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Cape Ann Clergy Go All In On Gloucester Initiative

Dear friends,

Under the leadership of Police Chief Leonard Campanello, the Gloucester Police Department recently began the Gloucester Initiative. Through the Gloucester Initiative the Police Department has offered itself as a conduit for on-the-spot treatment for those who suffer from opiate addiction. Anyone who is ready to receive help can come to the Police Department and be immediately connected to a treatment facility without arrest.

As clergy we understand the deep, hidden pain of people struggling with addiction. We have seen the stigma that drug addiction, in particular, causes. We believe that the love of God and inherent dignity of every person compel us to come alongside those who struggle and suffer, whether they are in positions of power and prestige or have been relegated to society’s margins.

We are so pleased to voice our support for the initiative and its accompanying angel program. We gladly lend our voices and hands of support to the efforts of the Gloucester Police Department and the many groups and organizations who have already partnered with them. We encourage others to do the same.

With hope,

Cape Ann Clergy

Reverend Cynthia Antonuk, First Baptist Church, Gloucester, MA

Reverend Tom Bentley, Trinity Congregational Church, Gloucester, MA

Timothy Bushfield, Lead Pastor, Community Church of East Gloucester, Gloucester, MA

Rabbi Susan Bulba Carvutto, Emerita, Temple Beth El, Augusta, Maine (part-time Gloucester resident)

Reverend Anne Deneen, Pastor, St. Paul Lutheran Church, Gloucester, MA

Reverend Michael Duda, First Church in Wenham, Wenham, MA (residence: Rockport, MA)

Reverend Alice W. Erickson, United Church of Christ, Gloucester, MA

Very Reverend Ronald J. Gariboldi, V.F. Retired Co-Pastor, Holy Family Parish, Gloucester, MA

Rabbi Myron S. Geller, Emeritus, Temple Ahavat Achim, Gloucester, MA

Abram Kielsmeier-Jones, Pastor, Union Congregational Church, Magnolia (Gloucester), MA

Rabbi Steven A. Lewis, Temple Ahavat Achim, Gloucester, MA

Reverend Susan Moran, Unitarian Universalist Society of Rockport, Rockport, MA

Reverend Janet Parsons, Gloucester Unitarian Universalist Church, Gloucester, MA

Reverend Rona Tyndall, Grace Center, Gloucester, MA

Reverend Derek van Gulden, First Congregational Church of Rockport (UCC), Rockport, MA

Reverend Deirdre Greenwood White, Annisquam Village Church, Gloucester, MA

Reverend Jim Williams, Pastor, Gloucester Assembly of God Church, Gloucester, MA


Gloucester’s former deputy fire chief, Carl Ekborg, was reluctant for me to acknowledge his good work, but did you ever wonder why off-the-beaten trail beaches such as Brace Cove look so pristine? From one end of the beach to the opposite end, weekly Carl cleans the beach of the garbage that has washed ashore. This mound is only one half of today’s trash collection. THANK YOU CARL!

Beach Garbage ©Kim Smith 2015JPG




Important Information from Gloucester’s Clean City Commission

Clean Gloucester and The One Hour at a Time Gang along with Gloucester’s Clean Commission have put together an article regarding the problem with cigarette butt littering.


Cigarette Butts Are Litter Too!

Indoor smoking bans were created to protect the public from the dangers of secondhand smoke, which is great, but when smokers were moved outdoors, the butts went with them. Now the streets, sidewalks and beaches of Cape Ann have become an ashtray, but we can change that.

Wait, aren’t cigarettes biodegradable? Tobacco and cotton fiber? If that’s what you thought, you’re not alone. Cigarettes contain approximately 600 ingredients and more than 60 are known to cause cancer. Where do those chemicals go (besides in your body)? If you throw your butt on the ground they go into the environment. The filter alone is made of cellulose acetate that not only persists in the environment, it collects the harmful chemical additives that help make cigarettes addictive. Add that to water and you’ve got a chemical soup.

But they’re so small, how much harm can they do? Sadly cigarette butts are the most common marine debris found at shoreline clean-ups (we can personally attest to that). And that’s just the beach. What about the butts that end up in our lakes, streams and wetlands?

What can you do if you’re not ready to quit?

