a doughnut from Brothers’ Brew. In frustration Joey had no choice but to go to Bed Bath & Beyond or worse, maybe Kohl’s — I don’t know, it was some terrible place way far away with a couple of football fields of empty parking spaces — and line the pockets of our Corporate Overlords with his hard-earned dollars.

The point of the original post seemed to be twofold: 1) Talk about how genuinely great the shops in Rockport are, mention how awesome the Rockport Farmers Market is (yes it is!) and give a well-deserved shout-out to breakfast at the Blue Lobster Grille, and 2) Call out the shops for contributing to shopping difficulties by opening after 10am when securing a downtown parking space in Rockport in July is roughly worth the price of your firstborn.

A coupla things. First off, in the eyes of this very lame GMG occasional contributor, Joey stepped up by editing the post to reflect that he did not plan his shopping visit to Rockport with a strategy that included the realities of a shopping visit to Rockport. In Rockport, there’s not much about the retail scene that is like other places. The shops are independently owned, many of them run year-round by the same person (in spite of the assumption that everything is seasonal) who at some point has to see his or her family and take a shower, and then there is the consumer. Residents and tourists in Rockport follow ancient traffic patterns that involve a complex algorithm of when/if the sun is shining, vacation alcohol consumption recovery times, and preferred side of the street to walk on (I’m serious about the last one). Showing up in Rockport just minutes after the sun rises — which, on Rockport time, is more or less 10 am — is an exercise in futility, unless you are planning on going to the farmers’ market, eating a strudel, heading out in a boat, or staring at your fingernails while you sit on an empty bench. It may sound nuts from a consumer standpoint, but there is a method to the Rockport retail madness.

For most shops (multi-generational places like The Pewter Shop or John Tarr’s notwithstanding), opening at 10 am is equally an exercise in futility, with shop owners waiting in vain to make a sale to the approximately sixteen potential buyers that are out strolling Bearskin Neck and/or Main Street at that hour (a count that actually goes down to around seven people when adjusted for the ones who “forgot their wallet” — oldest excuse in the book — because they’re walking the dog or just aimlessly wandering between coffee places). Maybe the Rockport Farmers Market, which is only in its third year, will help change this, as shopping patterns shift to earlier in the day. I hope so.

Secondly, for those of you who read the Facebook thread in response to the original post, the merchants make some valid points, even if these points are cloaked in dismay, sadness, and even one or two expressions of rage.

People who come to Rockport, and maybe even more so people who live in Rockport, have no idea what running a shop in Rockport is like. It’s hard to write about this, because readers will immediately go into Mach-Defensive mode, rushing to explain to merchants everything they’re doing wrong, starting with the brilliant point that no one is forcing anyone to own a shop in Rockport (as though, because shop owners aren’t forced at gunpoint to run a business that means any point they make about the REALITIES of running that business become moot. Which is bizarre. So don’t bother with your “no one is forcing shop owners to own a shop” nonsense comments. I mean, you can bother with them, but I’ll just know you’ve got nothin if that’s your opener.)

Getting Real

Owning a small retail shop is a lot like owning a mom-and-pop restaurant in the sense that literally every single customer that walks through your door — or stands outside of it because your shop is closed — thinks, at some level, that they can do what you do. Imagine how crappy that feels for a second. Every single person thinks they are an expert on your work, when in reality they most likely know next to nothing about retail in general (let alone retail in Rockport), which demands a mix of smarts, financial wizardry, aesthetic gifts, salesmanship, and lots and lots of luck. Because weather is involved. It’s a lot like farming, actually. You have to anticipate what will sell at market six months in advance, throw everything you have ($$$) at it and pray like crazy the sun shines at the right time. Then you have to show up, pretty much all the time, but chances are (and by chances I mean literally, by chance because retail is also like gambling — you are always playing the odds), it will be still be the wrong time for someone, who will tell you how you screwed up. Which could be true, the screwing up, but if nearly every shop is closed in tandem at the hour you want to shop, then chances are there aren’t enough people shopping at that hour and the issue is with consumer patterns, not store owners.

