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Fifty to sixty Humpbacks, two Finbacks, and hundreds of Atlantic White-sided Dolphins, 7 Seas Whale Watch had an extraordinary day at sea! 13119989_1325663077450650_629713697218533361_oApril 27, 2016

We just returned from what will do doubt be remembered as one of the best whale watches of the 2016 season. I hesitate to even give an estimate of the number whales we saw because I feel it will set unrealistic expectations, but here goes: We travelled 13 miles southeast of Gloucester (to the northwest corner of Stellwagen Bank) and saw an estimated 50-60 HUMPBACK WHALES (I identified 30 individual whales and I know I didn’t get to half of what was out there), plus 2 FINBACK WHALES and hundreds of ATLANTIC WHITE-SIDED DOLPHINS!

13116226_1325663114117313_1235761831051625421_o13087194_1325663320783959_3556942711709654565_oAll of the whales were feeding. At one point we had a group of at least 12 Humpbacks feeding together. The whales were blowing huge rings of bubbles at the surface (these bubble rings trap and concentrate fish) and then rising up through the bubbles with their mouth wide open in one of the most impressive feeding displays we have seen in a long, long time.

While feeding was no doubt the main activity of the day, we were also treated to a spectacular display of breaching from a young Humpback Whale calf – “Venom’s” new calf! 13112985_1325663234117301_9145072562073087217_o

13072895_1325663324117292_4720881406728456174_oYou can see many more photos, read the full account, and book your spectacular whale watching excursion aboard the beautiful Privateer IV here: 7 Seas Whale Watch



Mike writes,

“This release is about more than just the video. It is a celebration of the first track we took from an idea in my head, and with months of hard work and dedication, we created something real you can listen to and now watch. From producing the beat, writing and recording this track myself with the help of Chris Lane using our own equipment, taking it to Jon Glasser who helped shape it by editing and mixing the audio, and then Moon Rock Sound for mastering. Then I came up with the idea for the video and took a chance and brought in Dee Lane to work on his first film project. We spent hours recording vocals and re-working the beat, I must have written a million words that didn’t make sense before these heart felt lyrics came out. If you know me you know this music journey has been a long and windy road with many bumps and bruises along the way. I’ve never quit, I’ve never given up, and I don’t think I ever will. We’ve come a long way from recording in Chris’s basement and the days my songs were about fake bullshit I thought you wanted to hear. We still have a longer way to go, but to see how far we’ve progressed both as men and artists with the support that all of you have given me over these years has kept me going. I work a full time office job during the week, I pay an absurd amount of money to bills, student loans ect,I live in a basement studio apartment with my girlfirend, I know what its like to have a messed up family, to be stressed out, to question what your purpose is and to ask yourself every day what’s the point? I have dedicated my life to this art form, when its all said and done I will be able to walk away and say I gave it everything I had. Years down the road when they ask me why, I’ll say I did it all… “For The Music”.


Mayor Sefatia Romeo Theken and Representative Ann Margaret Ferrante are off to D.C. this morning to honor Chief Leonard Campanello as he receives his award “Champion of Change” from the Obama Administration. The Mayor shares the link for live streaming the event, which will begin at 1pm.

554d7f89578a2.imagePhoto courtesy Google image search


unnamedIn addition to the art show, come see the latest restoration work
at the Paint Factory, headquarters of Ocean Alliance,
including the Robotics Lab—home of “SnotBot.”

See you there!
Amy & Iain Kerr

Lisa Marie to Host The Dave Sag’s Blues Party Tonight! The Rhumb Line 8:30pm 4.28.2016 The Joint will be jumpin!

lisa marie

Dave says,

Well,I’ve signed up for elective surgery on my flabby elbow skin (hetero-weenisectomy) this Thursday and will be be busy recuperating with a Martini or three, so , in the meantime, why not stop holding your breath and inhale a little bit of Ms. Lisa Marie who will be charging in on her caparisoned horse, lance aboiling ,to skewer you with another night of electro-convulsive blues, and other music. And she’s bringing along the right people. She’s got Johnny Juxo to bang his shoe on the keyboard, “Silverfish” Steve on scratchy catarrh, and Dana “Bonefish” Bonardi on the bangulators. Sounds like a plan. Me, I’ll be showing up late in my black suit, in case you wanna see what I look like when I buy the farm! (minus the formaldehyde).


