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Harlem Superstars Basketball Game To benefit Cape ann Y’s Annual Campaign friday Night at Gloucester High School!

Hey there Joey – 

I’m feeling good about our chances Friday night against the Harlem Superstars!  We’ve got a crackerjack squad and I’ve watched three-and-a-half episodes of the The White Shadow (that Salami kid cracks me up!).

The game starts at 7pm at Gloucester High School.  Tickets are $7 per person ($8 at the door) and all proceeds support the YMCA’s Annual Campaign to provide scholarships for local kids and families.

We have enough salary-cap room for a couple more players are interested.  Also, Larry-Bird-style shorts NOT mandatory.

Harlem Superstars game

DRONE SURFING: Some locals headed out on Feb 22nd to catch a few sets #gloucesterma #DJIPHANTOM2

Good Harbor Beach Surfers

I headed out to capture some footage during the epic 40 degree heat wave on Sunday. I came across some guys who where also a little restless to get back to the great outdoors. I never met them, so I don’t have their names. I shot some pretty cool video, but I thought I would share some snap shots first. Now you have to have a very solid set of stones to paddle out in these waters this time of year. New England has some pretty decent waves in the off season, so it’s not really ever “off-season” for the surfers. If you know these kats, tell them to hit me up!


Response From Josie Martell Letter From Gloucester Fishermen Youth Football and Cheerleading League Organizers

Response to Josie Ferrara Martel Letter

Hello Joe,

You’ve recently published a post from Josie Ferrara Martel, which had an open letter from the Pee Wee Football Board of Directors attached to it.  I wanted to make you aware of several inaccuracies within that letter that I believe should be corrected.  It is okay to compare leagues, we just hope that when people do that, they at least get the facts straight.  In an effort to correct some of the inaccuracies we hope you post this response to that letter.

Let’s start with the initial email from Ms. Martel:

No organization has been dissolved.  The Tigers are still around as an organization and will continue to thrive and offer scholarships, basketball and softball.  This new league does not ask for organizations to dissolve, we are asking for them to unify under one team.  We will support the 5 Pee Wee organizations and ask them to support us. 

Travel.  She states that this will diminish opportunities and will be an additional hardship for families.  This league will take place primarily within City limits.  All practices and all home games will be played in Town.  This is football with only a 9 game season.  That being said only 4-5 games will be outside city limits.  So that is 4-5 times that anyone will have to travel over a 3 month period.  We already have parents who are planning on setting up car pools and we will have a travel coordinator to make sure all kids can make it to the away games. 

Scholarships.  We hope that they continue to offer their scholarships. Again, we are not asking any organization to dissolve.  This league will also offer scholarships for players.  Multiple sources of funding can only help to benefit our children.

Now on to the letter:

Point 1: Weight & Levels

As stated, the Jr Fishermen are broken up more by age than the current system, which groups kids by 2 grades.  The Jr Fishermen even breaks teams at the older levels by class.  The letter makes an effort to say that weight restrictions are safer in the existing system because they have limits on defensive players.  USA football, which is one of the largest Football organizations in the country, recently concluded a study that stated AGE not WEIGHT is the leading cause of injury at the Youth Level.  Breaking kids up by class, so that 8th graders play 8th graders is far more safer than any weight restrictions that you can apply.  Furthermore, the worst thing you can do is force a 6th grader to play 8th graders, which is exactly what the current system is doing in order to fill out rosters. 

The Cape Ann Youth Football League (this is the League the Jr. Fishermen will be joining) has a Safety committee, which is made up of 14 individuals (one from each town organization).  Their only responsibility is to evaluate all of the new data concerning player safety and incorporate any new standards or methods into their program.    

Point 2: Travel

We have already touched on this but over the course of 3 months the teams will be asked to travel a total of 4-5 times.  The letter references some towns (conveniently picking the furthest ones) but neglects to say there are many more in closer proximity to Gloucester including Danvers, Hamilton-Wenham and Manchester.  We are already preparing Travel coordinators per team and are working on car pools.  No kid will be left home while the team travels, due to transportation issues.  We already have parents volunteering for this. 

