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Video- Gloucester MA Waterfront , Rockport, Bearskin Neck, 1959-1967 Part 1

Old reels of tape converted to digital files.  Ciaramitaro and Curcuru families.  Benny Curcuru, Auntie Annie, Captain Joe and Felicia Ciaramitaro.  Stage Fort Park, Gloucester Harbor, the Paint Factory, The Dragger Fleet, Downtown, Rogers Street, The Gloucester House, Bearskin Neck, Rockport.  I don’t recognize a lot of the older Italian women and men, feel free to leave a comment with the names you recognize and the time displayed when you see them in the comments on this video.  Thank you

Nichole’s Picks 5/21 + 5/22

Pick #1:  Motif #1 Day, Rockport

The Motif No.1 Day Festival celebrates Rockport across the arts. And all of it centers around the fishing shack-artist’s studio-tourist attraction that started it all: an old building right on one of Rockport’s historic wharves that was painted so often by artists at the turn of the last century that it was given the nickname Motif No.1 by Lester Hornby, a well-known artist and instructor of the period.

Film, poetry, dance, music, and art-making activities are all a part of the festival, as well as historical presentations and a Motif No.1 Day 5k and Fun Run, with proceeds to benefit Rockport Public Schools’ wellness initiatives.




Pick #2:  92.9 EarthFest Concert on the Hatch Shell



“We are excited to announce that Flight of Fire, The Strumbellas, Joywave and Fitz and the Tantrums will be performing at this years FREE Radio 92.9 EarthFest Presented By Whole Foods Market. The festival will take place at the DCR Hatch Memorial Shell on May 21st, 2016 from 10:00am-5:00pm.”

Pick #3:  Let’s Go Fly a Kite: A Practically Perfect Mary Poppins Party 

Sunday, May 22nd 1:00-4:00

It’s an afternoon of Poppins fun for the whole family at this Mary Poppins Party at Crane Estate. Activities include kite making and flying, chalk drawing, lawn games, and more. Kite aficionados from Kites Over New England are on hand to show their kites and flying techniques. Tea, lemonade, and cookies are served.


Cost:  Child Member: $24, Child NonMember: $30
Parents and Guardians are Free

As always, for a more comprehensive list of family activities please visit our friends at North Shore Kid

Get Ready for Cape Ann Symphony’s Season Finale with this Mesmerizing Look at Brahms


Can you imagine a more spectacular climax to the Cape Ann Symphony‘s most spectacular season?  On Saturday (5/21) you can join Yoichi Udagawa and the top classical players on Boston’s North Shore for a stellar evening of music.  This kind of concert doesn’t come along very often.  Believe it or not, there are still tickets available for this Grand Finale. Get Tickets Here.

Watch this mesmerizing video to get you in the mood . . .



mr foxshalin liu 4.29.2016


What Time Is It, Mr. Fox? will be performing with the Rockport High School Madrigal Choir. The Madrigal Choir, led by Patti Pike, will be opening up the evening, and then accompanying What Time Is It, Mr. Fox? on several songs at the end of the night. A percentage of ticket sales will be donated back to the RPS Music Department.

Mr Fox is working on a new album, and will be performing those new songs on the 29th.
It’s also lead singer-songwriter, 3rian King’s birthday! What Time Is It, Mr. Fox? features Nathan Cohen on violin & trumpet, Renee Dupuis on vocals, piano, and melodica, Joe Cardoza on upright bass, Dennis Monagle on drums, and 3rian King on voice, acoustic guitar, & piano. The band’s sound has been described as Tom Waits and Amy Winehouse performing in a secret French cafe.

Tickets range $20-$32 and can be purchased here:

There are student and senior discounts if you call the box office to order tickets at 978 546 7391.
Photos and additional band info can be found here:



One Year Later…Still Holds True

I wrote this letter and used it as a post a little over a year ago.  For a few different reasons, I’m feeling the need to repost it.