40 Railroad Avenue
Gloucester, MA 01930
(978) 283-9732

Gloucester Stage Receives Four Elliot Norton Award Nominations!!

unnamedBob_9_6347 (1)Elliot Norton Award Outstanding Actor Nominee Robert Walsh in Israel Horovitz’s Gloucester Blue

Gloucester Stage Company Receives Four Elliot Norton Award Nominations

The Boston Theater Critics Association (BTCA) recently announced The 34th Annual Elliot Norton Award nominations featuring over 25 nominations of outstanding actors, directors, designers and ensembles. Gloucester Stage Company received a total of 4 nominations for the non-profit theater’s 2015 season. Gloucester Stage Artistic Director Robert Walsh received both acting and directing nominations. Winners are to be revealed at the 34th Annual Elliot Norton Awards on Monday, May 23, 2016 at 7 PM, at Boston’s Citi Performing Arts Center Shubert Theatre.

The Gloucester Stage Company nominations include three for Enda Walsh’s The New Electric Ballroom: Outstanding Production by a Small Theater; Outstanding Director, Small or Fringe Theater: Robert Walsh and Outstanding Ensemble, Midsize, Small or Fringe Theater:Nancy E. Carroll, Marya Lowry, Adrianne Krstansky, and Derry Woodhouse; and one nomination for Israel Horovitz’s Gloucester Blue:Outstanding Actor, Small or Fringe Theater: Robert Walsh.

“I am hugely grateful to the Norton Award Committee for this honor,” says double nominee Gloucester Stage Artistic Director Robert Walsh, “I’m so delighted for the cast of The New Electric Ballroom – they were so amazing to collaborate with, and I am in Israel’s debt for such a great role in his play, Gloucester Blue.

The Elliot Norton Awards are named for the eminent Boston theater critic Elliot Norton, who remained an active supporter of drama, both locally and nationally, until his death in 2003 at the age of 100. The Boston theater community carries on his legacy and can be proud of its remarkable growth at a time in our nation’s history when the arts are struggling to survive. The awards are presented annually by The Boston Theater Critics Association (BTCA) (Don Aucoin, Jared Bowen, Terry Byrne, Carolyn Clay, Nick Dussault, Iris Fanger, Joyce Kulhawik, Kilian Melloy, Bob Nesti, and Ed Siegel) to honor the outstanding productions, directors, designers, and performers that audiences have seen on Greater Boston area stages throughout the year.

The 34th Annual Elliot Norton Awards will be held at the Citi Performing Arts Center Shubert Theatre, 265 Tremont St., Boston, on Monday, May 23 at 7 PM. Tickets are priced at $35.00; savvy shoppers will take advantage of $10 off the regular ticket price (available through May 1), using the code NORTIES10. Tickets are on sale at the Citi Center Box Office, at or by calling (866) 348-9738.

The Gloucester Stage 2016 season opens on May 19 with Peter Shaffer’s Lettice and Lovage featuring Academy Award nominee Lindsay Crouse. For information about Gloucester Stage, or to purchase single tickets or Flex Passes, call the Box Office at 978-281-4433 or visit

Table_Derry_Hand1523Elliot Norton Award Nominated Ensemble (L to R : Marya Lowry, Adrianne Krstansky, Derry Woodhouse and Nancy E. Carroll)  from The New Electric Ballroom directed by  Elliot Norton Award Outstanding Director Nominee Robert Walsh


Photos by Gary Ng


c9f28dbd-753d-46e7-a724-c00a5a943a6eTime to Celebrate!

Please join SOS Gloucester for a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

When:  Friday, May 6
Time:  6:00 PM
Where:  166-178 Atlantic Road

(We will gather on the grassy area across from the
Ocean View Inn)
We look forward to seeing all our wonderful supporters!


