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GHS Varsity Cheerleaders are headed down to Nationals in Orlando, Florida

The GHS Varsity Cheerleaders are headed down to Nationals in Orlando, Florida today.  We would like to thank everyone that donated IN ANY WAY.   Whether you bought a raffle ticket, pledged to our Go Fund Me, came to Katrina’s or Jalapeno’s , donated gift certificates, allowed us to sell tickets at your business, posted on your website, or  put something in a donation bucket we are grateful beyond words. Everyone near and far  helped make this possible.  We know that the team will do their best to represent our beautiful city and make you all proud!

With sincere gratitude, 

The Gloucester High School Cheerleaders and Cheering Boosters


    2016 Bikini and Speedo Dodgeball World Championship Is Comin At Ya April 9th!


    For more info-

    2016 Bikini and Speedo Dodgeball World Championship

    video by Kim Smith

    There will be fun- I promise you that!  Plan to come on down and enjoy the spectacle!

    I May Have Lied…

    CAYH Mite 1

    I may have lied…  Forgive me… and allow me to explain.

    First of all, let me throw it out there, that I’m not proud about the mixed emotions that I’m feeling right now.  But, the struggle is kind of real.

    Last year, at this exact same time (only a mere two days apart) I sat down and composed a blog post entitled “Proud Mom Moment” (read it here, if you’d like). It detailed the adorable and amazing little journey that Thatcher’s hockey team experienced on their way to a fantastic Championship title.  I was crazy proud and ridiculously emotional about it.  I tried to capture the magic for you all so you could enjoy the ride.

    Somewhere in the post I wrote the words, “PLEASE don’t get me wrong….losses would have been fun to watch too” ….and now, I fear, I may have lied.  Because…yesterday, when they were down and didn’t come back….it wasn’t actually that much fun to watch after all.

    Before you hate….let me explain.

    This little team are winners.  Every little thing about them screams Winners.  And, guess what?  As they yawn, roll over, stretch, rub their eyes, and drag their tired little bottoms out of bed right about now, at this very minute, after a 2nd place season’s end, they are still winners!  And that I mean, for sure!

    Yesterday, when down 0-3, Finn came up to me as I was taking photos…with giant tears in his eyes….and said, “We’re losing.”  Finn worships his brother and his brothers’ team + teammates. Without a second’s hesitation I leaned down and said, “Don’t worry, Finn.  This team doesn’t lose.  They may be down right now. But, they don’t lose.”  And, I meant it.  This amazing little team had gone a full calendar year without a loss before finally falling to an opponent way back in November.  While they suffered a couple of early losses this season, they then rallied and regained a very impressive winning streak.  A streak so awesome, actually, that yesterday was their first full-ice loss…EVER…in two whole years.  USA Hockey dictates that Mite level teams skate 1/2 ice games October-December and then full-ice games for the rest of the season.  This unbelievable group of kids had won every single full-ice game they have played over the course of two full seasons…until yesterday.

    So, down…in a very reminiscent fashion to last year’s championship…they managed to come back a bit.  2-3 in the 3rd period, I was still certain they’d tie it up. And, I was certain, that once it was tied…they’d go on to win easily.  Because that’s what, after all, they do.  But, they didn’t.  Man, they tried hard.  And, they tried hard again and again, but they just couldn’t.  And, in the end, when that buzzer sounded, I was immediately surprised by my own disappointment.  And…that…is what I mean by “the struggle is kind of real.”

    See, this little group of skaters has become like family.  They adore each other!  And, after having been together for 2 seasons (with only a couple of new additions…who we feel like have been teammates since Day #1), the team will now get split up.  They’ll head to the Squirts….and be distributed to three different teams.  They’ll love their new teams…and they’ll continue to love hockey….and new magic will be created for sure, the saying goes…you only have one true first love.  And, this team, was theirs.

    So, when I say it wasn’t fun to watch, I swear I don’t mean that in some over-the-top-winning-crazed-mother way.  I mean it in a I-really-wanted-one-last-victory-for-them kind of way.  I promise…yet, I’m still not proud.

    They, thank goodness, showed grace and dignity.  They had a phenomenal season, lots of laughs, leaned on each other, lifted each other up, and showed us all what it means to be a team…in the truest sense of the word.  I am so proud of them!  Each and every one of them.  And, they should be SO proud of themselves!