Here’s the original post….but below is what the contents of the letter said…

Dear Future Teachers, Instructors, and Coaches of my Sons,

I’d like to take a minute now to thank you for the hours, energy, and love that you will undoubtedly be giving to my children in the future.  I know that it is not always an easy job that you have, but it is one that you accepted, however long ago, because you have the best interest of children, and now my children, at heart.   Many of you have simply volunteered…and don’t even get paid…and all of you spend a large portion of your personal time thinking about, worrying about, or being excited about things that have to do with the classes you teach, the lessons you give, or the practices that you run.

I know, no matter how much you love what you do, the down side is that your job will sometimes require that you make difficult decisions.  I know that those decisions will sometimes even cause you sleepless nights, a heavy heart, and worry, and pain.

I’d like to tell you now…that it is OK.  It is OK to not pick my son.

It is OK to not call on him when his hand in raised as high as possible in class, because you have 20 students and they all want to make you happy by knowing the right answer or sharing their thoughts.

I know that even that one silly decision….who to call on?….can be excruciating…each and every time.  I know that you make a mental note…and try to call on them all the same amount each week, but it is still so hard to watch their hands fall disappointedly back into their laps.

It is OK, if my son ends up not being able to carry a tune, that he does not receive a solo in the Spring Concert…no matter how much he wants one. You know what? Even if he can sing, but isn’t one of the best, it is still ok.  I know that you’ll find other ways to encourage him and make him feel proud. I know that you’ll let him know how important his role in the chorus is.

It is OK, if my son has trouble finding his inner actor, to not pick him for a leading role.  He may be crushed for a minute, but I know that you need to do what is right for the other children and the school play.  He’ll understand, because he knows  that everyone has strengths.  We will encourage him to find another way to shine and tell him how important it is to play that small supporting role.  The play couldn’t go on if all characters weren’t cast…no matter how big or small.  After all.

I image that my son will enjoy working on science fair projects each spring.  But, you know what, when it comes time to pick just 5 projects to send to regionals, it is OK to pick others…and not his.  His hard work and the pride that he feels when he presents his experiment should be enough for him.  And, it will motivate him all that much more the following year.  And, trust me, I know how hard it will be for you to pick just 5.  I know that you wish someone else could make those decisions.

I want you to know now that it is OK if his essay is not submitted to the writing contest.  Even though I’m sure he’ll try so hard to be chosen and want so desperately to impress you, sometimes you have to just pick one…and inevitably the other children will feel sad.  I know, without a second of doubt, however, that you’ll pull him aside and tell him how much you enjoyed his story.  You’ll make him want to write again….because writing is fun…even if your story isn’t picked.

It will always be OK if, when some children’s art work gets selected for the art show, his is not.  We will shower him with praise, encourage him to create more, and teach him to congratulate his friends for their creativity and their submissions.  His art will always have a special place in our home.

It is also OK, no matter how much he tries, to sometimes make the decision to leave him on the bench.   I know that you will take time during the season to help him improve, make him feel valuable, and motivate him to dig deeper.  And, because you’ve done such a great job, I know that if the team wins, he will know he has won and played a monumental role in the victory.  Even if his role wasn’t as obvious in the final minutes of a game.

I want to thank you again, because I know that it sometimes feels impossible.  I know that you became a teacher, an instructor, or a coach for so many wonderful reasons.  I know that you had giant aspirations to always be “fair.”  I’m also guessing that you never imagined how many times each year, session, or season you would feel burdened by decisions that have no “fair” answer.

I hope that you know you have our support and gratitude and the love and respect of my child.  Even if you didn’t pick him.  Because…even if you didn’t pick him….you chose him.  You chose to teach him, encourage him, support him, love him, challenge him, push him, excite him, and inspire him.  Your success, loyalty, or impact can not be judged by one, or even several of those difficult decisions.  It is based on the many moments, outside of those decisions, that you made sure to make him know that you are there for him.

I think it is important to tell you….not that you don’t already know….that I don’t expect all parents will feel the same way.  And…that I am by no means speaking for them.  I am simply telling you how I feel.

Thank you in advance for all that you will surely do….and for those difficult decisions you are forced to make.



