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Madame Mayor Visits The Open Door

Hi Joey,
The Open Door was lucky enough to be one of eight nonprofit organizations receiving a grant from the BJ’s Charitable Foundation this quarter in the form of a $7,500 grant.
Madame Mayor Sefatia Romeo Theken recently visited the food pantry where she helped Kevin Brisson, our food pantry shift leader, stock the vegetable cooler with fresh produce before the last big storm. I sent along a few pictures to show how we are putting this resource to work for the community!
“BJ’s Charitable Foundation is proud to provide assistance to eight local nonprofit organizations that are committed to improving the lives of those in each of their communities,” said Jessica Newman, executive director for the BJ’s Charitable Foundation, in a statement. “These donations will assist thousands of individuals and families in the areas of hunger prevention, education, healthcare and self-sufficiency.”

A quote from me? “This is wicked awesome! Thank you, BJ’s for investing in our community.”

A reminder to readers and anyone out there who needs help, we are here to help. Don’t be shy!


Julie LaFontaine
Executive Director
The Open Door

We Lost A Long Time Friend of The Blog- Joe Testaverde Condolences To Your Family Joe

Here are just a few of the Posts Joe Shared with the GMG Community-

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Community Photos 9/12/12

Send In Your Pics in Pats Gear! We’ll Post Em!



Local Business Owner Reopens Photoshop Fred Bodin received cancer treatment at Addison Gilbert Hospital

For more than 40 years, photography has been Fred Bodin’s life. The Rockport resident started as a freelancer before getting regular work at local colleges, newspapers and magazines. Eventually he opened his own classic photography shop – Bodin Historic Photo – in downtown Gloucester.

“It’s like having a hobby, but I get paid for it,” said Bodin, who has run his Gloucester shop for nearly two decades.

But for 10 months last year, from January to October, Bodin’s shop was dark. There was no developing films and no interacting with customers. Instead, Bodin was at Addison Gilbert Hospital receiving cancer treatment.

In January 2014, Bodin was unable to walk and was taken to Addison Gilbert Hospital. There he was diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer.

Read the rest of the entry at

Gloucester Wins Award From MA Cultural Council

MCCawards5639wm MCCawards5645wm

I figured that if I could board the USCG Barque Eagle, I could visit the Massachusetts State House. I’m glad I did, because the City of Gloucester won the 2015 Commonwealth Award for “Creative Community” by the Massachusetts Cultural Council. The ceremony was held in the capital’s Great Hall. About a dozen of us, elected officials and organizers from Gloucester’s two designated cultural districts, marched to the podium and onto the stage to accept the medal. Shown below, left to right, are: Anita Walker, Executive Director of the Massachusetts Cultural Council; Ann Margaret Ferrante, our State Representative; Sefatia Romeo Theken, Mayor of the City of Gloucester; and Bruce Tarr, our State Senator. I was glad to be there and proud to have been part of our accomplishments.

Raising Money for Rob McNutt, the Minglewood Employee who was Shot Friday Night

3449026_1424710714.4727_rIf you don’t know the story, from Rob’s Go Fund Me page: As Rob was leaving at the end of the night and getting into his car to go home, he noticed that a man he had to escort out of the establishment earlier in the evening acting strangely in the nearby parking lot. Rob being the guy that he is turned around because he had realized that some of his fellow co-workers were still inside closing up and he did not want to leave them unattended or in harm’s way. Rob payed the ultimate price and ended up getting shot in his leg at point blank range. Shattering his femur and just missing his main artery, changing his life forever in more ways than one. Read more here: ROB MCNUTT 


Read Chief Campanello’s report here:

Gloucester Police Arrest Man in Connection with Early Morning Shooting


Shout Out to Addison Gilbert Hospital (Edited)

53949368_127714376795Thanks so much to the incredible emergency room staff at the Addison Gilbert Hospital.

Tuesday morning after my pleasant shopping break at Alexandra’s Bread, I crashed on the ice. It was bound to happen and ever since breaking my back in a harrowing fall when I was nine months pregnant, I live in mortal fear of ice. After waiting a day to see if the swelling around my ankle would subside, which it did not, I found this very handy link called the Ottawa Ankle Rules. The test is not used to ascertain if your ankle is broken or sprained, but is a practical guide to determine whether or not an X-ray is needed.

