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Cape Ann Big Band to play for Salem Jazz & Soul Fest Spring Gala Fundraiser SUNDAY

Renee Dupuis with Cape Ann Big Band

Renee Dupuis with Cape Ann Big Band at Beverly’s historic Larcom Theatre in May 2014 (photo Sheila Roberts Orlando)

Here’s an opportunity to have some fun while supporting an excellent cause.  Local favorites Cape Ann Big Band featuring vocalists Renee Dupuis and Nathan Seavey perform down the road at Beverly’s Larcom Theatre to help raise money for The Salem Jazz & Soul Festival and their excellent music education work.

Awesome Auction Items

Before and during the concert and at intermission you can bid on some awesome auction items.  Here’s a short list of highlights:

Original artwork, gift cards to local restaurants, KHS ladies bicycle donated by Salem Cycle, theater tickets, music lessons, martial arts lessons, wizard-themed party for kids at the Salem Witch Institute’s Crown and Shield Hall, weeklong stay at a house in Southern France.

Doors are 6:30.  Show starts at 7:00pm with the North Shore Jazz Project All Stars opening.

What better way to spend a Sunday evening!

State Representative Ann Margaret Ferrante Hosts Gloucester Girl Scout Tour of the State House

IMG_4282 (1)
Speaker of the House Robert DeLeo and Representative Ann Margaret Ferrante with Gloria Parson’s East Gloucester Girl Scout Troop
The East Gloucester Girl Scouts led by Gloria Parsons (Mrs. P) were privilged to visit the State House yesterday. During the grand tour, State Representative Ann-Margaret Ferrante and her aides gave the girls a history lesson as they visited the various chambers of the State House, including the House and Senate Chambers.
IMG_4278 (1)Representative Ferrante also introduced the girls to the Speaker of the House, Robert DeLeo. The girls had a great time visiting the State House and later taking a ride on the Swan Boats in the Boston Public Garden. Thank you Ann-Margaret for the tour and inspiring girls to become leaders!
IMG_4301 (1)Yesterday was also Girl Scout Troop Leader Appreciation Day. Gloria Parson has been the East Gloucester Girl Scout Troop Leader for over 30 years. Thank you for your service
Mrs. P.!

Gloucester Marine Debris Clean-Up Event


Clean Gloucester and The One Hour at Time Gang will be participating.

The One Hour at a Time will be heading to Niles Beach and Clean Gloucester will be in Rocky Neck.

2nd Gloucester Marine Debris Clean-Up Event

Saturday, April 25, 2015, 10:00 am to 11:00 am

Audience: all ages

The Rocky Neck & Harbortown Cultural Districts and Clean City Commission are reaching across the water on April 25, 2015 to support a clean Gloucester Harbor.  The Clean-Up will support the work of Rozalia Project to collect data on marine debris and to asses its impacts from the surface to the sea floor.

Cape Ann residents, students and visitors are encouraged to assist in cleaning various designated venues along Gloucester Harbor. The cleanup will include these sites: Maritime Gloucester~Rocky Neck Ave. Parking Lot~Horton Street-Ocean Alliance, ~Gordon Thomas Park (at the beginning of the State Fish Pier)~Stage Fort Park~Niles Beach

Volunteers meet at any of the cleanup sites at 9:45. All are welcome—great for all ages. Dress warmly, wear sturdy boots and bring your own gloves. Marine debris collected will be tallied back at Maritime Gloucester at 11:30 am where there will be food & refreshments. Contact Melanie Murray-Brown at Maritime Gloucester for more info:


Earth Day, Wednesday April 22, 2015

A message from Mayor Sefatia Romeo Theken:

On Earth Day, Wednesday, April 22nd, from approximately 1 to 4 pm, the Gorton’s “Green Team” will be doing a cleanup of Stacey Boulevard.  Joe Lucido, Operations Manager at the Department of Public Works, is supposed to meet them there and provide yellow bags.  They plan to rake and do a general clean up that afternoon.  My point of contact at Gorton’s is Sheila Hardwick, who is the Executive Assistant to Judd Reiss, the CEO.  She can be reached by email at  At my last communication with Sheila, they had 17 volunteers signed up for the afternoon.

In addition, the Mayor plans to stop by at some point over the afternoon to speak with the volunteers.May 21, 2014 flags waving on the blvd.


Saturday’s Clean up

clean up

Clean Gloucester and The One Hour at a Time Gang would like to invite you to volunteer for an hour on Saturday.

