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Caffe Sicilia, Main Street Gloucester

Despite the wonderfully fun and boisterous Fiesta crowd on Rogers Street, Main Street was quiet and peaceful. Tom and I went to dinner at Passports and it was a cinch to park. We had a lovely dinner and then walked to the carnival. No need to “escape” to other towns during Fiesta. Please support your local Main Street restaurants and businesses during Fiesta week. 

“SAX” GORDON BEADLE Tonight! ” Dave Sag’s Blues Party”@ The Rhumb Line 8:30pm 6.22.2017

This Thursday at the RhumbLine you must come and see the world-famous wallet-emptying Sexophonist and frontman : Mr. Gordon “Sax” Beadle.The big man on the hippocampus is guaranteed to loosen your platelets and cure your dishpan hands. I’m lucky I can induce him to play 3 times a year.


He’s dragging in “Big Jack” Ward, the model for Paul Bunyan’s statue in Bangor Maine. Author of “How I rose from the dead and you can too”, the BigMan will regale you with his meaty cantankerism. Of course, the diaphanous “MR.Ed” Scheer who musta swallowed a radio when he was a kid, will be on hand to help with the proceedings.Four singers times ten!

40 Railroad Avenue
Gloucester, MA 01930
(978) 283-9732


Simply beautiful. Viva San Pietro!


In honor of the 90th anniversary of Gloucester’s Saint Peter’s Fiesta, Fay and Ralph Puopolo donated an exquisite emerald and diamond necklace. Each night at the novena, the women attending entered a ticket for a chance to win the necklace.

Novena super helpers Al Millefoglie and Michael Linquata announcing the lucky winner.

Vincie and Florence

Rosalie Orlando, Vincie Scola (wearing the necklace), and Florence Martin


Mayor Sefatia shares the following story and photos —

Sisters Serafina Ferrara, Rosalia Millitello, Caterina Ferrara, and Maria Costanzo are sharing Saint Peter’s Fiesta together. Caterina has recently returned from Italy to Gloucester after a twenty-five year absence. This is the Logrande sisters first Saint Peter’s novena and Fiesta celebrated together in twenty five years. Viva San Pietro!
Photos by Mayor Sefatia Romeo Theken


All is well with Plover Families, on both the West and East sides of Gloucester!

Meanwhile, Good Harbor Beach was blanketed in fog #gloucesterma #massoutdoors #scenesofnewengland

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Katrina’s $1,000 Singer-Songwriter Challenge * The Finals * Tonight ! 7:30pm @ Katrina’s 6.20.2017

Katrina’s $1,000 Singer-Songwriter Challenge‎The Finals: $1,000 Singer-Songwriter Challenge Here’s tonight’s lineup and schedule! Call ahead for dinner reservations: (978) 515-7817.
Here’s tomorrow night’s lineup and schedule! Call ahead for dinner reservations: (978) 515-7817.

*click photos for a closeup slide show


14 Rogers St
Gloucester, Massachusetts
Call (978) 515-7817


“The Effect” Tackles the Timeless Topic of Love

By Tom Hauck

Can love be induced chemically? This ancient question has been asked in Greek mythology and medieval legend, and perhaps most memorably in the 12th century story of Tristan and Isolde, in which a love potion created a powerful amorous attraction between the two even though she, Isolde, was betrothed to the king. Shakespeare explored it too: One of the bard’s most famous love potions was employed by the fairy Puck in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, who dribbled the goop in the eyes of the sleeping Lysander, and later Demetrius, causing romantic chaos in the forest. And anyone who was around in the 1960s knows “Love Potion Number 9,” the infectious hit record by the Clovers.

Playwright Lucy Prebble revives this time-honored theme, as well as several others, in the New England Premiere production of The Effect. Set in a drug trial clinic, the play opens with Connie (Susannah Hoffman) and the aptly named Tristan (Mickey Solis) being hired by Dr. Lorna James (GSC favorite Lindsay Crouse) for a four-week trial of what is supposed to be a new anti-depressant medication. Lurking in the background is Dr. Toby Sealey (Brad Hall), who represents Big Pharma, and who, convenient to the many-layered plot, has had a prior romantic relationship with Lorna.

Sure enough, the new drug’s only discernable effect is to rev up the libidos of Connie and Tristan, who quickly get the hots for each other. When Lorna discovers that the drug trial is not what she thought it was, her old lover, the smarmy Toby, being a good soldier for Big Pharma, demands that the trial continue to its possibly dangerous conclusion.