Linzee Coolidge, who sponsored the publication of the new book GLOUCESTER: When The Fish Came First, by photographer Nubar Alexanian, presenting a copy to Mayor Sefatia Romeo Theken. Copies are still available at 58% below the publication price through May 5th at Walker Creek Media.
Linzee & Sefatia


Congratulations and this is fantastic! We’re looking forward to the full length video!

Mike writes, “The full video and song will be released on Friday, April 29th. The entire video was shot in Gloucester, and the music was produced, recorded, mixed and mastered locally as well.”


mr foxshalin liu 4.29.2016


What Time Is It, Mr. Fox? will be performing with the Rockport High School Madrigal Choir. The Madrigal Choir, led by Patti Pike, will be opening up the evening, and then accompanying What Time Is It, Mr. Fox? on several songs at the end of the night. A percentage of ticket sales will be donated back to the RPS Music Department.

Mr Fox is working on a new album, and will be performing those new songs on the 29th.
It’s also lead singer-songwriter, 3rian King’s birthday! What Time Is It, Mr. Fox? features Nathan Cohen on violin & trumpet, Renee Dupuis on vocals, piano, and melodica, Joe Cardoza on upright bass, Dennis Monagle on drums, and 3rian King on voice, acoustic guitar, & piano. The band’s sound has been described as Tom Waits and Amy Winehouse performing in a secret French cafe.

Tickets range $20-$32 and can be purchased here:

There are student and senior discounts if you call the box office to order tickets at 978 546 7391.
Photos and additional band info can be found here:




We have great teachers in Gloucester! For Ms. Mulkern


“I put those posters in my classroom windows to minimize the intense sun that streams in at certain times of the day – I was thinking Ellsworth Kelly when I saw them from outside – but Piet Mondrian works great!” –  Joanna Mulkern ESL Teacher/O’Maley

Thanks for adding the motivation behind your window design. Oh, yes!  I see Ellsworth Kelly (1923-2015), too. And your comment pushed me to think about other visual artists such as Anni Albers, Edward Landon, Sol Lewitt, Al Held– and Matisse and Calder (who Kelly looked to.) Plus your Kelly comment relates to the architecture at O’Maley and Kelly’s years in Paris at the time of Le Corbusier’s influence. O’Maley is a bit red-brick bauhaus and other architectural styles. Does anyone know the architect?

ellsworth kelly sculpture for a large wall at matthew marks

Ellsworth Kelly’s Sculpture for a Large Wall, 1957, installation shot at Matthew Marks Gallery (now in MoMa)



Ellsworth Kelly’s Sculpture for a Large Wall (Transportation Building Lobby Sculpture), 1957 original commission for the lobby of the Pennsylvania Transportation Building, Penn Center, Philadelphia, PA. It was sold to Ronald Lauder in 1998 when the building was redesigned. Jo Carole and Ronald eventually donated it to MoMa.



Installed at Matthew Marks Gallery (top photo) then Barnes Foundation in 2013 (this photo) prior to current installation at MoMa



Le Corbusier Museum, Zurich Switzerland


Le Corbusier

Le Corbusier Foundation Firminy France


Read more


unnamedGloucester Stage Wins 2 Top Boston Critics’ Awards

The Independent Reviewers of New England (IRNE) Awards Ceremony was held Monday, April 11, 2016 at the 1200 Hotel Ballroom (Holiday Inn) in Brookline, MA where the awards for the 2015 Calendar Year were announced. The IRNE Awards honor the best of the previous year’s actors, directors, designers and companies across the full spectrum of large, midsize and fringe theater companies in the New England area. Gloucester Stage garnered two of the top acting awards in the Midsize Company Category: Best Actor Drama: Nael Nacer for The Flick and Best Supporting Actor Drama: Derry Woodhouse for The New Electric Ballroom. Nael Nacer was present at the ceremony to accept his award. Derry Woodhouse was unable to attend and Gloucester Managing Director Jeff Zinn accepted the acting award on his behalf.

