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Lighthouse Beach Meadow Sunset Annisquam Kim SmithHow Color is Created in Bird Feathers will continue tomorrow. So sorry, but was a very long work day today. It’s so interesting though and I can’t wait to get back to writing. Did you know that the study of feathers is called Plumology? I’ll have time to finish tonight. In the meantime, here are several of last night’s snapshots from a walk at sunset on the Annisquam meadow, heading to Lighthouse Beach. It was a beauty, especially with the bevy of Robins doing their robin-hop-thing while feasting in the grass in the softening sunlight. Spring really and truly has arrived!

Lighthouse Beach Meadow Sunset Annisquam -2 Kim Smith

Lighthouse Beach Meadow Sunset Annisquam -3 Kim SmithLighthouse Beach Meadow Sunset Annisquam Robin Kim Smith


Easter Sunset Gloucester Harbor. 

Last night’s saturated sunset from East Gloucester was arresting, becoming even more so after the sun set. The colors on the water momentarily reflected the voluptuous hues of the twilight sky, when very quickly the horizon turned glowing coral-pink-peach before extinguishing itself in purple.

Gloucester Harbor Smiths Cove sunset Kim Smith

The violet-orange on the water’s glass-like surface in the foreground looked as though it had been applied by paint.

Gloucester Harbor UU Church sunset Kim Smith

Gloucester’s Unitarian Universalist Church beautiful steeple

City Hall Gloucester Harbor Sunset

City Hall



Gloucester to Boston skyline Niles Beach sunset -3With the frigid front moving in, last night’s sunset from Niles Beach revealed a crystal clear view to the Boston skyline. The warm hues in the photo are deceptive; a biting wind was whipping about. Peach met violet in the low hanging clouds and I thought the whole scene looked like a modern impressionist’s painting. 

Gloucester to Boston skyline Niles Beach sunset -2JPG

Gloucester to Boston skyline Niles Beach sunset Skyline from Niles Beach

Not Exactly a Beach Day

While freezing, it was too pretty to not stop at Good Harbor Beach last night to snap this photo.  There was something about the juxtaposition of the snow and the sand at sunset that made us sit for a longer while than planned.

I’d rather it be July, but pretty nonetheless.



Last night’s red sky was not today’s sailor’s delight. Is that old adage true more often than not I wonder?

Red sky at night, sailors’ delight.

Red sky at morning, sailors take warning.

Smith's Cove Marine railways Gloucester sunset www.kimsmithdesigns

Twilight Smith’s Cove looking towards Gloucester Marine RailwaysLong Bech Rockport sunset

Long Beach Sunset


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