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Fisherman Truck Series- Sal Sans

Sal owns the Janaya and Joseph.  He likes his fishing bumper stickers, that’s for sure. Sal’s also a pretty laid back cat.  Always in a good mood when he stops by to say hi.

Sal Sanfilippos Janaya and Joseph

Sal Sanfilippo's Janaya and Joseph

Sal Sanfilippos Janaya and Joseph

Sal Sanfilippo's Janaya and Joseph

Lobsterman Truck Series- Harrison Golden’s Dodge Pick Up

Here is Harrison Golden and his Dodge pick up truck.  It’s the mini version which is probably all that 90% of Gloucester Lobstermen need.  Most Gloucester guys pull up to the dock to put their bait aboard so they don’t need to lug a ridiculous amount in the back of a truck.  Here Harrison is picking up a box of bait in his truck however because he is going to bait his traps that have been in storage during the winter.  He will bait them on shore and then load them onto the boat.  Once he has all his lobster gear set he will pull up to the dock to pick up his bait like most everyone else.

Would you look at the mitts on this guy?

Sam Lowers Bait Onto The Lady Marie

Sam operates his lobster operation as a solo act.

He gathers whatever fish gurry he can find and then pulls his truck loaded with the totes of gurry down to his parking spot at the State Fish Pier.  He parks and then heads down the ramp to warm up his boats’ engine.  Then he heads back up the ramp and around to his truck that has the fish gurry on it which he will pull over to the loading boom (in the picture).  He parks the truck there with the totes of gurry and then walks back around and down the ramp to his warmed up boat and then pulls the boat up to the dock where the loading boom is.  He gets off the boat, climbs up the ladder and hooks up the totes of gurry to lower down on his boat.  The boom swings out over his boat and once the bait is aboard his boat he then hops in his truck and parks it in the State Fish Pier parking lot.  Then he climbs down the ladder and heads out lobstering with his bait aboard.

Sounds confusing right?  It’s a lot of work.

Allison Wile- Lobsteman

Allison Wile is a lobsterman.  She lobsters with husband Tim.

She says that she likes to go-go-go and get through hauling the gear in a hurry while husband Tim likes to take his time and find just the right spots to set back the trawls as to no set his trawl over other lobstermen’s trawls.  That’s a pretty considerate way to go lobster fishing.  Some lobstermen are considerate while others will set their gear on top of yours  even if they know you are set in a spot.   That is when lobstermen have to break out the knife and cut each other’s trawl lines to get their gear to the surface.  It can deter a guy from setting back in that location and drive him away from good lobstering.  It can also start mini lobster wars where no one wins.

Allison Wile- Lobsteman, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Lobsterman Truck Series- Doug Opie

Here’s Doug Opie, skipper of The Broken Arrow with his catch at our doors here at Captain Joe’s.  Check out his faithful sidekick Cash in the back window making sure everything is in order.

Lobsterman Truck Series- Thomas Balkus

Tom uses a vinyl like tonneau cover for his clean as a whistle F150. I’m not a fan of this type of cover.

They aren’t particularly secure and make loading and unloading the truck a PITA.

If you want a truck cap that fits flush over your bed I’d suggest the Undercover. The Undercover tonneau cover is made of a hard plastic and can lift and lower on hydraulic arms. Here is the Undercover website to see what I mean.

Lobsterman Truck Series -Donny Femino

Here’s the back of Donny Femino’s Chevy Silverado. Donny opted for the spray in hard liner like the one me and Frank opted for on oour trucks.

Lobsterman Truck Series -Donny Femino

Here is Donny Femino with his new navy blue Chevy Silverado.  This is the new design for the Silverado and Donny is the first of my lobstermen that have bought one of the redesigned ones.

You may recognize Donny if you went to Gloucester High School.  He was a business teacher there for 29 years until he retired in 1997.

Now Donny lobsters out of Beverly aboard the Lady Patricia (named after his lovely wife) and drives his catch down to us here at Captain Joe and Son’s.

Lobstermen Truck Series – Tom Hale

Here is Tom Hale and his GMC pick up truck.

Here Tom replaces ID tags on some used lobster traps he purchased from Mark Ring. He is taking Mark Rings tags out and putting his tags in.
There are several reasons for the ID tags. Sometimes a lobster trawl will lose it’s buoys. The tags are a way for another lobsterman to identify the lost gear if they cross groundlines underwater and get the gear up in a tangle of the two lobsterman’s gear.
Lobstermen also have a certain number of traps they can set. These tags are issued from the govt. So the govt issues a certain number of ID tags per lobsterman. It is a way to make sure that lobstermen don’t set more than the allotted amount of lobster traps because each trap has to have a tag.

Lobstermen Truck Series- Tom Hale

Tom lobsters out of a 16 foot tri hull skiff. He keeps his boat at Granite Pier in Rockport and sells his lobsters to us. This time of year when it’s particularly hot he will load the lobsters into huge coolers and bring them to us so they don’t die on the ride in 90 degree heat .
Tom started lobstering in May of 1994 and lobsters after work at his full time job at Varian.
He had his truck sprayed with a durable liner so that he can load these used traps in and not worry about them scratching up the bed of the truck.

Lobstermen Truck Series- Joe Sanfilippo

Here is Joe Sanfilippo’s Chevy pick up truck.

Joe carries the normal stuff that skiff lobstermen carry in the back of their pick up trucks- fuel jugs, water jugs, covered fish totes to put bait in, some random buoys.

What you might also notice in the back of Joe’s truck are the dory oars and bench set up that he uses to train for the upcoming International Dory races. Joe is an avid rower and always a contender to represent Gloucester with his partner in the International Dory Races between Gloucester and Lunenburg.

He lobsters out of a 22 foot Eastern skiff after work at Gloucester Engineering and on weekends with his son Ryan.

Row Hard Or Row Home -International Dory Racing Sticker

This is a sticker on the back of Joe Sanfilippo’s Truck. The eliminations for The International Dory Races will be held June 7th at 8:30AM at Niles Beach. It’s a great time to grab a coffee and head over to beautiful Niles Beach to watch them compete. Bring the family and get into it, it’s local and a great way to get involved with the waterfront.  It  costs $50 to join up and use the Dorys located at Saint Peter’s Marina all year long. For more info check out their schedule and website.

Lobstermen Truck Series- Joe Sanfilippo

The back of Joe Sanfillipo’s Chevy pick up.
Fuel jugs, water jugs, a funnel, some buoys, fish totes with bait, and oars.
Notice the diamond plate rail caps which protect a lobsterman’s truck from abuse when stacking traps in their truck. If you slid traps up and down an unprotected truck rail it would get scuffed up pretty badly within the first day. With the diamond plate you can abuse it pretty good without damaging the rail of your truck.

Lobstermen Truck Series- Scott Horne

In today’s edition of Lobstermen Truck Series we feature Scott Horne and his GMC Sierra pick up.  This is a big ol truck.  Note the extended cab to lug Scott’s boys around and full size bed which he uses to transport trap to and from the dock to repair and store them.
Scott works at Gloucester Engineering and part time lobster fishes.  He has had his boat The Touch of Grey for over ten years and has gotten his money’s worth out of that boat I’ll tell you that.  In the summer it isn’t unusual for him to use his lobsterboat for double duty of pleasure (going up the river) and then lobstering along the way.
Here Scott is putting on a load of gear.

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