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Saturday Clean Up

clean up

Good morning all:


When:                  Saturday, September 5, 2015

Where:                 Near Cruiseport, we can do Rogers and Main

Time:                    8:00 – 9:00


Thank you all and see you there and then to see the Schooners

Please check the calendar on Good Morning Gloucester for events happening on Cape Ann.




Reason to hope

Hi Joey,

I follow the GMG and am very sad to hear of Fred’s passing.  I never got the pleasure of meeting him but enjoyed his contributes…… I have to tell a tidbit of my past weekend that

should give everyone a reason to hope……….

My husband was meeting me later a Good Harbor, so I had a bit of a load to carry.  There

were these two boys, like 9-10 years old walking a little one to the bathroom, so easier on the 

parking lot.  The little one said something funny about a mean sister and I laughed.  Then

I hear “Excuse me”…..”Excuse me, ma’am  do you need help”?  OK I”M LIKE WHAT?”

I was shocked and said no thank you, that I was good, but the smile on my face…

Greatest kids on GH that day!!!!  I thanked them, told them they were true gentlemen and they must have GREAT PARENTS.   Thank you Jesus, here is hope!  What a fantastic memory towards the end of summer.  I had a tear in my eye, my sons are in their 20″s,

I miss them and hope they pay it forward when I share this story.

Blessed Summer to All, 

Gods Blessing to Fred,

B. Kirchner

Fred Bodin Stories

If you couldn’t make our memorial Fred Bodin podcast where folks shared stories about their friend but would like to  share your Fred Bodiun story submit them to and I’ll publish them on our pages-

Nancy Dudley remembers Fred-

Looking forward to your podcast on Fred. I know you will have plenty of stories, but just in case, sending along an old story from 1980 or 81, and my favorite picture. I told Fred as many of old funny stories I could think of for a short visit last time I saw him and below was one. He seemed to be following and getting it but hard to really know. Thanks for doing all this. -nd

When I first met Fred he was interested in preparing fine cuisine. He bought the very best Creuset cook ware and the most current best seller cook books. He enjoyed trying out new dishes and one time made cod fish crepes with Mornay sauce, new potatoes and asparagus. The meal was ready and “plated”. All was perfect. My little English setter dog was curled up and in a deep sleep on the couch. Then there was a knock on the door or someone called up from the Rocky Neck beach– something distracted us and took us away for maybe 2 minutes. Upon returning everything was perfect and exactly as it had been except all the crepes were gone. The dog was in exactly the same position, still fast asleep. Fred was puzzled for a second or two–a neighbor’s prank or the crepes “beamed up”? Finally the dog was examined very closely and a micro millimeter of mornay sauce was observed on her upper lip. Although not a dog person, Fred was not angry with the dog. She was coincidently called “Phred”  like the Gary Trudeau character and he felt a bond in the shared name. He was somewhat annoyed w/ me for bringing the dog and the lost investment of time and money, but then suddenly saw the humor in all of it, especially his intensity in a world of real life unpredictability.  And he moved on and was just as happy with the new story he had to tell that night.


Our Friend Fred Bodin Has Passed

Fred Fought With Grace, Courage and Humor Throughout His Illness and Will be Incredibly Missed

GloucesterCast 149- The Fred Bodin Rememberance Podcast

Many of Fred Bodin’s Friends Share Stories About Fred Bodin and What He Meant To Us. A Tribute To Fred.

Fred’s wake will be at Greely Funeral Home

Wednesday, September 2, 2015 from 4:00 – 7:00

Listen here-

Kim Smith Group Photo-

Fred Bodin Memorial friends ©Kim Smith 2015


Marty Luster Photo

Information will be posted here as it comes in


Ticket sales go to the Carlo “Sleepy” Palazolla Memorial fund, which benefits not only Gloucester youth sporting teams but the Saint Peter’s Fiesta sporting events.

Janelle Pallazola, Sleepy’s daughter, writes that this is the second year that Sleepy’s trophy has been shared with the winners including all men, women, and junior seine boat winning teams along with Greasy Pole champions; this year’s pole walking champs being Lenny Taormina (Friday), Joey DaSilva (Saturday), and Jake Wagner (Sunday). Currently Joe is holding the the trophy for all the winners.

Come join the fun while supporting Fiesta competitions and our local youth teams!



Saturday’s Clean Up

clean up

Hi All:


Hope everyone is well.


When:                  Saturday, August 29, 2015

Where:                 Wallace Reservoir, off Magnolia near the railroad bridge

Time:                    8:00 – 9:00


After come on down to the Magnolia Road Race at the Magnolia Library


Thanks all




Only 3 days left to join Patrick Stewart (whose new show premieres tonight) in supporting Ocean Alliance’s Snotbot!

You’ve heard about SNOTBOT, right?  OK, maybe you’re just visiting, so you haven’t heard about this yet.  Let me explain: few other Kickstarter pledges could be better for the future of Gloucester (and anyone who lives or visits here) than this one — really, no kidding.  You’ll be helping Ocean Alliance develop revolutionary drone technology for whale research — and there’s no telling what they might discover.  But what ever it is, you’ll be a part of it along with iconic actor Patrick Stewart (Jean Luc Picard on “Star Trek”, with a new show called “Blunt Talk” premiering TONIGHT on Starz)!

