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Flowers opening timelapse 5000 shots In 9 months time from David de los Santos Gil

From David de los Santos Gil
After 9 months and 50,000 shots (only using 5.000 for the final video), my first flowers timelapse has finished. After a long work looking for flowers that would open fast, here is a list of the flowers that have been part of the timelapse: Lillium, hibiscus, carnations, orchids, dandelions, lilies, daisies, alstroemeria, peonies and nigella damask.
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The LilyLady of Lanesville from Fred Bodin

Fred Bodin

I knew Bobbie Brooks 30+ years ago when she had an antique shop in Lanesville. Now she’s doing amazing work as a professional garden designer, plus growing  and creating hybrids of her own daylilies. Her fields are expansive, covering over one acre, but you’d never know it driving down Rt. 127. She has 800 varieties of hybrid daylilies, the "summer jewels of the garden." I learned much about daylillies in my short time shooting in Bobbie’s one acre garden.

Bobbie demonstrates how hybrids are made. What she likes about this daylily is it’s teeth, or jagged edges.

Bobbie is a hand’s on gardener. She’s a successful garden designer, which is her main business, but she’s also passionate about dayilies. Who else on God’s earth would grow 800 varieties of a plant, and it’s not her major source of income. It must be LOVE.

Fred’s first Birthday present, a potted Sugar Plum daylily, was an unexpected gift from Bobbie Brooks.

I’ll have it displayed at Fred’s Birthday and GMG mug up on Sunday, July 28th, at 9:30am to 11am or later. It’s at my gallery, 82 Main Street in Gloucester. All are welcome.

On your way back home after my event, go see Bobbie – she’ll be open until 2pm Sunday. Go Bobbie! Trust me, I know a good egg when I see one, and it’s her.

Bobbie Brooks 73 Langsford St Lanesville / Rt 127 978 283 4480

Community Stuff 7/15/13


The Schooner ARDELLE is pleased to join Maritime Gloucester’s
ever-popular Coastal Explorers summer program! During this children’s
program, mornings will be spent conducting explorations of Gloucester
Harbor aboard the Schooner ARDELLE, while afternoons will be hosted in
Maritime Gloucester’s labs and Aquarium.  The cost of this five-day
program is $500, and $450 for Maritime Gloucester members. Space is
limited, register today!
Coastal Explorers (Ages 9-12)
July 22-26, 8:30-3:00
Full info/registration:
Coastal Explorers II (Ages 13-16)
July 29-August 2, 8:30-3:00
Full info/registration:
Students will discover the science of Gloucester’s marine life through
various hands-on activities.  Plankton tows will be conducted off the
Ardelle, which will be looked at in our video microscope lab.  From
high-speed copepods to larval sea worms, you never know what kinds of
microscopic life will be found!  While exploring the harbor, we’ll
keep our eyes open for unusual seabirds and look at the seafloor using
underwater cameras.  In our Aquarium, students will learn all about
the habitats and adaptations of Gloucester’s various fishes,
invertebrates and seaweed.  Stingray-like skates, unusual lobsters,
and American eels can be found in habitat tanks, while sea stars,
crabs, and mollusks can be held in our Touch Tanks.  In our classroom,
we’ll further explore sea creatures by viewing amazing dry specimens
of coral, whales’ teeth, giant lobster claws, and large seashells.
In addition to marine biology, students will learn all about
Gloucester’s maritime heritage.  The Schooner Ardelle is a traditional
wooden vessel, and kids will learn all about its construction from its
builder Captain Harold Burnham of the Essex Shipbuilding Museum.  From
raising the schooner’s sails to learning the basics of charts and
navigation, many aspects of seafaring will be explored.  The tradition
of lobstering will be also be a focus, as the Ardelle also functions
as a lobstering boat.  By experiencing our new giant-sized
walk-through lobster trap, studnets will discover how lobsters are
caught.  In our galleries, we’ll learn about shipwrecks, sail power,
and offshore sea life including whales.  Additional projects,
experiments, and explorations will be offered throughout the week as


Call for Submissions:
?Getting Around in Essex County: Chebacco Boats and Beyond?
To help mark the fifteenth birthday of our Chebacco Boat replica 
"Lewis. H. Story", the Essex Shipbuilding Museum is calling for 
submissions of artwork, writing,and memorabilia having to do with 
getting around in our beautiful county. We will be assembling an 
exhibit in late July in a gallery adjoining the Orientation Center at 
the Museum. This exhibit is supported by a Partnership Grant from the 
Essex National Heritage Commission. For more information email:  or call: 978-768-6441. Please 
use "Summer Exhibit" in your subject line.


Thanks, Joey, for mentioning the Gloucester Garden Tour today.  I wouldn’t have known about it otherwise.  Thank you Harvard Club of the North Shore and The Gloucester Garden Club for the lovely gardens displayed today,  and to Kim Smith for designing the beautiful Butterfly gardens around the Harbor Walk.  Attached a couple of photos.

Sandy Chadwick

DSCF1087DSCF1139Along the Harbor Walk

Community Stuff 7/11/13

Support our local veteran’s homecoming as you spend an evening dockside with the Cape Ann Big Band. Friday, July 19th in the Gloucester House’s Café Seven Seas. Doors at 6:30, Concert at 7:00. Tickets are $15 each and proceeds benefit the Major Fred W. Ritvo Veteran’s Center and their efforts to aid today’s veterans. To purchase tickets, please call Connie Condon at 978-283-4098 or The Gloucester House at 978-283-1812


Generous Gardeners have been weeding at the public gardens along Stacy Blvd.
known as the Perennial Garden Series.