When:                 Saturday, April 18, 2015

Where:                Upper Main and Upper Roger’s Street

Time:                  8:00 am – 9:00 am

We can meet on Main Street near the Liquor Locker.

We have bags, please make sure you bring your gloves.  Look forward to seeing all.

Thank you




Rotary Polar Plunge at Long Beach

The Rotary Polar Plunge was held on Saturday, April 11, 2015 to eradicate polio world wide.  It was a beautiful day, the water temperature was only 38 degrees though.  Congrats to all the plungers.


Saturday’s Clean Up

Clean Gloucester and The One Hour at a Time Gang will be cleaning Good Harbor Beach at our usual time of 8:00 am.  We will be meeting at the Concession Stand to start the clean up.  Following the clean up the Rotary will be holding their annual Polar Plunge at Long Beach to eradicate world wide polio, please following their link at

See all at 8:00

Bags will be provided.

Let us keep our city and beaches clean.  Also please remember to pick up after your pets and carry bags with your on your walks.

July 22, 2014 Summer at Good Harbor Beach

Glow with Grace Walk for Those in Crisis on Cape Ann

On Sunday, March 29, 2015, the Grace Center Inc. held its 3rd Annual “Glow with Grace” candlelit walk to raise awareness for its mission to help those in crisis on Cape Ann.

Founding Executive Director, Rev. Tom Bentley opened the evening with an enthusiastic and compelling talk about the impact that Grace Center is making on the Cape Ann Community. He spoke about the benefits of the cost-effectiveness of the program, noting that the organization is run primarily by a strong volunteer base.

Also, present were City Councilman, Paul McGeary and Senator Bruce Tarr. Both officials emphasized the positive contributions this program has made in such a short time.

Following the 10 minute walk from the Gloucester High School to the Fisherman Statute, Mayor Sefatia Romeo Theken greeted the walkers where she also spoke of the benefits of the Grace Center. Mayor Theken stressed the increased need for the Grace Center to be open more days in the week, and  she pledged additional funds if a space for operations could be found.  Presently the Grace Center program must rely on donated space in three churches which can offer no more than one day each per week.  

Sen. Bruce Tarr echoed the Mayor’s appeal and pledged also to help secure additional funding if possible.

The evening was concluded with Rev. Tom Bentley offering a prayer, and guiding the participants in singing “Amazing Grace.”

The Grace Center Inc. operates as a day resource center for those adults on Cape Ann who are homeless, low-income and in crisis or transition. To date, the organization has served over 600 individuals, offering breakfast and a hot lunch, along with social services. Learn more at

In the winter of 2009, the Cape Ann Clergy Association recognized an increasing number of requests for help from low-income and homeless adults. A Needs Assessment Study identified a number of pressing needs including the absence of a safe day space for the homeless in Gloucester. On December 22, 2011, the Grace Center, Inc. opened as a day resource center with professional staff and volunteers. To date we have served over 600 individuals. While we are proud to get to know and encourage individuals currently experiencing homelessness, we also continue to welcome the many older adults, lonely community members, or those at high risk of or currently experiencing crisis. No matter the life circumstances that have brought our guests to our doors, we strive to always provide gifts of acceptance, hospitality, and opportunity to all we meet.

The lighthouse Project

Good morning!

The Lighthouse project was designed to look at the social ramifications of small, positive acts of kindness.  The experimental curriculum works directly with a group of students who are empowered to take on miniscule tasks and then report on the social consequence of their behavior.  The group has tracked their progress in order to determine a variety of outcomes.  For example, do they have the ability to impact themselves through these behaviors?  Does this expand beyond themselves to the people close to them in life?  Does it go beyond that to the school and/or community?  Can one beacon of light pave a new direction for the masses? 

The students have been encouraged to take pride in themselves and their school.  Students come together each week to talk about their personal experiences with this task.  In addition, we plan monthly “acts of kindness” done for no other reason than to bring hope to other students and inspire creativity, inspiration and an overall feeling that each student matters.  The program is designed to inspire confidence and pride in positive (even if small) successes.

The students have dedicated hours after school to create inspirational gestures of hope which are randomly distributed to the student body.  It is amazing to see the amount of energy and enthusiasm students put towards recognizing each other’s strengths….not always an easy or popular thing to do in high school!
The project has been recognized by the White House and has inspired students in Gloucester High School’s Cabinet Making program to make an official sign.  I have attached pictures of the projects…
Tomorrow we are embarking on our next random act….leaving colored eggs around the school full of inspirational quotes and candy:)
Follow us on twitter: The Lighthouse Project
I would be happy to talk to anyone interested in running the story….and would be thrilled to be able to prove to my students that kindness and small acts of kindness can change the world.
Thank you!!
Amy Rose

Rockport High School

Guidance Counselor


Donate Life New England

Donate Life held a presentation on Friday at Addison Gilbert.  If you wish to register to become an Organ and Tissue Donor, please following the following link.

