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Viva San Pietro!

Closing Ceremony Saint Peter Fiesta ©Kim Smith 2015

Throngs of the faithful filled Beach Court.

Filming continued for the Saint Peter’s Fiesta documentary and despite Sunday’s cancelled events, it was a fantastic last day of Fiesta 2015, fantastic in every way! 

Early afternoon was spent filming the Sunday Greasy Pole walkers for their pre-walk rally. After processing through downtown with stops along the way at the Gloucester House Restaurant, House of Mitch, and Saint Peter’s Club, the Walkers headed over to Beach Court. The 80s Greasy pole Champions Sunday Greasy Pole Rally  ©Kim Smith 2015Sunday Greasy Pole Rally Nicastro and ©Kim Smith 2015

Sunday Greasy Pole Rally Nicastro ©Kim Smith 2015

Because Sunday’s events had been postponed to Monday and the stage broken down on schedule, the statue of Saint Peter was temporarily moved to Beach Court.  After blessings and prayers, the revelers headed back to Saint Peter’s Square to board the ferry to the Greasy Pole.

Sunday Greasy Pole Rally ©Kim Smith 2015

Main Street with the Sunday Greasy Pole Walkers–the costumes were especially funny and fun this year!

I raced back to Pavilion Beach to film and photograph the walkers and seine boat race. The crowd was tremendous! A special note of thanks to Sally Elliot for holding my bag the entire time while filming/photographing as I was standing in the water to get as close as possible, and struggling with camera gear. THANK YOU SALLY for all your help, so very much appreciated!

Lock and Load 2015 Seine Boat Champions Gloucester MA ©Kim Smith 2015JPGLock and Load Gloucester Seine Boat ©Kim Smith 2015Lock and Load Men’s Seine Boat Champions

The men’s seine boat race was simply thrilling; Lock and Load won the close race, followed by an outstanding flag capture by Jake Wagner.

Jake Wagner Sunday Monday 2015 Greasy Pole Champion ©KIm Smith 2015Jack Wagner 2015 Sunday Greasy Pole Champion
Joe DaSilva Greasy Pole Gloucester  ©Kim Smith 2015Joe DaSilva Courtesy Round Walk (see more grease-flying-free-falling photos here)

It's Not Easy Being Greasy ©Kim Smith 2015It’s Not Easy Being Greasy!

The Walkers hoisted Jack upon their shoulders and carried him to the Greasy Pole Hall of fame wall. Then it was back to Beach Court where the closing ceremony was held. Heartfelt speeches were given by the team captains, with much cheering and accolades for all.

Good Night Saint Peter ©Kim Smith 2015 copyGoodnight Saint Peter

After the award ceremony, the statue of Saint Peter was processed through the Fort amidst much merriment, joyful singing, and the traditional call and response: “Me chi samiou tutti mutti?  Viva San Pietro,” which means, roughly: Are you all mute? (or Why are you not shouting?)- long live Saint Peter!

Rebecca Borden Throws Her hat Into The Ring For Ward 1

Boilerplate GMG Political Statement:

Good Morning Gloucester Does Not Endorse Candidates and this press release should not be indicative of a an endorsement or non endorsement of any candidates:

Please accept this letter as the formal announcement of my intent to become the next City Councilor of Gloucester’s Ward 1. I believe I am the best candidate to serve and steward this City’s vast heritage, landscape and cultural legacy.

The Ward 1 boundary includes Jodrey State Fish Pier, Eastern Point Lighthouse, Blackburn Industrial Park, Pond Road businesses, Good Harbor Beach and the Back Shore. In such a small region, Ward 1 is a great example of how industrial businesses and marine industries can operate in harmony alongside residential neighborhoods, naturally protected areas, and small businesses.

People of action before me have worked tirelessly to conserve the natural landscape that exists in Ward 1: Essex County Green Belt’s Seine Field, Niles Pond, Cripple Cove and the great salt marsh of Good Harbor Beach remain protected and open green spaces for all to enjoy. These areas, however, remain vulnerable and require ongoing stewardship, and as Councilor I would focus on this.

I believe Gloucester should be better prepared for rising sea levels and a potential direct hit from the next super­storm or hurricane. Gloucester should do more to update key Ward 1 infrastructure systems including storm drains, hobbled roads and non­existant sidewalks. And Ward 1 residents can be educated and supported on how to effectively prepare their properties with simple, affordable backyard landscaping techniques to better retain excess run­off storm rainwater.