    I would be remiss not to mention that Cape Ann Youth Hockey is a tremendous program full of so many amazing teams.  In fact, at just the Mite level alone, all three teams…Mite 1, Mite 2, and Mite 3….finished their seasons in 1st place.  While Mite 1 and Mite 2 fell an itty bitty bit short yesterday, Mite 3 went on to win their Championship.  So, a HUGE congratulations to them!!!!


    CAYH Mite 1


    CAYH Mite 2


    CAYH Mite 3

    Gloucester Flag Football – Nor’Easters


    Hi Joe
    Its that time of year once again
    Gloucester Nor Easters
    Proudly present – Spring Flag Football League
    Open to boys and girls ages 4 -14
    All games played on  Sundays at Omaley  School Field
    Registrations in person this Sunday March 6th noon -5pm on line –  choose Spring  – drop down Gloucester
    Season begins April 3 rd with our meet and greet
    Glen  O. McEachern

    The GMG Fitbit Challenge


    With so many of us starting to wear our Fitbits and with our New Year’s Resolutions to get into shape, how about doing a Fitbit Challenge?  Who is up for this challenge.  Wearing a Fitbit is a great motivator.  Who wants to join a weekly challenge?
    Joey agreed to sponsor a Gloucester Beach Sticker Hoodie as a prize if we get 7 or more challengers and post our daily rankings.

    Check out the details-

    A GHS Girls’ Hockey Team. Yes, Please!


    Did you know that Gloucester hasn’t had a girls’ hockey team since 2007?  With a large increase in the number of girls currently participating in Cape Ann Youth Hockey and the number of surrounding school systems (not to mention nationwide) that are currently offering ways for their female high school students to play competitive hockey, it is a shame that Gloucester isn’t.

    Well, some mothers of current Cape Ann Hockey players are trying to change that!

    I also find it noteworthy that Gloucester High School’s home rink, the Dorothy M. Talbot Rink, is graced with a scoreboard donated by Visa USA to honor and acknowledge the Olympic career of Team USA Women’s Hockey Coach, Benjamin Smith, III….and yet, does not have a High School Girls’ Team. [Ben lead the USA women’s team as they earned a Gold Medal in the 1998, a Silver in the 2002, and a Bronze in the 2006 Olympic Games.

    PLEASE spread the word and see what we can do about making sure that Gloucester has a Girls’ Hockey Team next year!


    It wasn’t our typical Friday night practice at O’Maley Rink for our CAYH girls teams, we went from lacing up our girls’ skates to talking about the future. Where does it go after here? Some of the U14 girls entering 8th and 9th grade started to inquire about a high school team. The CAYH league currently runs a girls travel league from the U10-U14 level.  Over the last few years, girls hockey has increased in popularity with over 69,744 females registered with the USA Hockey Association in 2014-15. In our community CAYH went from 24 girl players in 2012/13 to a significant increase to 62 girl players in 2015/16 season.

    Where does that leave the girls in our community entering high school who want to continue to play in an all girls league? Gloucester High hasn’t had a girls’ team since 2007. After some research we have found that Gloucester High is the only school that is not in a cooperative girls hockey team. Manchester/Essex travels to Marblehead, Ipswich travels to Beverly, and it was indicated that Rockport travels to Boxford to play. Seems crazy when we have a rink right in our back yard!

    After some emails and a facebook page dedicated to bringing awareness that “YES Gloucester wants to PLAY!” there has been tremendous feedback and support from former GHS Girl players and from the community. Our girls want to play and we want to see our girls play!

    Our first step in creating a team is gathering a list of interested players from Gloucester and surrounding towns. If your daughter is interested in playing please e-mail

    We look forward to hearing from you!
    Jessica Cusumano and Mandy Milan (CAYH MOMS)



    GHS Cheerleaders Nationals Comp Go Fund Me


    Here’s the link-

    The Gloucester High School Varsity Cheerleaders are going to the ULTIMATE International Championship in Orlando Florida to compete on March 25th & 26th! The girls are trying to raise money for the airfare, hotel, transfers to & from the airport, and food. We are anticipating $1500 per girl. Unfortunately for the girls we just found out we were going and have little time to raise money! It would mean the world to the girls to have the support of family, friends, neighbors, & fans. Thank you in advance for your generosity & support! Go GHS!