Saturday’s Clean Up

April 9, 2014 Rocky Neck boats

Hope everyone is doing well.

 Clean Gloucester and The One Hour at a Time Gang’s schedule

 Where:                 Rocky Neck Parking Lot

When:                  Saturday, April 4, 2015

Time:                    8:00 – 9:00


After the initial clean up, off to Horton Street for more clean up.  You may park at Ocean Alliance’s parking lot

 Hope to see everyone there.  Please check out Clean Gloucester and The One Hour at a Time Gang on Facebook.


 Thanks all



Please Donate To The GoFundMe Page For Gloucester Marine Dan Cary Who Was Shot and..

Please share this post via facebook and/or twitter because this GoFundme campaign can have a direct impact on helping the family financially through a difficult emotional time and please continue to send encouraging messages to Dan.

Tina Russell shared with us this news last night-

Thank you everyone for your kind words. We live in an amazing community. Danny is improving. He’s been moved out of ICU!!

If you value community and appreciate the sacrifices made by servicemen and women and their families, then when something like this happens maybe think about helping out those families most in need.
Here’s a link to The Dan Cary GoFundMe Page where you can help.
I’d also like to note that Josie Cary and her family entrusted GoodMorningGloucester to share the treasured audio tapes of her Grandfather Cigar Joe who recounted his incredible stories of fishing out of Gloucester in the early twentieth century. You can hear those here-
Treasured Audio-Gloucester History Cigar Joe Talks About Fishing In the Early Part of The Twentieth Century Part VI
Donate To Dan Cary’s GoFundMe Page here- Helping the Carys

Tonight the Cary family received devastating news that their son Dan was shot in the abdomen. Dan is in the marine core and is based in Georgia. Dan is a proud marine and his family and friends are extremely proud of him. I am asking friends, family, strangers to help this family during this difficult time. Dan is a proud marine serving our country. We don’t know how long his recovery will be. If anyone knows Josie she is the first person to be there to help someone in need. I am asking people just to help while they are with their son during this difficult time. No amount is too little. Thank you everyone for your support!
This young man is Marine Dan Cary born and raised in Gloucester, Massachusetts. He was shot in the back and sustained injuries there and into his abdomen by a powerful M16 while stationed in Georgia. The injuries are many.

He has undergone a second surgery to repair damages and is still in critical condition. He needs more surgery tomorrow; it will be his third one.

Throughout this horrific ordeal it would benefit Dan to receive the support of his community and beyond. His mother reads to him messages from Facebook and although he is intubated, unable to speak, he is able to let her know he likes hearing the messages.

Let us each send a message to Dan showing our support and a willingness to pray that he heals, gets strong and comes home soon.

Permission is granted to circulate by his Aunt Tina Russell. God Bless Dan Cary, his family and all of you for taking the time to read this and respond to one of our soldiers.


Lynne Anderson's photo.


If you have any questions or want more detail, and there is much detail, contact Tina Russell via Facebook. Thank you for considering posting this…we want as much support as possible for our native son.

Closing Time

This is one blog post that I don’t consider myself worthy to write for a couple of different reasons.  First of all, with only 15 years of residency in the amazing town of Rockport, I’m still a bit of a newcomer.  Secondly, my behind has never had the privilege of sitting in one of the well-worn leather seats that could tell almost 60 years worth of tales. Let alone the iconic horse saddle seat.  If scissors could speak.  What in the world am I talking about?   Well, THE hub of Rockport, of course.  Walt Julian’s barber shop.

As new parents, my husband and I made lots of decisions together…and some apart.  We agreed together on finding out the sex of our children before they were born.  We agreed together on names.  I, for example, decided on what the nursery would look like. And my husband, without consultation, decided that naturally their first haircuts would be done by the one-and-only Walt.  As if I would have argued.

Even prior to my own children, I can remember MANY an early morning that my husband would creep out of bed at a somewhat insane hour to get a jump on the line at Walt’s.  I still laugh about the day that he left at the crack of dawn as I slept on in disbelief.  I grew even more incredulous when the phone rang and it was one of his good friends….who had recently moved to Beverly…calling to see if he had already left the house.  When I said that he had already been gone for about 15 minutes all I got in return was, “Oh crap.  I’m never going to beat that line. Click.”

