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Poll-Do You Support A $5 beach Sticker increase with The Money Going To Beach Cleaning and safety?

clean team

Brady or Garoppolo?


Ok, Ladies! (ok gents too)

Football season is almost here and it looks like we most of you can’t gawk at Brady for the first 4 games.

BUUUTTT that is quite alright with me! I get to watch Jimmy!

Who you rather watch on the field? I’m team Garoppolo alll the way!brady

Magnolia Pier Debate Part 2 – Check out this video from 4 years ago — NO Barricades=Safer and More Fun!

4 years ago, I filmed people of all ages (from 5 years old to grandpa) jumping off Magnolia pier, with at least 3 people jumping for the first time — all the while there’s a game of “Pier Tag” going on too.  Pier Tag is impossible when the barricades are up. It’s time for the bureaucrats to man-or-woman-up, stop worrying so much about getting sued and remove the barricades to encourage kids, teens, adults, and grandparents to gather together in a safe, healthy place for some summer fun!  While you’re at it, put the ladders back too. Joey – you think we should have a pole about this?

How Long Have You Been A Reader Of Good Morning Gloucester and Can You Remember What Story Pulled You In?


Paulie Walnuts suggested that I pose this question to the readership.  It will be interesting to read the answers, especially from some of our long time friends.  I launched the blog in late December 2007 for reference.  It’s always great to see familiar names in the comment section and it’s even more fun when I get visits from our long time subscribers and FOBs when they come down the dock to say hi.

So please leave a comment on this post and let us know how long you’ve been around.  The person with the best comment wins a T Shirt.

It would also be interesting to hear how you view GMG.  Do you read it on our Facebook Feed?  In the nightly email blast which you can get for free by subscribing here, or if you have the site bookmarked and come direct to the url

Which is a bigger emotional hit for you, The Loss of David Bowie or Prince?

Vote- Which Bikini Speedo Dodgeball Team Do You Think Will Win This Year’s Tourney?


For more info-

2016 Bikini and Speedo Dodgeball World Championship

What’s worse? Being in an unlocked port-a-potty and someone walking in on you or opening an unlocked port-a-potty only to find someone on the shitter


I’m not really sure what’s worse.  Totally undecided.

I understand that people can be reluctant to touch the port-a-potty locking mechanism which slides the indicator on the outside to “occupied” letting people know to wait to try to go in.  But you can pull down your sleeve or ball up a bunch of toilet paper to close the latch.

Are you one of those people that rolls the dice and just hope no one tries to open it while you’re taking care of business?

For the record I’m totally in the ball up the toilet paper and use it so I don’t have to touch the handle kinda guys.  I also make the landing pad before splashdown occurs- more on that here.

Public Toilet Seat Nest or Public Toilet Bowl Landing Pad, What Ya Got?

On A Flight That Will Be Over 3 Hours And Can Only Choose One. Which Do You Pick?

Poll: Today McDonalds Starts Serving Breakfast All Day Long. But Wouldn’t Lunch All Day Long Have Been A More Welcomed Call?

If you could only pick one, would you rather have the option for lunch all day long or breakfast all day long?


Let Us Recap the Results Of The “would It Be Strange if A Wife Or Husband repeatedly Dropped In On Their Spouse’s Men’s or Ladies Night” Poll

Before anyone comes out and says I’m different because I’m like one of the guys- that’s a crock of shit.

The Results of Our Very Scientific Polls Worded Exactly the Same Way Just Switching Out the Genders-


Remarkably similar results, what a surprise… not. Smile

See, buddy?

Special thanks to Toby Pett for bringing this topic to the table when taping Tuesday night.

Listen here to the episode when it all went down.


Would It Be Strange For A Woman To Drive Across Town To Casually Drop In On Her Husband’s Poker Night With His Male Friends?

Say a man gets together with his male buddies every so often for poker night where they shoot the shit about man stuff and drink copious amounts of beer and one of the wives randomly drops in 3 weeks in a row. Is that strange or totally acceptable?

Would It Be Strange For A Man To Drive Across Town To Casually Drop In On His Wife’s Wine/Book Club With Her Girlfriends?

Say a woman gets together with her girlfriends every so often for a wine/book club night where they kabitz about women stuff and drink copious amounts of wine and pretend to talk about the latest books they’ve read and one of the husbands randomly drops in 3 weeks in a row.  Is that strange or totally acceptable?