Sharing my husband’s memory of the night his band opened for Prince

Last night talking about Prince with my husband, and knowing what a huge fan of his he was, I asked Tom what is his favorite Prince song. He said there were too many and then shared a heartfelt story about the night his band (The Atlantics) opened for Prince at the Metro. It was for The Dirty Mind album tour and the year was 1981, Saint Patrick’s Day. He and his band mates were over the moon with excitement, but also scared to death. Not because of Prince’s growing star power, but because of the intense racial divisions prevailing in Boston at that time, which often manifested at rock concerts, with musicians getting caught in the crosshairs.

All worries were for nothing. To everyone’s joyful surprise, the audience, a sea of black faces and white faces in equal numbers, were all there to have a fantastic time, which they did. Tom especially recalls a group of young black women in the first row, dressed more for church than a rock concert, smiling and dancing to the Atlantics songs, and if you can believe this, they placed their purses on top of the stage, near his feet. (Can people even bring purses to concerts any longer??) Prince’s messages of love and tolerance are a powerful inspiration. That Saint Patrick’s Day night at the Metro opening for Prince is one of Tom’s favorite band memories.

On Tom’s facebook page is a great photo from that night, taken by the Metro’s house photographer Steven Stone, maybe a little too sexy in case young kids are scrolling through GMG, but you can check it out here at Thomas Hauck.


Having grandchildren is pure joy. Great fun with the kids the other day.

And We’re Off

As I write this, it is 10:00 p.m Thursday night…when it posts, it’ll be 9:00 a.m. Friday morning.  By then (which will be now to you), if all goes as planned, we should be out of Massachusetts, through Connecticut, past New York, and hopefully even out of New Jersey.  On our way, of course, to Florida.

Sure,  flying would be easier…and faster.  But, flying a family of four to Orlando over a school vacation week has gotten ridiculously expensive.  It would be easy to say that was the only reason we’re driving, but…truth be told…I also kind of enjoy it.

We drove to Florida each and every year when I was a child.  While my parents may remember those days differently, I have nothing but fond memories of those trips.  Of course, back then, there were no car seats or even seat belts.  We built forts out of suitcases in the back of the family station wagon and slept a good part of the way.  Of course, back then, there were also no iPads, portable DVD players, or even cell phones.  In some ways the trip was probably easier.  In lots of ways the trip was much more difficult.  No packing of electronics….and chargers for all of those electronics.  No GPS….just giant bulky road maps…that no one in the world knows how to fold back up into their original neat package.  Pros…cons.  Who knows?

Either way, what hasn’t change, is that we’re looking at a whole lot of Forced Family Fun in the car for 24 hours.  Typically, my boys are up for an adventure and thrive on the go.  Road trips are usually exciting and they are good sports who make the most of it.  I am not naive enough to think that will necessarily be the case this time, but one can hope.

Wish us luck.  We’ll keep you posted (because nowadays…unlike back then…blogging is a thing and I can).  With love, from somewhere on 95 South, en route to the Sunshine State.

#makingmemories     (there were also no hashtags back then)


(or emojis)   How did we ever get by?

crown wagon

And So it Goes.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post asking for suggestions about how to…or even whether or not to….surprise Thatcher and Finn with the trip we are taking to Florida in April.

You can read that post HERE if you’d like

To summarize, I had planned a “Disney Reveal” three and a half years ago and it was an epic failure.  Thatcher had just turned five and Finn had just turned three.  They had been asking to go and, of course, I thought they’d be over the moon.  Don’t get me wrong…they got excited…just not while I was trying to capture the magic on film.

So, flash forward to Easter Sunday this year.  I figured I would surprise them with the trip during an Easter Egg hunt.  I wrote a little poem, I numbered some eggs 1-18, hid them inside the house (so as not to get confused with the Easter Bunny’s outside eggs), had them line the eggs up in order, open them up to reveal letters, and read the secret message.  It was pretty fun… if I do say so myself.  And, this time, their reaction was….well, no better than last time, actually.  There was a brief moment, when Finn had figured it out, that I thought there may be some celebration dance of sorts….but, he squelched any kind of enthusiasm that was about to break free.  Sigh.