Carry a portable or pocket ashtray outside

  • Dispose of butts in a receptacle
  • Don’t throw butts out the window – use a car ashtray
  • Don’t throw butts into the ocean, use a butt bucket on your boat
  • If you own a business, insist that your employees use a receptacle, piles  of  butts outside your entrance can deter business


Litterers are more likely to litter when they see trash–it creates a sense that no one cares. Let’s show visitors that we care about our beautiful home.


– Gloucester Clean City Commission


Saturday’s Clean Up

Clean Gloucester and The One Hour at a Time Gang will be cleaning Washington Street.

We will meet near the Variety Store across from George’s and start from there.  Noticed the butts and trash that is along the street.


Time:   8:00 am

Where:  Washington Street

When:   Saturday 18, 2015

Thanks all hope to see you all, if you have a broom, please bring it along.

clean up



Hearing-1Saturday morning a public meeting was held to provide State Representative Ann Margaret Ferrante the opportunity to introduce the four pieces of legislation that she has put forth to help grow the Massachusetts creative economy. The meeting was organized by Judith Hoglander, Chair for the Gloucester Committee for the Arts, and took place at the Gloucester Stage Company. Judith and Ann Margaret’s hope was to have an open exchange regarding the legislation prior to its moving forward and to create an opportunity to hear and discuss new ideas. Special guest Matt Wilson from MASSCreative also spoke about the importance of arts advocacy.

Ann Margaret’s proposed legislation could not be more on target and will have a tremendously positive impact on communities throughout Massachusetts. Time and again, around the nation, and the world over, we have seen how a thriving artistic community improves the spiritual, educational, and economic well being of a region.


Summary of the four pieces of legislation:


  1. Tax credit for live-theatre-to-Broadway. What does that mean? Pre-Broadway theatres would be granted a tax-credit for the six to twelve weeks of the show’s run. How does that benefit our communities? Ann Margaret explained that Boston and Massachusetts regional theatres were formerly considered the best place for theatres in New York to test their upcoming shows. It was easy and economical to pack up the show and head to Massachusetts. Not any longer because Chicago, New Orleans, and Rhode Island now offer tax exemptions for pre-Broadway shows. Boston and Massachusetts theatres are dark during pre-Broadway runs, which means the restaurants and surrounding businesses are also empty of patrons. Did you know that the Colonial Theatre in Boston is slated to close this winter? And become luxury condos??


  1. Sales tax exemptions for art sales (with a cap).


  1. Sales tax exemptions for developers to create artist live-work space. This is huge and would also contain wording to prevent the dwellings from becoming luxury condominiums.


  1. Simple red/green rating system for the handicap accessibility of cultural institutions. This would not compel any change to the institution, but simply make it easier for people with a handicap to attend the venue.


A true advocate for the arts, it is worth noting that Representative Ferrante was instrumental in maintaining the film industry tax credit. She was the point person fighting this serious threat to our regional economy. There isn’t one person in Massachusetts who has not benefited directly or indirectly from our growing film industry. The business of filmmaking creates exceptional and well paying jobs (with benefits) and supports local businesses, while also generating worldwide interest in our region. Hats off to Ann Margaret Ferrante for the stellar work that she is accomplishing for Cape Ann and for all of Massachusetts.

Judith Hoglander ©Kim Smith 2015

Judith Hoglander, meeting organizer, and Chair to the Gloucester Committee for the Arts.

Jon Wojciechowski ©Kim Smith 2015

Jon Wojciechowski, Executive Managing Director Gloucester Stage Company

Matt Wilson ©Kim Smith 2015

Matt Wilson, Executive Director of MASSCeative

Matt explains that the mission of MASSCreative is threefold: 1) to educate communities about the importance of the arts, 2) advocate for the arts on a political level, and 3) teach communities how to advocate for themselves. Read more about MASSCreative here.

Why does Gloucester Stage looks so funky? GO SEE OUT OF STERNO TO FIND OUT WHY!

