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Financial Future for Fishing Industry On Broadside With Jim Braude On NECN Watch The Video-

Can the Gloucester, Massachusetts, fishing fleet survive with no fish? John Bullard, the NOAA administrator who ordered ban on cod fishing in Gulf of Maine, and Jackie Odell, the executive director of Northeast Seafood Coalition, joined NECN to discuss the depleting resource.

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Read The Globe: Future for fishermen bleak under cod ban By Laura Crimaldi | Globe Staff November 12, 2014

Future for fishermen bleak under cod ban

By Laura Crimaldi


GLOUCESTER — On the cusp of what is effectively a six-month ban on cod fishing, Russell Sherman could have spent Tuesday on the Gulf of Maine trying to catch what he could.

Instead, he never left Jodrey State Pier, opting to work on repairs to the 72-foot fishing vessel he wants to sell, rather than make a final run for cod. And he had harsh words for the federal officials who oversee the fishing industry.

“They say, ‘Oh, we’re so sorry, boys. We got to do this. We got to do it for the fish,’ ” Sherman, 66, said from the Lady Jane. “ ‘Now go out of business quietly, will you.’ ”

The death knell, Sherman and other fishermen said, was sounded Monday by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, which announced emergency measures intended to protect cod populations from further decline. The new rules go into effect Thursday.

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Lost Lobster gear

Sarah “Tee” Wall submits-

Good Morning Joey,
As you are tied into the lobstering community, I am hoping you can help.
The attached photos show a number of traps and buoys that washed up on the beach at Diamond Cove (Davis Neck end) during the first big storm (10/23/14).  They can only be accessed at low tide as they are so heavy that they don’t float or show during high tide.  One of the names on the traps is Bob Beloff, I believe of Rockport.  If anyone knows these lobstermen, we would very much appreciate it if they retrieve the traps before they are buried further in the sand.
Many thanks for your help!

Phyllis A’s Moving Tuesday 11/11

Phyllis A’s Moving

Tuesday 11/11
(or Wednesday – depending on weather)

We have changed the restoration plan, with the immanent State Funding, and tomorrow the Phyllis A will be launched off the Railway, lifted with the Travel Lift, and moved to a repair spot in the parking lot of the Gloucester Marine Railways.
This move and funding allows restoration work to progress from the Community Preservation funding work, in the stern, straight through to the bow!

It should be very exciting day!

We will post the final plans/ any changes tomorrow morning, in case you want to come see!

Keep watch!

Such exciting things are happening!!!!!


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Phyllis A’s
Moving Update

During afternoon coffee, I got updates from Doug…
After lunch on November 11, the Phyllis A will be launched, floated around to the Travel Lift and lifted into the parking lot.
As long as all goes well, everything should be done by 2pm. (IF they run into any issues, things may hold off until Wednesday. But everything is going to be just Fiiiine.)
So come on by the Gloucester Marine Railways and watch the fun.

Madhouse Today…

I swear you couldn’t dream up this scene to paint it just the way it was at that very moment when I snapped the shot in between offloading boats.

You couldn’t have dreamed up the clouds or the sun breaking through at just the right angle to lead straight down the harbor to our dock. You couldn’t have dreamed up the lobster boats waiting to offload at just the right perpendicular locations to frame the shot on either side of the lobster boat’s mast that was tied up at the dock. Picture perfect.

Sometimes amid the madness you don’t really have time to take it all in because you’re ass deep in work but that one capture you managed to fire off brings it all back and reminds you that yes indeed, it wasn’t a dream.

The Tuna Were Biting On Tuesday – Photos from Anthony Marks

First at the dock after 4:00 pm was the Allyson from Kennebunkport
Maine with a 387 lb tuna. Next up at the dock was the Amanda & Andy II,
Capt Jim Santapaola and crew landed a 777 lb whopper of a tuna. Last
but not least was the Gannet with Capt Andy Santapaola, Jim’s son at
the helm with a 585 lb tuna. They were all beautiful fish!

So the Gauntlet Of Gross Has Been Thrown Down–Eating A Beating Striper Heart


So this youngster aboard the Connemara Bay thinks he can out gross the master- Toby Burnham?

How will Toby respond to such disrespect for the gross out game that this youngster has shown?  Has the elder statesman of gross not earned a little more respect than to be called out in a 11 second YouTube video? Stay tuned for Toby’s response.

From the website of Connemara Bay Fishing Charters

How to: Eat a beating striper heart

It is not the first time and probably will not be the last time we see an angler kick back a striper heart like a shot of whiskey.

