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GHS Wrestling Team and Coach Kirk’s Special Recognition



I’m sure you get many requests for posts, but I’d love to let people know about the GHS wrestling team. They had their home opener tonight against Salem High School and they crushed it! They won 48 to 24 with 8 pins; an impressive feat for a team that is only in it’s second year!

I’d also love it if Coach Kirk Benson got special recognition.

At tonight’s meet there was a dedication of the new wrestling mat that Coach Kirk Benson and his family bought with money from his parents estate. Kirk’s parents have both passed away, but were very involved in their community and were all about supporting youth in whatever they were interested in whether it be sports, arts, travel etc. 

I’ve attached a picture of the team on the new mat and a picture of Kirk and Carolyn Benson (there is also a non cropped picture of the team on the mat).

Thanks for your consideration!

Neyla Bajoras


Season’s Greetings To all members and friends of dory rowing From The IDRC




As 2014 comes to a close, we would like to wish all of our members and friends of the IDRC a happy and safe holiday season.  We are certainly fortunate to have dories to row and a beautiful harbor to row in (winter and summer)!  We remember those who can no longer get out on the water, and look forward to another great year of dory rowing and racing in 2015.


Don’t forget the dory rowers on your Christmas List.  The IDRC has oars and other rowing gear in stock and ready for wrapping!  Just call Skip Levielle at (978) 281-1071. Or, visit our virtual store for dory apparel @


Who’s Going On This Red Sox “Baseball Winter Weekend”?

The Red Sox will host a “Baseball Winter Weekend” this January where fans will have an opportunity to interact with players, hear from owners, and listen to roundtable discussions on a variety of baseball topics. The event takes place at Foxwoods Resort and Casino from Friday, January 23, through Sunday, January 25. Passes for Baseball Winter Weekend are available now at

Hotel accommodations are available at Foxwoods, so the entire North Shore could make a weekend getaway out of it.

Note: Please don’t blow your entire life savings at the craps table. We’d prefer you save at least enough to buy a few Red Sox tickets — which will be available for sale at the event. OR — Red Sox fans will have their first opportunity to purchase 2015 single game tickets and “Sox Pax” on Saturday, December 13 at 10:00 a.m…. and then they can spend their leftover $$$ at Foxwoods.

Boston, MA, December 1, 2012:<br />
The Boston Red Sox hosted the tenth annual Christmas at Fenway Park presented by Stop & Shop, which featured player and alumni meet and greets, a Fenway Winter Village set up in the Big Concourse, access for fans to the home clubhouse and warning track, and an LED Winter Lights musical projected on the Green Monster.<br />
(Photo by Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox)

Photo courtesy Boston Red Sox

Bates Basketball – Babson Invitational Champion – How would have Roger Babson felt?

Anthony L Burnham submits-

Bates Men’s Basketball defeated Babson College at the buzzer 54-51 to claim the 29th Babson Invitational Champion at Babson College this past Sunday.   Captained by Gloucester standout Adam Philpott, Bates opened the season defeating Nichols 81-78 on Saturday to advance to defeat the #23rd nationally ranked Babson College Beavers.  With a healthy Gloucester crowd in attendance, how would have Roger Babson, the Gloucester native and Babson College founder felt?   To add to the irony, the current Bates squad has Gloucester native, and football captain, Mike Tomaino, as a student assistant.   Additionally, current Babson head coach, Stephen Brennan, is a 1987 Bates College grad and 3 year college roommate of Gloucester’s Anthony Burnham.   What would have Roger wrote on a rock in Dogtown after this weekend?  


How long before they take away our football?

So sad.



Should Your Child Play Football?

By John Guida November 11, 2014 3:40 pm

To the partisan battles of red and blue America, we can apparently add another culture clash: football.

Yes, the N.F.L. remains widely popular, despite its annus horribilis — among other things, the abuse scandals of Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson and, above all, the medical discoveries of the professional sport’s damage to a player’s brain.

