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Example: Here’s The Android App I Built For Our Lobstermen

I built this app exclusively as a tool for our lobstermen with a bunch of tools they can use at their fingertips.

Here are some screenshots of the Captain Joe and Sons Lobsterman’s App on my phone and a list of the features-


Contact > Captain Joe & Sons address and contact Info

Call Frank Direct > Dials my partner Frank With a press of the button

Call Joe Direct > Dials me with a press of the button

Marine Forecast > Direct Link To the Latest NOAA Marine Forecast

Mass Bay Buoy > Direct Link To Wind, Wave height At the Mass Bay Buoy

Gloucester Tides > Direct Link To Current Gloucester Harbor Tide Chart


Gloucester MA Radar > One Button Tap For Current Radar

Email > Initiated an email addressed to me

Captain Joe and Sons Blog > A List of the latest posts on the Captain Joe and Sons Blog

Map > Interactive Map Showing Location

Video > The Latest YouTube Videos Featuring Scenes from Captain Joe and Sons

GMG App > A Link to download the latest GMG App


This Is the camera Buy For This Holiday Season…

Stupid great deal with two excellent lenses covering near and far and it’s $453 off today for $696

Sony Alpha a6000 Mirrorless Digital Camera with 55-210mm and 16-50mm Power Zoom Lenses

  • Amazing quality in half the size & weight of conventional DSLRs, World’s fastest auto focus6 at 0.06 seconds and 179 AF points, Shoot 11 frames per second so you never miss any of the action
  • Capture life in high resolution and in low light with 24MP APS-C sensor and two lenses provide the tools you’ll need to start shooting immediately, Instant sharing via smartphone with Wi-Fi and NFC
  • What you see is what you get with built-in OLED viewfinder, Easy and intuitive controls help you shoot like a pro, Record Full HD 1080/24/60P video, Convenient features and intuitive controls help you shoot like a pro


Read the reviews here

Only 3 days left to join Patrick Stewart (whose new show premieres tonight) in supporting Ocean Alliance’s Snotbot!

You’ve heard about SNOTBOT, right?  OK, maybe you’re just visiting, so you haven’t heard about this yet.  Let me explain: few other Kickstarter pledges could be better for the future of Gloucester (and anyone who lives or visits here) than this one — really, no kidding.  You’ll be helping Ocean Alliance develop revolutionary drone technology for whale research — and there’s no telling what they might discover.  But what ever it is, you’ll be a part of it along with iconic actor Patrick Stewart (Jean Luc Picard on “Star Trek”, with a new show called “Blunt Talk” premiering TONIGHT on Starz)!

This is good for Ocean Alliance (which translates good for Gloucester because we want them to thrive here), good for whales, good for our planet, and good for all of us who will benefit from whatever they discover using this new gizmo!  So pledge now right here.

GMG Tech Talk- The Headphones I use to Record the GloucesterCast and are now half Off On amazon



Sony MDRV6 Studio Monitor Headphones 50% Off At Amazon Click Here For The Deal

I’ve had a pair for 4 years now.  this model came out over 20 years ago and still tops the charts for audiophiles.  They are so incredibly comfortable.  if you listen to music or a podcast with these instead of earbuds one time, you’ll never want to go back and for 50% off it’s a stupid awesome investment.  I LOOOOOOOVE mine.

Here they are Friday night when we taped episode 8-


Google Putting the link to Google+ In A Submenu Tells Me They’ve Conceded To Facebook


Above you see a screenshot of my Google Home page.  Before the first link in the top right hand corner was a link to your Google+ page.  Now it’s buried in the submenu.  I like Google+, it’s a billion times cleaner than Facebook, but the first to the party Facebookisn’t going anywhere while Google has relugated Google+ to a submenu.

Just thought it’s worth noting for the geeks like me out there.

First Test With The Behringer Microamp Working Out! Here’s The Setup

So far so good! The Behringer microamp is powering several sets of headphones without any interference so our podcast guests will be able to monitor the soundboard/podcast editing app #Bossjock as we record!

I’ll do a more comprehensive review and detailed explanation of the connections soon!

We will be using it to tape The Gloucestercast tonight Live At Cape Ann Giclee for the “by Land, Sea, and Air” Opening reception.

New Podcast Studio Gear! Giving It A shot Tonight With The Gang- Taping Live At Cape Ann Giclee

The Parts All Arrived. Tonight’s the night we test The BEHRINGER MICROAMP headphone amplifier system with the iPad, Samson Go Mic, and Bossjock app. 
We’ll take some pictures of the set-up and results having all our podcast gusts be able to listen to the show as we record it!

2015-08-13 10.13.01

Taping  at the by Land, Sea, and Sky opening at Cape Ann Giclee Tonight! Come down and watch.


Download the Cape Ann Cultural Districts Mobile app today and promote to visitors to Cape Ann all season!