I used to own a shop on Main Street in Rockport, and if I had a nickel for every soul who came in and stood at my counter and began a sentence with “I’ve always wanted to own a shop” or (the always-fantastic) “You know what you should do? You should…” well then I would still have closed my shop because I would be so incredibly rich I would have bought my own island, named it Cape Get Out of My Face I am So Very Tired and moved there.

Story time: one hot summer day years ago, I was standing in my shop in Rockport contemplating whether this was the right time to leave the store to dash to the bathroom. That’s right. Because I did not have a bathroom in my shop, even though I paid a rent that would make your ice cream melt, because several Rockport landlords have decided toilet facilities are optional. Anyway, a woman came in right at that juncture, when I was choosing between the health of my bladder and losing a potential buyer who might wander in and help pay my toilet-free rent. I looked at the woman — might this be a customer? who is always right? — as she stood blankly in the middle of the room, her mouth hanging open. I honestly thought she might need help of a non-retail variety because she she seemed so disoriented and aimless fifteen seconds into her visit. Suddenly she whipped her face toward me, a face distorted in rage and shouted “I might have BOUGHT SOMETHING if you had said hello to me!”  I was shocked. Before I could even respond she spun on her heel and stomped out the door. (Follow up: I chased her up the street and begged her forgiveness at the same scale at which she screeched at me. More confusion ensued.)

Take that scenario and multiply it by a thousand, only don’t forget to account for variations — like the strangers who come in and, when, you say hello in your best cheerily calibrated shop voice, haughtily inform you that when they need help they will ask for it, rolling their eyes at their companion at what a loser you are, accosting customers who want nothing more than to fondle your merchandise in peace — and it all adds up to a lot of stress for the small shop owner. Especially since most of their net worth — and lot of credit — is tied up in that merchandise.

Anyway, I could go on as I have stories galore, both from my store and those of friends. Like the time a customer — except he didn’t purchase anything — put a 14-inch vintage knitting needle up his nostril nearly (hopefully) into his brain in order to demonstrate his sideshow prowess to a lady friend, or that one time a customer — except she wasn’t — used the corner of another friend’s store as a bathroom. Actually, maybe I should have realized that last one, using a corner of the store as a litter box, was an option. I never would have had to leave the store then.

I should add, because I need to clarify, that having the shop was wonderful, and I loved working in Rockport and connecting with locals and visitors from all over the world. I really miss those days in so many ways. It’s just that getting advice from strangers when I was already about to pass out at the counter from working 7 days a week is not one of them.

The Takeaway (with Tissue Paper and a Gift Bag)

In short, while it’s important for shop owners to listen to consumers, especially ones who are as supportive of local businesses as Joey, it is also important for consumers to listen to shop owners, and not assume the worst — that they are willfully refusing to say hello, or that they purposefully refuse to stock whatever it is you want to buy, or that they are rolling around at home in a pile of undeclared cash that they raked in from all those suckers who came in to buy a candle or a card — or whatever it is that people assume. Buying local is a two-way street, a marriage between small business owners and their customers, and just like in any relationship, mutual respect goes a long way.

Edited: I Should Have Done Some Research And Planned My Day Better To Be able To Check Out These Awesome Rockport Shops

Saturday morning and there had been a couple of shops we discovered on Instagram that we’d been dying to get to.   Got into town around 9 and the Farmer’s Market was in full swing.  Spoke with Lisa “That Nutty Redhead” and Sandy Farrell and a few other cool vendors and then made a great discovery in The Blue Lobster Grille which served up delicious homemade hash with poached eggs over English muffins and hollandaise for only $7.95.  Tremendous discovery that was (we will be back I can assure you).

We took our time and headed down Bearskin Neck after but all the joints we wanted to check out were still closed at 10:00.  They looked cool as hell though.

Sea Again Is a consignment store that often has designer handbags-


Saltwater Designs-


Folly Cove Art and Sea-


It’s on me that I didn’t realize that most of the stores wouldn’t be open by 10:00AM. Next Time I’ll Do My Research Better.

