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Pet of the week- Alex

Alex here and full of energy! I love checking out new toys and going for adventures in the park, around the block, in the car and up the mountain. I am an active and intelligent little guy looking for his match in love, life and the everyday! I don’t know exactly what my breed mix is but the folks here suspect I have dachshund relatives with maybe some terrier types mixed in. I am about a year and a half old so I still have plenty of puppy energy pent up in this little body but I am maturing and I should pick up on new tricks quick! I am looking for a family with some dog experience and one with children 14 years and older. I definitely have a small dog personality and can be a little bossy but a whole lot of fun! If you like that terrier personality and enjoy training then I am your guy.

 For more information on the available dogs and cats at the Christopher Cutler Rich Animal Shelter please g o to our website:

Pet of the week- Sweets

My name is Sweets and loving is my game. I was surrendered for adoption when my family sold all my puppies now, it’s my turn to be the center of attention. 

I have put all that behind me now and am looking straight ahead. I am a laid back lady looking for leisurely strolls around the neighborhood followed by a quick trip to the local Ice Cream shop where I hear most give out FREE doggie cones! I mean, come on…. who wouldn’t want that. I get along great here with other dogs and love all the staff. So if you happen to have a free couch to share come on in and see me. 

 For information on all of the available cats and dogs at the Christopher Cutler Rich Animal Shelter please visit our website: 

 The shelter right now is in need of “PATE STYLE” cat food. Thank you.

Pet of the week- Sashimi

I was originally rescued by the MSPCA from a hoarding situation. There were lots of us cats and all of us were feeling very shy and under-socialized so several different rescue groups and shelters worked together to find us all spots to go where we could get the extra care we would need. I and 3 of my feline family were able to come here!
As you can imagine when we first arrived we were all feeling pretty shy and overwhelmed. I took a little while to get comfortable but with lots of patience, coaxing and yummy treats I started to trust the people here and came out of my shell.
I am considered a Special Needs adoption because I have a head tremor. This tremor has been present since I arrived and has not changed at all since I have been here. I eat, sleep, play and socialize just like the other kitties only I do it with a bit of a wobble. My veterinarian can’t say for sure what is causing my head tremor without doing all sorts of special and really expensive testing but because the tremor hasn’t changed and doesn’t affect my quality of life he said I can get a chance to find a family to call my own and consider myself a Special Needs adoption candidate! I’m a quiet fellow who enjoys the finer things in life like sunny windowsills, climbing up a cat tower, playing with toys and getting attention from my people. I am looking for a family willing to take home a Special Needs animal and with my shyer nature I am looking for a home with older children or adults. I had a rough start in life and I am looking forward to a bright future with you!
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Pet of the week- Mamacita

Oh my, how life has changed! I’m a sweet southern gal who found herself pregnant while living on the streets of Georgia. Thankfully, some kind people noticed my dire situation and took me in just in time. Two days later I gave birth to a litter of three in the comfort of my new friends’ home. I stayed there a bit while raising my babies, and then moved up north in search of families for myself and my young. Now that all of my babies have found homes I’ve decided it’s time for me to start searching for a place to call my own. I can be a bit shy when meeting new people, but if you show me my brush I will quickly become your new best friend. Have you noticed how well I sport my center part? If I had opposable thumbs I’d most definitely be a hair stylist. Are you in the market for a new furry best friend? Come on down to Cape Ann Animal Aid and meet me today!

For more information on the animals at the Christopher Cutler Rich Animal Shelter please go to our website: The shelter could use some PEDIGREE CANNED PUPPY FOOD and PATE STYLE CAT FOOD. Thank You.

Pet of the Week-Skye

Hello my name is Skye and I am a sweet Border Collie mix about 1.5 years old. 

My foster Mom says I am a total sweetheart but very energetic. I will do best in a home with lots of activity ( Maybe Agility would be good). I am crate trained and will whine a little but do very well in the crate. My foster mom says that I love lap time even though I am not your typical lap dog size. I love all the pups here from young to old and have gotten along with them all. If you are familiar with border collies or have an active lifestyle maybe I am the dog for you. Please stop by and meet me and see if we are a perfect match. 

 For more information on the available animals at the Christopher Cutler Rich Animal Shelter please go to our 

The shelter right now is in need of –PATE STYLE CAT FOOD and PEDIGREE CANNED PUPPY FOOD. Thank you .

Pet of the week- Girl

They call me Girl here and I am one big love bug! I arrived in rescue with a litter of pups (you may remember the “breakfast club” that was here a little while ago) and now that they are all grown and off in homes of their own it is my turn at love. 

I am an extremely affectionate lady and just adore every human I meet. Are you good at belly rubs? When you first meet me you will soon realize I LOVE belly rubs and will instantly roll over on my back for one when I see my human. 

 I am a pretty mellow girl. I enjoy my walks outside but I would much rather be curled up on the couch with you! My calmness has been good for me during my recovery from recent heartworm treatment. I am still recovering and will need to take things slow for a little while longer. This means I am considered a special needs adoption. I can go for leash walks, snuggle and enjoy everyday but I am not supposed to do any jogging, wrestling with other pooches or any other real cardio workout for another month or so. 