Dana Wensberg was sure to get all the taste from this one as he chewed before swallowing. He also called out a local lobsterman, Toby Burnham, who frequently entertains tourists by biting the heads off of rotten herring

This back from 2009 when the youngster was probably still wearing diapers.

Skipper Dave Marciano of FV Hard Merchandise visits ENHA tour at Cape Pond Ice

Celebrity NatGeo Skipper Dave Marciano of FV Hard Merchandise stopped by Cape Pond during our ENHA Trails & Sails Saturday morning tour, to sign autographs and settle up his ice bill – he’d been by earlier with the boat – and also to model a Wicked Tuna / Wicked Ice t-shirt, which we traded for a fresh blue fin tuna steak…. — with Dave Marciano.


There’s a new Humpback Whale at Cape Pond Ice on Gloucester’s inner harbor – if you didn’t see one today out on a Gloucester whale watch, than come tomorrow, Sunday, or next Friday, Saturday or Sunday, for our free ENHA Trails & Sails Icehouse tours. Master Ice Sculptor Donald Chapelle of Brilliant Ice Sculpture is carving a “pod” of Humpbacks for our ice sculpture display, a smaller scale version of his life-size sculpture done in 2007 for Boston’s First Night…. and the first whale has definitely arrived, in all his fluking glory.

Donalds humpback whate 2014 20140920_145503

Cape Pond ice



Tommy Porter in the office talks about his days on the Hannah Bowden.  

One of the great storytellers of our time. 

My dream team for a  reality fishing show- Tommy Porter, Tuffy, bring Carlo Moceri out of retirement, Scrobie, Pete Mondello, Pete Libro back in his crazy days, Mark and Tom Ring.

I’m 46 years old and have been down the dock since I was 9.  To date there was never a better show than when we were offloading Carlo Moceri’s Morning Star.  Inevitably Carlo would lose his shit and start screaming and I’d never seen anyone turn a shade of deeper red in the face than Carlo.  Carlo is one of the most passionate guys you’d ever wanna meet and an awesome guy.

How Do You Feel About This “Time To Protect The Cod Habitat” Piece By North Shore Nature’s John Fleming?

Shared By North Shore Nature-


Time to protect cod habitat


By Roger Fleming

Will we be the last generation to enjoy cod in New England?
Since Colonial times, the Sacred Cod hanging in the Massachusetts Statehouse has been a “historic and continuing symbol of the commonwealth.” This regional mascot reminds us that New England was built on a foundation of fish.
Without drastic intervention to save the cod (and the habitat they need to thrive) our grandchildren might know the cod only as the wooden sculpture — and a testament to our greed and shortsightedness.
This summer, NOAA Fisheries released some shocking new data.
It appears that cod in the Gulf of Maine have declined to just 3 percent of what is needed for a healthy population (down from an already dismal 15 percent in 2011).
Worse yet, scientists found fewer juveniles, which means reproduction rates are crashing. Atlantic cod is headed toward “commercial extinction” in New England waters, as happened in Canada in the 1990s.
The decline of cod is the result of bad decisions by federal fisheries managers (under pressure from powerful fishing interests) that encouraged overfishing for decades and failed to protect the habitat cod need to thrive.
In 2012, the New England Fisheries Management Council recommended a significant quota cut for cod in a last-ditch effort to save the species.
This was met with outrage by the old-school groundfish industry. NOAA Fisheries, the federal agency who makes the final management decisions, tried to soften the blow — taking actions which were recently found illegal by a federal court.
The new science shows that even the 2012 catch reductions were too small to protect the remaining cod stock. More needs to be done.
Despite the scientific evidence, expect the dominant players in the fishery to launch a new-old campaign of outrage against the measures needed to save, and rebuild cod stocks. Their campaign will include familiar messages.
First, they will claim NOAA’s Science Center got the science wrong and that there are far more cod in the ocean than estimated — despite the fact fishermen have been unable to catch even the declining cod quotas in recent years.
They will try to blame other causes for the population decline, like ravenous hoards of seals and dogfish, and climate change, while not acknowledging the severe overfishing that took place for decades.
The industry will also call for more “flexibility” in the regulations that are needed to prevent overfishing and protect the habitat cod need to recover.
Finally, expect a request for more government money to bail them out. This year, U.S. taxpayers gave the New England groundfish industry $33 million.

For the entire article click here

Mola Mola Video Just A Few Miles Outside The Harbor From Eric Swanson

Hi Joe

In case your readers are interested in seeing a 30 second video of a classic (and common) Mola Mola or Ocean Sunfish. As you know they are a remarkably odd fish. This one was just a few miles outside the harbor.

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