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Pet of the Week- Elouise

Sometimes folks chuckle and say my name should be Tigger instead of Elouise because I sure like to bounce!  I think agility would be tons of fun, what about you?  I am a super sweet and affectionate little lady.  I just adore everyone I meet and am so happy to have some of your time and attention..  I am full of fun, tail wags, kisses, laughs and one heck of an addition to any active family!  I enjoy playing with other dogs and I am looking forward to learning all sort of good dog manners and going on adventures with you. Are you ready to have a new friend and love of your life? Then hurry on in!  To learn more about me and my furry friends and to make sure you are kept “in the know” for all the Cape Ann Animal Aid’s fun upcoming events check their website at


Pet of the Week- Emmie

Looking for a sweet and lovable lady with plenty of personality?  Well your search is over!


I love to play and do not act my age. I am a fool for canine companions and everyone I meet always says I am very, very sweet and a little goofy!   If you are interviewing for a “best friend” and a “great family dog” position then be sure to call me in because I could be the perfect fit!


Visit for more information about me and all the other animals waiting for homes.


For all of you folks that have never witnessed THE MOVIE for 2013, please take the time to do so. You will be entertained.

(for ease of playback on a video of this length, click the play button, then pause it for a few seconds, it speeds up the loading process)

And please come out and support this years event, it’a for the NEXT STEP, they change lives…you could, too!

Pet of the Week- Sugar & Spice




Sugar and spice and everything nice! That’s us! Wouldn’t you enjoy curling up on the couch with one (or both) of us watching your favorite TV show? I bet you are thinking “Who wouldn’t!” Because we are still young, we do have a bit more learning to do, so I (we) hope you don’t mind helping us with that! Think you could take one (or both) of us home? To learn more about us or our furry friends please visit

Pet of the Week- Rhonda

rhonda 1

So you said you were looking for a sweet, soft and gentle lady to brighten your days? Well then, allow me to introduce myself, my name is Rhonda. I am a fan of soft napping spots and lazy afternoons.  Looking for someone to curl up with during the next storm?  How about you and I watch the snowflakes fall outside the window while we are safe and warm together indoors?  For more information on adoptable pets and upcoming events visit

rhonda 2

Pet of the Week-Hawkeye


I didn’t expect to find myself in this situation but sometimes life has a funny way of changing your plans so watch out Super Senior program here I come! My Super power is “Purr-suasion” because I am confident I will persuade you into falling in love.  My name is Hawkeye and I am currently single and looking for my long-lasting love connection. I am a mellower fellow and prefer to be your one and only. Maybe you can make my dreams come true?  For more information on adoptable pets and upcoming events visit

hawkeye 2

Pet of the Week- Cooper


Look at my cute face!  Cooper is what folks are calling me, along with sweetheart and love-muffin of course.  I am a happy and adorable puppy just starting to learn things.  I am excited to experience my first snow storm and can’t wait to bundle up for playing in the flakes!  Are you looking for someone to cuddle with after a brisk winter walk, well I am your boy! For more information on adoptable pets and upcoming events visit


Pet of the Week- HAWC


Talk about a dream come true!  I am sweet and soft with a passion for napping in sunny spots.  I love catnip toys and listening to you talk about your day.  Hey, I have a great idea!  You can stop in for the CAAA Holiday Fair & Open House on December 6th from 11am to 4pm, get some of your Holiday shopping done and adopt me at the same time!  What better way to celebrate the Holiday Season than giving a needy pet a new home!  For more information on adoptable pets and upcoming events please visit

Pet of the Week-MIME


You can’t squeeze more sweetness into a small package than you will find with me!  I am a bit clownish but I guess my quieter nature combined with my animated play led folks to give me the name Mime.  I love cuddle time, soft toys to toss around and having a dog buddy to hang out with.  Come to the Christopher Cutler Rich Animal Shelter and visit with me and my friends today!  For more information on adoptable pets and upcoming events visit

Pet of the Week- Cayenne


Breaking News!  Cayenne here and I am currently interviewing “best friend” candidates at the Christopher Cutler Rich Animal Shelter.  I am so close to finding YOU that I can already picture our Holiday cards, featuring me front and center with Santa of course, because we will stop in at Animal Krackers on November 23rd to get our photo taken at the SantaPaws photo event.  For more information on adoptable pets and upcoming events please visit

Pet of the Week- Tootsie


Super Senior Tootsie here and I am sure ready to find someone to share my Golden Years with!  While the rooms are comfortable, the staff caring and kind, the food top of the line, well it is not the same as having a place to call your own and after 6 months here at the Christopher Cutler Rich Animal Shelter,  I am ready for someone to make my Thanksgiving an extra special one.  Do you have room at the table this year for one more member of the family?  For more information on adoptable pets and upcoming events visit

Pet of the Week-Sasha

Oh boy do I love toys!  Playing with balls and stuffed toys is in the top two on my list of fun things to do.  Hanging out with you comes in at first place of course!

sasha 2

Did you hear that the Cape Ann Animal Aid is going to be doing a Santa Paws photo event at Ace Hardware in Rockport?  Yup, on November 22nd from 11am to 2 pm Santa is going to be there taking Holiday wishes from and cute pictures of all sorts of lucky pooches.