Get It On iTunes Here


Get It For Android Here



The “Cape Ann Cultural Districts” mobile app is available in the Apple and Android apps stores and can be downloaded free on these sites or scan the QR code.

The mobile all continues to increase awareness of Cape Ann’s creative communities, individual artists, museums, recreational attractions, historic sites, restaurants, lodgings and businesses. The mobile app provides a free, consolidated, flexible platform to access information and way-finding for each of the four state-designated Cape Ann cultural districts – Essex River, Gloucester’s Harbor town, Gloucester’s Rocky Neck and Rockport.

Each cultural district has its own page and directory listing of cultural offerings and businesses that include a description, location, phone number, directions and links to web sites and other associated social media sites.   This year visitors and residents who download the app with find calendar event links to interesting and engaging activities around Cape Ann.  The consolidation of events in one app will make is easier to plan, locate and enjoy all that the area has to offer.  Several merchants on Cape Ann will be offering discount coupons which will only be available through the app. 


Jean Grobe


app screen shot cropped

Updated With Mobile Phone Screenshot Demo- #GloucesterMA SeeClickFix App Which Allows Citizens To Report Public Works Issues

So Mayor Theken announced that the SeeClickFix App that Sal DiStefano talked about on GloucesterCast 129 (listen here) is live!  I went to the City website to find it but there wasn’t any hyperlink, just instructions that it was actually out there and live.  Knowing that most people won’t follow through with a web search to go and find it and download it I’ll provide the direct links to download the app. I also produced a screenshot video from my cell phone of just how easy it is to download and use (see below).

First the direct links to get the App fr Android and Apple-

For Android Click Here


For iPhone Click Here



While you’re At It, Might As Well Download The GMG Android App Free Here


Next The Screenshot Demo Of How Easy The SeeClickFix App Is To Download and Use-

And Another For The GMG App-

and Mayor Theken’s original press release-

Gloucester will use SeeClickFix to improve quality of life and encourage civic participation

Mayor Sefatia Romeo Theken today announced that the City of Gloucester has launched a new program that will allow residents to report quality-of-life issues and request municipal services through an online and mobile interface. Powered by SeeClickFix, the place-based reporting platform allows Gloucester residents to document neighborhood concerns and improvements, ranging from litter or flooding to damaged sidewalks and malfunctioning traffic signals.

“Gloucester is proud to provide the community with an easy-to-use web tool that helps them access services and make positive changes in the community,” said Mayor Romeo Theken.

With the online and mobile reporting platform, residents can report quality-of-life concerns through service request categories via the City of Gloucester website, mobile applications (e.g., iPhone and Android), a Facebook App, and the website The platform allows Gloucester residents to provide locations, descriptions, and photos of any issue, in real time. Once a resident submits a concern, the platform issues an alert that becomes public information available to any resident. This will allow the City of Gloucester to acknowledge a service request, route it to the proper department and update the request as needed, including after the matter has been resolved.

The platform also allows Gloucester residents to view, comment on, and vote to fix problems that are submitted by their neighbors. Citizens can even create their own “watch areas” to receive notifications about any category of issues in their community and subsequently follow the progress of all related service requests—not just the one they reported.   Reports can be submitted and tracked from the City of Gloucester website directly ( Residents will also find links to download SeeClickFix mobile applications on the City’s website.

Chickity Check it!- THE U.S. COAST GUARD MOBILE APP @USCGNortheast #USCG

Available for download May 16, 2015

ios android

The USCG Boating Safety App features include:

  • Find the latest safety regulations
  • Request a vessel safety check
  • Check your safety equipment
  • File a float plan
  • Navigation Rules
  • Find the nearest NOAA buoy
  • Report a hazard
  • Report pollution
  • Report suspicious activity
  • Request emergency assistance

About the App

homescreen noaabuoysfloatplan

For Those Of You Who Got The GMG Android App, Can You Let Me Know How You Like It By Leaving a Comment On This Post?

Request The New Good Morning Gloucester App For Free Here and I’ll Send It To Your Phone-

I’d like any feedback or suggestions for features you’d like added. Thanks so much, Joey

Here’s A Screenshot Of How The New GMG Android App Looks On A Nexus 7 Tablet

Request the app for free here-

My favorite part is how quickly you can access things.
Check out the demo and if you want me to email you the latest version free just fill out the contact form.(remember this is only for android)

Request The Latest Version Of The Good Morning Gloucester Android App- Get It Free!

Request the app for free here-

My favorite part is how quickly you can access things.
Check out the demo and if you want me to email you the latest version free just fill out the contact form.(remember this is only for android)

No Big Deal, Just The New GMG Android App Is Done and Kicks Serious Ass!

Fill Out This Form and I’ll Send It To You For Free

Click on this video to see the demo-

It’s extremely lightweight, only taking up just over 3mb and works super fast without any hiccups!

This is only for android, not Apple.