Please Note: Ann Margaret is not running for re-election in the fall of 2015 (she will be running for re-election in 2016) and I feel strongly that by presenting the above information I am not going against the Good Morning Gloucester policy of not advocating for candidates during an active election campaign. As we have done many times in the past, it is of great value to our community to highlight the good work that is being done by our elected officials, especially in this case where the legislation that is being put forth by Representative Ferrante will directly benefit a large percentage of our community. 2010_FERRANTE_4585Jason Grow Photo

Graffiti Clean Up in West Gloucester and Dogtown


Below is a blurb describing some graffiti removal work around Gloucester yesterday.

I wonder if your GMG readers might help us identify other areas around Gloucester for future clean-ups.

Nick, Cape Ann Trail Stewards

The Essex County Anti Graffiti unit was in town this Wednesday morning to clean up the Sawyer Library and sites in West Gloucester and at the Cherry Street entrance to Dogtown.

The clean up team, led by Sergeant Christopher Goudreault, uses a combination of high pressure water and baking soda to remove paint from various surface. 


Here is a before and after view of a utility building along Concord Street near the new Exit 13 entrance to Greenbelt’s Tompson Street Reservation.



Below are before and after photos from the Bray Street entrance to Tompson Reservation and the entrance to Dogtown.




Thanks to Mary Devaney of Rockport’s Anti-graffiti task force and to the Gloucester Department of Public Works and Gloucester Police Department and Sawyer Library Director Fred Cowan for coordinating this work.

Nick Holland, President, Cape Ann Trail Stewards


Nicholas Holland

                                                    (617) 233-7332


Saturday Clean Up

Clean Gloucester and The One Hour at a Time will be cleaning up on Dale Avenue near the library. The cigarette butts are disgusting.

Hopefully all had a great fourth of July weekend.

Where: Dale Avenue, near Library
When: Saturday, July 11th
Time: 8:00 – 9:00
Please bring gloves and if anyone would like to bring brooms. The cigarette butts are disgusting especially right in front of the library.

Thank you all
clean up


Esther Mathieu livmatt_06-20-2015-256 (1)Perhaps you are planning a wedding or special event in the coming months. Our daughter Liv Hauck and Matt O’Rourke, married on June 20th, wanted to share about the talented people who helped make their dream wedding come true. From caterers Dan Allen and Andy Maitland to Esther Mathieu Photography, everyone involved did an outstanding job. We wish to express our most heartfelt thanks to all and thought the best way to say a big thank you to each was to provide contact information and a brief description about their businesses.

Olivia & Matt 6-20-15

Invitation by Shaina Gregory

First and foremost, our tremendous thanks and appreciation goes to Dan Allen Catering. He, along with partner Andy Maitland (Maitland Mountain Farm), prepared an exquisite menu using the most freshest and sweetest ingredients from local farms and fisheries. The theme was New England clambake meets county dinner, based around everyone’s favorite main courses—Ken Duckworth’s sublime recipe for lobster risotto and a wonderfully delicious buttermilk fried chicken. Captain Joe and Sons provided the lobster and the fresh vegetables came from Maitland Mountain Farm, as well as from Appleton Farms. Even the honey butter for the cornbread came from Dan’s own beehives! We were all raving about how delicious and unique were the hors d’oeuvres, which included such tantalizing tidbits as open-faced braised rib sliders, smoked tomato roasted corn arancini, and salmon canapés with mascarpone, capers, and fresh dill. Accompaniment dishes were devoured as equally as were the main courses and hors d’oeuvres—traditional clam chowder, farm fresh succotash, and homemade pickled vegetable—to name only a few.

Esther Mathieu livmatt_06-20-2015-437

Son Alex’s Heaping Helping


Dan’s assistant Mary made the divinely delicious desserts—raspberry tarts, brown butter chocolate chip cookies, brownie layers—the list goes on and on!