This is good for Ocean Alliance (which translates good for Gloucester because we want them to thrive here), good for whales, good for our planet, and good for all of us who will benefit from whatever they discover using this new gizmo!  So pledge now right here.


For Nancy Lutts. Thank you dear lady!

After collecting Monarch eggs last weekend, Nancy graciously allowed me to return to her gorgeous Cabot Farm to film and to photograph. I was there at sunrise, which is relatively early in the day for butterfly sightings however, I did see four Monarchs and two were females depositing eggs all over the field!

Bench Cabot Farm Salem ©Kim Smith 2015Nancy’s Pollinator Garden

Sunrise Cabot Farm Salem ©Kim Smith 2015View from Nancy’s Milkweed Field
Cabot Farm Salem ©Kim Smith 2015Sunflowers Cabot Farm Salem ©Kim Smith 2015Scarlet runner Beans Cabot Farm Salem ©Kim Smith 2015Scarlet Runner Bean; the blossoms are beloved by hummingbirds.

Barn Cabot Farm Salem ©Kim Smith 2015


Clean Up Saturday

The One Hour at a Time Gang and Clean city will be cleaning Green Street Playground.

Good Morning kids:


Hope all is well.

When:                  Saturday, August 22, 2015

Time:                    8:00 – 9:00

Where:                 Green Street Playground


I have bags, please bring gloves.


Thank you and take care

Donnaclean up


Introducing East Gloucester girls Pilar and Lotus garden watering service! Price varies based on size of garden:

Small gardens $3.00

Medium gardens $5.00

Large gardens $7.00

Lotus watered our garden this morning and what a treat not to have to water on this hot day. The girls are fantastic dog walkers (our Rosie’s highpoint of the week), polite, professional, have an excellent work ethic, and always come right on schedule.

Leave a comment in the comment section if you’d like to hire Pilar and Lotus and we will forward your contact information to their parents.

Gloucester Garden ©Kim Smith 2015Happy Garden!

Saturday Clean Up

Good Morning all:


Hope everyone is doing well.

 July 22, 2014 Summer at Good Harbor BeachClean Gloucester and The One Hour at a Time Gang will be cleaning:

 Where:                 Good Harbor Beach:        Foot bridge side

When:                  Saturday, August 15

Time:                    8:00 AM

 See all there,

 Thank you all


Saturday’s Clean up

clean up

Hi all:

Hope everyone enjoyed the rainbows after the storm.


Clean Gloucester and The One Hour at a Time Gang cleanup will be Main and Rogers.


When:                  Saturday, August 8, 2015

Time:                    8:00 – 9:00

Where:                 We can meet at St. Peters’ Square


It is also Side Walk Bazaar weekend, so we can clean up before visitors come.


Thank you all and see you there.



It’s Our Awesome Buddies Alicia Cox DeWolfe, Hanna Kimberley and Rick Doucette’s Birthday Today!!!!!!


We’re Celebrating Tonight At The Seaport Grille!

Celebrating Our Tell It Like It Is Alicia Unleashed DeWolfe, Homiecast Regular and all Around Awesome Dude Rick Doucette and The Sweetest Feminist You’re Ever Gonna Meet- Hanna Kimberley’s Birthday Tonight!





Seagull fledgling ©Kim Smith 2015Heather Dagle from 7 Seas Whale Watch reports that this sweet fledgling appeared several days ago after its nest, which was located at Fisherman’s Wharf, was destroyed in a recent storm. He/she has yet to learn how to fly however, its Mom stops by daily to feed it regurgitated food. After seeing how much the fledgling enjoyed splashing around in a bowl of water placed there by Heather and Kate, I dropped off a big galvanized tub. Heather promises to send a picture if he jumps in!


Did you know that 7 Seas Whale Watch was voted best Boston’s Best Whale Watching company by WGBH-Boston Reader’s Poll? Check out their website Here.


gray-seal-3Gray Seal Eating a Striper

All images except fledgling gull courtesy Google image search.


IMG_0288Andrew Butler and Crew

I only wish we had before photos but trust me when I say the weeds were waste high!

Thank you to Harbor Walk Friend and Volunteer Amy Kerr, who contacted Sean Nolan of Extreme Truck and Auto Repair, who got in touch with Andrew Butler of Leatherneck Landscaping. Sean, Andrew, and a crew member mowed, weed whacked and raked, despite the extreme heat and humidity. They did this on a volunteer basis, absolutely free of charge. Andrew and Sean plan to stop by several times a month to lend a hand and I just can’t tell you how grateful we are for the help.IMG_0289

Amy also reports that Sean and Andrew help greatly with many community clean ups around town.


Thank you, thank you, thank you, and ninety nine thank yous more, to Lynn Bird, Amy Kerr, Andrew Butler, and Sean Nolan for your tremendous help with the HarborWalk.

IMG_0285Sean Nolan Photos

Saturday Clean up

Good afternoon:


Hope everyone is enjoying their summer.


Clean Gloucester and The One Hour at a Time Gang will be cleaning Horton Street on Saturday.


Time:                    8:00  am

Date:                    Saturday, August 1, 2015

Where:                 Horton Street, near Ocean Alliance.


Hope to see everyone there.. 


Thank you to all




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