Poll- In Our Quest To Make GMG More Bettah- Please Vote On Your Choice Of Navigation Buttons (designed by James Eves)

Option 1


Option 2


Option 3


In Order To Provide Cleaner Navigation Buttons In The Top Post Which Is Stickied As The Top Post When You Navigate To  I Asked, And James Eves Volunteered To Design Clean Symmetrical Navigation Buttons For Us.  I Don’t Have A Clear Winner In My Mind.  On One Hand The Same Color Is Sort Of Soothing, But On The Other The Different Colors Differentiate Each Subject and Make Them Pop.  I’ll Include Options For The Three Different Color Pallets and Another Poll For All Upper Case Or Capitalized.  Please Vote and Help Make The Blog Even Better.

Thank You, Joey

Big Block Party Survey – Tell the Mayor what you think!

Mayor Sefatia Romeo Theken is looking for YOUR opinion regarding Gloucester’s Summer Block Parties.  One idea on the table is to close Main Street to vehicle traffic EVERY SATURDAY in July and August.

What do you think?  Please take the survey (CLICK HERE) and help shape the future of fun in downtown Gloucester this summer!

This survey closes next Wednesday, April 8th at 11pm — so please don’t wait.

Do it now!

Poll- Vote For The Best 2015 Bikini Speedo Dodgeball World Championships Team Name

With The World Championship looming just around the corner on April 12th I thought a poll naming the best Bikini Speedo Dodgeball team name would be a fun idea.
Oh and for more info click here- 2015 Bikini Speedo Dodgeball World Championship Event Page
Don’t forget to sign up to get your free UBER ride to the event by signing up with free ride coupon code CAPEANN Here-
So here goes, vote for your favorite-


Should Boston Voters Should Decide Whether or Not The City Of Boston Host The Olympic Games?

From WGBH Greater Boston Report

Support for Boston’s Olympic bid has tripped out of the starter’s gate. Now, Boston 2024 says it won’t go forward without public support. Boston City Councilor Josh Zakim and United Independent Party chairman Evan Falchuk have proposed ballot questions to gauge just that, hoping to provide a place for voters to weigh in, maybe even have the final say.

Should people get a say, maybe the final say, on whether the Olympics come to Boston? And if so, should it just be Bostonians? Or the whole state? Let us know.

Bowl or Floor?

Don’t get me wrong.  I grew up at the awesome Ground Round in Danvers where you could watch little film strip movies, play games, and chuck peanut shells and popcorn all over the floor. It was fantastic.

Fast forward, however, to now….and to Halibut Point Restaurant.

I love it there.  I’m all for a quick meal and a beer sitting at the bar talking with Jack. I’m also not afraid to dive into the basket of peanuts that is inevitably placed directly in front of me.  I do, however, while snacking….place my shells in the extremely convenient glass bowl that is ALWAYS strategically placed in close proximity to the peanuts themselves.  What I don’t do is channel my inner 7 year old….and chuck the shells all over the floor.

So, that being the case, I was a little surprised to watch someone eating peanuts and throwing the shells with reckless abandon…this way and that…all over the floor last night (that may be a slight exaggeration).

So, I ask you… If and when you happen to dine at Halibut Point…do you use the bowl or do you chuck shells on the floor?  Be honest.


Alicia Unleashed OR Unapologetically Alicia- Which do you prefer?


After a few too many adult beverages Joey may or may not come to regret his fateful decision of asking me to become an official GMG contributor. My role as we discussed and maybe to your dismay, will be to give the straight dope without filter as I see things (oh boy) You may agree with me or you may vehemently disagree with me, but know that what I put on these pages will be straight from my heart without excuses.

As far as the poll goes we are looking for my new username. Please chime in and whichever one wins I’ll be using going forward.

If there are any topics you would like to discuss on this crazy adventure feel free to leave a comment below and follow me on twitter @ali4416

Mayor Romeo Theken Forwards Survey For Businesses Hurt By Local Weather To help Secure Federal relief #GloucesterMA #RockportMA

Governor Baker is working to secure federal relief for Massachusetts businesses which are trying to recover from losses incurred during the recent stretch of bad weather.
In an effort to assist the Baker Administration, business groups and chambers are reaching out to their membership to gauge the impact across the state.
Please take a moment to fill out the following survey.
Responses are requested by Noon on Monday, March 2, 2015.

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