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Painter Barb and cousin Vesla in NYC

My sister “Painter Barb” left for NYC after her Christmas Day visit with me. I see she arrived safely. Her photo is of her and my father’s cousin Vesla, on the left. Vesla is the Norwegian nickname for “little one.” She is the youngest from that generation of my family, which has its roots on the island of Tonsberg, off the southern coast of Norway. In the background is the Manhattan Apple store, whose products are used by my sis and myself. God bless them both.BBandVesla0957wm

Simple Christmas Blessings

XmasTreeComm5447wmChristmas morning I was waiting for my sister to arrive from the Vineyard. I saw a white sedan pull up and a woman came to the house, carrying a small basket. She gave it to me on the porch, and said it was from the Rockport and Pigeon Cove Christmas Tree Committee, a private organization which has been giving for 116 years. I don’t know how they got my name as a person who may be in need. The basket contains fruit, raisons, candies, chocolates, and a large container of cookies. Totally unexpected, but so are all of my Christmas blessings. The saddest song for me in November was “Dreaming of a White Christmas.” Now it’s a happy song and I’m looking forward to 2015.

Saturday’s Clean up/ Clean Gloucester and The One Hour at a Time Gang

Ok folks, this is it! The last clean-up of the year, and the last one before we take a long winter’s nap, and it’s…Good Harbor Beach! This is an all ages clean-up, lots of area to cover from the dunes to the marshes, so let’s end strong – 8-9 am Saturday December 20th, meet at the footbridge to grab your bag. See you there! Remember even the cold of winter, always bring a bag and pick up. Thanks all.
July 22, 2014 Summer at Good Harbor Beach

STUFF A BUS Toy Drive From Rick Doucette

Rick Doucette submits-

Hi Joey -
For the third year, the YMCA TEEN LEADERS CLUB and the TRANSPORTATION DEPARTMENT of the Gloucester Public Schools collaborated for the STUFF A BUS Toy Drive.  Thanks to the amazing generosity of our community,
we are able to redistribute more than 500 toys to local families in need.
We are grateful for this avenue of service and look forward to further initiatives.

I Have a Cane, And Am Now Able


After Saturday’s missing of the CATA bus, I jumped into a taxi with my cane. No big deal, I thought. I planned to pick up my rollator/walker on Sunday, but that didn’t work out. I was now committed to a cane at home and at work the next day. Dicey. I boarded the 9:30am bus by cane and walked down the long hallway at the hospital to physical therapy. They were surprised and pleased that I had the confidence to do that. I thank the AGH Rehab  and Sports Medicine for getting me here.

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Writing Helper

and ability to do that. “You’ve made the crossover,” my PT said. Yep, I thought, another milestone, to better prowl the jungle of life.

Read more

Feeling A Lot Like Christmas


On Saturday it started to feel a lot like Christmas. We had large flakes of snow falling, I started playing holiday tunes in the gallery, the Lobster Trap Tree was lit, and a beautiful floral arrangement was delivered to the gallery. It’s a gift from Sharon StClair and husband Chuck King of Florida. It was given to me and the “GMG Gang,” and will be the centerpiece of the gala GMG Holiday Party on December 19th. They love Cape Ann, are Friends of the Gallery, of Good Morning Gloucester, and are my friends. I wish them a very happy Christmas.

Commencing Countdown, Major Sean

That was my little tribute to Major Tom…in case you missed it.  Bygones.

I’d like to take this opportunity to publicly thank the Curtis Family…Sean, Erin, Lydia, Brityn, and baby Henry for the excellent public service announcement they are kind enough to bestow upon the town of Rockport during the holiday season.

While, ahem ahem, it was a bit later than usual this year…it did not disappoint once finally arriving. Contrary to disappointing, actually, it is new and improved and really quite fantastic!

You see, the Curtis family has been helping to spread the holiday joy in the children of Rockport….and pure panic in the hearts of the grown-ups…for the past several years.

Formally, a giant snowman helped to count down the days, hours, minutes…and even seconds…until Christmas.  After taking an unfortunate tumble, the large cold one was placed on the DL (that’s the disabled list).  And, yes, I’m talking to you….the one who thought the World Series Trophy on our Christmas Card several years ago was a menorah.  (see below)

At any rate, with Frosty down and out, an even better (in my opinion) countdown clock has taken his place!  My boys get such joy out of seeing it each afternoon on the way home from school/work!  It is pretty awesome…even if it does cause me some major anxiety.

Image 2 Image 3


My Holiday Lights of Love

My favorite holiday decorations this year were on the Beauport Ambulance at Addison Gilbert Hospital’s “Lights of Love” cancer care fundraiser. Beauport was the major sponsor of the event. In the past ten months, I’ve been transported by ambulance maybe 50 times to medical appointments from hospitals and nursing/rehab homes, because I was incapable of sitting on a bus seat. This doesn’t include emergency rides, two of which were under life threatening circumstances. Ambulances, which I always thought of as an inconvenience while driving, are now my flashing “Lights of Love.” They may be saving someone’s life, and I say a prayer as I pull over to the side of the road to let them pass.Ambulance5292wm

Saturday Clean up

Clean Gloucester and The One Hour at a Time Gang will be meeting at City Hall this Saturday morning at 8:00 am to clean up the neighborhood in preparation for the Middle Street Walk: A bonus, at 9:00 what we are finished, the UU Church will be open with coffee, pastries and crafts. Please bring your gloves, we will have bags.