Ward 1 is my home. Among the things I love most about living here are the beautiful beaches. Good Harbor, Niles, Wonson, Smith and Brace Cove­­­what riches we share! Though some are not public, I remain proud that anyone can enjoy them, especially at sunset. I fully support the amazing work of the Department of Public Works and The Friends of Good Harbor Beach, especially their efforts to protect sand dunes and the salt marsh, and to make the beach more accessible to visitors on foot. Visitors come for all over the world to enjoy our clean beaches and, in turn, our beaches have become an important ancillary revenue stream for the City.

In order to get visitors to stay here, they need places to stay overnight. I was an outspoken advocate for the Beauport Hotel on Pavilion Beach. I wrote strong letters to the Editor expressing my support and participated in community forums because I believe that Gloucester’s blighted property should be made bright again. Ward 1 has some of the best and busiest accommodations in the City and I want to help them to continue to thrive. I celebrate the City’s efforts to support cultural tourism, and applaud its decision to allot 30% of the revenue from the hotel tax to a fund supporting the implementation of the City’s new long­range tourism plan.

I back my beliefs with action. I’ve served as an officer of Gloucester’s Harbortown Cultural District for two years, and co­lead a free mobile app project which promotes and connects visitors to everything that our four Cape Ann Cultural Districts have to offer. The City’s Office of

Economic Development has made great strides in advancing what’s possible in Gloucester. We have a Community Development Director and a soon­to­be created Tourism Development Office but I believe we desperately need a City­level staff person to oversee, coordinate and interconnect those efforts to ensure the cultural sector is represented at the table. We have a Harbor Master Plan but no Arts and Culture Master Plan. A City our size needs one. When we talk about Gloucester’s heritage, the harbor and the arts are referenced as two halves of the same coin. I believe the City needs to develop and adopt policies around public expenditure and private investments in arts and culture so controversies like the David Black public art sculpture become mute.

The thing I love most about Ward 1 are the creative, dedicated, talented, passionate people who live in Ward 1 and work in Gloucester. On any given day, one of my neighbors is performing on stage, hosting a gallery opening, teaching Montessori art classes to pre­schoolers, hanging new art work at a local coffee shop, re­purposing old sails into bags, running half­marathons in memory of a fallen Navy SEAL, leading our farmers market that grows bigger and better each and every year, arranging for an independent film crew to shoot on location in our ‘hood, crafting and cooking gourmet sea­to­table dishes at their award winning bistro, hosting literary sessions with nationally known writers, stewarding our local education foundation to obtain amazing donations, gifts, and Federal grants, or working on witty and snarky blogs that garners national attention and build a sense of community connectedness at the same time (GMG, GloucesterClam, and Facebook’s BecauseGloucester, I’m talking about you). I believe they are inspired to do more because of living in Gloucester and I am inspired by them to do more too.

I know I am going to be a great City Councilor for Gloucester… because of Ward 1. 

Thank you,

Rebecca Borden

Ward 1 Candidate
Gloucester MA
c: 202-329-9549



Joe DaSilva, winner of the 2015 Saint Peter’s Fiesta Saturday Greasy Pole. This is Joe’s second win (Friday 2011), achieving a lifetime place alongside the Sunday Greasy Pole Walkers.

Listen for Joe’s Mom, Anita. One proud Mama!

In 2011, Joe also won the gold medal for the Fall Greasy Pole Classic (a fundraiser to restore the Greasy Pole after it was destroyed by Hurricane Irene). He was the only Greasy Pole Walker that year to have won on both land and sea, and it has earned him the title “Surf and Turf.”

Congratulations to Joey DaSilva, our 2015 Saturday Greasy Pole Champion!


Joe’s Mom, Anita Louis Stewart, writes on FB, “My son took his first flag down in 2011 on the 80th greasy pole anniversary . That year Hurricane Irene took down the greasy pole in Sept and In November they did a greasy pole fund raiser called the Fall classic down at the GHS; gold, bronze, and silver rounds. My Joseph took the gold and he was the only winner that day who had won over land and sea, dubbing him Surf and Turf. He set the Guinness world record in Cali in July 2012 for walking the greasy pole in 4.9 seconds and taking the flag down in the 2nd round. He held that record for 2 years. Today he took the flag down once again, 2nd round, and now he is a lifetime walker on Sundays. The only way to go Joseph Cole DaSilva– -Friday 2 Saturday and Saturday 2 Sunday…Keep going…” Joe Dasilva 2015 Saturday Greasy Pole Champion #GreaseGang

A photo posted by Kim Smith (@kimsmithdesigns) on


Congratulations to Joey DaSilva, 2015 Saturday Greasy Pole Champion!