Yet for all its popularity, the ground is shifting. As David Leonhardt writes for The Upshot at The New York Times, “Blue America — particularly the highly educated Democratic-leaning areas of major metropolitan areas — is increasingly deciding that it doesn’t want its sons playing football.”

He cites a poll conducted by the RAND Corporation for The Upshot: “Nationwide, only 55 percent of respondents said they would be comfortable with their sons playing football. The numbers for baseball, basketball, soccer and track were all above 90 percent.”

The ostensibly “liberal” view holds that football — especially at the professional level — poses risks both to players’ health and to American society at large. At The Los Angeles Times, Steve Almond, author of the book “Against Football,” criticizes “the cynical commercialization of the sport, its cultish celebration of violence and the more subtle ways in which football warps our societal attitudes about race, gender and sexual orientation.”

Over/Under 10 years, what do you think?

The push to make our kids as soft and overly sensitive as possible is well under way.

Why is there no outrage over other sports that have just as high injury rate or more than football?  How come all these people don’t take their kids off of bikes?


Types of sports and recreational activities

Consider these estimated injury statistics for 2009 from the Consumer Product Safety Commission:

  • Basketball. More than 170,000 children ages 5 to 14 were treated in hospital emergency rooms for basketball-related injuries.
  • Baseball and softball. Nearly 110,000 children ages 5 to 14 were treated in hospital emergency rooms for baseball-related injuries. Baseball also has the highest fatality rate among sports for children ages 5 to 14, with three to four children dying from baseball injuries each year.
  • Bicycling. More than 200,000 children ages 5 to 14 were treated in hospital emergency rooms for bicycle-related injuries.
  • Football. Almost 215,000 children ages 5 to 14 were treated in hospital emergency rooms for football-related injuries.
  • Ice hockey. More than 20,000 children ages 5 to 14 were treated in hospital emergency rooms for ice hockey-related injuries.
  • In-line and roller skating. More than 47,000 children ages 5 to 14 were treated in hospital emergency rooms for in-line skating-related injuries.
  • Skateboarding. More than 66,000 children ages 5 to 14 were treated in hospital emergency rooms for skateboarding-related injuries.
  • Sledding or toboggan. More than 16,000 children ages 5 to 14 were treated in hospital emergency rooms for sledding-related injuries.
  • Snow skiing or snowboarding. More than 25,000 children ages 5 to 14 were treated in hospital emergency rooms for snow boarding and snow skiing-related injuries.
  • Soccer. About 88,000 children ages 5 to 14 were treated in hospital emergency rooms for soccer-related injuries.
  • Trampolines. About 65,000 children ages 14 and under were treated in hospital emergency rooms for trampoline-related injuries.

It’s the same people who say we should hand out participation awards just for showing up.  It’s the same people that are trying to tell us that we’re not supposed to appreciate beauty (and I get the difference between a creepy leer or inappropriate comment toward a woman vs a plain old compliment).

Jeeze I hope we don’t lose our football.

Well Look Who Competed In The Ironman In Kona Hawaii- Lone Gull’s Joe Borge!