From the receptionist, to the X-ray technicians, to Doctor Soderman, everyone was kind, courteous, and compassionate. A special thanks to my assigned nurse Eileen. I am sorry I did not learn her last name, but she lives in Rockport, and when I inquired as to how long she had been working at AGH, she said so many years, she had lost track!

To say we are so very fortunate to have AGH in our community is an understatement. While mine was a very minor injury, I recalled the last time we were there at the emergency room, which was when my then nine-year-old son Alex went down the hill that is our street, Plum Street, at 90 miles per hour on his bike. He careened off the road and planted his head on the neighbor’s stone wall. The ambulance driver said had he not been wearing his helmet, which was cracked in a half dozen places, he would most likely not have survived. Alex was rushed to AGH where he received outstanding care. I will never forget how kind the nurses were during that traumatic event.

Thanks again to the dedicated and compassionate staff at the Addison Gilbert Hospital, for the care our son received at that time and, broadly speaking, for all that they do to keep our community alive and well. And thank you to everyone who has worked so hard to help keep the Addison Gilbert Hospital doors open.

*    *    *

(EDIT) Great message from GMG Reader Jane Southworth, an RN and former Gloucester resident, now living in Southport, ME, where their local hospital was shut down.

Jane writes ~

“The Cape Ann community is really fortunate. I grew up in Magnolia and have lived in Southport, Maine for many years. Our community is much like Gloucester. Southport is a small community of 500 year around residents. Boothbay Harbor is a fishing community and has a strong relationship with Gloucester. The big difference is that we lost our wonderful St. Andrews Hospital two years ago after a fierce battle with the Maine Health Organization. We are located 18 miles down a peninsular from route 1 which leads to two other hospitals, each another 18 + miles depending on whether you wanted to go south or N.East. We have been left with an 8 hour Urgent Care Center. We are primarily an elderly community which says a lot for access to 24 hour emergency care especially in weather like we’ve had this winter. In the summer months this is a big tourist area similar to Gloucester. Fight for your hospital and don’t let the big guns (CEO’s and lawyers) knock you down. AGH is a great Hospital.”

Jane Southworth, RN

Portrait Addison Gilbert Gloucester

Who was Addison Gilbert (1808 -1888)?

Addison Gilbert was the founder of the Addison Gilbert Hospital and the Gilbert Home for Aged and Indigent Persons. He was a merchant, banker, and politician. Gilbert served many terms as a Gloucester selectman as well as in the Massachusetts legislature. He also served as town moderator and auditor. Gilbert was one of the founders of the Cape Ann Savings Bank. Addison Gilbert is buried at the Oak Grove Cemetery on Washington Street. Information and portrait of Addison Gilbert found on the web from Kenneth Gilbert.




SnowDrift5582wmYesterday (2/10/15) after the snow ended, I asked the Pigeon Cove shovelers if they’d seen any drifts as big as ours. No, they thought the drift in front of the garage was the worst. Fortunately, no path or walkway goes thru it. Again, they dug us out and now we have each other’s phone numbers and emails. Heike called to ask if I needed my gallery shoveled out, but I didn’t know the condition of the sidewalk. She works down the street.


Cape Ann Bus Tale #1

I took the CATA bus to work this morning, and my driver was Gloucester’s Eddie Salah. Knowing that he owned George’s Coffee Shop on Washington Street at one time, I asked him if he was a good cook. “Hell no, I can’t even scramble an egg! Gloucester attorney Mike Faherty ordered a scrambled egg breakfast, and I had  folded it over like an omlette. Mike showed me how to cook it right, and I’m sure he remembers that hilarious event. That was about 40 years ago, when I was a 17 year old trainee.” Eddie is one of the most colorful and entertaining people I’ve met, and a good driver too! Today, Georges is one of the best breakfast joints around, and is still owned and operated by a Salah.’s+coffee+shop+gloucester+ma&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&gws_rd=ssl

A Present Surprise


A week later, I look back on Medical Monday. In Addison Gilbert Hospital, I was eating a chicken salad wrap between appointments, when Lisa Smith of Cape Ann TV came up and gave me an unexpected gift. The bright flowers and yellow mug make a great pair. I’ve never been a “Smiley Face” guy, but now this mug is my favorite. Thank you Lisa. I’ll do my best to get well soon.

David Brooks Un-Buoying The Lobster Trap tree

Here are some photos of a brave David Brooks, on Sunday, single-handedly salvaging the artistic buoys from the lobster trap tree.  The buoys will be auctioned off at the Cape Ann Art Haven fundraiser on January 23rd, 5 PM to 8 PM at Cruiseport Gloucester.