As one can always expect from the Gloucester Stage Company, the actors, without exception, are of the highest caliber. The set by J. Michael Griggs and lighting design by Russ Swift effectively evoke a mood of sterile creepiness. The direction by Sam Weisman is crisp and clean, and he leads these four exceptional players briskly through the many changing moods and themes of the script. Presented in two acts with an intermission, now through July 8. For tickets visit or call 978-281-4433.


Hosted by the Sawyer Free Library and The Bookstore of Gloucester, a wonderful time was had at Alice Gardner’s book launch party for her children’s book St. Peter’s Fiesta!

Sara Favazza and Alice Gardner

Rosie Verga, Sara, and Marie Linquata


Joey often uses the expression “God’s Country” when describing East Gloucester, not only because of the beauty that surrounds but because of the wonderful community of East Gloucester friends. I came home to find in my mail basket three jars of Dan Allen’s amazingly delicious ‘Peace, Love, and Honey,’ made by honey bees gathering nectar in his rambling and rambunctiously gloious garden. At Dan’s garden, you’ll find an exquisite array of Massachusetts native flowering trees and shrubs, as well as cultivated herbs, fruit trees, vegetables, flowers, and vines, all of which have made his golden yellow honey rich with a unique complexity of flavors and fragrance. At our home, we eat honey nearly everyday, on toast, in tea, and I love to cook with it. Dan’s is simply the best I have ever tasted.

Michelle, Dan’s thirteen year old daughter, designed the new labels – Peace, Love, and Honey

Dan is currently selling honey directly to friends and will hand deliver to your doorstep. To order your honey, email Dan at


Photos from Alice Gardner’s children’s book launch party will post tomorrow when I have a little more time. It was lots of fun and there was a great turnout. Here is Crazy Hat Lady Amy Clayton at the Sawyer Free Library teaching children the call and response “Me chi samiou tutti mutti – Viva San Pietro!”

Gloucester’s own Fiesta Hat Ladies Robyn and Amy with Mayor Sefatia, sister Rose, niece Lia, and friends. I can’t wait to see the sister’s whimsical, wild, and wonderful creations this year!!


With rainy weather predicted for Saturday and Father’s Day celebrations Sunday, this weekend would be the perfect time to try the wonderfully delicious weekend brunch fare at Feather and Wedge. My girlfriend Claudia and I went last Saturday and it was delightful in every way. The decor is exquisite (I think I mentioned that in a previous post) and now with Chef Doug Papows at the helm, the food, and welcoming wait staff, make for a dining trifecta of fabulousness.

I regret to say that the photos that I took of our lovely brunch went the way of my faulty memory card. Memory cards occasionally wear out, and usually at the worst times. Dear reader, you don’t need photos of the food, just go, you’ll have a wonderful dining experience, we sure did!

The menus change everyday. Brunch is not posted on the Feather and Wedge website, but you can imagine how delicious are the brunch offerings by checking out tonight’s dinner menu.

Feather and Wedge Dinner Menu June 16, 2017

Pemaquid oysters | cucumber mignonette   2.75 ea.

Tomato fennel soup | gruyère crostini   10

Ahi tuna tartare | white miso citrus vinaigrette, chives   14

Smoked bluefish pâté | arugula, lemon, crostini   10

Halibut crudo | radish, bronze fennel, ginger scallion sauce   17

Pâté de campagne | cornichons, whole grain mustard, crostini   10

Cheese plate | daily selection with accompaniments   14

Charcuterie plate | daily selection with accompaniments   15

*  *  *

Simple salad | field greens, turnip, tomato, red onion, house vinaigrette   8

First Light Farm greens | cucumber, hakurei turnips, radish, green goddess dressing   13

Beet salad | arugula, feta, orange vinaigrette  

                                                                           *  *  *

Clams and pork belly | tomato, beer braised chickpeas, lime, cilantro   26

Lobster and asparagus | prosciutto, poached egg, turnips, soy hollandaise, spicy bread crumbs   29

Sea Scallops | Japanese eggplant, mushroom trio, yuzu and Thai basil aioli, Oolong rice   29

Organic Faroe Islands salmon | scallion, quinoa, bok choy, togarashi aioli   26

Chicken under a brick | bulgur, mirepoix, lemon rosemary pan sauce     24

Bone-in pork chop | maple mustard brined, new potatoes, rainbow chard, marrow butter   25

Prime ribeye | salsa verde, new potatoes, rainbow chard   35

Housemade cavatelli puttanesca | crispy pancetta, pesto, sunflower seeds, mozzarella   23

add halibut |   32

Seared eggplant | quinoa, arugula, cucumber, peas, feta, pistachios   16

*  *  *

Sauteed spinach   6

Roasted beets   6

*  *  *

Plum blackberry crumble | buckwheat crust, vanilla ice cream   10

Fresh strawberry tart | sweet shortbread crust, sweet cultured cream,  apricot glaze   10

Vanilla bean panna cotta | mango coulis   10

Warm chocolate budino | sweet cultured cream, fresh blackberries   10

Affogato | vanilla ice cream, hot espresso, amaretto, toasted almonds   10


Feather and Wedge is located at 5 Main Street, Rockport. They are open Wednesday through Sunday for dinner and Saturday and Sunday for brunch. For reservations call 978-999-5917.

