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More information from our FOB Dave Moore on the photos

Hommie Korea 2  Very Old School  Tomb of General history 1427-1471.jpg

Hommie Korea 1.jpg

A little background on the statue can see over right shoulder a rice field below not planted yet and part of the road that swings around the mountain. Sorry the photos were not better this was taken with a regular cell phone not smart phone older model.
Some history behind the statute Date I did take a picture of the English version comments but picture picked the sun not clear (
The resting place; “The Tomb of Soosunggum General, Choi Yu Lim (1426-1471).”
Hommie flew with me and Kim for a walk to a very sacred place in the woods. This is our normal route and walk 6 km round trip we pass and pay tribute homage and honor to those who have created a path for us to follow. The resting place; “ On 27 March 2016, Sunday, Hommie flew with me and Kim for a walk to a very sacred place in the woods. This is our normal route and walk 6 km round trip we pass and pay tribute homage and honor to those who have created a path for us to follow. The resting place; “The tomb of Soosunggum General, Choi Yu Lim (1426-1471).”

Clean Up on Saturday

Good Morning Peeps:

Hope everyone is doing well and patiently waiting for Spring.

When: Saturday, April 2, 2016
Time: 8:00 – 9:00
Where: Main Street near where the Cape Ann Animal Aid was located.

Thanks All

Please bring gloves..
Also here is a photo of some of our group that helps out every Saturday.
Clean Up

One of our best FOB from South Korea

Our FOB Dave Moore has called me a couple of times. What a wonderful person and so interesting. Well on Saturday, received a package from South Korea with great photos, maps, patches stickers, South Korean money and maps. Thank you so much Dave, we at GMG always love hearing from you.
Dave Moore


Last year, 5,000 samples were served from 62 gallons of Fishermen’s Wive’s redfish soup. Unbelievably, this year’s batch of soup looks like an even greater amount. A tremendous effort on behalf of our community has been extended by Angela Sanfilippo, Sal Di Stefano, Cara Ring, Mark Ring, Natalie Ring, Tom Ring, Mariella Cannavo, Margherida Bellicia, Todd Snopkowski from Snap Chef, Misslewood Executive Chef Sean McCarthy, Jason Hakes, Abde Lhamid Yacine, Ethan Piper, Madi Woods, Patrick Finocchiaro, and everyone involved in the food preparations. Three cheers and a thundering shout out to Mayor Sefatia Romeo Thekan for her vision in bringing Gloucester for the second year in a row to the Seafood Expo North America, and a huge thank you to everyone working so hard to make SENA16 a great success.

1. Mark Ring Sal Di Stefano, Tom Ring Seafood North America Expo 2016

Mark Ring, Sal Di Stefano, and Tom Ring
2. maria cannaova Seafood North America Expo 2016

Mariella Cannova, Misslewood Chef Sean McCarthy, and Ethan Piper3 ANGELA SAN FILIPPO

Angela Sanfilippo, President Fishermen’s Wives Association4 Cara Ring Seafood North America Expo 2016

Happy Birthday Cara Ring!



After injuring my elbow this winter, the next step to recovery is working with an occupational therapist. From the long list of possible rehabilitation centers provided by the arm physician I wasn’t sure where to turn. Because my family has been very well cared for by the Addison Gilbert Hospital Emergency room staff, as well as the fact that it is so convenient, made deciding upon AGH easier. When making the initial appointment I stated one criteria and that was that whoever was assigned me had to be extremely gentle.

I liked Francine from the moment I met her and not just because she is super gentle, she is also smart, kind, compassionate, and truly knows her profession. If you are ever in need of an arm OT, Francine is the one. She has been treating patients for twenty years, seventeen of those years at AGH. Francine specializes in nerve and tendon injuries of the hand and arm, arthritis, trauma, and wound care. If you are ever injured, which I sincerely hope you are not, but if you are, ask for Francine; you will surely be in the best possible hands!

Francine Elliott 2016.


One Billion Rising Gloucester kimsmith -2Hosted by Mayor Sefatia, a tremendous and well-attended event was held today in support of Domestic Violence Awareness and Prevention. A coalition of survivors, supporters, community leaders, local police, and service agencies gathered in City Hall’s foyer to stand up for compassion towards survivors and an end to violence against women locally, nationally, and internationally. Make some noise for One Billion Rising!

