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Hey everybody! spread the word, we have a megafunkyextragroovy gig tonight at MILE MARKER ONE. G-Town gets down on July 3rd and we want to celebrate our freakness with YOU!… starts at 8pm sharp.

groove party time

Even though the Gloucester Fireworks have been canceled for Thursday,Mile Marker One is still the spot to be with Live music from 5- 7 pm with Loose Ends and 8-11 pm with Groove! Be here! #milemarkerone #livemusic #fun#thirstythursday #holiday





Thrill Ride @ Captain Carlos Tonight 9:00pm 5.2.2014


Thrill Ride is a band made up of, shredding guitar, heart pounding bass, ripping keys, pocket drums, and powerful female vocals. The band plays top 40 of today and the past. You can expect to hear anything from Bruno Mars to Etta James, to B52’s and Katy Perry, Zac Brown Band, to Elvis. Hope to see you all dancing at a venue near you when Thrill Ride pulls into town!thrillride


thrill ride

 courtesy photos

Captain Carlos

27-29 Harbor loop
Gloucester, MA, United States 01930

Band members Jessica Maletti – Lead Vocals
Christian Towler – Guitar and Synth
Zach Gorrell – Keys
Carlos Menezes Jr. – Bass
Steve Russo – Drums and Vocals
Hometown Gloucester, MA




1st Annual Cape Ann Easter Bunny Drop From Drayton Freeman


We thought you might enjoy our 1st Annual Cape Ann Easter Bunny Drop™ which we held on our balcony opposite St Peter Square in Gloucester.

Attached is the pic of the Easter Bunnies (they aren’t real bunnies) lined up awaiting the perilous drop and video of them being launched off the balcony and parachuting safely to earth.

Keep up the great work with your blog!

Drayton Freeman

Mikey Wins Plastic Head on Small Animal Photo Contest!

Mandy Leone Moffett on behalf of her son Mikey submitted three photos of “Squirrel With Plastic Horse Head”.

Contest rules here.

hungry squirrel acting like a horse's patoity

That is an actual Cape Ann Grey Squirrel wearing a plastic horse head. No details but I have a feeling there is some Gloucester Market Basket Jiff Peanut Butter inside that squirrel head.


Maybe some peanuts over here.


Smuckers Grape jam would be nice. With a name like Smuckers, it’s got to be good for a squirrel.

Contest rules state that entries had to be photographed in March and sent in on April 1st. So Mikey wins first second and third place. That makes three Rubber Ducks which Mikey can pick up down at Joey’s Dock or at the next GMG Mug Up.

If there are any late entries there might be consolation prizes.

Well played Mikey, well played.

Shadows of the Fort

Shadows of the Fort



Ocean Alliance “RV Odyssey in rough seas “

Here is a never-before-seen video of the RV Odyssey in rough seas by crew member Rik Walker during Operation Toxic Gulf 2013. Not for the queasy:

Also Visit for info on adopting a Whale and take a virtual tour of the Paint Factory.

New Show Opens March 1st at Flatrocks Gallery in Lanesville

west-end1West End Boys featuring Jack Evans, Willie Alexander & Jon Sarkin starts on Feb. 28 with the opening reception Mar. 1 from 6-8pm.   See Noise cover story about Willie Alexander here.

Address: Flatrock Gallery ~ 77 Langsford Street/ Route 127 Gloucester, MA 01930
Hours: Thurs-Sun 12-5pm
Phone: 978-879-4683

25 Pound Lobster Attacks Gloucester Fisherman!!!

Gloucester Fisherman Chief Fulford Attacked By 25 Pound Lobster

More Monster Lobster Photos Here

Can You Only Imagine If This Allston Couple Ran Into This Monster In A Dark Alley?  Guy would need therapy for years-

The Bostonians who were scared of lobster

By adamg – 2/23/14 – 5:14 pm


It’s 4 da khedz! They’re all hunks! Hot Lemon / White Pages / Lady Bones / Pe+ Ceme+ery / Superteen

hive show

Hot Lemon.

White Pages.

Lady Bones.

Pe+ Ceme+ery

all ages
Doors at 6
5 bucks
Bring Art supplies get in for free.

The Hive Community Center
11 Pleasant Street, Gloucester, Massachusetts 01930

2014 Rocky Neck Polar Plunge

The Look Here On BJ’s Face About Sums It Up!!!


Anyone that bailed on it this year because of the arctic temps can just erase themselves from the past few years of mild Polar Plunge’s.  This Year’s Plungers Earned It!

Huge Thanks To Coastal Dog For Sponsoring 5 of their Killer Compression?Dry Swimsuits.  No sooner was I out of the water with a little waggle and the suit was practically dry.  No sand stuck in my butt crack due to the inner compression short lining and I’ve never ever ever worn such comfortable swim trunks.  I won’t ever wear anything else but Coastal Dog Apparel Swim trunks.  Check them out here-


Morrison and Rubber Duck Went with The Red Trunks



2013 Gloucester MA Lobster Trap Tree Being Built

Bex submits-

All the traps are on loan from local lobstermen.

Volunteers dedicate a weekend to building the tree.

Children paint buoys as “ornaments” to decorate the tree. Buoy Painting is December 14 and the Tree Lighting Ceremony is 4:30 – 5:00 on December 14.

When the tree comes down in January, the buoys are saved and auctioned off as a fundraiser for Cape Ann Art Haven on January 24th @ Gloucester Cruiseport.

Thank you to Awesome Gloucester for awarding Cape Ann Art Haven $1000 towards the Lobster Trap Tree and Buoy Painting Week!



Rubber Duck asks, “Is it Edible?”

Edible? I guess so.

Edible? I guess so. Sure, why not? Ed. Edible. More or less. If anyone posts the ancient joke please use the one involving Queen Elizabeth guessing the correct answer on “What’s My Line?”. Leave out the Canadians, eh? Thank you.

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