Feathers and wedges photo by Reiner Flassig

 All the beautiful images you see on the walls of Feather and Wedge are from the archives of the Cape Ann Museum and Sandy Bay Historical Society.


Do you know anyone that would like to join our Cape Pond Ice “Coolest Guys & Gals” Team?

We have a part time summer position  available at our Gloucester location!

We are looking for an Office Assistant / Tour Guide to help handle the day-to-day office functions, Gift Shop, web orders, manage merchandise inventory, social media accounts and be an Historic Ice House Tour Guide!

Come to Cape Pond Ice “down the Fort” to fill out an application.  104 Commercial Street, Fort Wharf.

email: or



The beautiful Bluenose II was sailing along the backshore at top speed in this afternoon’s wind and whitecaps.

Bluenose II is operated by the Lunenburg Marine Museum Society on behalf of the Province of Nova Scotia. Read about Bluenose II here.

Bluenose II rounding Brace Rock

The Tall Ships Drop Anchor in Canada and the US

More than 40 Tall Ships will be sailing Canadian waters to honour the 150th anniversary of the Canadian Confederation in 2017. They are scheduled to stop at host ports in Ontario, Québec and the Maritimes, giving thousands of people the opportunity to admire the majestic beauty of these cathedrals of the seas.

Jonah Tolchin & Helen Rose ~ Summer Tour 2017 at Katrina’s 7-10pm

Katrina’s 6/15/17
Katrina’s is excited to welcome

Helen Rose & Jonah Tolchin with Kevin Clifford

to our venue for a special intimate evening
of music for your listening pleasure.
Dinner table reservations recommended
call (978)-515-7817
Little Helen Rose


“Let me tell you a little bit about Helen Rose. Little Helen Rose stands 6′ 1″ and that’s without high heels! You do the math. In the meantime, she’ll sing the songs dipped in the muddy waters of blues, country and soul. I guess that’s what happens when you got a dad who is an actor, and a singer songwriter in his own Wright (pun intended). She grew up on this stuff when she was a tall as her papa’s boots. I met her through 21 year old guitar singer songwriter Jonah Tolchin. Jonah’s got his record coming out called “Clover Lane” and he plays electric on Helen’s record like nobody’s business. They went to school together. Chemistry is there. Me, I produced the album, and I’m damn proud to be a part of her world. She’s 25, and well, the future ain’t what it used to be. Stand back, lean in, she’ll tear your heart out with her voice and horn playing. She is a wonder to behold. After all SHE IS…LITTLE HELEN ROSE” -Marvin Etzioni (Producer, Lone Justice)


Jonah Tolchin: singer, songwriter, guitarist, blues enthusiast, Americana artist.

Listening to the New Jersey native’s latest album, Clover Lane, you would never know that the man wasn’t born and raised in the South. Incorporating folk, country, blues and southern rock into his music, anyone would assume that his veins run with muddy water and whiskey.

No matter where he’s from though, Tolchin brings a fresh sound to the Americana scene. Instead of folk or singer/songwriter vibes, he digs deeper and mixes his love of blues with the badass-ery of Johnny Cash’s outlaw phase. Add that sound to gritty, clever lyrics, and you have Clover Lane.

14 Rogers St
Gloucester, Massachusetts



Dave Sag’s Blues Party at The Rhumb Line to host Chris Stovall Brown Tonight @ 8:30pm 6.15.2017

This Thursday night it’s Dave Sag’s Honky Jive as we welcome back Mr. Chris “Stovall “ Brown to the Rhumb line Stage. With his Eniac-sized super clown-robot pedal board and 12 fingered attack, he’s sure to scramble a few brains without dropping a stitch of laughter

He’ll be dragging in our sidekick drummmbler, Mr. Ephraim Lowell to handle all the heavy lifting. you’ll probably need a note from your doctor.



40 Railroad Avenue
Gloucester, MA 01930
(978) 283-9732

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