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Ted Reed Erich ArcherFilmmakers, photographers, and videographers: Put Cape Ann TV’s Wednesday noon time Lunch and Learn series on your calendars! Ted Reed gave an outstanding talk on lighting for interviews at this week’s event and a great lineup is scheduled over the next several months.

Check out Ted’s website here. “Ted Reed has been creating award-winning film, television, and web video projects since the beginning of time…almost. Working with clients and projects of every size and budget, his work producing, writing, shooting and editing amount to a career that includes subjects and venues of practically every description. Take a look at some of the samples on this site, and then give him a call.”


Harbortown Cultural District Update from Rebecca Borden

unnamed!NEW! Harbortown Arts Market at I4-C2 (65 Rogers Street)

We have some exciting news!

As part of the Harbortown Arts Festival over Memorial Day Weekend, we are including a new open air Harbortown Arts Market at I4-C2 on Saturday, May 28 from 10:00 am – 4:00 pm.
We are working with the Mill Gypsies, who have been very successful in organizing arts markets around New England. And we’re working on getting a couple of Boston food trucks there too.
If you are interested in signing up to be a vendor, here are the details:
  • This event is being curated by Mill Gypsies. Not everyone who enters will be selected. Cape Ann artisans are strongly encouraged to apply.
  • If accepted, there is a $60 registration fee.
  • Rain or shine. One day only. (We’re hoping to host another Harbortown Arts Market in October).
  • Vendors must bring their own table. Vendor tents 10×10 are strongly encouraged. Tents need to have 40# weights on each leg.
  • Deadline for applying is May 6.


Special “thank you” goes out to Mayor Sefatia Romeo Theken for allowing us to use I4-C2 and Rusty Kinnunen for designing our new Harbortown Arts Market logo!
We’ll be getting out a press release soon. We just wanted to make sure members of our creative community are aware of and can take advantage of this exciting new event!
Please share this announcement with your contacts.

Lisa Steinocher Represents! In San Diego

Dear Joey,
Hope you remember meeting my Dad and me on your dock summer 2014. I’m the missed placed yankee who lives too far inland and my Dad’s an original Gloucester boy.  I was so honored when I received my stickers from you and forgot to share my trip to San Diego fall of 2014 to visit my daughter. Well it’s that daughters birthday today so in honor of her 25th bday I am sending you this picture. We weren’t able to get to Gloucester last summer but hoping the whole family can make it this year, including my daughter and son in law in San Diego!
:) Lisa in Lawrenceville, Ga.


Karen Pischke Represents! in Chicago

Good morning Joey.

Heard your discussion about Chicago in your last podcast. Gloucester is my adopted city, but Chicago is my home town. 

I visited Chicago in December and while there, represented GMG at Second City and in Little Italy, where I lived.

Leona’s was one of my favorite pizza places in the area. Stopped there for dinner after Second City; one of the few places to eat still open at 10 pm on a Sunday night. I was happy to see it’s still there more than 30 years later. Some of the same people were even still working there. The only thing that seemed different was the color of the table clothes. Maybe next time I visit I’ll bring back some pizza for a ‘Gloucester-Chicago’ pizza contest.:)

Have a great day.   Karen

Ask Super Travel Agent Jean Grobe If She Had Any Fun At Hard Rock Riviera Maya

Super K and Jean Grobe Represent! At Hard Rock Riviera Maya

For your travel service needs contact super agent Jean Grobe who can tell you a thing or two about having fun on vacation. Check out her website here-

or give her a call 888-602-7622



The Sticka Never Looked So Good!

Just chillin at Hard rock Riviera Maya
Photo Jean Grobe

GMG Sticker is a Godsend

I can’t tell you how many times the Good Morning Gloucester sticker has helped me find my car!  Best to all of you in my favorite place on earth!
Sharon and Chuck
The Villages, Florida


Editor’s Note:

As long as supplies last if any GMG folks want a bumper sticker but can’t drop down the dock, just send a self addressed and stamped envelope longer then 7 and a half inches and I’ll drop one in the mail for you.
Send the self addressed and stamped envelope to the dock at 95 East Main St Gloucester Ma 01930 care of Joey (put my name in big letters to make sure it gets to me)

GMG Mystery… I came to work today and someone had built an incredible GMG hand painted sign but I have no idea who did it.

Mystery Today. Came to work and someone made the most incredible sign for GMG. It’s heavy, it is hand painted, it is custom cut with the GMG sticker. And I have absolutely no idea who built it…
Please someone step up and let me know who built it so I can thank you!