    GHS Boys Hoop vs Lynn Classical

    GHS plays see-saw game with Lynn Classical losing at the end. GHS boys play with a ton of heart. Both teams played hard fought game and the difference in foul calls in the favor of Lynn played a huge factor in the outcome.

    Winter Classic

    If you’ve read any of what I’ve written since joining GMG, you probably know that my boys play a lot of hockey and it is a big part of their childhoods as well as our lives.

    School vacation week was certainly no different.  Thatcher’s team was entered into a four-day tournament sponsored by the Boston Bruins.  While they ultimately did not win the tournament, they were one of the finalists, and for that they were handsomely rewarded.  Medals, hats, backpacks, team photos, etc….and then, the awesome icing on the cake, tickets for the entire team, coaches, and one parent per child to the coveted Winter Classic.

    Not only did they score tickets, but they were given front row seats. Granted, being only 8-years old and a bit vertically challenged, they had a difficult time seeing the action take place way out in the center of the Pat’s playing field….but awesome seats nonetheless.

    Kudos to the Boston Bruins for once again rewarding these young, budding athletes and helping to create memories to last a lifetime.

    Olympic Dreams

    If any of the young skaters who grace the ice at The Dorothy M. Talbot Rink have any Olympic ambitions, it is pretty cool to have Ben (Punky) Smith watching from the stands!

    Thatcher and Finn, knowing he is my husband’s Godfather, have read the plaques that pay tribute to his pretty fantastic Olympic Coaching career many times and were pretty smitten to see him at last week’s Gloucester High School game.

    Thatcher was beyond happy to hear him say, “Your son looked pretty good out there” after his team skated at intermission.

    Benjamin A. Smith, III was able to lead the United States Women’s Hockey team to a Gold Medal in 1998, a Medal in 2002, and a Bronze Medal in 2006.  His 1998 Olympic Team went on to be inducted into the United States Hockey Hall of Fame.


    Community Stuff 12/15/15


    I am with Cape Ann Skating Club and we are having a (free) Holiday Skating Exhibition on Saturday – Dec 19 at 1 PM in the Talbot Rink at the O’Maley School.

    Attached is a flyer with information.  We would love to have you attend – bring some friends & family and share some photos on your sites after the event!

    There will be great holiday skating, festive music and costumes. Plus treats, cocoa, and crafts for kids.


    Hi Joey- I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind putting out one more press release to help in the sale of our 2016 Rotary calendars? I have attached a revised version of the last one I sent you. Thanks so much! Because of the last press release you put on GMG, I sold more that 15 out of state (mostly to NY). Thanks again, and have very Happy Holidays-

    Dave Stotzer
    Owner, Cape Ann Photography


    The 2016 Rotary Raffle Calendars are still available. This calendar is our best ever, displaying the award winning photos of Cape Ann taken by serious amateur and professional photographers. Calendars can be purchased from any Gloucester Rotarian or at these locations: BankGloucester, Cape Ann Savings Bank, First Ipswich Bank, and at Local Colors on Main St. for $20.00 each. They can also be shipped anywhere by ordering through Rotarian Dave Stotzer at:  All profits go to the club’s GHS scholarships and many other worthy community and Rotary International projects. An added bonus is that this is a raffle calendar, and all are numbered, with a limited number being printed. The Club will be giving away $50.00 every week next year. There will be “bonus” giveaways of $250.00 the 2nd Tuesday of June 2016 and $500.00 the 2nd Tuesday of December 2016.

    Check Out Desi Smith’s Incredible Gloucester Boxing Club Project

    Thank you Joey for having me on your podcast and your interest in my photo project. I’m going to continue this project to include some of the younger boxers along with some women, and will share the images with you and your readers.

    If I you could, I would like to give a shout out and thanks to Carlo and Joey DaSilva at the Gloucester Boxing Club for allowing me into their space to do this project.

    Here are just a few photos from the project.

    Thanks again,


    Joey_Mirror_1 copy



    Doug Ryan_1

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