Gloucester Stage Company received a total of nine nominations for the 2015 season. The nominations included: two for Deborah Zoe Laufer’s Out of Sterno: Best Actress-PlayMidsize: Amanda Collins; and Best Supporting Actress-Play-Midsize: Jennifer Ellis; two for Israel Horovitz’sGloucester Blue: Best New Play and Best Actor-Play-Midsize: Robert Walsh; one nomination for Enda Walsh’s The New Electric Ballroom: BestSupporting Actor-Play-Midsize: Derry Woodhouse and four nominations for Annie Baker’s The Flick: Best Play-Midsize; Best Lighting Design: Russ Swift, Best Actor-Play-Midsize: Nael Nacer and Best Director-Play-Midsize: Bridget Kathleen O’Leary.

The Gloucester Stage 2016 season opens on May 19 with Peter Shaffer’sLettice and Lovage featuring Academy Award nominee and IRNE Award winner Lindsay Crouse. For information about Gloucester Stage, or to purchase single tickets or Flex Passes, call the Box Office at 978-281-4433or visit

Nael_4492IRNE Winner Nael Nacer in Gloucester Stage’s  The Flick
BestDerry_1551Pictured Foreground: IRNE Winner Derry Woodhouse in Gloucester Stage’s The New Electric Ballroom



Eastern Coyote Canis latrans massachusetts Kim SmithFace to face

When out filming for projects, I’d often thought about what my reaction would be if ever again I came eye to eye with a coyote. Many have crossed my path, but too quickly and too unexpectedly to capture. I don’t bring my dog with me any longer because one brazen one had a go at her two winters ago and it’s just not a good idea to tempt fate. I hoped that calmness would prevail, allowing for a non-blurry photo, or two.

Well, I didn’t panic and got some great footage, and when the coyote was too far out of range for my movie camera, took a few snapshots.

Eastern Coyote massachusetts beach Canis latrans Kim Smith

This one appears smaller than what I have typically encountered, perhaps it is only a year or two old, or possibly coyotes are not as plump after the winter months. He/she was very intent upon scavenging in a bed of seaweed that had washed ashore and think it must have been quite hungry to allow me to get so close. He reluctantly left his meal as I moved toward him and then watched me for some time from under cover of beach grass. His shining eyes were easily seen in the fading low light. Mistakenly, I thought that was the end of our meeting and went back to filming B-roll.Eastern Coyote massachusetts Kim Smith

Beach grass provides excellent camouflage

I was losing the light and decided to call it a day. Packing up cameras and turning to go, there he was, a hundred yards away, staring at me. Deftly traveling through the tall reeds he had circled around. I don’t think he had me in mind for his next meal, but I was halfway between him and the scavanged dinner from which he had so rudely been interrupted. Plans on how to weaponize my tripod and camera bag quickly came to mind. He trotted leisurely towards me, changed his mind, and then trotted in the opposite direction. A car came down the road and he again turned toward my direction, making his way along the beach until slipping back into the grass.

If ever you have a close encounter with a coyote, be sure to remind yourself of this story and know that they may indeed still be very close by.


Cedar Rock Gardens Sign Kim SmithCedar Rock Gardens is an 18.5 acre farm conveniently located at 299 Concord Street, in Gloucester, a few short miles off Route 128. Plants and produce grown only at Cedar Rock Gardens are sold here, with a wide offering of organic veggies, herbs, and gorgeous flowers.

Elise Jillson Cedar Rock Gardens Kim SmithYou may recognize co-owners Elise Jillson and Tucker Smith from the Cape Ann Farmer’s Market. Operating retail sales at the farm is a first this year.

Cedar Rock Gardens Kim SmithThe welcoming handmade sign sets the scene. A modern farm, with its focus on organic practices, but the setting is pure old-time farm charm. Rambling stone walls delineate the fields of flowers, trays of seedlings are tucked under gnarled ancient apple trees, and an equally as distinguished catalpa tree grows alongside the drive as you enter the garden.Flower Field Cedar Rock Gardens Kim Smith

Dormant flower field

Elise and Tucker have many combined years of experience in organic farming. Read more about the two here. Opening the farm to the public is a new step for Cedar Rock Gardens in their growing business. I can’t wait to see what they’ll be offering in plants, as well as cut flowers, throughout the season (think peonies, zinnias, and sunflowers, to name only a few!). Stop in and say hello to Elise and Tucker and pick up your seedlings today!