It is hard to keep a good gal down so my spirits are still up! Do you think we might be a match? Come on in! Please visit our website and check out all of the cats and dogs available at the Christopher Cutler Rich Animal Shelter.

Pets of the week- Piper and Larry 

Hello! Piper here with my older brother Larry. We are like two peas in a pod, just love hanging out together! We came to the shelter from another rescue who thought we would have a better chance of finding a new family here. We were living on the streets of Boston where a nice man was taking care of us. We are glad to be here at the shelter and we are ready to find a loving home we can call our own. We are a little shy and will take a little while to settle in but we are sure with some time and patience we both will have lots of love to give. If you have room for two felines in your home please come on down and meet me and my brother Larry. Did I mention how pretty I am? For more information about Piper and Larry and all of the available animals at the Christopher Cutler Rich Animal Shelter please check our website: Our 2016 Dog Rescue Reunion is set for Saturday June 4th. You can register online.


Pet of the week- Ruby Doo

Ruby is a work in progress if you will. A little rusty in spots but nothing a little TLC won’t fix. This girl is super smart! Adventures outdoors are a must. A true friend Ruby’s favorite place is beside a person, someone who gives her scratches behind the ears or a good rub to her head. You may be asking yourself what is this rust you mentioned? Ruby loves to chase cars and needs training on the leash to learn not to chase them (as she is very strong). She barks at them when she is in the car as well and will jump back and forth so she needs to be belted in. Ruby needs a home with children in their teens and that is experienced with dogs and is committed to helping her over this one last hurdle. So if you’re looking for that perfect pal, that oversized lap-dog, you enjoy training and spending time exercising outdoors, well then stop by and visit Ruby! To learn more about Ruby and the see what other animals are available, please check our website: 

 The 2016 Rescue Dog Reunion is set for June 4th. Register Online.







Pet of the Week-Hannah

Hello! My name is Hannah and I am a Super Senior!


I am a friendly girl with both people and other cats.  My previous owner said I am like a puppy because I respond well to questions like “would you like to play” and “where’s your toy?” I like to be held, petted and am a total lap cat but I am not a fan of having my ears touched. I am declawed in my front paws so I need to be a completely indoors only cat. I am considered special needs because I have asthma. I am currently on steroids for the asthma, and have been responding well to the medication. I have not had any wheezing problems here at the shelter and the veterinarian says I should go into a non-smoking home. So, do you think you have the time for a special girl like me? Then stop by and visit with me today! The Super Senior Program is made possible in part by a grant from the Petco Foundation.

Visit for more information and to check out all of the available cats and dogs at the Christopher Cutler Rich Animal Shelter.

Pet of the Week- Benjamin


Boy I am happy to meet you! I’m a one year old Coonhound mix who enjoys attention from my humans and I love to follow my nose, I guess you could say I am your typical hound. You wouldn’t believe all of the wonderful things I can smell! I like to explore new places and seem to settle quickly in any new environment, so if you take me home, I’m sure I’ll act like I’ve always been a part of the family! I am still young and have a lot of energy, so if you’re looking for a new hiking or walking buddy you found your match!  Don’t forget to get breakfast or lunch at Gloucester’s Zeke’s Place February 25th through the 28th because they are donating 15% of all the sales to help out animals like me!

Visit for more information about Benjamin and all the other animals waiting for homes here at the Christopher Cutler Rich Animal Shelter.

Pet of the Week-Ellio

They call me Ellio because I am a talker and my meow sounds like “eee-leee-ooo” but I like Elli for short.


I am a playful lady who likes to investigate. I enjoy nap time, treats and some petting but I don’t always want to be fussed over.  Why don’t you stop in to visit and we can get to know each-other? Visit for more information about Ellio and all the other animals waiting for homes here at the Christopher Cutler Rich Animal Shelter.

Pet of the Week- Pepper


Look, I am cute with my bright sunshine yellow eyes and little white spot!   I am a sweet and mellow lady.  I love to lounge around in a nice sunny window and just watch all the activity outside. I like nibbling on cat grass that folks are kind enough to grow for kitties like me here at the shelter.  I enjoy petting on the head and scratches under my chin. My name is Pepper and I was wondering if you could be my shaker of salt!  Visit for more information about Pepper and all the other animals waiting for homes here at the Christopher Cutler Rich Animal Shelter.

Pet of the Week- Jolene


Howdy! I’m Jolene and I am SOOOOO happy to meet you! I am a lovely older puppy who has a whole lot of houndy-love to give to my people! I am a southern gal, and based off my gorgeous looks, I’m thinking I am some kind of hound mix. What does that matter anyways? I know my personality will be what really catches your attention!


I still have to learn some basic obedience but I promise I will catch on quick if you promise to help me! I am a big puppy so want to play and still need to learn manners and my own strength so I might be a little much for small children. Do I sound like a perfect for you and your family? Then come down and meet me at Cape Ann Animal Aid’s Christopher Cutler Rich Animal Shelter located at 4 Paws Lane in Gloucester.