Photos- John A Schoenbaum





Life Itself at 9pm Tonight on CNN

Sometimes, life is hard. I’ve been feeling that way for the last five days. My legs are almost all solid muscle, yet there’s always a painful area in one leg or another. Coordination is off in the walking department, my appetite is lacking, and it’s a relief to sit down at any time. As you know, I’m a CNN news addict. Tonight at 9pm, they’re debuting one of their productions: “Life Itself,” about the late film critic Roger Ebert (1942-2013), who bravely battled and eventually succumbed to cancer. He was the first film critic to receive a Pulitzer Prize. I’ll be either inspired or saddened. In Comcast’s Cape Ann area, CNN is channel 23 or 760 HD. I never liked the movie reviews of Roger and co-critic Gene Sissel (1946-1999), but I have to watch this. I hope you get to see it also.

SEACOAST NEWS January 2015

Tommy Lattoff submits-

Thank you Friends of Seacoast for your commitment, kindness, generosity and support!

The Friends of Seacoast have provided the Seacoast Nursing and Rehabilitation Center with a year worth of wonderful events in 2014 including:
Lunch trips at the Gloucester House, Lobstland and the Village Restaurant.
A Seniors day outing with a luncheon at Suffolk Downs.
Monthly dinner theater with entertainment and foods from local restaurants.
Visits by Barn Babies with Baby Farm Animals.
Weekly concerts with superb entertainers including The Honky Tonk Women, The Sugar Tones and the famous singing State Trooper
Sgt. Dan Clark.

The Friends of Seacoast provided each resident with a gift for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day and Christmas.

We are looking forward to many upcoming events with the support of the Friends of Seacoast in 2015 and we are grateful to all those who contribute to the Friends of Seacoast.

Also many thanks to all the Christmas Carolers who contributed in bringing cheer to the facility this holiday season including the Annisquam Nursery School, Wolf Hill Landscaping, Senior Care, W. Parish School 2nd graders, Eastern Point School , the O’Mally School, The town of Rockport Christmas Tree Committee and the Gloucester Fire Department Christmas Carolers. Thank you!

“Reading is for Everyone” is an upcoming educational opportunity for residents of Seacoast on January 21st at 2:00PM presented by Perkins School for the Blind.

New Year’s Eve for Fred

For the past several years, I celebrated the New Year quietly, usually with dinner at home and early to bed. And that’s what I like now. We’ll be closed New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. Insider Tip: If you like to buy wine at the Cave, do it now. They have great wine at reasonable prices, and you can score some cheese while you’re there. Their seasonal retail beer and wine license expires on 1/1/2015. Laura’s shop is a great resource on my block, and for all of Main Street. Please remember to support the Cave and all of the unique retailers downtown over the winter. Photo taken in the Cave.Cave5185wm

Painter Barb and cousin Vesla in NYC

My sister “Painter Barb” left for NYC after her Christmas Day visit with me. I see she arrived safely. Her photo is of her and my father’s cousin Vesla, on the left. Vesla is the Norwegian nickname for “little one.” She is the youngest from that generation of my family, which has its roots on the island of Tonsberg, off the southern coast of Norway. In the background is the Manhattan Apple store, whose products are used by my sis and myself. God bless them both.BBandVesla0957wm

Simple Christmas Blessings

XmasTreeComm5447wmChristmas morning I was waiting for my sister to arrive from the Vineyard. I saw a white sedan pull up and a woman came to the house, carrying a small basket. She gave it to me on the porch, and said it was from the Rockport and Pigeon Cove Christmas Tree Committee, a private organization which has been giving for 116 years. I don’t know how they got my name as a person who may be in need. The basket contains fruit, raisons, candies, chocolates, and a large container of cookies. Totally unexpected, but so are all of my Christmas blessings. The saddest song for me in November was “Dreaming of a White Christmas.” Now it’s a happy song and I’m looking forward to 2015.

Saturday’s Clean up/ Clean Gloucester and The One Hour at a Time Gang

Ok folks, this is it! The last clean-up of the year, and the last one before we take a long winter’s nap, and it’s…Good Harbor Beach! This is an all ages clean-up, lots of area to cover from the dunes to the marshes, so let’s end strong – 8-9 am Saturday December 20th, meet at the footbridge to grab your bag. See you there! Remember even the cold of winter, always bring a bag and pick up. Thanks all.
July 22, 2014 Summer at Good Harbor Beach

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