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The Birth of a Schooner

Eleventh generation shipwright, Harold Burnham and the Essex Shipbuilding Museum celebrate the raising of the first frames on the Pinky Schooner ARDELLE.

Kids (and parents) learn some basic boat building.

Some work and. . . some don't.

The crowd gathers at the H.A. Burnham Boat Building Yard.

Visitors sign the keel.

Making frames.

The boat builder, Harold Burnham (L).

Harold and Capt. Tom Ellis of the Thomas E. Lannon are overjoyed to see work begin. Geoffrey Richon, President of the Gloucester Maritime Heritage Center, where Ardelle will be berthed, enjoys the moment.

Up she goes!

Ready for the next one.

You Can’t Mix Residential And Marine Industry- PHOOEYYYY!

Our Grandfather bought this property back in 1953 from the Gorton’s company and my cousin Frank and I bought it from our fathers six years ago.  During that entire time we’ve been surrounded by houses that are directly in front of our dock and on both sides of our dock there are recreational boat marinas. You would think by listening to the anti-development, put up roadblocks to any progress crowd that a holy war would ensue if you ever mixed the two components but in reality it has been going on way before there was the ridiculous zoning that is in place now.  We’ve been peacefully coexisting with our awesome neighbors for decades.  Yes through starting up our diesel trucks early in the morning to go pick up bait or make deliveries, yes through the odors and smells that are inherent in the fishing industry, yes through years and years of sights, sounds and smells of heavy industry.  People move here I believe because they love it and embrace it.

So the folks that tell you it could never co-exist to have tourism and commercial fishing side by side, call bullshit on them. 

Our dock isn’t the only place where commercial boats and recreational boats and housing and industry are side by side- look at the Rocky Neck Railways and dockage situation down there- commercial boats and the highest density of tourism in our city basically on top of each other.

Beacon Marine Decades long of housing and marina space with cranes and a boat yard coexisting with an new Media Ad agency –Bait and Tackle all on the same property.

International Lobster/East Gloucester Marine/The Harbor Room function hall with apartments up above (the Moonies complex)

Our Dock with residential all along the front of our property line.

The Gloucester House next to Fisherman’s Wharf next to Lat 43

Captain Carlos Nightclub/Restaurant Complex and The Gloucester Seafood Display Auction.

Totes of lobster loaded up and waiting for the truck at 8PM


Our Cool Neighbors.  They Get It- Great People.


Ginormous Tank Hoisted off Gorton’s Roof Video

Captured this the other day.  The tank looked to be as big as a trailer truck.

that was one big ass crane

here’s some pics-

Not sure that old link belt crane could have handled this job( especially considering it is about 1/5 the size of this one).

Beautiful Industry- Link Belt Marine Crane

I could have sat and photographed this beautiful old machine for two hours.

Obviously if you know me you know how little time I have but I still managed to get a great video tour of this marine crane and about 25 photos.  Look for the video tomorrow.

click the photo for larger version


GMG SCOOP! SCOOP! From Marty Luster

A crew from the tug CREOLE MISS, owned and operated by Riverside and Pickering Marine Contractors of Eliot Maine, today successfully removed the bell buoy that washed up on Coffins Beach in March. The work began at 11AM and the buoy was freed and towed away at about 1PM. Exclusive photos here:

Marty Luster

click this pic for the gallery

Copper Paint Factory – Restoration Progress

The work has started, A quick walk through indicated the progress.

An environmental barrier in the water, the walk-thru has been removed; paint scraping has started in one room, and dismantling of old interior walls.

Some photos show the bright sunlight coming thru small holes in the walls and the roof.

Work In Progress for the future home of Ocean Alliance.

Stay tuned for more progress on GoodMorningGloucester and enjoy the slide show with GMG exclusive photos.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Joey’s tatoo

Rainy Sunday so working on a design. Using the lobster as a base I’ve added a few things. For one, the lobster should be cooked. And then to stir the controversy, I’ve added Hellmann’s Real Mayonnaise. Bring out the Hellmann’s and bring out the best!

Or he could just copy this:

First Pictures- The GDF Suez Cape Ann

Here are the first pictures of the GDF Suez Cape Ann direct from South Korea-

Joe McKechnie a great fan of the blog writes in-

Joey :  This was supposed to be a surprise, but I noted in today’s GDTs, that the second vessels Name is now known.  So I offer a few pics, the scoop for Joey.  The Pictures are of the vessel at her final docking and bottom painting, just a few weeks back.  The blue color was chosen so as to be as pleasing as possible to the eye.  Note how close it is to the color of the sea.