Plant Nursery Hours: 8am to 5pm Friday, Saturday, Monday, and Tuesday, and 9am to 3pm Sunday.

Cedar Rock Gardens Organic Romaine lettuce Kim Smith

Fresh lettuce

Cedar Rock Gardens onions Kim SmithHelpful horticulture instructions provided for each veggie

Cedar Rock Gardens Kale Kim SmithOrganic Kale

Cedar Rock Gardens sweet peas Kim SmithSweet peas growing gangbusters!

Thank you so much to Nubar Alexanian for the tip to visit Cedar Rock Gardens!


If you could play on stage with anyone alive, who would it be?

Joey’s poll from yesterday asking “WHICH IS A BIGGER EMOTIONAL HIT FOR YOU, THE LOSS OF DAVID BOWIE OR PRINCE?” struck a powerful chord in me. It feels like the greatest musicians of our era are dropping so fast we can’t even keep track. Case in point: Lonnie Mack (blues/rock guitar pioneer and major influence on Stevie Ray Vaughan) also died yesterday.  So what do we do? One response is for Vickie and me book as many of our idols as quickly as possible and rush out to see the ones who are too big for the venues we book. It’s beginning to feel like a race against time.

RockinBluesl_Jumbo4-30bAt the same time, we think it’s important to showcase young artists, who might become the next Prince or Bowie or any of the dozen other greats who have left us over the past year. To that end, we produce several “rising star” shows a year — and our next one is a Rockin’ Blues Benefit next Saturday, April 30 at Beverly’s Larcom Theatre to raise money for Harborlight Community Partners.

In addition to featuring three of the region’s top talent: Delta Generators, Willie J. Laws Band and Danielle Miraglia, this show has some profound significance: 1) It’s the last Delta Generators Show with Craig Rawding fronting the band — and 2) We will auction off a guitar (thanks to Guitar Center) signed by all the artists to raise money for Harborlight Community Partners.  This will likely be the last guitar — perhaps the last thing ever — signed by all the current members of the Delta Generators.

If you live in Gloucester, you may have seen Danielle Miraglia here. In 2014, we brought her to Gloucester for the first time to perform with James Montgomery at a benefit for The Open Door, then again at the Cape Ann Solstice with Allen Estes and Charlie Farren.  She’s also been at the Rhumb Line.

On Sunday morning at 9AM, Danielle will be Aurelia Nelson’s special guest — and her only guest — on her North Shore 104.9 radio show Curtain Up.  You’ll hear Danielle perform some of her songs along with a tribute to her favorite artist, Prince.  Now, Danielle isn’t one of those people who waited until yesterday to honor Prince.  Here’s a transcript of an interview she gave 10 years ago in Boston Beats:

Question: “If you could play on stage with anyone alive, who would it be?”

Danielle: “Oh, Prince. Even though I would be completely intimidated by him, and probably just faint. And he’s my height, so it would work.  All his dancers are really short, because they can’t be taller than him or it would just look funny.  I don’t have to play anything, I’ll just roll around on stage.  I’ll just hold onto his leg.  You can put that in print if you want.”

Check out Danielle at Gloucester’s UU Church fundraiser here (by Cape Ann TV):


Jefff Weaver Mural Gloucester -2 detail c Kim SmithI just can’t tell you how exciting it was to see the fine restoration of the Jeff Weaver mural at AJ’s at the Harbor. We haven’t even had a chance to try the restaurant, but they get my vote for Good Eggs of the week for taking care to restore this original Gloucester painting by unquestionably one of Gloucester’s finest painters.

Thank you AJ’s! Best wishes with your new restaurant!Jefff Weaver Mural Gloucester -3 detail c Kim SmithJefff Weaver Mural Gloucester c Kim Smith

Jeff Weaver Mural Gloucester c Kim SmithSee Joey’s posts about AJ’s –



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