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Gloucester tees are for sale down at Walt Kolenda’s new place on Main street—Cape Ann Auction

Hi Joey-

Gloucester residents Sara Wester and Randy Jones have designed a new Gloucester tee—we’re calling it the Gloucester Cod, and if you’ve just gotta have the latest in local fashion, well good luck with that.  But if you want the tee, they are for sale down at Walt Kolenda’s new place on Main street—Cape Ann Auction, formerly the site of Fred Bodin’s studio.  We’ve got a pretty good selection of men’s and women’s and are still working with what colors and sizes look good, but if you don’t see what you’re looking for, shoot Sara an email at and we’ll get you on the next run of shirts.  



Schooner Job Opportunity “Pride of Baltimore II”

Employment Opportunity

“The Pride of Baltimore II”



From Marlin Spike Magazine,

Pride of Baltimore II

Pride of Baltimore, Inc. seeks to fill the position of ENGINEER/DECKHAND aboard PRIDE OF BALTIMORE II in late July. This position is a watch standing position. Must be an American citizen or possess American working privileges. Applicants are asked to commit to filling this position through the end of the ship’s season, anticipated to be sometime late November/early December. PRIDE is spending the summer in the Great Lakes and will be voyaging home by way of the Canadian Maritimes & American northeast during late summer/early fall. The ship will be down-rigged and put under cover at the end of the season.

Application is by emailed cover letter and full resume with references to Captain Jan C. Miles at In the cover letter, please describe what you feel you will bring to the ship and her mission as well what you think you will gain by the opportunity to work aboard her.




When you buy local – everyone wins. The fisherman, the chef, the consumer. Tonno doing it right!

Anthony Caturano writes-

One of the nice things about being in Gloucester is all the fresh seafood. Grabbed some Lobsters from Joey C at Captain Joes and then headed over to Compass to see PJ for a nice 210# Blue Fin Tuna. All for the menu tonight.

Co working Survey From “Everything I do goes viral James Dowd”

Hey JC! 

Put together a little survey for an idea that’s been banging around for a while regarding Co-working. For those who are unfamiliar, these are spaces where people who typically work from home can go for a few hours or the day and have desk-space, wifi, printing and that sort of thing without running out that one cup of coffee they bought at the Cafe three hours ago (but people better keep going to cafes, dammit!).

Also good for meeting, conference calls, presentations, night classes, b​ook clubs, that sort of thing. 

There are a lot of ways to execute this idea, there is no space chosen yet or anything, we’re just getting the community together first, to gauge if there is enough support.

So we’d love to get a little feedback through this five minute survey. If you’d post it, this would continue the awesome. As always, you rule, etc.  –Jim Dowd

survey link

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