GGT gardens 1
They are getting these gardens in shape for the Gloucester Garden Tour this
Saturday, July 13, 2013 from 10:00 to 4:00.
Support this community service event by buying a ticket to view six private
gardens in the West Gloucester and Biskie Head Point area along with the
public gardens near Stage Fort Park.
All the profits will benefit the Butterfly Gardens along the new HarborWalk
and the Fishermen’s Wives Memorial and Gardens.
Buy tickets online at or this Saturday at the tent located at exit 12 off 128 (Grand Banks Parking
Many thanks to all the wonderful local sponsors and dedicated gardeners that
have helped make a difference in this community.
Anyone interested in helping maintain the Perennial Garden Series can meet
us this Thursday near the Fishermen’s Wives Memorial on Stacy Blvd from
9:00am to 11:00am. Bring gloves and hand tools or use our extras.
Hope to see many of you for the tour on Saturday. The weather forecast looks


garden 3


Hey Joey,

Might you remind people about my fundraising Comedy, Live Music, Silent Auction Night this Thursday, July 11th, starting at 6pm. Located at Mile Marker One – Cape Ann’s Marina Resort.

Attached is flyer.  Hope to see you and all the GMG fans.

Thanks again,



Community Stuff 5/19/13

The Annisquam Sewing Circle’s Plant Sale is a great place to purchase flowers for your summer planting needs ~ and find some lovely perennials from members’ gardens!  Plus all members of The Sewing Circle will be baking delicious pies and treats in case you have guests coming to visit for the official FIRST SUMMER WEEKEND of 2013! So please stop by in Annisquam on Saturday the 25th from 8-11 am!


Community Photos 5/18/13

Susan Kelly submits-
wildflowers from my woodland garden and spring irises

Here are some flowers blooming now in my west gloucester garden.  You are welcome to post them.  My gardens will be on the Gloucester Garden Tour that we are organizing to benefit the HarborWalk July 13th.  I will be sending you much more on that when the GEF plant sale is done. 

Thanks so much,

Susan Kelly

beautiful trilliumyellow columbineyellow spring irises

Our Kwanzan Cherry Tree In The Wind

Our Kwanzan Cherry Tree Which Has Yet To Be Demolished This Year By The Beetles Which Ravage It Annually.


This video was done more to test the manual focus on the camera I use, the Sony NEX-5N

Shot with Sony NEX-5N and Sony 50mm f/1.8 Lens

I have a love hate relationship with this tree.  when it blooms it is beautiful but every year it gets smoked by these small green inchworm looking things first and then these shiny beetles and looks nice for roughly 3 weeks out of the year.

I’ve chronicled the life of this Kwanzan Cherry tree for the past 4 years here

here are some of the blooms from this year-

Video Interview 2012 Plant Sale To Benefit GEF With Susan Kelly from

This plant sale is the no-brainer of all no-brainers for a multitude of reasons.  Check out the video to find out how many ways this provides a win.


From the brilliant mind of Susan Kelly check out


The Rosa Rugosa Is Starting To Come Alive


Here is a resurrection of one of my favorite posts from the early days of the blog for the new folks (I post this once a year because I dig it so much and there are so many that join the ranks of GMG followers each year I’think this one is worth reposting for them-

I grew up one street from the Back Shore.

Although my mother might disagree, I’d say I was a bratty teen who didn’t appreciate the natural beauty that was steps from my doorfront. Part of that beauty was driving every single day along the Back Shore to get wherever we were going. If we left the house it was inevitable that we would be driving along the beautiful coastline that is the Back Shore.

It wasn’t until I went to college that I began to understand how blessed I was and how beautiful a place Gloucester is. Sure it is flawed in many ways but there is no place I’d rather be in the late spring, summer and early fall. Looking back it seems so crazy that I could have taken it all for granted but once you move away for a little stint and come home then you understand how lucky you were to call Gloucester your home.

Getting back to the Tribute To Rosa Rugosa-

First read this plant profile from

There is nothing more beautiful than the perfection of a rose in mid-summer. The glorious fragrance wafting up from perfectly formed petals make it clear why this is the flower of choice for many people. Unfortunately, to obtain the perfect rose one must often have the perfect soil, a perfect watering regimen, and a lot of time. To those of you who don’t fall into this category, I offer you Rosa rugosa.

It may sprawl a little more than the hybrid teas that we see nowadays, and the flower petals tend to flop this way and that. All in all, it often has a kind of shaggy, unkempt air about it  but that’s what gives this plant its character. Named for the wrinkled (rugose) surface of its glossy green leaves, this rose is a charmer that can soften and naturalize any area.

It’s a carefree rose, picky only about drainage. It will grow in salty conditions, shade, full sun, and poor soil, so long as it’s well-drained. Along the East Coast it even grows right in the sandy beaches!

There’s other reasons to grow this beauty besides the low maintenance. Large blooms cover this plant in early summer, giving way to sporadic blossoms up to the first frost. And Oh! The fragrance is sweet and pleasant, carrying for yards at a time. The blooms later give way to lucious brick-red rose hips so large that they look like cherry tomatoes. And if that weren’t enough, sometimes the yellow to orange to red fall color can be excellent!

If you have the space, this is the rose for you. There are many select cultivars available that will heighten the plant’s natural beauty. Choose one and you will never regret it.”

Can there be any debate about how poetic it is that we have Rosa Rugosa all along our shorelines and around town? This beautiful plant gives us so much beauty and fragrance amid the worst possible conditions. It thrives despite the cold winters, hot summers and even grows in the sand.

This line from the’s profile really drives it home-

“All in all, it often has a kind of shaggy, unkempt air about it  but that’s what gives this plant its character. “

Isn’t that just perfectly fitting for Gloucester?

Click the Image Below For A project I did back in ‘08 chronicling the Rosa Rugosa Life Cycle throughout the year in a slideshow


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