sasha 1

If I am still here at the shelter I hope one of the volunteers brings me to Ace Hardware so Santa can grant my wish, a family to call my own!  For more information on adoptable pets and upcoming events please visit

Pet of the week- Robin


Robin here and actively looking for her Batman!  Halloween is over so you may not be able to dress up as a superhero but you can still be one.  Feel yourself succumbing to the urge to do good?  Well what better way to do good than to open up your heart and home to a rescue! I am ready to be your sidekick and right-hand cat so stop in to the Christopher Cutler Rich Animal Shelter to visit with me and my friends today!  For more information on adoptable pets and upcoming events visit

Pet of the Week- Easter


Clicking my heels and saying “there is no place like home” hasn’t worked, so I am giving Pet of the Week a try. I am an adventurous lady who likes to climb and play with those crazy automatic mouse toys.  I have a bit of an “entitled” personality but I am not a “high maintenance” girl. I have been here at the Cape Ann Animal Aid’s Christopher Cutler Rich Animal Shelter for just about 7 months and think a change of scenery is long overdue, so how about you take me home with you?  For more information visit

Pet of the Week-Princess


Talk about posh and style!  The way I pose for a photo shoot in my new outfit, gosh I am super surprised I haven’t been “discovered” yet.  I am sure if I showed up at the Cape Ann Animal Aid’s Dog Parade during the Rockport Harvestfest (at 11:30 am on Saturday, October 18th) I would be a top winner for sure! I go by the name Princess, I am cute, lovable, sweet and ready for my new family.  For more information on adoptable pets and upcoming events visit

Pet of the Week-Tanzy

Hi my name is Tanzy. Everyone always tells me just how cute I am, but don’t worry, I only let it go to my head a little! I am full of energy and love to romp, wrestle and play away the day. I am an affectionate fellow so can be caught enjoying some quiet snuggle time too. I like playing with the other pups and toys of all sorts. I am a southern boy and no one knows my exact breed but they are guessing I have some Labrador mixed in so I will probably be medium-large size when full grown. I am looking forward to joining you at obedience class and on adventures outdoors– after all a well trained and tired human is the best kind to share your home with! I’m happy and outgoing and eager to join my new family as soon as possible. Stop by and meet me at Cape Ann Animal Aid’s Christopher Cutler Rich Animal Shelter today!

Pet of the Week- Lynnderella


Lynnderella…Lynderella…I have a name that sounds like “Cinderella” and I am hoping just like her, I will soon find my happily-ever-after! I am a sweet and social gal with a passion for making new friends and investigating new places. I have a playful side and wouldn’t turn my paw up at some fun toys either. So…are you my happily-ever-after? You’ll have come to the Cape Ann Animal Aid’s Christopher Cutler Rich Animal Shelter to find out if we’re a perfect match! And hey, while you on your way, it would be purrrrfectly sweet of you to bring a gift for me and my kitty friends. We are running a little low on wet pate-style cat food over here and I hear that donations are always welcome! I hope you meet you soon! For more information visit

Pet of the Week- Butters


Yep…Butters is my name. I’m guessing the folks who gave me this name did so because when I meet you, I am capable of pouring on the charm to make you melt like butter in my paw. I am a handsome fellow with a soft purr. I love sunny spots for napping and fish tanks for gazing. I am more on the mellow side. I guess the best way to put it is that I was born to lounge on the cough…not running on the track! I love attention and I promise, I am a great listener. You could tell me all about your day or the dream you had last night and I promise I’ll soak up every word!


I am eager to settle down and start my new life with you so please don’t delay and come see me soon! I’m at Cape Ann Animal Aid’s Christopher Cutler Rich Animal Shelter at 4 Paws Lane in Gloucester. Visit for more information about me and my kitty friends.

Pet of the Week- Dustin


Fancy meeting you here… What am I doing here you ask? I am looking for my forever home. I am a quiet and handsome fella…or so the ladies say! I’ll take their word for it because looks don’t matter so much to me it. I believe more about making connections and forming a strong friendship. I am a lover of attention and affection and adore getting my share of people time. I also love playing with all of the other pups here at the Christopher Cutler Rich Animal Shelter. Marlon, Brando, August, and Coral are all part of my crew. We like to spend time just hanging out or playing because one of the best parts of being a dog after all is getting to be part of the pack. I am super sweet and my tail is always going. If you think we may be a good match, please stop on by. The shelter is located at 4 Paws Lane in West Gloucester.

Pet of the Week-GIO



Hello, my name is Gio.  I am here at the Cape Ann Animal Aid with my sister, Lala.  We are four month old affection and sweet puppies.   They think we are Otterhounds, with a little bit of terrier in our family tree.
We love it here at the Christopher Cutler Rich Animal Shelter, Four Paws Lane, Gloucester. The staff and volunteers are wonderful and the outside activities are great, too! 
Check out our website at: if you might be interested in supply us with something from our “Wish List” or stopping by with some gently used towels that you no longer need.  
Most importantly, consider adopting me!
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