Joey Dasilva Saturday Greasy Pole Champion 2015 ©Kim Smith 2015

Joe’s Mom, Anita Louise Stewart, writes on FB, “My son took his first flag down in 2011 on the 80th greasy pole anniversary . That year Hurricane Irene took down the greasy pole in Sept and In November they did a greasy pole fund raiser called the Fall Classic down at the GHS; gold, bronze, and silver rounds. My Joseph took the gold and he was the only winner that day who had won over land and sea, dubbing him Surf and Turf. He set the Guinness world record in Cali in July 2012 for walking the greasy pole in 4.9 seconds and taking the flag down in the 2nd round. He held that record for 2 years. Today he took the flag down once again, 2nd round, and now he is a lifetime walker on Sundays. The only way to go Joseph Cole DaSilva– -Friday 2 Saturday and Saturday 2 Sunday…Keep going…”

Joey Dasilva Saturday Greasy Pole Champion 2015 ©Kim SmithJoey Dasilva Saturday Greasy Pole Champion 2015 -4  ©Kim SmithJoey Dasilva Saturday Greasy Pole Champion 2015 -3  ©Kim SmithJoey Dasilva Saturday Greasy Pole Champion 2015  -5 ©Kim Smith


Esther mathieu photo cake-1

Fabulous and delicious cake made by Maria for my in-laws 65th wedding anniversary. Needless to say it was huge hit, with layers of raspberry and lemon cream sandwiched between creamy sweet frosting. Stop in to Caffe Sicilia for your Saint Peter’s Day cakes and confections. See Maria featured on the front page of today’s Gloucester Daily Times!

Photo Courtesy Esther Mathieu


Buona Festa!

Bianca Saint Peter's Fiesta ©Kim Smith 2015 Love! 

Mayor Sefatia Saint Peter's Fiesta ©Kim Smith 2015Mayor Romeo Thekan and Joe Orlando

Saint Peter's Fiesta -4 ©Kim Smith 2015

Bianca, Rosaria Floyd, Mayor Sefatia (holding the key to heaven), Joe Orlando, State Representative Ann Margaret Ferrante

Saint Peter's Fiesta -5 ©Kim Smith 2015Kathy and Dominic Nicastro

Snapshots from Friday night opening ceremony. I am mostly filming, but do manage to take a few photos. So many beautiful moments last night–I wish there was a simple way to film and take good quality photographs at exactly the same time.

Dante Saint Peter's Fiesta ©Kim Smith 2015Saint Peter's Fiesta -8 ©Kim Smith 2015Saint Peter's Fiesta -1 ©Kim Smith 2015Saint Peter's Fiesta -2 ©Kim Smith 2015See More Photos Here

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Happy 65th Wedding Anniversary!

Can you imagine–sixty five years–truly an inspiration!

June 24th was my mother and father-in-laws 65th wedding anniversary. We’ve been celebrating all week and last night we had a beautiful dinner at Duckworth’s, our family’s go-to place for special occasions (and every other excuse to head to dinner there). Dinner was beautiful in every way, from the exquisite entrees, appetizers, and desserts to the outstanding service provided by Dan and Colleen. Thank you Duckworth Family for making our family’s celebration wonderfully memorable.

Cornelius Hauck Steve Marvin ©Kim Smith 2015Here we are in Cincinnati on May 5th this past spring celebrating my father-in-laws NINETIETH birthday. He and his best friend Steve Marvin, also 90, have been friends since they were babies.

Cornelius Hauck ©Kim Smith 2015Note the cake decorated with a train scene. My father-in-law has been passionate about trains since he was a toddler, to the extent that he and his friend Bob Richardson founded the Colorado Railroad Museum, which is located in Golden Colorado.


Glossy Ibis Gloucester Massachusetts ©Kim Smith 2015JPGThank you to the wonderful Anderson Family for sharing their Glossy Ibis sighting. After Chris’s super tip, I easily found them foraging in the fields several mornings in a row. I think there are anywhere between 20 to 30 members to the flock. They don’t allow you to get very close. Someone with a a 300-400mm lens may be able to take much better close ups. Nonetheless, they are fun to watch. I imagine since they are here at the end of June, the ibis may be nesting.

Dear Readers, If you see the Glossy Ibis, can you please share the time and day of your sighting. I understand from Mass Audubon that they rarely breed in our region and it would be exciting if we sighted a breeding pair. Thank you!

And thank you once again to the Andersons who this past year have supplied us with Snow Goose, Brant Geese, Snowy Owl, and now Glossy Ibis tips!!!