Thanks all.
January 23, 2013 City Hall at as the sun is going down


Ladies’ Night at Bodin Gallery

LadiesNight5299wmLadies’ Night on Main Street was less busy, but successful. As usual, the ladies were doing recon, and will come back later to buy. With a major push on my part, and help from Donna Ardizonni and Allen Sloane, we got the gallery presentable and decorated for the holidays. My helper Tiffany was key in provisioning the event. During the night,, my former PT from DenMar, Shelley came in. When I tried to thank her for all she and her colleagues had done for me, I choked up and teared up. Shortly thereafter, my OT from VNA came in, and the same thing happened. These people had a huge affect on my life, and I can’t thank them enough.

Peter Todd Fundraiser

Lucinda Seigel writes that Peter Todd, Gloucester’s poet laureate, is currently in the hospital facing an uncertain outcome. She forwards along the fund rasing information: Any checks going into the account will have to be made payable to Peter Albert Todd Fundraising Campaign only.  Checks can be sent or delivered to the bank.  Any questions can be directed to Shannon Randazza at the Bank of Gloucester:

Shannon Randazza

Customer Service Representative

160 Main Street, Gloucester, MA 01930

978-283-8200 Ext. 213 Fax 978-2817283

Bushel of Macs from Leslie Heffron

A lovely note from GMG FOB Leslie Heffron:

Hi Joey –

Here’s a painting I did of apples. I wanted to share it with Kim in response to her “Apple Pie Centrale” photo. Apple pie is my favorite to make!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and all the contributors of the blog. I appreciate all you do for the community!


Thank you Leslie for your thoughtful note and for sharing your beautiful painting!!

Apples Acrylic-1

Lobster Trap Tree

This is another fun event.  Please come out and help put this tree up.

Here is a message from David Brooks.

Dear Friends, This Saturday, November 29, 2014, we will be building the Lobster Trap Christmas Tree at the Gloucester Police Station for the 15th year. If you have been involved with building the tree in the past or would like volunteer, please realize it takes a lot of hard work to put up the tree every year and having a team of hard working people makes all the difference! We are starting at 9am on Saturday, we and look forward to having you join us! If you have any questions please call me and if you are able to help let me know. Thanks! -David 978 335 2219

December 24, 2013 Gloucester's Lobster Trap Tree


Scrap Metal Drive/ Magnolia Historical Society

MHS Logo

Last chance for Scrap Metal before winter hits.

The dumpster is behind the schoolhouse now, but it will be gone right after Thanksgiving.  Anything at least 70% metal can go in the dumpster or close to it.

This is a great opportunity to get rid of your old grill, your washing machine, lawn mowers, bikes, pots and pans, etc, etc, etc…

100% goes to restoring the Blynman schoolhouse.   


Awesome Gloucester November Winner- St. Vincent DePaul of Cape Ann

Hi Joey!

Monday night Awesome Gloucester gave $1000 to St. Vincent DePaul of Cape Ann.

This charity works tirelessly to address the needs of local folks who need assistance in times of hardship.

The Awesome Gloucester Grant will go to their Christmas program which provides gift and clothing to local children in need.  What’s better than that?

Awesome Gloucester wants to remind our fellow residents… We need pitches to give away money!  If you have a great cause, idea, business, creation, etc… that you think will make Gloucester more awesome, contact us!


Update! Copper Dory Planter Made By James Fiahlo To Highest Bidder Who Was Gayle Piraino From Gloucester Based GAP Promotions

Gayle Piraino From Gloucester Based GAP Promotions Was The High Bidder, Thank You Gayle and James

James Fiahlo With Cousin Nicky Watch The Pats Undress Indy

20141116_224329Gayle Piraino with her new copper planter-

2014-11-19 10.26.40

James dropped this copper Dory off at the dock yesterday with the instructions- use it to raise money for Paul Russo’s Brain Cancer Fight.

Dimensions are 2 feet long by 4 inches deep by 7 inches wide.

If you would like to donate to help with Paul’s Battle with Cancer and get something in return, here’s your opportunity.

Email your bid to and I’ll announce the highest bidder on the 11/16 GloucesterCast podcast.

There is also a Pray For Paul Skate Around Fundraiser and Traditional Online Fundraiser as well Here

Pray for Paul Skate Around Fundraiser November 15th, 2:00p.m-4:00pm @ Dorothy Talbot Rink


Let’s rally around Paul, who needs our support to help battle his fight against cancer.

Paul Russo is from Gloucester, and frankly one of the nicest people you can meet. After graduating from Gloucester High School as a Captain of his hockey team, he took his bright mind and talent to Bryant University where he studied Accounting and received his Bachelors degree. While at Bryant he also shined on the schools Club Hockey team where he became Captain again. Paul then went on to earn his Masters in Accounting from UMass Lowell and accepted his current job at PwC in Boston.
This past Halloween morning, Paul suffered two seizures and was taken to Lahey Medical. Paul was diagnosed with Brain Cancer the following day. Just like many of us who are fighting to pay school loans, Paul could use support with now helping with his medical expenses for surgery and treatment.


#BandAid30 ~ Listen to This Soulful Rendition of “Do They Know Its Christmas” and Help Support African Nations in the Fight Against Ebola

Band Aid 30 ~ Do They Know Its Christmas (2014)

All proceeds from the sale of “Do They Know Its Christmas” go towards the Band Aid Charitable Trust.

Thirty years after the first “Do They Know its Christmas,” which was recorded to raise money and awareness for famine relief in Ethiopia, Bob Geldof has again rounded up an all star cast of musicians including Sam Smith, Chris Martin, Seal, and Bono.

Download on iTunes –
Google Play –


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