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As I was parking on Main Street to meet a friend for lunch Saturday, who was leaving after just dropping off a batch of lobsters to Passports, but Joey. Lobster doesn’t get any fresher–from boat to table–and within only mere minutes! Sublimely sweet and delicious, both my friend and I had the lobster salad. To say she was impressed is putting it mildly.

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Male Mute swan Cygnus olor copyright 2016In the above photo you can see our super smart Mr. Swan drinking freshwater from snow melting on the roof above its head, which was running down the gutters and into the harbor.

Mute Swans mostly drink freshwater (and a great deal of it) because most of the places that you find swans living at are on freshwater ponds, lakes, rivers, and inlets. However, just above the eyes and under the skin, swans have a gland that enables them to drink saltwater. This gland removes salt from their bloodstream and concentrates it into a solution that is excreted from their nostrils, which the swan can shake its head to clear.

There are a number of good folks in Rockport and Gloucester who keep a watchful eye on our local swans. Thursday I had the joy of meeting Lois and Serena, who have been feeding and observing the swans for over twenty years. They have photos of Mr. Swan (known as Buddy in Rockport) dating from 1998. He was already full grown by then, which makes him at least twenty years old. That is quite extraordinary as most Mute Swans in the wild live on average only to twelve years of age.

My deepest thanks and appreciation to Lois and Serena for the time they took sharing swan stories, the reading material lent, and for their kind and goodhearted nature, especially towards Buddy/Mr. Swan!

As you may or may not have read here on Good Morning Gloucester, I have been filming the swans over the past several years for a film project. If you have a Cape Ann swan story that you would like to share I would love to hear from you. Please contact me at Thank you so much!


Thanks so much to our hosts, Passports owner and Chef Eric Lorden and wine expert Matt Rose, for a lovely evening of exquisite food paired perfectly with a selection of fine southern Italian wines.

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Superb, and my new favorite entree, is Eric’s rosemary scented duck leg, with walnut gremolata* and red quinoa, which was paired with an delicious rich and spicy red, Pipoli Aglianico, Del Vuture. What a treat! The shrimp scampi was equally as tasty, and for your information, Eric only purchases fresh native Gulf shrimp, no questionable farm-raised Asian shrimp is served at Passports.

Matt did an absolutely excellent job explaining the different regions from where the wines hailed as well as sharing interesting stories about the Sicilian farmers and families that grow the wines. As usual, the service at Passports was outstanding. Don’t miss the next Passports wine dinner; I recommend making an early reservation. The restaurant was filled with equally as happy and satisfied patrons as were my husband and I. 

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Hosts Matt Rose and Eric Lorden

* I had to look up exactly what is gremolata (or gremolada) and it is a chopped herb condiment classically made with garlic, parsley, and lemon zest.

Stranded Grey Seal Pup Rescue at Captain Hooks In #GloucesterMA

Jess Bean submits-

Hi Joey,
There was a gray seal pup rescue at Captain Hooks this morning. He was okay, just exhausted. He came off the river at high tide and then crossed the street to Captain Hooks. Fire Dept and Animal Control came and then the woman is Marine Biologist from NOAA that used to rescue seals who just happen to be driving by. So they wrapped him in a blanket. Put it in the woman’s Subaru and took it to the top of Hodgkins where the Animal stranded Coordinator lives near by and she’ll make sure that he goes back to river at high tide. The woman from NOAA said the seal was probably 45-50 days old.

Photos Jess Bean

Dave Sag’s Blues Party @ The Rhumb Line to host Diane Blue! 8:30pm Tonight Thursday 1.28.2016


ds bw


This Thursday: Ta-Dah!! Ms. Diane Blue returns to the Rhumb Line for another fabulous night of dancing. The delightful Miss D. is bringing in a killer band and will have you wincing with ecstasy as you pull yet another muscle whilst trying to act eighteen again.
We got  Mr. Bobby Gus or is it gust? Anyways, he’s our windfall on the guitar.MrJoe Bargar steps up on keys to gargle a few toons and  our old buddy Mr.Edd Scheer on the drummps steps in to rock your roll without dropping a stitch of laughter. I’ll be there too, standing’ on the corner watchin’ all the girls walk by…

diane blue rl dave sags blues party


Chasing seagulls in slo mo

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Things with wings

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Niles Pond sunset

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The Good Old Salty Jazz Band on Allen Estes “Local Music Seen Tonight” 1.27.2016!