All home games will be played at GHS and all practices will be within the City of Gloucester.

Point 3: Playing Time

This “fact” is absolutely inaccurate.  The Jr. Fishermen WILL have minimum play time restrictions.  We are an educational league with the goal to get as many kids as much playing time as possible.  We place a premium on educating our youth on the proper and safe way of playing football. That can only be accomplished by allowing these kids to play. 

At the JV, D and Mighty Mites level playing time will be by a 50/50 split.  This is much greater than the “7 plays” offered by the current system.  At the Varsity A, B, and C level the split will be reduced in favor of the more skilled players but there will still be minimum plays, which will be greater than “7 plays”.  Furthermore, 11 man football allows for 4 more starting positions than the current system. 

Point 4: Levels and Championships

They are correct the Jr Fishermen offers 3 Championships, the current system offers 4.  Exactly 1 more.  We believe that it is more beneficial to get kids to play fun, educational, and safe football.  We would rather put an emphasis on getting as many kids playing on competitive teams at their skill level.  This promotes football and helps our kids improve their skills, rather than sitting on the bench behind the “stars.”  Let’s get kids playing good fundamental football rather than worrying about how many Pee Wee championships they can win.

Point 5: Safety

They argue the weight restrictions here, which we already discussed.  They do not discuss the larger issue of AGE discrepancy, which the current system fully allows.  Kids playing up against older and more mature players, which USA football says is the number 1 cause of injury.  Furthermore, the current system allows rosters of 25 to play rosters of 12.  This causes wear down and fatigue in the smaller team, which is another major cause of injury.  The Jr. Fishermen solve both these problems by breaking each team by age/class as well as having minimum roster sizes so that they can stay competitive with the other towns in the league. 

This brings us to competitiveness, which the current system is lacking.  Some organizations do not have B or C teams.  So other organizations do not even have games on certain weeks. Games have been forfeited at half time due to injuries and games are routinely blow outs (42-0). 

Coaching requirements.  They state that they have been trying to get their coaches certified but as of yet been unable to do it.  The Jr. Fishermen and CAYFL require certification or they are not allowed to coach.  In addition, the Jr. Fishermen require their coaches to be First Aid, CPR, and Concussion certified.  They will also have to take Sports Specific (football) courses offered by NFHS, the same courses High School coaches are required to take.  We believe the best way to educate our kids is to start with well trained and educated coaches.

Point 6 Growth & Partnership

We don’t believe this new league looks to single out the current system.  All along this has been about unifying these teams to keep football successful in the City.  The Pee Wee system has been a great program when looking back over the last 50 years.  But if you look at the last 10 you will see a downward trend.  This is a country wide problem in football and other towns are seeing their numbers drop as well.  Every other town in the state of MA has dropped their multiple team leagues in favor of an opportunity like the Jr. Fishermen.  Gloucester is the last holdout of the old way of doing things.  Every other town has seen that the only way for football to survive is to have one town team.  If you look around every town around us including Beverly, Peabody, Marblehead, MASCO, Danvers, all have 1 team. 

The letter states that they have come together when necessary.  They reference the traveling teams of the 90’s.  We have spoken to many of the players and the Head Coach of those teams.  Many of them wish that they had a full season as a team.  The new league offers these children an opportunity to play together for a full year.  To build camaraderie and a team ethic that they can build on as they move up together level by level.  If those times when the Pee Wee teams came together were so good, why not do it for a full season?

Point 7 League Improvements:

The league has been trying to work towards improvements over the last several years.  As they work, the numbers keep decreasing.  No proposed solution: drafts, disbanding teams, re-structuring of districts, or roster caps have been accepted or approved.   

The Jr. Fishermen offer a solution to their most pressing issue, a lack of players.  By unifying all 5 teams under 1 team we can make football fun, safe and competitive again.  We are not asking for any organization to disband but to join us to help make football continue to be successful for the next generation of our children.