Pet of the Week-Puff



People who meet me can’t help but wonder, “what is such an adorable young lady still doing single?” Well I’ve been thinking the same exact thing! I was brought in by a local rescue group who thought I was too sweet to be living the rest of my days on the streets.  So here I am, waiting to find a family to take me home! I like enjoying all aspects of life.  I am good at playing, eating, relaxing, getting and giving attention and affection.  All of the important things! Do I sound like a good match for you and your family?


Visit for more information about Puff and all the other animals waiting for homes here at the Christopher Cutler Rich Animal Shelter.

Pet of the Week-Foojin

Let’s meet in person!  Foojin here and I am a happy and laid back 11 year old senior fellow.  Snacks, naps and cuddling that is what life is all about!  I am perfect travel companion size, fit in the passenger seat just fine and I don’t mind joining you on a leisurely stroll.  Did I mention I like those stuffed toys?

I am a special needs adoption with some health concerns.  So if you are willing to give a senior fellow his second chance and don’t mind helping out with some of the aches and complaints that come along with age, look me up! I may need a little extra care but I promise to make it all worth your while with the way you will always have a buddy who adores you, is ready to listen to you and willing to join you on any adventure!

Visit for more information about Foojin and all the other animals waiting for homes here at the Christopher Cutler Rich Animal Shelter.

Pet of the Week-Stewie

stewie 1

stewie 2

I’m what you call a Velcro dog. I love to be with my owner! Chinese Crested dogs were bred for Therapy dogs so we love to be with our family all of the time. I would love nothing more than to eat, sleep and breathe you. I love to snuggle under the covers of your bed, ride in the passenger seat of your car and sit on your lap while you watch T.V. but I hate going in a crate! I am a Special needs adoption because I have severe skin acne and will need weekly scrubs and bathes with special shampoos to get my skin back looking the way it should.  Know and love my breed?  Have time for a special guy who will be loyal and true?  Stop by the shelter to meet me or one of my furrier friends!

stewie 3

Visit for more information about Stewie and all the other animals waiting for homes here at the Christopher Cutler Rich Animal Shelter.

Pet of the Week-Lua


People best describe me as having a gentle soul.  My name is Lua and I can be shy at first but I love when you take the time to say hello, once we have gotten to know each-other I enjoy cuddled.  I like scratching posts and sleeping next to you in the bed at night.  I am looking for an adult home where the humans understand that it can take time to get used to being part of a family again.  I am a fan of soft napping spots, sunny windows for bird watching and lazy afternoons.   I might be the purr-fect little lady for you!


Visit for more information about Lua and all the other animals waiting for homes and for information about upcoming events like the Run For Rescue on Saturday, November 7th at Chandler Hovey Park in Marblehead.

Pet of the Week – Stack


Stack is the name! I am a handsome young guy with a fresh new hairdo. It certainly put some pep in my step!  Oh well. I am definitely the kind of guy who likes to enjoy all of the wonderful things life has to offer, I like to find the sunny spot on the couch to take a nap, and let the wind blow my ears in the breeze.   Being an adult rescue and not knowing my history I am looking for a family with older children.  Stop by the shelter to meet me or one of my furry friends!


Visit for more information about Stack and all the other animals waiting for homes here at the Christopher Cutler Rich Animal Shelter.

Pet of the Week- Mikaela


Mikaela here and I was wondering if you have heard about this fun weekend on September 5th and 6th called Pooch-A-Palooza?  The folks here are talking about it and it sure sounds like a “dog-gone good time” with proceeds to help support the care of dogs like me!  Cape Ann Animal Aid has teamed up with Pooch-A-Palooza to put together a fun filled weekend for people and their dogs at the Topsfield Fair Grounds.   I will be busy here at the shelter, meeting my new family, but I’m super excited that this event will help more pups like me find homes!

I’m about a 8 months old, so I still have puppy energy and I have to learning basic doggie skills and tricks but don’t worry I promise I’ll catch on quick! I’m a little shy but, warm up fast.  I’ve been told I have some spaniel and retriever in my family mix but no one is exactly sure. What does that really matter anyways? I’ll find someone who loves me no matter what kind of mix I am! Think you have the time to be my prince or princess charming? YES?!?! Then come visit me today! I can’t wait to meet you!

Visit for more information about Mikaela and all the other animals waiting for homes and for information about upcoming events like Pooch-A-Palooza this weekend.

Pet of the Week- Brody


Did someone say goofy puppy?  Why yes, that’s me for sure!  I am a sweet and playful boy with lots of energy, curiosity and love to share.  Do you know anything about these things they call “leashes”?  I am trying hard to teach the humans around here to walk in the direction I want to go.  Want to take classes together?  Like going for walks in the woods or playing in the water?  Maybe we could help each other out, life is always much better when you have a friend by your side!

brody 2

Visit for more information about Brody and all the other animals waiting for homes here at the Christopher Cutler Rich Animal Shelter.

brody 3

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