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Pigeon Cove

My opportunities to drive around for the sake of shooting photos are few and far between these days, but on Monday I put one of the dogs in the car and drove through Pigeon Cove for a few minutes.  Even in dreary February the colors kind of come to life and I find it so quintessential New England.

Poet John Ronan at the Cape Ann Museum

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Cape Ann Community

John Ronan: Poetry Reading & Book Talk

Saturday, February 25 at 2:00 p.m.

Gloucester’s former poet laureate John Ronan will read from his most recent book, Taking the Train of Singularity South from Midtown (Backwaters Press, 2017) and discuss its connections to Gloucester, including “Good Harbor, Home,” which was written for and read at John Bell’s first inauguration as Mayor of Gloucester. Through Taking the Train of Singularity South from Midtown Ronan hopes to convey that love and language create community.

This program is free and open to the public. Reservations required. Free registration can be made by calling 978-283-0455 x10, emailing, or online at Eventbrite.

John Ronan is a poet, playwright, movie producer and journalist. He has received national honors for his poetry and is a former National Endowment for the Arts Fellow, Ucross Fellow, Bread Loaf Scholar and Poet Laureate of Gloucester, MA. In 2010, his volume of poetry,

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“He made me gain weight.”

I So Want This Microsoft Surface Pro 3 At This Price! take My Money Please!



I’ve coveted a Surface Pro ever since they came out with the second generation and made the awesome updates.  It was universally heralded as an awesome machine but the price was prohibitive at over $800.  These refurbished ones are a STEAL. 

Here’s the difference between this and an iPad.  This runs EVERYTHING that a desktop computer does.  it’s not a mobile platform meant to dumb down everything so it can run.  Look at those specs!  256GB SSD and a core i5 for $429????  Take my money please!  there’s also a 64GB i3 processor one for $339 but that extra $100 for the 256/i5 is a no-brainer!

Buy one here at this link– it’s the Microsoft store selling them through Amazon.

Side note, never be afraid to buy refurbished through Amazon.  You’d never know it wasn’t a brand new unit.

First Cook On The DT Code @WeberGrills Smokey Joe Gold -#ChickenWings and #AtomicBuffaloTurds

Featured Image -- 390360

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Northeast BBQ

So when I picked up the Green DT Code OTP a couple of weeks ago the seller had a SJG that was dusty and sitting off in the corner of his garage. I made an offer and picked that up too. Finally got around to cleaning it up and decided to try a cook I’d normally do on a 22. Wanted to see how many chicken wings and ABTs I could get on a 13 inch SJ Grate. As it turns out, using a brick to separate the coals from the cooking area I got 5 wings and 4 ABTs.

Chicken wings throw a lot of fat which can make a mess of your kettle bowl.  I’ve started to line the bowl with aluminum foil, being sure not to cover the vents to make for an easy clean up.  I also wanted to get as many lit coals as I…

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Live Lunch From Paprika Grill

Please stop by and continue to show support for one of our newest and tastiest spots. Even after he and his girlfriend were robbed at masked-knifepoint, Emrah is still in great spirits! He exudes all the qualities and spirit of a true local trying to serve his community and offer fresh healthy food for the masses. Today is a 50% tip day in my book of life!
And just as James Dowd promised, it truly is THE BEST fresh made falafel on this side of the planet!

Chef Emrah Arslan is open and serving!


Ohhh my, the GRILL at PAPRIKA!


Winner winner

Outdoor Menu Wall

Petty lil criminals can’t stop the good folks of Glostah!!!! HELL to da NO!

It’s a dog’s life at the beach

The rising temps this weekend had everyone out with their pups enjoying some fresh air.  We took our Gracey for a walk at GHB to get some fresh air and make some new friends!




Our Gracey…are you coming?


This makes me a little sad….glad that you picked up after your dog, but you DO know that this is not appropriate, right??   Carry in, carry out people!!!


Super Delicious Lunches from Vidalias

Our staff luncheon last week consisted of really beautiful and delicious sandwiches from Vidalias of Beverly Farms.  (thanks Paul) .  We’ll definitely be going back one day over school vacation!

Visit their website HERE   Or visit the market at 9 West Street, Beverly Farms

I quick clean up on a @webergrills DE Code Smokey Joe Gold

Featured Image -- 390281

Northeast BBQ

The Smokey Joe Gold’s are nice because the bar you see clipped on the handle serves dual purpose.  One to keep the whole unit together when transporting which makes it the ultimate small beach grill.  Secondly when folded down it acts as a lid holder so you simply slide the lid down in between the rod and it holds the hot lid in place when you want to access the grill grates.

I used extra fine steel wool which can be purchased at the dollar store, a dish rag and some dishwashing soap.  Just like new.

Before and After


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FRESH presents two workshops: Seed Starting and Eco Printing!

Cape Ann Community


FRESH presents an evening of seed starting and eco printing! Join us at 6 pm as a local artist Jane Keddy shares tips for using natural materials to make prints. Then stick around for a seed starting workshop at 7 pm with local gardening expert Suzanne Gosselin to learn the ins and outs of starting seeds indoors. You’ll leave this workshop with new inspiration and knowledge for gardening and designing into the spring and summer! Sign up here!

Thu, March 2, 2017
6:00 PM – 8:00 PM EST
6 Wonson Street, Gloucester, MA

FRESH is a six-week exhibition, with accompanying workshops and presentations, hosted by the Rocky Neck Art Colony (RNAC) and Backyard Growers.

In this exhibition, artists from all over New England will present works that reflect on the theme FRESH, exploring the ways in which food connects us to the earth, nourishes us, and ties us to warmth…

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Whoa! @CaptMarciano and @TunaDotCom Team Up As Team USA In Rome Next Summer!

Sista Felicia’s beautiful St. Joseph’s altar

Getting Sista Felicia’s St. Joseph Altar ready really does take a village of amazing women,  each of whom bring their own special talents.  There is much to do cleaning, repairing, constructing, ironing, painting.   Many hours later and lots of love, it is ready and waiting for Novena to start March 10th.


Pet of the Week-Debbie Rey


Snuggle time anyone?!  I love to get attention and I am happy to make you feel like the most important person in the world.  I am a little love-bug who has a sweet and mellow nature.  I got to spend a few nights in foster during the last snow storm and I am proud to report I was an excellent girl!  I went outside in the yucky snow to do my bathroom business.  I got along well with the cats that lived there.  I didn’t chase them at all and was not impressed with their efforts to try to get me to misbehave.  I have lived with and gotten along with other dogs as well so sharing my home with some other furry friends sounds just fine to me. I love soft beds and pillows to curl up on and like any self respecting Chihuahua I can burrow under the blankets like a champ!  

I am a super sweet, quiet and perfectly sized little lady looking for love. I am a rescue from Puerto Rico so no one knows my history but that’s why they call it history, right? I’m letting my past stay in my past and putting my best paw forward on my search for true love.

Think we could be a good match? Then come meet me today!!   To see all the available animals at the Christopher Cutler Rich Animal Shelter please go to our website:


Face Plants

We took the dogs for a long walk in the snow on Saturday and somewhere along the way the boys decided to do face plants in the snow.  This is what was left behind.  I can not for the life of me see the impression…..even though I know exactly what they did.  Strange what lighting can do.


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