While I know they’re actually excited to bust out of dodge for a bit, head to the sunshine, go on some excellent rides, and hang by the pool….clearly my boys do not enjoy the act of being surprised.

Live and finally learn.

Get Crackin’…Egg Hunt Throw Back

Happy, Happy Easter!

I know that I have totally used these photos in another post here on GMG, but they are my all-time favorite Easter photos ever.  This kid kills me.  Finn turned the lovely and charming Rockport Egg Hunt into some crazy rugby inspired grudge match.  When the leader of the egg hunt said, “Ready, set, go” he took off all Ninja Warrior from one end of the field, clear down to the other, and back again.  He slowed down long enough to grab just one little egg.  I have absolutely no idea what was going through his head, but I laugh and laugh every time I see these pics.

A Do Over. AKA…Freakin’ Balloons.

Shhhhh.  I am planning on surprising the boys with a trip to Disney next month. Although, honestly, I don’t know why.  You could say that I’ve been there and done that already.  And….it was fairly anticlimactic.  Sigh.  You’ll see what I’m talking about in a moment.

My boys are 8 and 6…and they’ve been asking to go. The last time we did Disney they were 5 and 3.  Thatcher was a good age for it all back then, but Finn was just a hair too short for some of the best rides and, while he had a blast, much of it was kind of lost on him.

I’m kind of excited for them to do it again at this age.  If I’m being honest, at this point they could care less about the characters (sorry Mickey, Donald, Goofy, and crew) but they are huge ride fanatics, they LOVE water parks so Aquatica, Blizzard Beach or Typhoon Lagoon will be awesome, and I think they’ll really enjoy Universal now that they’ve seen most of those movies.

When I was little we did Disney every.single.year.  I LOVED it. It never got old.  I know many families could take it or leave it, but for me it is kind of a “must do” of childhood.  Don’t get me wrong, I can’t wait for the day that I can take the boys to Costa Rica to swim with wild dolphins in Drake Bay.  I’ve been dying to recreate my time spent there with them since the second they were born.  Likewise, I’d give anything to relive my trip to Africa…with them by my side this time.  I’ve never been to Alaska, Australia, or Hawaii….and to experience those destinations with them will be a dream come true some day (hopefully). While I’m a big fan of ecotourism and seeing less chartered corners of our world….a good trip to Disney is good for the soul too.  So, that’s where we’re at right now.  We’re going to Disney World.

The “I don’t know why part” was directed at the intended surprise.  Three years ago I planned and plotted to surprise them…thinking, of course, they’d be over the moon. Not so much.  Freakin’ balloons…all they cared about were those balloons….and how I knew whose suitcase was whose.  Heaven forbid they unzip the wrong freakin’ suitcase.

So, I want a do over.  And, I’m open to suggestions.  Any great tips?  Anyone out there surprised their kids with a vacation before? I’m kind of tempted to wait until the day we leave.  Deep down I’m a romantic.  Big time. I kind of like the idea of a big reveal early that morning. But…I also like the idea of them having something to look forward to…and helping with the planning.



Do Your Kids Need Summer Plans?


Did you know that the Harborlight-Stoneridge Montessori School in Beverly offers a wide variety of one-week summer sessions for grades 1-8 and great options for younger children too!

Think Paddle boarding, trips to museums, surfing, cinematography, BMX-biking, hiking with the AMC, soccer, rock on and join a band, geology on Thompson Island, beaches, the Sea Station Endeavour, art, theatre arts, and even camps run in conjunction with The Hive and Maritime Gloucester.  

CLICK HERE FOR SUMMER ADVENTURES INFORMATION   Including locations, descriptions, schedule, and much more


and see below…

Week 1: June 20- June 24


Learn about the history of art through four amazing museums– The Museum of Fine Arts,The Institute of Contemporary Art, The DeCordova, and our local Peabody Essex Museum.

In minimalist fashion, all you need is a water bottle, lunchbox, and *sketchbook. Develop your ability to sketch and your power of observation while harnessing the power of the masters. (*Provided)

SOCCER (Grades 1-8)

Professional coaching with Kyle Yellin will allow all players to gain a better understanding of, and continued passion for, the game.