One Billion Rising at Gloucester City Halll

A photo posted by Kim Smith (@kimsmithdesigns) on

Profound, positive, and supportive speeches from One Billion Rising event

A video posted by Kim Smith (@kimsmithdesigns) on

Chief Campanello speaks about Gloucester Police Department's commitment to domestic violence awareness.

A video posted by Kim Smith (@kimsmithdesigns) on



The Gloucester Sea Cadets were the winners at the most recent Awesome Gloucester Pitch Night, receiving $1000 from the local micro grant foundation to support the leadership training they offer to local youth interested in naval careers.

Each month the Gloucester chapter of the Awesome Foundation solicits proposals from the community and chooses the top three to attend a public Pitch Night on the evening of the thirdMonday. Submitters make their case before the 20 local trustees who have each donated $50 toward the monthly award. The top vote getters walk away with $1000 in cash. Proposals to make Gloucester more awesome can be made at Awesome Gloucester.

11 Year Old Brothers Charles and George King’s Efforts to Save Civil War Union Soldier Coat Featured in the Banner!

Brothers Charles and George King write to GMG ~

“The Bay State Banner, a Boston newspaper, published an article about the Civil War coat after the Cape Ann Beacon article. We will pick up a copy of the Banner as soon as possible. In the meantime here is the link:

 Slave’s coat protected Union POW; now brothers strive to save the coat

Please share. Thank you to Yawu Miller, the Editor of the Banner and Jule Pattison-Gordon, the reporter. Jule, we think it’s fantastic! We think you did a great job of making it clear.

To learn more about the Banner and its 50 years of stories, see the documentary on their home page. We watched it after our interview with Jule.  We’re so excited Gloucester is in the paper!”

Charles King and George King

unnamed-7 unnamed-6


Cape Ann Art Haven Buoy Auction -3

Andrew Luman, Schuylar Corbett, and Ruby Lyman

Cruiseport was filled to overflowing with the joyful sounds of children laughing and parents socializing, all there to join in the fun of Art Haven’s 8th Annual Buoy Auction. The hundreds of buoys hand painted by local children were displayed in a fresh new layout with a “Haven Walk” surrounding the perimeter.

Emily Bean Andrew Lumen Cape Ann Art Haven Buoy Auction @www.kimsmithdesigns.comAndrew Luman did a fantastic job as the auctioneer and emcee (with Emily Bean above)

For the silent auction, beautiful buoy creations were donated by some of the most talented local artists.

Colleen Apostolos-Marsh Cape Ann Art Haven Buoy Auction @www.kimsmithdesigns.comColleen Apostolos-Marsh “Sugar Skull”

Traci Corbett Cape Ann Art Haven Buoy Auction @www.kimsmithdesigns.comTraci Thayne-Corbett “The Big Catch”

Jeff Weaver Cape Ann Art Haven Buoy Auction Jeff Weaver

Art Haven’s Buoy Auction is truly a community event in every sense of the word ~

Special thanks were noted in the program to the lobstermen who loaned the traps, Peter Mondello, Bob Morris, Chris Orcsillo, and Scott Horne. Sheree Zizik once again generously donated Cruiseport, delicious food was provided by local restaurants and shops, and many area businesses donated buoy supplies, transportation, and event promotion. Thanks too was given to all who helped construct the Lobster Trap Tree, with thanks to the buoy auction committee, and a very special thanks to Traci-Thayne Corbett and Karen Conant.Cape Ann Art Haven Buoy Auction -2 @www.kimsmithdesigns.comSEE MORE PHOTOS HERE Read more


OMG live auction Lotus Marsh cupcake buoy at 150.00!!

A video posted by Kim Smith (@kimsmithdesigns) on

SOLD Lotus's Giant Cupcake!

A video posted by Kim Smith (@kimsmithdesigns) on

Live from Family Fun Night Art Haven Buoy Auction!

A video posted by Kim Smith (@kimsmithdesigns) on

David Brooks Art Haven Buoy 2016 ©Kim Smith

Art Haven Founder David Brooks

Lots More Pics Tomorrow!

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