We have heard from many parents who are discouraged by the current system and are contemplating not allowing their kids to play or sending them to other towns to play.  This is already happening.  We want to stop this process and allow for a fun, educational and safe place for ALL kids to play.   

Throughout the letter there is an underlying sentiment that the Jr. Fishermen is not about the kids and that this is really about adults.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.   The organizers of the Jr. Fishermen are Gloucester people, parents, coaches, officials who have the best interest of every kid at heart.  We want to make sure that our kids are being taught the proper way to play football in a competitive safe environment.  We want them to have fun.  We want them to be safe.  We want them to be educated.  This league is not for All-Stars, it’s for every kid.  This league is not for the Wealthy, it’s for everyone.   

We hope that you post this response as soon as you can so that inaccuracies perpetrated by the previously posted letter are not left to fester and become “truths” in people’s eyes. 

Thank you for your time,

Gloucester Fishermen Youth Football and Cheerleading League Organizers

Fact Sheet-


Primary Goals:

1. Player Safety:

Develop a safe playing environment for the youth of Gloucester.  This will include ensuring that they are being coached by well trained and certified coaches in a well regulated league.  Additionally, our children will play on teams with similar sized rosters, at the same age level (8th grade vs. 8th grade) and at similar skill levels (V/JV) as their opponents.  

2. Solve the Numbers Problem in Town:

With less kids playing football in the current system it has because increasingly apparent that maintaining 5 teams is unsustainable.  We believe that this leads to unsafe playing conditions.  This League looks to solve that problem by unifying all the youth football players in Gloucester under one organization.  By playing together, we believe that a strong sense of camaraderie and teamwork amongst our youth can be developed, rather than resentment for peers that may play on other in-town teams.

3. Form a working Partnership with GHS Football:

To truly care about our kids, is to see them succeed at every level of play.  We believe that building a fun, safe and successful youth program is important.  But, we also want to see those same children go on and succeed at the next level.  In that regard, an important part of this league will be working closely with the GHS coaches and players to develop a framework for success that will not only carry our children through the youth program but also help them excel at the high school level.

Fact Sheet:

• GFYFL is a member of the Cape Ann Youth Football League (CAYFL), which is a group of similar sized towns located in and around Cape Ann.

• A Community Lead Organization. No one single voice. Lead by the people/parents who are invested and not bound by other organizations/agendas. 1 Family = 1 Vote

– Election of Board of Directors and votes on important issues @ Yearly Meeting

• The GFYFL will consist of the following:

– Four 11-Man Football Teams and one Mighty Mite League

• 8th Grade Team; 7th Grade Team; 5-6th Grade Team; 3-4th Grade Team

• In addition we will have an In-Town Mighty Mites League: K-2nd Graders

• At each level the possibility of adding a JV team, which can be a mix of two levels is available. This will depend on total number of participants.

– 9 Game Season (1st week of Sept. – 1st week of November)

• 4 or 5 Home Games at GHS

• 4 or 5 Away Games (The most travel will be 5 times over 3 months).

– GFYFL will follow CAYFLs weight restrictions for ball carriers:

• A: 152 lbs B: 136 lbs C: 120 lbs D: 93 lbs

• No weight limit for NON-Ball carriers

• Weigh-ins occur before each game

– Roster Sizes:

• Minimum Roster sizes of 20 apply for all Teams, 16 for all JV Teams

• There are no Maximum Roster Sizes

No one will be turned away

• However Towns are strongly advised that if a Roster reaches 36 players than a JV team be created.

• Increased playing time for all and addresses safety concerns

NO TRYOUTS, Everyone will play.

– Minimum Play Limits:

• JV, Mighty Mites and D trams: 50/50 split

• A, B, C: Will have minimum play rules selected by Board of Directors

– Cheerleading Participation:

• Every level of football may have a cheering squad affiliated with it

• The A and C team teams MUST have a squad

• In addition to cheering at the games there will also be competitions.