I will be traveling to South Korea on Tuesday the 25th, for the official Naming Ceremony on May 27th.  GDF SUEZ will then take delivery of the vessel from the shipyard, and the owners,  on 1 June.  Following this she will make her way for first official cargo loading, then onwards to the Neptune DWP, off of Gloucester, in August.

The vessels (Neptune and Cape Ann) are the two greenest LNG Carriers afloat today.

Joseph E. McKechnie







Here’s the skinny-

The Neptune Project

Höegh LNG and Suez LNG North America (now part of the merged entity GdF Suez) have designed a deep water port (DWP) Project for the delivery and regasification of LNG 10 miles off the coast of Massachusetts to meet New England’s growing demand for natural gas, using SRV-technology that is safe, reliable, and environmentally sound.

Neptune consists of 2 SRV‘s, an offshore terminal with 2 buoys and associated pipelines to shore. GdF Suez received a DWP license permit from US federal authorities in March 2007. The first phase of the construction of Neptune LNG DWP was installation of a 13-mile sub-sea pipeline which was completed in October 2008. The second phase was connection of the pipeline and installation of the two off-loading buoys for the project. The DWP is now close to completion.

Höegh LNG and its partner MOL ordered two SRV’s at Samsung Heavy Industries in Korea specifically for this project. These vessels are the most advanced of its kind, and will be able to meet the most stringent environmental conditions in the world for the emissions during operations at DWP. In addition, the first vessel already delievered, “GDF Suez Neptune” received the “Green Passport” from Det Norske Veritas (DNV) certifying the environmental considerations taken when constructing, operating and ultimately disposing of the vessel.

The first vessel “GDF Suez Neptune”, was delivered November 30, 2009 and the second vessel to be named “GDF Suez Cape Ann”, is to be delivered 2Q 2010.

The vessels incorporate the reinforced GTT MKIII cargo contaiment system with 145,000 cubic meters of cargo carrying-capacity at 100% volumes. She is fitted with three state-of-the-art regasification skids for a total output capacity of approximately 21 million standard cubic meters of natural gas per day (**), and is also fully capable of operating as standard LNG carriers.

Classification Det Norske Veritas
Length overall 280.00 m
Breadth moulded 43.40 m
Deadweight @ design draught 71 000 tonnes
Deadweight @ summer draught 81 000 tonnes
Service speed, 15% Sea Margin 19.5 knots
Cargo tanks 145 130 m3
Main engine DF medium speed engines
Number of tanks 4
Regas capacity max 250 mscf/day x 3

Danger Rocks!

Schooner Adventure at the Gloucester Marine Railways

Adventures Butt (I think that's the Nautical Term)

For more Information on the Gloucester Marine Railways Click on the Link below



Steam Ship Refit?

I don’t know much about Ships, but I can tell a refitting when I see it.

The Isles of Shoals Steam Ship Co. looks to be going Green.

They’re adding masts and a Bowsprite to The Thomas Laihgton

Here are few Photos to prove it.

I think the Thomas Laihgton is scheduled to be in this years Schooner Festival!

The Refit I

She's going to be a beauty under sail

A Unicorn under repair

The STV UNICORN, High and Dry

A wise man never plays leapfrog with a unicorn.
— Tibetan proverb

Stv Unicorn

The STV Unicorn from Harbor Loop

The STV Unicorn at Sunset

Visit the STV Unicorn Website for more Info click below

Marine Construction-Sheet Pilings On the Essex Causeway

Not all pilings serve the same purpose.  Shown below is sheet piling.  They are driven into the shore vertically to create bulkheads. 

Marine Construction-Sheet Pilings On the Essex Causeway, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

The neat thing about sheet pilings to me is the way they interlock at the top during the pile driving process.  In this photo you can see how they interconnect-

The men operating the cranes lift one section of sheet piling way up in the air so they can line up the two pieces that will be lined up next to each other and guide the one piece that is supported by the crane so the slot lines up with the one that is already driven into place.  This is a pretty dangerous job as they can weigh several tons each.  Keeping fingers clear is obviously very important (well said Captain obvious). 

Interconnected Sheet Pilings

Once the crane operator has the two pieces of sheet pilings lined up they drive them down into the sediment along the shore until they hit resistance.  They have hydraulic hammers which vibrate the sheetpilings down so that the fill which is placed behind the newly created bulkhead will not seep out from underneath.


Once all the pilings are driven to resistence they will be cut off evenly at the top and the newly created bulkhead will be back filled.

To view previous posts about marine construction you can click the Marine Construction category I’ve built over the years from oither local projects.

Finally here is a video of sheet pile driving in action-

Marine Construction-I Beams On the Essex Causeway Inverted

It’s lovely what you can do when you play around with different treatments to your photos.

I just love photography and editing.  This one is a beauty full size


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