We went to Gloucester and had my eyeglasses repaired at Parrelli Optical on Railroad Ave- just dropped in, had them repaired in like two minutes and then hit up Lynzariums on East Main Street  where I was able to get that awesome plant for the Big Jabroni.  We were really eager to check out those shops in Rockport so we actually drove back in and did 5 loops around from 5 Corners down to Dock Square and around and couldn’t find a parking spot so we gave up and drove to Linens and  Things to get some K Cups and then saw the new Amy Schumer movie Trainwreck  (highly recommended).  Our Rockport mission ended with some highs though in finding Blue Lobster Grill for breakfast and it’s always a nice walk down Bearskin Neck.

We will be back and can’t wait to finally get into these shops as well as some others.

A Book Party in Rockport!

BookADayinRockportPlease stop by this Sunday, July 19th and join Mary Faino at her shop in Rockport, The Paper Mermaid, along with me (aka S.D. Kelly) for a party in celebration of our new release: A Day in Rockport.

Mary created beautiful illustrations of iconic places throughout Rockport, and I wrote the text to go along with her work. It was a fun collaboration and we enjoyed the entire process, from choosing the places that would make it into the book — ranging from Millbrook Meadow to Bearskin Neck to the Headlands — to the more technical aspects of book design.

We’ll have locally-made treats at the party, a Scavenger Hunt, and a raffle to win a framed print of one of the illustrations in the book. Celebrate Rockport with us and stop by!


Windhover Center for the Performing Arts – Annual Summer Fundraiser Sunday 7/26/15

Diner en Couleur
Annual Summer Fundraiser
Windhover Center for the Performing Arts

Sunday July 26, 2015 6-8p.m.

Rain date Monday July 27, 6:30-8:30pm

Come and enjoy this sumptuous event of feasting and performance on the idyllic grounds of Windhover!

Bring your own picnic dinner and creative settings of plates, silver, glasses & napkins and join us at our

extravagant white-clothed table arrayed with flowers.  The evening will be enhanced with mini-performances

from dancers and musicians, a complimentary champagne toast and bonbons!

Admission donation is $25 per person.  Dress is colorful festive.

Please make a reservation by sending a check to:

Windhover Center for the Performing Arts, P.O. Box 2249, Rockport MA 01966

Location: 257 (R) Granite Street, Rockport MA 01966

For any questions, please contact: or 978-546-3611

Windhover is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) corporation and all contributions are tax deductible.

Rockport Reunion July 11- Here’s Your Info…

Rockport Reunion ~ A Homecoming ~ Sat., July 11th ~ noon-9PM
Evan’s Field (Baseball Field next to the Train Station)

R Reunion Poster

After last year’s great success with the 1st Rockport Reunion we’re doing it again. We all had a great time and decided this year that we should repeat it since the parade was rescheduled last year and some people could not make the event . Please understand that this is not just for people that went to school in Rockport. This is for anyone that has a true “connection” with Rockport, maybe a summer resident, lives here now or just likes to vacation here. It’s a “Homecoming”. We look forward to seeing you all on the 11th.

Music Line up for Reunion

11:50 – 12:00: Jon Cavanaugh (announcements)
12:00 – 12:30 Above Water
12:30 – 1:00: Mari Martin

1:00 – 1:15: MC Brian Sullivan
1:15 – 1:45: Nadia Robertson
1:45 – 2:15: Kiva Trumbour

2:15 – 2:30: MCs Dave Curley & George Ramsden
2:30 – 3:00: Herman Fritz
3:15 – 4:00: Gil Clark & Band
4:00 – 4:30: Brian O’Connor

4:30 – 4:45: MCs George Ramsden & Dave Curley
4:45 – 5:30: Mooseknuckle
5:30 – 6:00: Blue Collar Devils
6:00 – 6:30: Syotos

6:30 – 6:45: Mc Kip Ives
6:45 – 7:30: TBA
7:30 – 8:00: Peter Souza & Friends
8:15 – 9:00: A-Train

    Get Your Skateboard On!: Live Blogging With Two Pretty Excellent Local Companies in Rockport!

