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You don’t need to,”Get your body back.”

Cape Ann Wellness

…because it never left.

Happy successful sportswoman raising arms to the sky on golden b

After having a baby there is so much pressure for a mom to bounce back to her pre-baby body right away. Magazines and internet articles use terms like,”get your body back.” What they don’t seem to understand is that your body didn’t go anywhere. You didn’t have a child and then suddenly start going about your day as a floating head. In fact you should feel more connected to your body than ever.
It grew a life and brought it into this world. Go you!

As moms we have so much on our plates. We work (if you stay at home believe me I know you put in plenty of work), we take care of the kids, and we try to take care of ourselves. Unfortunately self care often becomes last on the list of things to do. Is it our fault or are there just not…

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Kay Ellis Memorial Scholarship Fundraiser 

It only a week away so if you don’t have your tickets it not to late, just go to  It will be a beautiful night out in the harbor she loved, remembering the joy she brought to us all.  The fund shares her vision by giving scholarships to local students wanting to pursue careers in the tourism and hospitality business.

Pet of the Week-Gracie

8.21.2017 Pet of the Week--Gracie

Gracie here! I’m a bit of a chubby gal with an absolutely stunning face, as you can see. Some things I enjoy include being brushed and getting pet. I love sitting next to my people, preferably while looking out the window and watching the day go by. I’m not a huge fan of being picked up (which is probably easier on your back anyway!) but I can be very affectionate when I want to be. Basically, I like to choose the time and place for some attention. I’m considered a Super Senior and my Superpower is lounging, because I love to find comfy spots to relax in. If you think your lifestyle would be a good match for mine, come on over and meet me!  To see all of the available dogs and cats at the Christopher Cutler Rich Animal Shelter please go to our

Annoying Snoring or Sleep Apnea? Ask Your Doctor.

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Sleep apnea was recently mentioned by Joey on the Good Morning Gloucester podcast.  Joey shared his personal struggle as he recently tried to adjust to wearing a sleep apnea mask and joked good naturedly about how the mask can interfere with “sexy time.” I thought this a good opportunity to help increase awareness about sleep apnea risk factors, potential negative effects on health, and possible treatments.

CPAP mask

The CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) mask shown here looks a bit like a medieval torture device, yet can have life-saving benefits.

Sleep Apnea a common disorder in which you have one or more pauses in breathing or shallow breaths while you sleep. Loud snort or choking sound often signifies breathing has begun again. Sleep apnea often goes undiagnosed. (National Institutes of Health.) More than 18 million Americans suffer from sleep apnea. (American Association of Sleep Apnea.)

Types of Sleep Apnea – The most…

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Gloucester Schooner Festival Celebrates 33rd Anniversary

Cape Ann Community

This year’s promotional artwork generously donated by John Caggiano of Rockport

The Schooners return to Gloucester on September 1, 2, and 3, to celebrate the thirty-third Gloucester Schooner Festival. Maritime Gloucester will welcome twenty-three schooners to its recently rebuilt Harriet Webster Pier.

This year’s fleet includes the beautifully maintained Essex-built schooners Lettie G. Howard, launched in 1893, sailing from South Street Seaport in New York City, Gloucester’s flagship Schooner Adventure, built in 1926, joined by her sister Schooner Roseway, from 1925, owned by World Ocean School. Other large schooners include Rockland, Maine’s Schooner American Eagle, originally a Gloucester dragger, and Liberty Clipper, part of the Liberty fleet from Boston. The Schooner Columbia, a 2014 steel replica of the 1923 Essex Schooner Columbia, and based in Panama City, Florida, will return to Gloucester for a third year. She is a stunning example of the link…

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A TREMENDOUS DAY! #bostonstrong

Attending the anti-Nazi demonstration in Boston was an event I won’t soon forget. The day began really well, with a fantastic interview of our GMG podcast guests, the playwright Israel Horovitz, and Gloucester Stage Company’s Heidi Dallin and Emme Shaw. Israel fills the room with his stories and Joey knows how to bring out the best of them. After the podcast, I stopped home and had a quick lunch with Jessica while getting kisses in for our granddaughter (and return smiles!). Jessica, Tom, and I discussed transportation strategies for attending the demonstration. The Blueline was decided upon, which as it turns out was so easy, I would take this route again without hesitation. It only took forty-five minutes to drive to Wonderland Station in Revere and parking is free on the weekends.

I am unfamiliar with purchasing train tickets from a machine and rather than holding up the other passengers, I suggested to the woman next in line that she go first. She laughed and said she would help. She was a woman of color, a beautiful brown color, and within moments I had my Charlie card. This was the first of several incidences of needing assistance throughout the afternoon. The train pulled into the station and off we headed to Government Center.

Disembarking from the train and entering the plaza, the streets were so quiet you would never know that only a few blocks away were throngs of thousands. There were tourists with cameras, families and young couples mostly, sightseeing and photographing. The walk from Government Center Plaza to the State House is rich in American history, and there were even tourists on the Common, seemingly unfazed by the demonstration underway.

At the State House entrance to the Commons, you could see tens of thousands counter protesters rallying, carrying signs, and chanting anti-hate and anti-fascist slogans. I am frankly not a person who feels safe in large crowds. But I have faced my fear twice this year, once for the Women’s March and yesterday, because I wanted to go to this demonstration for no other reason than to be one of a hundred million people-strong looking clearly into the eye of fascism to say, you will never gain power in America.

I held my breath and walked into the crowd. Along the criss-crossing paths of the Common were people of all ages and colors, in small groups and large, holding handmade signs and talking about their vision for America. My fear of crowds began to lessen, and at one point a young man, also of a beautiful brown color, lent me his hand so that I could stand on a bench to take a photo.

As I headed deeper into the crowd, a scuffle suddenly broke out. I was quickly caught in a rush of people and as I struggled to get out of the way, an older couple, also of beautiful brown colors, pulled me towards them. They were standing under a tree and instructed do not run, but “stand beneath this tree with us.” After a few minutes, the fighting ceased and we made our way together out of the center of the Commons.

Along Beacon Street, which was closed to traffic, there seemed to be a police headquarters of sort. This was also where the largest group of counter protesters had gathered. They had a megaphone and were leading the crowd in chants — “Black Lives Matter,” “No Trump, No KKK, No Fascist USA, and “Whose streets? Our streets.” In repeated situations of high tension and raw emotions, the police kept their cool, handling haters and troublemakers with clarity of strategy and with lightning speed.

I left the rally at three o’clock and saw news footage taken later in the day, of police and counter protesters together chanting anti-hate slogans. I have to say I am so tremendously proud of the people of Massachusetts for coming together to protest peacefully for the love of their fellow man and humanity for all. #bostonstrong.I overheard this man say that he stitched his flag together the night before the protest, with no prior sewing experience.

More photos here.

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