• At least one during the season

• Also are eligible for Outside Competitions.

– Cost:

• $100-150.

• We will offer Family caps, Scholarships, and Hardship Requests

Player Safety Considerations:

• Well Trained Coaches

– All Head Coaches are required to be certified in:

• Concussion identification and prevention,

• First Aid/CPR,

• Coaches Certification administered by USA Football

– Coaches will be required to take add. courses offered by NFHS

• EMT/AT Requirements

– No Game can begin without the presence of a licensed EMT, emergency first responder, or Athletic Trainer (AT) on site at the venue of the scheduled game.

• Safety and Compliance Committee

– Each Team is required to have a member on the CAYFL Safety committee.

– Member is responsible to ensure all equipment in good working condition and that any new safety protocols are implemented by the organization.

– Evaluation of USA Football literature and studies

• Consistency Across all levels

– Skills learned at an early age will be expanded upon and refined at the next level.

– This will build confidence and understanding on the proper way to block and tackle.

• Competition against similar teams

– Similar Roster Size, Age, Skill level

– No longer playing Rosters of 12 against 25

– No longer playing Young 7th Graders vs. Old 8th Graders or “Pulling Up” 6th Graders

Partnership with GHS Program

• Promote Football in Town

– By linking to GHS they are now part of something larger than a regional team

– Promote through clinics, scrimmages at half time, etc.

• Prepare our kids for the next level:

– Playing 11 Man Football – like all other kids at their age in MA

• Better knowledge of all Positions and Responsibilities

– Playing together as a Class (i.e. 8th Grade team, etc.)

• Forming a camaraderie with your peers

– Strong ties to the GHS program promotes quick transition and early success at GHS:

• Terminology

• Blocking &Tackling (safety concerns)

• Practice Planning & Organization

• Drills and skill training

• Similar Offensive and Defensive Strategy

• How this will work:

– Incorporation of Youth Coaches into GHS coaching meetings.

– In-house and Outside Coaches Clinics for all coaches.

– Summer clinic for all players.

– High School Coach contact at each Youth level for assistance.

– High School Player involvement during the Season.

– Youth Football Nights at GHS games (half time scrimmages).

Find us at:

Josie Ferrara Martell Writes In Regard To Cape Ann Peewee football/cheering Organizations

Josie Ferrara Martell submits-

Hey Joey,
I ‘m writing to you in regards  to The Cape Ann Peewee  football/cheering Organizations. As you must have already heard there’s a new league forming  the Jr. Fisherman which will draw from the existing  4 Cape Ann Pee Wee organizations, and  2 organization have already dissolved to be in this league,  Manchester &Tigers .This diminishes  options  and opportunities for the families and children that can not travel and may  suffer a financial hardship.  Those kids need it the most.
We also have many scholarships that we give back to local kids that participate in our leagues.  I am enclosing an open letter  written  by the  existing cape Ann league  in hopes to encourage families to continue to support their leagues and think about the kids .  I will keep you posted as there will be an open forum for the families of the cape Ann league in the future. Enclosed is the letter we would like posted.  Thank you for all your help!




2015 Cape Ann Skating Club Winter Sessions

Hi Joey,

Registration for our Ice Skating Winter Session is now open at the Cape Ann Skating Club. Hockey & Figure Skating Skills badge program taught by professional skating coaches for Boys, Girls, Adults of all ages and Tiny Tots (2 1/2 & up) are invited to join in the skating fun! Check out our ON-ICE PARTY PROGRAM! Have your Birthday Party or any other party with us on Saturdays at 1 pm. We even do “Frozen” themed parties! Come join the skating Fun!

Call: 978-546-2290 for more information regarding our skating programs or to schedule private lessons.

For more information regarding Cape Ann Skating please visit:



Gloucester Little League 2015 Evaluation Dates Are Set !!

GLL Evaluation Dates Are Set !!