Week 2: June 27- July 1

SOCCER (Grades 1-3)

Professional coaching with Kyle Yellin will allow all players to gain a better understanding of, and continued passion for, the game.

CLAY DREAMING (Grades 1-3)

Expand your skills working with clay at Clay Dreaming Studio in Beverly. Lessons will allow the students to work at their own pace and developing their growing understanding of the medium and ability to work through the multi-stepped process of designing an original piece.


Hiking, geology, outward-bound experience at Thompson Island is the adventure of a lifetime! This island, located 2-miles offshore from downtown Boston, is an Outward Bound Education Center where the students will spend a full-day engaged in their science, history, and challenge activities.

Week 3: June 5- July 8


Explore the north shore beaches with a new perspective. While visiting these destinations in typical fashion -sandcastles, sea glass, swimming, reading, and picnicking- we will also explore their similarities and differences in coastal science and maritime history.

THEATER ARTS (Grades 4-8)

Join our own professional playwright and performing arts director, Katie Oberlander. Learn theater games, speaking, singing and stage presence.  Put it all together in an informal performance. This week will include a trip to Canobie Lake Park, NH.

Week 4: June 11- July 15

THEATER ARTS (Grades 1-3)

Join our own professional playwright and performing arts director, Katie Oberlander. Learn theater games, speaking, singing and stage presence.  Put it all together in an informal performance. This week will include a trip to Canobie Lake Park, NH.


Explore Gloucester from Sea to Table with our partners at Maritime Gloucester. Travel with captains on a fishing boat, build a lobster trap, cast it and catch your dinner. Learn all about local fisherman and their quest to make it sustainable, and find your own connection between sea and table.

Week 5: July 18- July 22

ART @ THE HIVE (grades 1-3)  

The Hive in Gloucester has art facilities for all large-format and small-scale media. The gallery, classroom, and multi-use spaces are just what you need to channel your creative energy.


Due to high demand, this adventure is already full. We will post our travel adventures and photos when we return!


Learn the art and science of motion picture photography as you create your very own short film.  Learn cinema technique, how to use a filter and lens, and develop your ability to capture depth of field and focus.  Edit your work and utilize all the tricks of the trade from Doug Bowker, Motion Graphics, Animation, and Digital Video. Doug is a graduate of Rhode Island School of Design. Required: SLR Video Camera (recommended), IPOD, Digital Camera, or Smart Phone

Week 6: July 25- July 29

MARINE HERITAGE 1 (grades 1-8)

Explore Cape Ann’s rich marine heritage. Join the marine science crew aboard Sea Station’s catamaran Endeavour – take a trip on a lobster boat, visit touch tanks, and learn about the ocean and life on the seashore in a fun, hands-on, learning environment.

SMALL SWELL (grades 4-8)

Learn all about the ocean as a playground for the best summer sport – surfing! Balance, coordination, swimming, timing the waves, falling and getting back on the board.

Week 7: August 1- August 5

MARINE HERITAGE 2 (grades 1-8)

Explore Cape Ann’s rich marine heritage. Join the marine science crew aboard Sea Station’s catamaran Endeavour – take a trip on a lobster boat, visit touch tanks, and learn about the ocean and life on the seashore in a fun, hands-on, learning environment. This is a sequel to Marine Heritage 1 and the adventures and learning activities will vary.

WALK ON WATER (grades 4-8)

This session has become the highlight of the upper school summer program! Water adventures on paddle boards at local beaches, road trips along the north shore coast, and the big two-night trip to the Isle of Shoals – where you can hike, play tennis, jump off the dock, roast marshmallows over an open fire, and learn the local lore of the island!

Week 8: August 8- August 12

EXPLORE ARTS (grades 1-3)

Explore media and techniques to draw, design, and live your art through drama and music. An all-encompassing eclectic approach to tapping into your talents!