You can watch it on NBC Saturday November 15th at 1:30PM



The Story From Daughter Sarah Borge-
My father has never been an average man. Whether it was building a snow fort for myself and my younger brother or building a masterpiece staircase, Joe Borge puts his heart and soul into every task put in front of him. Of course, training for a championship competition is no different.
Since I was young, my parents have competed in countless road races together; watching them train, and training with them was like being let into some sort of secret meeting. This was THEIR time. This was an opportunity for husband and wife to bond and shut out the constant intrusions from the deluge of every day life. The banter and jests they shared always kept the training light and enjoyable but their competitive natures always fed the intensity of the activity. Those who know my mother, know she is a formidable opponent on a race course and her talents are only strengthened by my father’s own athletic prowess. However, when you’ve spent over twenty years running marathons, you search for new ways of feeding your competitive spirit. For my father, it was triathlons; although, these competitions were not entirely new to him. You see, since he was a teenager, my father had a dream to compete in the Ironman Triathlon World Championship in Kona, Hawaii. We as a family would sit down every November and watch the competition when it aired on television. I remember the look in my father’s eyes, the same look he had at the start of every race or the start of a new project: determination. There’s really nothing quite like it, seeing true determination in a person. What’s even more impressive is being able to witness the outcome. For years he has talked about racing at Kona and when he finished his first full Ironman in Florida, it looked like his dream was as close as it had ever been.
It was in April of this year when my phone rang with my mother on the other line telling, well screeching really, that my father had been picked to race in Kona, Hawaii. We as a family could not have been more excited and scared for him. The amount of training he needed to complete for this race was like no other training he had ever done and since our last name isn’t Vanderbilt, his 50+ hour/week work schedule wouldn’t be able to take a back seat in any way. But, because of the man he’s always been, he managed to balance his work and training quite well and when he was done with his 100 mile bike rides and 20 mile runs, he was always easily convinced to hit Mile Marker for a lobster roll and wine.
Those of you who know my father know he is an amazing individual and it was wonderful seeing the support he received while training; it is a true testament to his person. Dad, you’re the hardest working man I know and you bring everything you’ve got to the table (which you probably made yourself). I can’t ever tell you enough how proud you make me and how much I’ve loved being your daughter and your friend. You’ve been an Ironman long before this race; the rest of the city just knows it now.

Sports Media Is The Worst (Except For Tony Kornheiser)

Manning Mannng Manning Manning Manning Manning Manning Manning Manning.
Oh we haven’t blown enough smoke up the Manning’s Asses yet?

Let us correct that-
Manning Manning Manning Manning Manning Manning Manning Manning Oh and yeah, Manning.

Peyton, Eli, it doesn’t matter, they just can’t help themselves. Before the Pats/Denver Game it’s all about how Payton Manning is the best QB of all time despite Brady owning him on 95% of the statistics including the most important ones- Superbowl Wins and Head to Head.

Last Night’s Monday Night Football was 80% pre-game talk about the Giants and Eli Manning with an occasional blurb about the Colts.

Results: Pats Smoke Denver and Indy Crushes The Giants.

Go make another commercial Peyton.
photo- Barstool Sprorts

GHS Field Hockey moves on in Tournament play after dramatic win in "sudden death" over Ipswich

John Nasser submits-

Gloucester Field Hockey and Ipswich were tied at 2 after regulation, then two 15 minute overtime periods and two 5 shot shootouts during tournament play at Ipswich on Wednesday afternoon.
Kayla Nasser scored the winning shot in “sudden death”  The elated team moves on to Weston on Friday Oct. 31st.


Gloucester High Athletes at Bates

Former GHS athletes Gilbert Brown and Michael Tomaino are two of four from their class at Gloucester that have been selected to be captains of their football teams at the college level this year. That is truly unbelievable! The other two are Jordan Shairs at Curry and Chris Unis at Merrimac. I have no knowledge of this ever happening before and all these young men, along with their parents and former coaches should be proud of what they have accomplished.

Daybreak Death Wish

Kitesurfing Kiteboarding Good Harbor Beach Gloucester -2 ©Kim Smith 2014Also known as kitesurfing.

Kitesurfing Kiteboarding Good Harbor Beach Gloucester ©Kim Smith 2014

Look at what I came upon last Tuesday morning while filming the wildlife at the footbridge end of Good Harbor Beach. The kitesurfing appeared death defying, particularly from where I was standing far down the beach; one kitesurfer especially seemed precariously close to Salt Island. 

I would have loved to stay and continue photographing the three beautiful aerial/marine acrobats but I had been filming until the last possible moment and had to hurry off to work. The action that I did catch a glimpse of was simply stunning.

Kitesurfing Kiteboarding Good Harbor Beach Gloucester -3 ©Kim Smith 2014

Kitesurfing Kiteboarding Good Harbor Beach Gloucester -4 ©Kim Smith 2014 J.PG

Airborne ~ Click image to view larger

Note to Kitesurfers: Next time you are planning to kitesurf at dawn please contact me at I would love to photograph and film your next adventure, from beginning to end. Thank you!

Several more photos here:

Read more

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