Check Out The Screenshots-

Here’s the podcast player page which gives you the option to stream or download for offline listening.  You click on a title and it gives you all the show notes-



Here’s The Landing Page With Easy to Read Links To the GloucesterCast Podcast Episodes, The Blog Direct, The Facebook Page, Cape Ann Eats, Captain Joe and Sons Lobster Company.




Scroll Down and You Have The Cape Ann Arts Calendar at your Fingertips, Video Page and My Contact Info.



When You Click On the Cape Ann Arts Calendar It Takes You Directly To the Cape Ann Arts Calendar That James Eves At Built and Administers-



When You Click On The Videos Tab It Brings You To The YouTube Player-



Fill Out This Form and I’ll Send It To You For Free

An Objective Android / apple Product User Gives Apple A Clear Win In This Category…

Disclosure- I’m an iPad owner (which I love), an LG G3 Android cell phone user (which I love), and a Windows PC user (Love Windows 7, Not a Fan Of Windows 8)

A couple of years ago Apple decided to change their charging/data cable to the current lightening cable.  At the time people everywhere who owned previous generation Apple products suddenly were going to have many Apple peripherals  that would be rendered obsolete once they upgraded to the new connection type.  I’m sure that it was a difficult decision but one that Apple designers knew was going to make the connection more stable and secure.


So now being on my third android phone and this isn’t just android products, it’s more the connection type- every android phone I’ve used within a year of the upgrade the charging cable connection becomes loose and I have to wiggle and place the phone just right and often times it beeps back and forth signaling I have a connection to the charger and then not a connection to the charger and then a connection.  It is maddening and now that I’m on the third phone using this type of connection I see it is not the phone as much as it is the connection type. 

In any case, Apple’s lightening cable is without question a superior form factor.

So there you go from an objective android/apple user.  Has anyone else had similar experiences with micro usb charging cables (the charging cable used for android phones)


GMG Tech Talk- For Those Of You Who Bought A Chromecast- You’ve Got a free Movie Rental Coming To You

Also you should periodically check the Chromecast offer link here- Chromecast Offers, I’ve redeemed a bunch of stuff for free over the past 6 months. Bookmark that Chromecast Offers link, and check it often, it’s always got more free rewards it seems, every time I click on it.

I think the $35 Chromecast is an absolute steal and no brainer.  95% of my TV viewing for the past year has been Netflix ($9 a month) or Hulu Plus ($9 a month) through the Chromecast dongle.  Much like UBER is revolutionizing the local transportation game, Chromecast and streaming TV is revolutionizing TV viewing.  Chromecast is an absolute monster in what it can do for such little money.

Loves me some Chromecast.  if you don’t have one you can get one on Amazon right now for $32.11 here

So I thought I’d pass on this offer I read about this morning on Google+-

These are the current offers this morning-


I’ve redeemed the latest free movie rental and the Valentine’s  Day movie rental WITH a $6 Google Play credit.  So the Chromecast I paid $35 for actually after credits is almost free and the offers show up ALL the time.

Such a NO-Brainer.

source: Engadget

Google isn’t just using Chromecast Offers to reward existing users, the company’s also loading it with freebies in an effort to more households to get one. For instance, if you buy a Chromecast from March 20th to April 19th, you’ll get $80 worth of rewards. Namely, three months of subscription to Play Music, one month of Qello Concerts, three months of DramaFever, three months of Sesame Street GO and a free movie rental from Play Movies. While Google has reportedly sold over 10 million streaming sticks last year, having more users means getting more leverage when negotiating with content providers. That, in turn, could lead to bigger rewards or exclusive deals similar to Apple TV’s HBO Now offering.


GMG Tech Talk- Wireless router recommendations

The wireless router at my mom’s house and sisters house quite simply- stink.  Constantly dropping signal and resetting.

Has anyone upgraded their wireless router and did it make a noticeable difference?

From the very little research I’ve done the newest routers are capable of doing way more throughput than ones available just a couple years ago.

What are your best bang-for-your buck home computer upgrade suggestions?  ram is always cheap, better wireless router, cheap plug and play speakers with subwoofers?

One of the cheapest and best upgrades I did probably over 10 years ago was a sub $50 Cambridge Soundworks speaker upgrade.  Two tiny speakers which sit on either side of my monitor and a subwoofer that sits under my desk.  Literally plug in two wires and the wall outlet and the sound from my desktop PC is at least 10 times better than what you get from a monitor that might have a couple small tinny speakers built in.

Share if you will your experiences with wireless routers or other computer peripherals that dollar for dollar made your system much better.

GMG Blog Stat- In 2014 6,224 Posts Were Created On Good Morning Gloucester

Posting Patterns

In 2014, there were 6,224 new posts, growing the total archive of this blog to 39,656 posts.

So we are creating just over 17 articles a day, every day throughout the year.


So 344 Posts from now we will have created 40,000 posts total on GMG since inception in late December 2007

344 Posts Divided By An average Of 17 Posts A Day =20

So in about 20 days or so we will bust the 40K Post Cherry.

Nice Work Team!


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