MOUNTAIN BIKING & BMX (grades 2-6)

More than enjoying a great ride through the trails, this session explores the science of a BMX bike.  Your kinetic energy + a bike and a good trail is all you need for this adventure! Try your skills at BMX Wakefield, a track specifically designed for national competition, with the option to compete at an evening race event. This session requires competency and accessibility to a two-wheeler.


Hiking, geology, outward-bound experience at Thompson Island is the adventure of a lifetime! This island, located 2-miles offshore from downtown Boston, is an Outward Bound Education Center where the students will spend a full-day engaged in their science, history, and challenge activities like their ‘high-ropes’ course!.

Week 9: August 15- August 19

ROCK ON (grades 1-3)

Join our comprehensive music experience designed to hone music performance and ensemble skills in a creative and fun environment.  Develop rhythm, music theory, and explore instruments from around the world.  Join us to jam, have fun, and perform. There will be a trip to Crane Estate for an evening picnic and concert.


Grab your pack and water bottle, a good pair of hiking shoes, and your appreciation of the great outdoors. You will be hiking some great peaks and spending a night at the Appalachian Mountain Club’s Cardigan High Cabin.

Week 10: August 22- August 26

MY FIRST JOB (grades 1-3)

What does it take to have the responsibility of a job? What will your first job be? Explore the opportunities that are available to the young employee or entrepreneur!

CINEMATOGRAPHY 2 (grades 4-8)

Learn the art and science of motion picture photography as you create your very own short film.  Learn cinema technique, how to use a filter and lens, and develop your ability to capture depth of field and focus.  Edit your work and utilize all the tricks of the trade from Doug Bowker, Motion Graphics, Animation, and Digital Video. Doug is a graduate of Rhode Island School of Design. Required: SLR Video Camera (recommended), IPOD, Digital Camera, or Smart Phone

Week 11: August 29- September 2

SOCCER (Grades 1-8)

Professional coaching with Kyle Yellin will allow all players to gain a better understanding of, and continued passion for, the game.


Riley and Hannah visiting Nonnie and Papa

Riley 4 and Hannah 2 had a great and fun time with Papa and Nonnie in Gloucester last weekend. Between Good Harbor Beach, Stage Fort Park, visiting the horses on Mussel Point, the Alpacas at Marshall Farm Stand and most important Toodeloos Toy lots of fun memories.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Limonciello & Aranciello Bottling Night @Sista Felicia’s



Friday night friends and family gathered to bottle & sample this years batch of Sista Felicia’s Limonciello and Aranicello for the upcoming Feast of St Joseph! 


From left; Cousin Marisa Marcantonio Annaika Eves, Bridget Mathews,Andrea Carlson,Sista Felicia,Pat Ciaramitaro,Cousin Eleanor Tucker, BFF Dee Noble, Mo Klop


From left; Steve Noble,James Eves, Neil Mathews


While “Comere” Bridget Mathews and I mixed this year batches, the ladies help strain the rids from the alachol, and  prepared the bottles.




The men snacked on freshly fried Arancini and Hot Italian Bread with fresh Ricotta Cheese, Pesto and Red Roasted Peppers, while they anxiously waited to sample all 4 varieties.  Each year 2 straight up versions of Limonciello & Aranciello, and 2 creamy versions of both lemon and orange are prepared and bottled.




Neil Mathews, our official taste tester, sampled each, while bridget and I mixed and tweaked the ratios until Neil deemed it to be “Perfecto!”Several rounds of samples were enjoyed by all! 





Chris Carlson and “Ma”

A Special Thank You to my incredibly talented friend & Creative Director James Eves Owner of Cape Ann Giclee, for the beautiful Limonciello & Aranciello Lables he created and “Feliciatized”…XO

image image

Click Read More for full photo gallery

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73 x 2 =146

March.  After years of teaching, March marks the beginning of the end of the school year.  That has many implications as a teacher.  As a mother, it also means that the end of lunch packing is on the horizon.  Victory dance.  A mere 73 (give or take) nights of lunch packing left for each boy.  Only about 146 more lunches to pack.  Sigh.