Dan and Andy were an absolute dream to work with. I know you will be hearing more about their catered events in the near future. Dan is in the process of launching his website and in the meantime, he may be reached at 978-491-9493 or

Esther Mathieu is simply the most talented life style photographer in our region. Liv first became interested in Esther’s work from her Instagram account and we all fell in love with her luminous imagery. And she is a total sweetheart to work with! The photos are a treasure and we’ll be pouring over all, thanking Esther for capturing Liv and Matt’s wedding day with such grace and beauty. Contact Esther at:

Our deepest thanks to Lisa Smith who was our fabulous videographer. Lisa is a producer at Cape Ann TV and is also a dear friend. We so appreciate her time and talent. Lisa was discreet; you would hardly know that she was present. We’ll be looking at the footage in the coming days and can hardly wait to see. Lisa can be reached at: 

Like a dream, the enchanting music floating throughout the evening was by none other than Cape Ann’s own beautiful songstress Renee Dupuis and the fabulously talented Joe Cardoza and Nathan Cohen. From the sweetly romantic, “Dream a Little Dream of Me,” to which the bride and groom danced their first dance, to one of the bridesmaid’s favorites, “These Boots Are Made For Walkin,” there isn’t a song Renee, Joe, and Nathan could not play, and play beautifully. Could we have been more fortunate than to have these extraordinary talents performing at Liv and Matt’s wedding? Click Renee, Joe, and Nathan to learn more about their current projects. To book the trio, contact Renee at:

Esther mathieu livmatt_06-20-2015-302

Melissa Glorieux of Aster B. Flowers created the exquisite bride’s bouquet, bridesmaid bouquets, and table arrangements. Not only were the flowers full and lush and perfect, they are all locally grown at her farm in Essex! Aster. B grows her flowers using organic practices only. Read more about Melissa and her sustainable farm here: Aster B. Flowers. 

livmatt_06-20-2015-261The very talented Maria Cracchiolo from Caffe Sicilia made the seashore inspired wedding cake as well as the perfectly coordinating 65th anniversary cake for Liv’s grandparents. Delicious and delightful (both cakes), Maria is a pleasure to work with. She also made the cannolis we served at Friday night’s celebration and they too, were devoured by all! Maria can be reached at: 978-283-7345.EM livmatt_06-20-2015-466EM livmatt_06-20-2015-301Emily Reed did a stunning job styling the bride and bridesmaid’s hairdos. Each girl’s hair was perfectly suited to her personality and each was so happy with her work. It was a delight to see their expressions after she had created her magic. Emily can be reached at:

Liv Matt ©Kim Smith 2015

Special thanks to Virgilio’s Italian Bakery for catering the party the night before the wedding—the sandwiches, antipasto, and entrees were a tremendous hit. And Nancy Virgilio helped us order just the right amount so that there would be sandwiches enough for late night snacking! Call 978-283-5295 for information abut Virgilio’s catering menu

EM livmatt_06-20-2015-453

Kathleen Erickson, owner of Savour Wine and Cheese, was instrumental in choosing the wines and Prosecco. We informed her of the menu and of our budget for both the reception and Friday night’s celebration and she knew just what to recommend. Thank you Kathleen for the wonderful selections; they were simply perfect.EM livmatt_06-20-2015-442

Fun and imaginative, the invitation set the tone of the wedding weekend from the get go. Liv and Matt designed the invite and worked with Shaina to refine the look. Contact Shaina at:

Gloucester Rental Center did an excellent job and we found nearly all of our event needs there: Gloucester Rental Center.

Esther Mathieu livmatt_06-20-2015-413

Last, but not in the least, we wish to thank Stan Wohlfarth of Stan’s Classic Service for the vintage VW limo service. Everyone loved that bus! Stan may be reached at:

EM livmatt_06-20-2015-227


Olivia & Matt 6-20-15b

Shaina Gregory Invitation

*With the exception of invitation scans and the group photo of the wedding party.

Photos of the guests and wedding party to come after Liv and Matt return from Thailand.



Best Horribles parade ever. Congrats to all! Cape Ann Farmer’s Market and Backyard Growers Program take first place in their bee- and butterfly-mobile, with Ukeladies on board! 

Cape Ann farmer's Market Horribles Parade -2 ©Kim Smith 2015 Cape Ann farmer's Market Horribles Parade ©Kim Smith 2015

Liv Wedding Photos Are In! ~ Thank You Esther Mathieu

We are just loving looking through the wedding photos and reliving Liv’s and Matt’s dreamy day. I’ll post pictures next week but in the mean time, we wanted to give Esther a huge shout out. I think she is our area’s best wedding/portrait/lifestyle photographer. See hee website here: Esther Mathieu. Fabulous in every way Esther!!!

