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The Loss of the F/V Patriot 01/03/2009

On January 3, 2009 the F\V Patriot was lost at Sea with both crewmen.  Here is the story from the Gloucester Daily Times and a few photos I took of the Patriot in 2008.  Also, Joey has some great pictures and video of inside the Patriots wheelhouse and engine room. 

From the Gloucester Daily Times;

Mourning the Patriot

Trawler tragedy claims lives of two fishermen

“By Richard Gaines The Gloucester Daily Times Sun Jan 04, 2009, 10:52 PM EST

As president of the Gloucester Fishermen’s Wives Association, Angela Sanfilippo has dealt many times with tragedy at sea. It never gets easier.

“This is a shocker,” she said Saturday, referring to the loss of the Patriot and the lives of two local fishermen. “This was the perfect boat. Gloucester has one more time been stricken.” 

The two members of a Gloucester fishing family — the husband and father of Josephine Russo — were lost at sea early Saturday when the family-owned Patriot, a modern, 54-foot, steel-hulled trawler fishing alone on Middle Bank, about 15 miles from port, sank after an apparent catastrophic failure.


Here are Links to the USCG Final Action Report and the USCG Timeline chart on the F/V Patriot sinking.

 Coast Guard Final Action Memo FV PATRIOT.pdf

 Enclosure 3 – FV PATRIOT Timeline Graphic.pdf

Here are the links to Joey’s Videos;

 The Danielle Marie before the Name Change to the Patriot

The Patriot docked at the State Fish Pier

Matteo Russo Gets ready to Board his Boat The F\V Patriot

F\V Patriot viewed from Gorton’s Wharf 2008

The Patriot gets ready to Dock 2008

USCG Station Gloucester

USCG Cutter "Grand Isle" Cripple Cove Dock

USCG Station Gloucester

USCG Gloucester

"The Patriot Recovery" USCG Station Gloucester


Check out this Website  for daily USCG News.

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For Those That Wanted To Contribute To The Children Of Matteo Russo Fund

Bank Gloucester

Bank Gloucester

There are people that are asking how they can help if they missed the Gloucester Guerilla Art Project.

You could make checks out to The MR Children Fund Attn Amy Mitchel and send it to

Bank Gloucester
160 Main Street in Gloucester, Massachusetts. 01930

At the end of the GGAP event we had 12 Tshirts left.  They are at The Dress Code Downtown Gloucester.  You could also buy one of the few remaining Good Morning Gloucester T Shirts there.  100% of the money you spend to purchase a t shirt goes to the Matteo Russo Children Fund.

The Dress Code is located at 159 Main Street Gloucester.

Movie – “Greenheads”

Wed., Feb. 18 @ 7:15pm
Cape Ann Community Cinema
267 East Main Street
East Gloucester

Sometime painter Sam Holdsworth painted a series of 38 oil panels which were an imaginative, sideways tribute to that local summertime menace, the Tabanus americanus — or Greenhead horse fly. This short film, produced and narrated by Holdsworth’s Musician Magazine co-founder, Gordon Baird, is a simultaneously amusing and haunting short film, portraying the carnivorous creatures as human-like and alien at the same time.

Mr. Baird will be on hand to present the film and conduct a Q&A after the show, which is presented at the special discount price of $5.00, proceeds from which will benefit the Matteo Russo Fund. A selection of Gloucester-related short subjects will precede the film.

“City’s Spirit Shines At Benefit”- Editorial From The GDT

GGAP II Audience

GGAP II Audience

We did good!

From the Gloucester Daily Times-

In a program ripe with artists capturing Gloucester’s character, the city’s spirit shone as bright as ever.

Snowed out two weeks earlier, the fund-raiser to aid the children of Patriot fishing boat Captain Matteo Russo drew a near full house Sunday afternoon to the Gloucester Stage Co, theater, where lobster broker and “Good Morning Gloucester” blogger Joe Ciaramitaro teamed up with Cape Ann Cinema coordinator Rob Newton to raise more than $2,200 for the cause.

But the success of the event extended beyond the numbers, and even beyond the fact that it was for a good cause.

For the rest of the story click the link below-

Gloucester Daily Times Editorial

Thanks To The Rabbit and Benny Orlando From Best Buy

I’d like to thank my pal the Rabbit and Benny Orlando a Gloucester native and Best Buy representative that sponsored over $250 worth of door prizes for the Gloucester Guerilla Art Project II/Russo family fundraiser.

DSC_5213, originally uploaded by sharon_lowe88.

The Salt of Gloucester

“The sea is salt because the sea is sorrow,

As ships and men, none last or alone,

Are lost and the names toiled like sorrowful mysteries

In churches in harbors on the grief-got sea:……”

Yesterday John Ronan, Gloucester’s Poet Laureate, read his poem “The Salt of Gloucester” at the fundraiser for the Russo family. Please click here for the full poem. Many thanks to John for joining us in this special event.

Come To The Cape Ann Community Cinema Today!!!!!

The Event Starts at 1:30 but we will be there at 12:30 if you want to swing down and hang out.

(978) 282-1988 [TIMES] * (978) 309-8448 [HUMAN]

Gloucester Guerilla Art Project II



Gloucester’s Poet Laureate John Ronan To Recite

Yesterday I got a call from Sharon asking me if I thought it would be okay to ask Gloucester’s Poet Laureate John Ronan to recite the poem he wrote in tribute of Matteo Russo and John Orlando at the Gloucester Guerilla Art event today at Cape Ann Community Cinema.

I told her sure if she could get ahold of him and he wanted to do it.  Sharon tells me that in fact he will come and is honored to be a part of it.

We will be showing up early around 12:30 if anyone wants to swing by and hang out before the show (my favorite part).

Come Down The Dock This Morning

Come down the dock this morning to grab a tshirt(or three), get your picture taken for the blog holding your tshirt, and I’ll have coffee(Starbucks), and if you would like a free GMG Gloucester sticker!  There aren’t many Gloucester Stickers left so his is a limited time offer!

Come down, hang out, have fun, see the inner sanctum of GMG headquarters, and donate for a great cause.

It’s 95 East Main Street

I wasn’t going to pre-sell any but we got a generous donation to buy another 48 shirts from Evelyn at Cape Ann Online so we should have plenty for the G-GAP event at Cape Ann Community Cinema at Gloucester Stage Co on Wednesday night.

Paul Frontiero Delivered The Fundraising T Shirts This Morning

Paul brought the first batch of T Shirts for the fundraising effort to benefit the Children of Matteo Russo.  They came out great.  I’ll be here at the dock this morning if you would like to pick one up.  100% of the money goes to the family.   I’d also like to thank the kind folks at Brown’s Yacht yard who bought 14 shirts.  You can come down the dock to pick one up in the early morning or come to the Guerilla Art Project at The Cape Ann Community Cinema (Gloucester Stage Co) this coming wednesday night for the event.

Thanks To Barbara Koen

Thanks to a generous donation from Barbara Koen from The Dress Code shop downtown we are able to double the amount of t shirts that will be available for purchase.  100% of the money raised from the sale of these shirts will go to the family of Matteo Russo.

Good Morning Gloucester Logo, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Pictures From Matteo Russo’s Patriot

Usually when I photograph a boat I only post about a third of the pictures that I take.  I weed through and cull out the best shots.  There were a bunch from the Patriot that were left in the folder and never got posted so there will be a few more photos from different angles in the pilot house and engine room.

Pictures From Matteo Russo’s Patriot Engine Room

There aren’t too many engines that you would place a sandwich down on top of and then pick it back up to eat, but Matteo maintained his boat meticulously.