hey folks, starting this evening, 6:30 pm. on “local music seen w/ allen estes”… my special guests are ” The Good Ole Salty Jazz Band” !!!. these guys have been playing together for years, and it shows…they are having a blast…join us won’t you… “we bring the music to you”…channel 12, Cape Ann TV

Allen Estes

Tonight’s special guest Bill Gleason! Wednesday’s with Fly Amero Amero @ The Rhumb Line 7-10pm 1.27.2016


Dinner Specials Every Week!

Wednesday, January 27th – 7pm
Special Guest: BILL GLEASON!

bill gleason

My mother, the notorious and beloved “Moulty”, would be
celebrating her 97th birthday on this Wednesday night. No
doubt her spirit will be at the Rhumb Line with bells on to
hear the great Bill Gleason doing his traditional American
folk-blues thing – like nobody else on the planet. We all
plan to be there with her – and him! Go, Bill! ~ Fly
Dinner with great music!
*Each week features a special, invited musical guest
Dave Trooper’s Kitchen…
Prepared fresh weekly by “Troop”… always good!
Plus a fine, affordable wine menu!
2/3 Bradley Royds (as guest host)

Looking forward……to seeing you there :-)


Gloucester Stage Youth Acting Workshop

AprilSmith_59952016 Youth Acting Workshop Winter Session Accepting Students

Gloucester Stage Youth Acting Workshop is accepting students 6-18 for the Winter Session of professional arts instruction beginning on Friday, January 29  for Children 6-10 years old and beginning on Saturday, January 30 for Teens 11-18 years old. The Youth Acting Workshop Winter Session features expanded instruction time of four class hours per week, lower tuition for all students and scholarship opportunities. Students will receive instruction in acting for the stage and film and television, improvisation and interview techniques, costume design and film and television production  The Children’s Class meets Fridays:4-6pmand Saturdays:1-3 pm through Saturday, March 5. The Teen Class meets Saturdays: 11-3 pm through February 27 and ends with a special Sunday class day on February 28, 12-4 pm.  Acting teacher, director and award winning actress Gloucester native Heidi Dallin will be joined by guest instructors including Holiday Delights costume designer Lara Jardullo to teach costume design and local award-winning videographer Lisa Smith to teach film and television production.  Gloucester Stage Youth Acting Workshops are designed to provide young people an outlet to nurture their creative potential through developing self-confidence, communication and teamwork skills to use in their daily life as well as introducing them to the skills necessary for professional theatre. Registration is open for the Winter 2016 Session. Class size is limited and registration is on a first come basis. For class times and schedules and to register, call 978-283-6688.

Photos by Mike Dean

Photos by Mike Dean




After reading Joey’s post about Cake Ann, I just had to make a beeline when done filming today. The newest bakery in town had been inundated with customers all morning, and having sold out several times earlier in the day, were on their twentieth or so batch, of everything! I brought some blueberry muffins and Kouign-amanns (pronounced queen-a-mahn) home and they were quickly devoured by husband, son, and myself. Oh Lucky Us Cape Anners!

Cake Ann is located at 214 Eastern Avenue, in the small shopping plaza next to Common Crow.

Eben Cake Ann ©www.kimsmithdesigns.comEben


TNT #blizzardjonas

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Farewell #blizzardjonas

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 Our friend Debbie Clark writes on behalf of her friend Anne Rearick,
“My friend Anne Rearick has 13 days left to raise the $17,500 she needs to publish her book of amazing photographs which document her visits to South Africa during the past 10 years. She is 3/4 of the way to her goal. Perhaps the good folk at GMG would share her project to support Anne’s efforts? Btw: she is the wife of local musician Willie Alexander, a teacher and an amazing photographer. Thank you for your help. Best, Deb.”