Bombarding the world with our love. #sorrynotsorry #lobstercovewedding

A photo posted by Liv (@livviiiiii) on

Guess Who?

The photos were taken 34 years ago, this week, at the conclusion of the 1981 Marblehead to Halifax, Nova Scotia Ocean Race…the setting is the lawn of the Royal Nova Scotia Yacht Squadron, the co-sponsor of the race with the Boston Yacht Club in Marblehead…one of our crew couldn’t make it for the photo…we placed third overall, and the reason that there are 2 trophies is that we received the Lt. Governor’s trophy, also…that trophy is awarded to the highest placing Canadian yacht…I chartered the boat here, but we entered the race through the Lunenburg Yacht Club in Nova Scotia…I was the only American in the crew, everyone else were friends from Nova Scotia…this year’s race, it is only held every two years…will start off Marblehead on Sunday, July 5th.


The Amazing Joe Novello! #stpeterfiesta

Joe Novello Saint Peter's Fiesta Gloucester 2015 ©Kim Smith 2015Joe Novello at work. I hope the pending storm doesn’t damage the fabulous job Joe and Chris Palazolla and Crew have accomplished in getting Saint Peter’s Square ready for Fiesta.

Joe Novello #stpeterfiesta

A video posted by Kim Smith (@kimsmithdesigns) on



Passports Community Dinner Night to Support North Shore Health Project!


Join us Tuesday night for our community dinner night in support of North Shore Health Project.

  • 4 – 9 pm
  • 3 Course Dinner
  • $15.00
  • 10% of Proceeds Go To Your Organization
  • Reservations Requested

Celebrating 20 years in business we are giving back to the community every Tuesday night. Full menu also available.

If you would like to inquire about support for your organization, please email us at We look forward to working with you!

Passports Restaurant

110 Main Street Gloucester, MA 01930

Please call for Reservations: 978.281.3680

For questions please call:

Eric Lorden

978 304-7723

We Raised $788 To Help Fight Cancer Yesterday At Relay For Life

The Dunk Tank Organized By Our Buddy Melissa Cox To Raise Money To Eradicate Cancer Was A Great Success-

Vickie Grassman | Community Manager, Relay For Life writes-


Thanks so much for getting in the dunk tank yesterday and for helping to promote Relay For Life of Cape Ann. We had a great day and raised over $41,000. And we’re not done yet!

The dunk tank alone raised $788 yesterday! We really appreciate you braving the cold water to help us fight cancer!

2015 Cape Pond Ice Colest Dad Contest winner- Russell Smith

We received many great submissions, but the winner of the contest is Russell Smith nominated by his daughter Ainsley!
Runner up Coolest Dads are Jay nominated by Loretta Craveiro, Rob nominated by Phil Eckenrode, and Barry nominated by Marlee & Sydney Meinerth.

Congratulations & Happy Father’s Day to all Cool Dads out there!




Plant and They Will Come!

The proof is in the caterpillars!


2nd Instar Black Swallowtail Caterpillar ~ Willa Brosnihan Photo

Monday I had the great joy of being given the grand tour of the O’Maley Innovation School Butterfly Garden recently installed by Mrs. McGrath’s sixth grade class. We first had a screening of my film Life Story of the Black Swallowtail Butterfly and then went out to the garden to see the very same caterpillars!

The garden hits all the right notes with caterpillar food plants and colorful nectar-rich, butterfly attracting flowers. With the bed dug entirely by the students (you can see by the surrounding beds that the soil must have been incredibly compacted), prepped, and all planting done by the kids it is truly a fabulous accomplishment. You’ll see amazingly adorned handmade and beautifully painted informational signs and butterfly baths.

The garden was made possible though an award winning project created by students Emma Duckworth, Willa Brosnihan, and Kelsey Lowthers. For more information see the Awesome Gloucester Foundation O’Maley Butterfly Garden project page here .


Emma Duckworth Photo

Emma, Willa Kelsey Butterfly Garden ©Kim Smith 2015

Project creators Emma, Willa, and Kelsey


Hand painted water dish for butterflies and birds. 

Willa photographing caterpilarsWilla photographing caterpillars

O'Maley Sixth Grade Butterflyy Gardeners ©Kim Smith 2015

See More Photos Here

Read more

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