If you’ve followed my posts at all you’ve probably heard me whine about lunch packing before, so I apologize.  While easy…it is the biggest time suck of all of the things I do for my boys.  I’ll take a load of laundry (socks included) over lunch packing any day.

It sounds simple, but it is actually quite involved.  This is the spread that is filled, packed, and unpacked  Not to mention the hand washing and drying of each container so that they can be used the next day.  Two lunch boxes packed with a main meal, some cut up fruit + veggies, and usually some banana, or apple, or pumpkin bread thanks to the world’s best grandmother who bakes some regularly for the boys, two snack bags packed with a variety of snacks in little containers, two small water bottles for in the lunch boxes, and 2 larger ones for the playground, gym class, fitness class, etc.  and 6 ice packs.  No joke.


Saturday 2/27/16 Sista Felicia Will Be Live Streaming From Her Kitchen- St Joseph’s Pasta Making Mayhem

We Will Be Live Streaming Sista Felicia’s St Joseph’s Past Making Day

Saturday 2/27/16 At 10:00AM

Click Here At That Time For The Live Stream-

Nichole’s Picks 2/27 + 2/28

Pick #1:  Sugar Shack Saturdays at Appleton Farms


Please head HERE as advanced registration is required and space is limited!

Spring is coming and the sap is running! Experience the time-honored tradition of maple sugaring with Sugar Shack Saturdays at Appleton Farms. Spend the day with us and see how we turn sap into sweet syrup. Start by getting creative with some maple themed crafts in the Appleton Old House then get outside and explore our very own sugar shack! Learn how we tap our trees every spring, see the evaporator in action, and taste the freshly made syrup. We will end back inside with a farm snack, including Appleton Farms cheese, apple slices, and homemade maple ice cream while we read a story about maple sugaring! Recommended for ages 8 and under but everyone is welcome! This program meets at the Visitor Center.

Please be aware there are two sessions for this program from 10-11:30 and 1:30-3:00. Space is limited. Registration is by the family- if you have 6 or more in your family, please register 2 families. Crafts and snacks included and we want to have enough for all.


Pick #2:  Ice Castles!

I can’t wait to get up there!  I’m hoping that it is still open after hockey season ends…    Once going to the link, find the Lincoln, NH location.



Pick #3:  The South Asian Showdown 2016

I’ve never even heard about this, but if your kids are into dance…how fun!

This and a great dinner in the city…seems like an interesting win for the family.


Thank you for your interest in the South Asian Showdown competition. After the huge success of the last 6 year’s competitions, we look forward to bringing you an even better show this year! Teams from all over North America & Canada will compete to be crowned the Showdown champion.

HomeThe concept of Showdown is to put the best Fusion, and Bollywood/Hindi-Film teams up against one another and let the judges have the unenviable task of selecting the best team of the night.  Fusion is a combination of any dance style set to a majority of indian music. It is a very creative and unique form of dance incorporating many others forms of dance.  Bollywood/Hindi-Film style of dance is based on the Bollywood film style of dance featuring expression, theme and storyline.  It is a mini-story on stage set to indian music.  This will be an unbelievable show to watch and an unparalleled experience for all the teams to be involved in!

This year’s competition will be taking place on Saturday, February 27th, 2016 @ the John Hancock Hall in the heart of Boston.

As always, for a more comprehensive list of family activities, please see our friends at North Shore Kid


Yesterday morning could have been a complete disaster, not just the partial disaster that it became. I was all set up, ready to film a scene in which I had waited for over an hour to unfold. With cold numb fingers, just as the action began, I clumsily shut off the record button. Next, a puff of wind knocked over my tripod and movie camera (fortunately not permanently damaged, but very disconcerting nonetheless). In the rule of bad things happen in threes, while unloading my gear, I accidentally locked myself out of our car.

Not the first time to have happened, my husband’s solution was to put a spare key under the car, in a magnetic box. I reached under the car and, through a winter’s worth of mud and crud, found the little box and was able to quickly get out of a jam. I’m so happy I married a Boy Scout! (in reality, he never was a scout, but you’d never know because he certainly adheres to the motto be prepared.) Thank you honey!




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