WHEN: Sunday March 1st & Sunday March 8th

TIME: 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM (Sign In starts at 12:30 PM)

WHERE: GHS Fieldhouse

Evaluations are for all players that are “League Age” 9-12 years old (Majors A & B Divisions). It is also for any “League Age” 8 year old players that would like the possible opportunity to play in our Majors B Division, should we need any 8 year old players to round out the teams. Not all evaluated “League Age” 8 year olds will be placed on Major B teams. Only the amount of needed players will play up in the Majors B Division. If you are a “League Age” 8 year old you do not have to be evaluated if you choose to play in our Coach Pitch program. See the attached 2015 League Age Chart to determine your players “League Age”. All 8 year olds that want to be evaluated as well new players to the league will have to present a copy of their birth certificate at the evaluations.


The @FarmBarGrille Bikini Speedo Dodgeball Tourney Is Back For 2015


For More Info, Follow The Facebook Page Here

April 12, 2015

First Ten Teams To Put In Their Registrations and Entry Fee Get A 1st Round Bye.

All Participants Receive Bikini Speedo Dodgeball Hoodies

The Event Is A Benefit For Next Step- and Organization Who Helps Young Adults With Terminal Illness-

Much thanks to Rick Doucette at Camp Spindrift For Hosting The Event

NextStep Logo

Kim Smith and Craig Kimberley Videos From 2013-





Fun in the snow

GHS Wrestling Team and Coach Kirk’s Special Recognition



I’m sure you get many requests for posts, but I’d love to let people know about the GHS wrestling team. They had their home opener tonight against Salem High School and they crushed it! They won 48 to 24 with 8 pins; an impressive feat for a team that is only in it’s second year!

I’d also love it if Coach Kirk Benson got special recognition.

At tonight’s meet there was a dedication of the new wrestling mat that Coach Kirk Benson and his family bought with money from his parents estate. Kirk’s parents have both passed away, but were very involved in their community and were all about supporting youth in whatever they were interested in whether it be sports, arts, travel etc. 

I’ve attached a picture of the team on the new mat and a picture of Kirk and Carolyn Benson (there is also a non cropped picture of the team on the mat).

Thanks for your consideration!

Neyla Bajoras


Season’s Greetings To all members and friends of dory rowing From The IDRC




As 2014 comes to a close, we would like to wish all of our members and friends of the IDRC a happy and safe holiday season.  We are certainly fortunate to have dories to row and a beautiful harbor to row in (winter and summer)!  We remember those who can no longer get out on the water, and look forward to another great year of dory rowing and racing in 2015.


Don’t forget the dory rowers on your Christmas List.  The IDRC has oars and other rowing gear in stock and ready for wrapping!  Just call Skip Levielle at (978) 281-1071. Or, visit our virtual store for dory apparel @


Who’s Going On This Red Sox “Baseball Winter Weekend”?

The Red Sox will host a “Baseball Winter Weekend” this January where fans will have an opportunity to interact with players, hear from owners, and listen to roundtable discussions on a variety of baseball topics. The event takes place at Foxwoods Resort and Casino from Friday, January 23, through Sunday, January 25. Passes for Baseball Winter Weekend are available now at

Hotel accommodations are available at Foxwoods, so the entire North Shore could make a weekend getaway out of it.

Note: Please don’t blow your entire life savings at the craps table. We’d prefer you save at least enough to buy a few Red Sox tickets — which will be available for sale at the event. OR — Red Sox fans will have their first opportunity to purchase 2015 single game tickets and “Sox Pax” on Saturday, December 13 at 10:00 a.m…. and then they can spend their leftover $$$ at Foxwoods.

Boston, MA, December 1, 2012:<br />
The Boston Red Sox hosted the tenth annual Christmas at Fenway Park presented by Stop & Shop, which featured player and alumni meet and greets, a Fenway Winter Village set up in the Big Concourse, access for fans to the home clubhouse and warning track, and an LED Winter Lights musical projected on the Green Monster.<br />
(Photo by Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox)

Photo courtesy Boston Red Sox

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