    The boys were psyched to stumble upon this action right now!  On the corner of Marmion Way and Richard’s Ave in Rockport, two local companies are joining forces for an afternoon of skateboarding fun.

    Pulp and Fizz a local label that produces independently made music and who has a fantastic mission for doing good and helping artists thrive, and whom follows the motto “thoughtful provisions for living a life full of love, color and music” AND RESTOKE (forgive me for not knowing how to make that R backwards!!) “a lifestyle apparel brand created to inspire the pursuit to relive the stoke and NEVER STOP!” are currently setting up some pretty cool obstacle courses for boarders to tackle.

    I look forward to doing a longer blog post to do these two great companies justice later on…

    In the meantime, if you’re in the area…get on down there!


    IMG_7108 IMG_7111  IMG_7118 IMG_7134 IMG_1766

    Rockport 4th of July has everything.

    There was a big announcement by the Continental Congress at 10 AM in Rockport Dock Square! Did anyone catch what that was about?

    There was a big announcement by the Continental Congress at 10 AM in Rockport Dock Square! Did anyone catch what that was about?

    Rubber Duck caught some black seabass while visiting Woods Hole yesterday and needs to make a tartar sauce for the deep fried bass chunks. Maybe one of these with some mayo will hit the spot.

    Rubber Duck caught some black seabass while visiting Woods Hole yesterday and needs to make a tartar sauce for the deep fried bass chunks. Maybe one of these with some mayo will hit the spot.

    Emily and Ken from Seaview Farms and Sarah from Sarah Kelly! Sarah says Seaview is grilling genuine cow parts that were grass fed in Rockport from 11AM to 1PM down at the Farmers Market in Rockport! I love the hamburger parts of the cow!

    Emily and Ken from Seaview Farms and Sarah from Sarah Kelly! Sarah tipped Rubber Duck off that Seaview Farms is grilling genuine cow parts that were grass fed in Rockport at the market today. Grilling from 11AM to 1PM.  I love the hamburger parts of the cow! Ken also explained that the chickens with Rubber Ducks’s name on them are growing up fine. (The chickens are not named rubber duck. They are named Fried and Chicken and will be fried chicken in the fall.)

    The bonfire is ready for the match at 9PM tonight but do not miss the food and fun and parade that starts at 6PM.

    The bonfire is ready for the match at 9PM tonight but do not miss the food and fun and parade that starts at 6PM.

    Ring side seats. Maybe since we are made of rubber we might move back a bit.

    Ring side seats. Maybe since we are made of rubber we might move back a bit.

    Melissa Abbott's bees made the honey but Melissa added the flowers of the rosa rugosa to make a special once in a lifetime specialty honey that will be gone soon so get on down to the market.

    Melissa Abbott’s bees made the honey but Melissa added the flowers of the rosa rugosa to make a special once in a lifetime specialty honey that will be gone soon so get on down to the market every Saturday. Go now!.


    Mute swan cygnet  Massachusetts  -1©Kim Smith 2015The beautiful single cygnet at Henry’s Pond has disappeared. Did anyone by chance see what happened?

    Mute swan cygnet pen, female Massachusetts ©Kim Smith 2015May 28, 2015

    Mute swan cygnet cob pen, female male Massachusetts ©Kim Smith 2015May 30th, male, or cob on the left, female pen on the right, cygnet tucked between the two

    Mute swan cygnet -3  Massachusetts ©Kim Smith 2015June 7th, adeptly preening, or oiling its feathers.

    Mute swan cygnet pen, female Massachusetts -2 ©Kim Smith 2015Anytime is nap time.

    Mute swan cygnet pen, female Massachusetts -3 ©Kim Smith 2015June 12th early morning, last sighting.