Glossy Ibis in flight Gloucester Massachusetts  ©Kim Smith 2015JPG

Wednesdays with Fly Amero ~ This week’s guest Brian King of What Time Is it Mr. Fox? 7-10pm @ The Rhumb Line 6.24.2015


This week only…
12oz Grilled Rib Eye Steak – $14.95

Wednesday, June 24th – 7pm
Special Guest: BRIAN KING!

brian king fly add

This will be a first for me. After so many, many requests
from the Wednesday followers, I’m finally able to host a
show with the great Brian King as musical guest. He’s a
world-class singer, folks… with just a touch of theater!
It all starts early… 7pm! ~ Fly
Dinner with great music!
*Each week features a special, invited musical guest
Dave Trooper’s Kitchen…
Prepared fresh weekly by “Troop”… always good!
Plus a fine, affordable wine menu!
7/01 Charlee Bianchini

7/08 Marina Evans
Coming Soon… Fozzie-kins

Looking forward……to seeing you there :-)

‎Meg & Joe @ 525 Magnolia, Last Wednesday of the Month, starting today, 6/24!!!!!

megan joeMegan McKenzie and Joe Wilkins team up for a night of acoustic covers performing a vast variety of hits from Aretha Franklin to Tom Petty! They’ll be performing every last Wednesday of the month throughout the summer, so mark your calendars! *6/24, 7/29, 8/26 *

Megan performs with a number of local projects including The Megan McKenzie Band, Big Ol’ Dirty Bucket and SAFETY, to name a few. And Joestays busy with multiple projects as well including the Joe Wilkins Band,Poppa Cigar and Funk du Jour. They found time in there busy schedules to collaborate their talents and bring you a fun, laid back show, presenting a more intimate side of these funky rock n’ rollers!

Magnolia 525 Tavern offers a full bar with unique beers on draft as well as special house cocktails. You can quench your thirst and appease your appetite for good ole’ American fare such as steak tips or pizza, including Gluten Free options.

Photos Courtesy of KM Photograpyhy (Kimberly Marchand )and John Andrews (Social Palates)




Magnolia 525 Tavern
12 Lexington Ave,

Gloucester, Massachusetts 01930


Joe Novello, Chris Pallazola, and Crew Adding Finishing Touches to Saint Peter’s Square

Joe Novello Saint Peter's Fiesta Gloucester 2015 ©Kim Smith 2015Joe Novello -2 Saint Peter's Fiesta Gloucester 2015 ©Kim Smith 2015

Joe Novello

Saint Peter's Fiesta Gloucester 2015 -2 ©Kim Smith 2015For the most part, the stage is stored in Chris Palazolla’s truck when not in use during Fiesta. Today he and his crew are giving the stage a fresh coat of paint to give it a beautiful crisp look.

Saint Peter's Fiesta Gloucester 2015 -4 ©Kim Smith 2015Murray and the DPW hanging planters. 

Saint Peter's Fiesta Gloucester 2015 Ferris Wheel ©Kim Smith 2015Despite the new hotel construction project underway at the Fort, the ferris wheel has returned! 

Hoodoo Revelator Fiesta Thursday @ The Dog Bar 6.25.2015

hoodoo dogbar fiesta

It’s Fiesta in beautiful Gloucester and Hoodoo Revelator will be kicking off this weekend celebration with a Hoodoo Houseparty at the Dog Bar, 65 Main St in Gloucester this Thursday, June 25th from 9pm til close! Rolling Stones, Creedence, J. Geils, Black Eyed Peas, Paul Butterfield, and much, much more!  Pop in and check out Kevin “The Rattlesnake” Haney movin’ and shakin’ and playin’ (and howlin! ) for your entertainment! On g-e-e-t-a-r will be the very talented Dan “Moe” Moriarty, who can keep up with the best of them! Glen Asaro will be wailing on the harp while Bob Clinton (of Joe Cocker fame!) will be tearing it up on bass. On drums we will be featuring the very talented Seth Pappas from the James Montgomery Band!  Great food and drinks there too!  This is one of the best weekends to be in Gloucester…why not start it off with the infectious tunes of Hoodoo Revelator!  See you there!

The Amazing Joe Novello! #stpeterfiesta

Joe Novello Saint Peter's Fiesta Gloucester 2015 ©Kim Smith 2015Joe Novello at work. I hope the pending storm doesn’t damage the fabulous job Joe and Chris Palazolla and Crew have accomplished in getting Saint Peter’s Square ready for Fiesta.

Joe Novello #stpeterfiesta

A video posted by Kim Smith (@kimsmithdesigns) on



Passports Community Dinner Night to Support North Shore Health Project!


Join us Tuesday night for our community dinner night in support of North Shore Health Project.

  • 4 – 9 pm
  • 3 Course Dinner
  • $15.00
  • 10% of Proceeds Go To Your Organization
  • Reservations Requested

Celebrating 20 years in business we are giving back to the community every Tuesday night. Full menu also available.

If you would like to inquire about support for your organization, please email us at We look forward to working with you!

Passports Restaurant

110 Main Street Gloucester, MA 01930

Please call for Reservations: 978.281.3680

For questions please call:

Eric Lorden

978 304-7723

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