So, I’m sure most of you know by now, that Walt Julian has closed his barber shop. With almost 60 years of story telling, listening, laughing, trimming, buzzing, shaving, and lollipop giving….he leaves an enormous scrapbook of memories in his wake.

While I’ve only met Walt a handful of times myself…and I am not as rooted in history here in Rockport as many others are…I am thrilled and honored to have photos of Thatcher and Finn in Walt’s care.

Congratulations, Walt, on a respected and iconic career, for creating memories for generations of Cape Ann residents, and, now, on your retirement.

I wonder just how many family scrapbooks contain photos of you!  You will be missed!

Clean up time

Clean Gloucester and The One Hour at a Time Gang will be out cleaning on Saturday. Please Bring gloves, we will supply the bags.

When: Saturday March 28, 2015
Time: 8:00 -9:00
Where: St. Peter’s Square, Main Street and Rogers Street

There will be bags on my blue Mazda if some volunteers would like to come later.

Looking forward to seeing all. Thank you
1459118_657695407682203_4997561671184736113_n for GMG

We Lost A Great FOB From Ontario Canada- Bruce Bonham

Bruce had been a regular on GMG from the early days even though he lived in Canada, and visited every summer.  Always friendly and upbeat he loved GMG and Our City.  In the picture below you can see Bruce with the original GMG Bumper Sticker back in May 2009, a year and a couple months after GMG started and Bruce was already hooked.

Bruce Bonham From Ontario Represents!

Posted on May 30, 2009 by Joey C


Bruce Bonham From Ontario Represents!, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Daughter Jacquelyn writes-

Just wanted to send a big thank you to Good Morning Gloucester, My father Bruce Bonham who passed suddenly on March 3/15 was truly a fan. My parents spent many years vacationing in Gloucester ” Rocky Neck ” and  my dad always wanted me to see his favorite spot.  I was fortunate enough to join my parents on trips to this special place.  My father loved this so much he said he felt he was home.

Good Morning Gloucester was a regular routine for my dad with his morning coffee.

I want to thank all the people of Gloucester, Mona and her husband at Rocky Neck Accommodations, thanks for making our stays special and of course the boat rides.  Thanks to Brenda who conversed a lot with my dad. Thanks to the Rudder who always found us a table.  Thanks to you Joey for of course Good Morning Gloucester, and the Lobsta!!. To Nights On the Neck for making us feel welcome, and to Town of Gloucester for the same.

Thanks again for making this my fathers very special place

Bruce Bonham obits St Catharines Standard Newspaper   St. Catharines, Ontario Canada

Yours Truly

Jacquelyn and Louise Bonham

Always sending in his famous Gloucester Christmas Cards-


Hi Joey,
Thought I’d send you this holiday greeting from St. Catharines, Ontario, CANADA!!
Thank God for GMG! Keeps us informed about the greatest place on earth.
All the best to you and your family,
Bruce and Louise Bonham
ps – see you at the dock in May — if all goes as planned!


Hi Joey,
You may recall I was at the ‘dock’ last Tuesday (Sep. 21).
Since 2004, we’ve stayed at Mona Faherty’s Rocky Neck Accommodations.
Since I’m now retired, we’re trying to make the trip from St.
Catharines, Ontario (near Niagara Falls).
Obviously, we love the area. And we love GMG!
Thought I’d send you three pictures I took during our last visit, if
they’re any use to your web site.
See you next May, if all goes as planned!
Bruce and Louise Bonham





Hi Joey,
A warm greeting from Canada!
We wish you and all your thousands of blog viewers a healthy holiday season.
Hope to see you in the spring. Especially eager for a Gloucester and Rocky Neck appearance since having to miss 2012’s visit.
Take care,
Bruce & Louise Bonham
St. Catharines, Ontario



Hi Joey,
All the best of the season to you, yours and your many blog viewers!
See you in the spring.
Bruce Louise Bonham
St. Catharines, Ontario


Thank you Bruce and Jackie.  It was always my pleasure when you guys came to visit.  Your dad is a special man and we will miss his warm smile every time he was around!


For all of you folks that have never witnessed THE MOVIE for 2013, please take the time to do so. You will be entertained.

(for ease of playback on a video of this length, click the play button, then pause it for a few seconds, it speeds up the loading process)

And please come out and support this years event, it’a for the NEXT STEP, they change lives…you could, too!

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