    Geologic Survey Underway in Rockport

    Friday morning on my way into Cambridge I stopped to check on the baby shore birds that I have been filming at Henry’s Pond. Setting up on the pond’s edge, I met Zach Strommer, graduate student at UMass, and assistants Andy Fallon and Justin Shawler from the Virginia Institute of Marine Science (VIMS). Zach is a geology student of Professor John Woodruff and he is writing his thesis on historic storms. The layers of sediment at Henry’s Pond make for an ideal location to gather data. Whenever there is a major storm, the surge pulls sand and salt water into the brackish pond. I wonder how far back in time they will travel. Zach shared his email and said his thesis will be done in about a year. I’ll put it on my calendar and will check back for the results of the study.

    Comsos 12 ©Kim Smith 2014 copy

    Day Three Filming the Ducklings

    Mallard Duck Family ©Kim Smith 2015I’m a bit sad to write that all but one of the ducklings that I have been filming has survived. He stays very close to Mama Mallard and Pa is never too far away. Today I filmed two different Mallard families, one with three ducklings and the other with five. I hope they have a better survival rate.

    Mallard Duckling ©Kim Smith 2015Mallard Duckling Grooming ©Kim  Smith 2015Sleeping Mallard Duckling ©Kim Smith 2015Nap Time

    A Little Slice of Rockport

    Safe to say that Motif No. 1, Bearskin Neck, Tuna Wharf, Halibut Point, and the shops on Main Street are amongst the Go To places when one considers Rockport as a destination.  A less known, but not-to-be-missed little slice of Rockport, is Millbrook Meadow….and its Mill Pond. Together, the park and the pond, create a quaint little scenic masterpiece.

    I was sad to have missed the Rubber Duck Race held in the park this past Saturday, but I knew that GMG’s Paul T. Morrison and his famous (infamous) RD were on the job.

    Read his race coverage HERE

    We’ve spent several quiet days grabbing lunch downtown and then sitting in the park.  It is incredibly beautiful and wonderfully quiet.  Located directly across from Front Beach and next to Nate’s at Front Beach is a small path that will lead you into the park.  Nate’s, for the record, is one of many places in town to pick up a fantastic lunch or breakfast to eat at Millbrook Meadow!

    See Nate’s Menu HERE!

    Please, do yourself a favor, and read more about the park, its pretty incredible history, and the Millbrook Meadow Conservancy HERE!   Great things are happening thanks to some great people. A big restoration is planned and no doubt the results will be phenomenal!


    One word.  Helmut’s.

    While I called this post Strudelicious, I’ve actually never had the strudel here, but that by no means means that I can’t sing their praises!  First of all, I can do so because I have heard by MANY people that their strudel is delicious. Secondly, I can do so because my boys can’t get enough of their raspberry and strawberry cream croissants.  And….thirdly (and most importantly if I do say so myself) I have literally never had a better muffin in all of my life than their cranberry walnut muffins!  So there.  Get yourself down to the end of Bearskin Neck and grab a bite to eat SOON.

    Not only is everything scrumptious, but the view off the back deck is pretty sweet too!


    IMG_7458 IMG_7461 IMG_8393 IMG_8394 IMG_8395 IMG_8396 IMG_8397 IMG_8398 IMG_8411

    Day 2 Filming the Duckling Family

    Mallard Duckling ©Kim Smith 2015The Mallard Duck family that I have been filming during the early morning hours this past week is allowing me to get very close, venturing to within two feet from where I am tucked in amongst the reeds by the water’s edge. The ducklings mirror the parent’s every action and they are are especially adorable learning how to oil their feathers. Although the female attempts to stay close, and the male is always hovering nearby, one is becoming increasingly independent, a little too independent if you ask me. I can’t get over the ducklings vulnerability–its a miracle any survive to adulthood.

    Female Mallard and Ducklings ©Kim Smith 2015

    The mixed flock of ducks is comprised mostly of Mallards, with several pairs of American Black Ducks mixed in. A single pair of Blue-winged Teals was spotted for several days.

    Blue-winged Teal adult male breeding ©Kim Smith 2015

    Blue-winged Teal Adult Male Breeding Plummage

    American Black Duck ©Kim smith 2015American Black Duck

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