Township, Life in Post-Apartheid South Africa

Your support will help me raise money to fund a 160-page book of photographs that celebrates the spirit and strength of South Africans who face endemic violence, extreme economic hardship, and racism that has not abated, while all the time maintaining dignity, hope and courage.isriylm2rcvuye0uw0az

About me:

I have been working as a documentary photographer for nearly thirty years.  Over the past decade I have photographed life in the townships of Langa, Khayelitsha, Philippi and Mitchell’s Plain outside of Cape Town, South Africa.  My work there began during a Guggenheim Fellowship year for my exploration of the culture of amateur boxing. During my trip,  I met people living in Langa and Khayelitsha and began photographing the Luvuyo Boxing Club in Khayelitsha. I felt uncomfortable as yet another white person with a camera,  photographing people with less resources and access to power.  Subsequently, I cut my trip short, unsure of the work I was doing and who would actually benefit from it.  Upon my return to the States,  I looked at the pictures I had made and decided to go back to learn more, to further explore post-apartheid life in  black communities.  After over a dozen trips and more than a thousand rolls of film, I began to believe that the pictures mattered-they were not about people as victims, or about poverty, or any of those things one imagines life in black South African townships to be.

Outside the cities frequented by tourists and business travelers, in vibrant townships, I found beauty and strength and all the contradictions of being human in the people I photographed; a preacher testifying to his rapt congregation;  a couple’s loving embrace at day’s end; the proud regard of my friend Sindi in her traditional Xhosa dress; the moving funeral of a young Sotho man; the poetry and grace of a girl dancing on a warm Sunday afternoon;  and the striking face of “Dream Girl,” a young woman studying to be a traditional healer, a “sangoma.”




Cape Ann Art Haven Buoy Auction -3

Andrew Luman, Schuylar Corbett, and Ruby Lyman

Cruiseport was filled to overflowing with the joyful sounds of children laughing and parents socializing, all there to join in the fun of Art Haven’s 8th Annual Buoy Auction. The hundreds of buoys hand painted by local children were displayed in a fresh new layout with a “Haven Walk” surrounding the perimeter.

Emily Bean Andrew Lumen Cape Ann Art Haven Buoy Auction @www.kimsmithdesigns.comAndrew Luman did a fantastic job as the auctioneer and emcee (with Emily Bean above)

For the silent auction, beautiful buoy creations were donated by some of the most talented local artists.

Colleen Apostolos-Marsh Cape Ann Art Haven Buoy Auction @www.kimsmithdesigns.comColleen Apostolos-Marsh “Sugar Skull”

Traci Corbett Cape Ann Art Haven Buoy Auction @www.kimsmithdesigns.comTraci Thayne-Corbett “The Big Catch”

Jeff Weaver Cape Ann Art Haven Buoy Auction Jeff Weaver

Art Haven’s Buoy Auction is truly a community event in every sense of the word ~

Special thanks were noted in the program to the lobstermen who loaned the traps, Peter Mondello, Bob Morris, Chris Orcsillo, and Scott Horne. Sheree Zizik once again generously donated Cruiseport, delicious food was provided by local restaurants and shops, and many area businesses donated buoy supplies, transportation, and event promotion. Thanks too was given to all who helped construct the Lobster Trap Tree, with thanks to the buoy auction committee, and a very special thanks to Traci-Thayne Corbett and Karen Conant.Cape Ann Art Haven Buoy Auction -2 @www.kimsmithdesigns.comSEE MORE PHOTOS HERE Read more


OMG live auction Lotus Marsh cupcake buoy at 150.00!!

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SOLD Lotus's Giant Cupcake!

A video posted by Kim Smith (@kimsmithdesigns) on

Live from Family Fun Night Art Haven Buoy Auction!

A video posted by Kim Smith (@kimsmithdesigns) on

David Brooks Art Haven Buoy 2016 ©Kim Smith

Art Haven Founder David Brooks

Lots More Pics Tomorrow!


I am so pleased with my prints from Cape Ann Giclee for the Rocky Neck Art Colony’s upcoming show “For the Birds.” Thank you James and Anna!

Learn the fundamentals of image processing using RAW, Photoshop, and Bridge. Sign up for James’s Saturday Photoshop Class (tomorrow from 10am to 1pm)!

“For the Birds” is opening January 26th. Please join us for the reception on January 31st, Sunday, from 2 to 4 at the Rocky Neck Cultural Center. We hope to see you there.


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