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Live Blogging: Goose Cove Reservoir

A Walk of Contrasts

Instagram App

Readers Please Note: I deleted my Instagram App on December 18th, 2012 after reading Instagrams new terms and policies in regard to selling images to third party advertisers.

Before Liv retuned to school last month, she installed Instagram on my iPhone so that we could easily share photos. Instagram is very simple to understand–spoken by a techno- challenged person (although Joey recently pointed out that for someone my age, I am not too horribly technologically challenged). There has been much in the news about Instagram recently as the app was purchased by Mark Zuckerberg for one billion dollars, twice its estimated worth.

Instagram with Kelvin Filter  ~ Good Harbor Beach Sunrise

Original Photo 


iPhone accessory lenses review, for GMG iPhonographers

I recently acquired an iPhone 4s, and have been gradually discovering the possibilities of the camera.  Now I begin to understand the hoards of iPhonographers who have made the iPhone the most popular camera on the massive photo-sharing site Flickr!

The first and most obvious advantages of the camera are the fact that it has good resolution, generally takes good exposures (i.e. not too light or too dark), and is with you wherever you take your cell phone (i.e. practically everywhere) without adding to the junk in your pockets or on your belt.  Then there are cool apps like Instagram and Hipstamatic, which offer a variety of “vintage” effects, making it easy to add atmosphere to your photos.

Once I got involved in the iPhonography world, I noticed that some of my Instagram friends were taking awesome photos of the moon and other long-distance shots… which led me to check out conversion lenses for the iPhone.  I found what I was looking for on, a site with more cool (and sometimes crazy) camera gadgets than I have seen in any other place. This is the complete kit I bought for $79:

Four of the lenses (macro, 2x telephoto, 0.68x wide angle, and 0.28 fish eye) connect using magnetism – you get a sticker with a magnetic ring you stick around the lens on the iPhone. The 8x telephoto screws into a special case, and comes with a tripod.

Here are some comparison photos of all but the macro lens to show you the results. I took them all from exactly the same spot in the rectory window, using the tripod (the first photo is the setup I used).

The iPhone mounted on the tripod with the zoom lens attached to the special phone case (all three included in the kit)

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iPhone 4s Camera Photos From Charity Ciaramitaro

Charity writes-

Seize the day!  Recent events have reminded our family to be thankful for everyday, every minute.  It’s a difficult thought, to be able to experience great joy and beauty we must also experience great sorrow and pain.  I was having a hard time today finding that fair.  It was my 10 year old daughter that reminded me it’s not meant to be fair it just is what it is.  She said lets just go out and enjoy some beauty.  We went out to enjoy this beautiful fall day and I took the opportunity to try the camera on the 4s.  Not bad!  Charity

photo 1photo 2photo 3photo 4

mysterious skies from terry weber

hi joey

here is a video and a couple of pics i took on Saturday from aboard the Yankee Fleet fishing boat. we left shore right next door to your warehouse under threatening and mysterious skies! it was strange because it was so hot out, but at times the sky had a very ‘wintery’ look. 

no matter what the weather, the trip turned out well, my nephew Adam caught the largest fish of the trip, an 11 pound cod, and was thrilled to win $100 and a free trip. my thanks to the crew of the Yankee Fleet for making it a great and safe trip!

sun break 2winter clouds

fish day winning fish 1

Dani Lubbers Eastern Point Lighthouse Christmas Decoration Photo


Hi Joey!

My husband and I are faithful followers to GMG! We love it! We just moved to Gloucester in May and we’re living at Eastern Point Lighthouse. A few days ago we put up our only outside Christmas decoration….an illuminated 15ft wreath. We found the wreath stashed next to the lighthouse the day we moved in a couldn’t figure out what it could possibly be. Not knowing too much about the past holiday traditions with the lighthouse, I only assume that it used to be hung on the lighthouse itself. I took a few pictures and thought maybe you’d like to add it to the site for a little more holiday spirit! Take care! -Dani Lubbers


My apologies that the pictures aren’t the greatest….a cell phone can’t cut it all the time!

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