Montana Mountain Hi! GMG sticker at sea level…

Hi Joey,

Can you find the message anyway?


Where: Ruby Valley, south west MT visiting family and friends

Elevation in picture: lake at 9025 feet (peak is 10,400)

Start: under 6000

Distance: 12 mile trail

Best wildlife sighting: Rocky Mountain goats

Record: longest hike yet for the 10 and 11 year olds–eastcoasters Charles& George with their MT buddies Christopher and Ian

Lure of Fishing: yup
Rivers run through valleys with the best wild trout fishing in the US

Snow: yup

Water temperature: 39 ?
Cooled my battered feet like New Year’s  polar plunge.  Ian’s mom, Andrea, soaked and swam (grew up bathing in cool Patagonia waters)

Must see Nature…and as in Gloucester

Expert fishing guide: yep
(one friend works summers here and winters in Chile)
Ruby Springs

Cool scientists: yep
Penguin and Antarctica experts deploy from here. Kid’s book check out Fraser’s Penguins

Local art, sustainable and foodies: yep, here are just a few

The Emerson Center for Arts and Culture,


The LARK and Victory Taco

Virginia City Players

Jackson’s Garden and farmer’s market

Norris Hot Springs



Plant and They Will Come!

The proof is in the caterpillars!


2nd Instar Black Swallowtail Caterpillar ~ Willa Brosnihan Photo

Monday I had the great joy of being given the grand tour of the O’Maley Innovation School Butterfly Garden recently installed by Mrs. McGrath’s sixth grade class. We first had a screening of my film Life Story of the Black Swallowtail Butterfly and then went out to the garden to see the very same caterpillars!

The garden hits all the right notes with caterpillar food plants and colorful nectar-rich, butterfly attracting flowers. With the bed dug entirely by the students (you can see by the surrounding beds that the soil must have been incredibly compacted), prepped, and all planting done by the kids it is truly a fabulous accomplishment. You’ll see amazingly adorned handmade and beautifully painted informational signs and butterfly baths.

The garden was made possible though an award winning project created by students Emma Duckworth, Willa Brosnihan, and Kelsey Lowthers. For more information see the Awesome Gloucester Foundation O’Maley Butterfly Garden project page here .


Emma Duckworth Photo

Emma, Willa Kelsey Butterfly Garden ©Kim Smith 2015

Project creators Emma, Willa, and Kelsey


Hand painted water dish for butterflies and birds. 

Willa photographing caterpilarsWilla photographing caterpillars

O'Maley Sixth Grade Butterflyy Gardeners ©Kim Smith 2015

See More Photos Here

Read more

Currently Packing GMG Charcoal Stonewashed Caps For Shipping. Including The New St Paddy Day GMG Stickers In Each Shipment!

Currently Packing GMG Charcoal Stonewashed Caps For Shipping. Including The New St Paddy Day GMG Stickers In Each Shipment! To Get Yours Click Da Link!-

Just In Time For St Paddy’s Day- new Limited edition GMG Green/Gray Stickas!!!!!

Has Our Boy Shewsberry Done It again or Has Our Boy Shewsberry Done It Again!!!!

Just In Time For The Greatest Non-Italian Holiday Of The Year- Brandy New Green GMG Stickas!!!

2015-02-27 07.58.41

To Get Yours-

As long as supplies last if any GMG folks want a bumper sticker but can’t drop down the dock, just send a self addressed and stamped envelope longer then 7 and a half inches and I’ll drop one in the mail for you.
Send the self addressed and stamped envelope to the dock at 95 East Main St Gloucester Ma 01930 care of Joey (put my name in big letters to make sure it gets to me).

2015-02-27 07.57.28


Breaking News: Backyard Growers Setting Up New Digs on Main Street!

Lara Lepionka Backyard growers Director ©Kim Smith 2015Executive Director Lara Lepionka

Backyard Growers is moving to their new home at the former site of Present Gloucester, 269 Main Street. They could use help moving furniture from storage in Rockport, unpacking, organizing, and setting up.©Kim Smith 2015JPG Volunteers are needed today, tomorrow, and Sunday, the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, with volunteer lunch provided.

Meghan Stratton Backyard Growers ©Kim Smith 2015FoodCorps Service Member Meghan Stratton

Andrew Brousseau Black Earth Compost ©Kim Smith 2015Volunteer Andrew Brousseau from Black Earth Compost

Lara Lepionka Backyard Growers ©Kim Smith 2015

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