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Maria Cracchiolo Lamb of Easter Pecorella di Pasqua Gloucester -3 2016 Kim SmithPecorelle di Pasqua are a traditional Sicilian Easter treat although, when Easter falls very close to Saint Joseph’s Day as it did this year, Maria shared that the Lambs of Easter are often found on Saint Joseph altars. Maria’s are so charming I am planning to purchase several to Not eat but to decorate our Easter table. They are very reasonably priced, especially considering all the work that is involved with making and how expensive is the marzapane.

Maria Cracchiolo Lamb of Easter Pecorella di Pasqua Gloucester -4 2016 Kim Smith

Each lamb is molded from almond dough and after drying, skillfully hand painted by Maria. I popped into Caffe Sicilia Wednesday morning to say hello and happily caught Maria just as she was beginning to paint and decorate the Easter lambs. We filmed her working with my movie camera for Gloucester’s Feast of Saint Joseph Community Film Project and here is a glimpse with iPhone photos and Instagrams.

Bare tints of color for the marzapane lambs faces and ears

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Maria Cracchiolo Lamb of Easter Pecorella di Pasqua Gloucester -2 2016 Kim Smith

With thanks, appreciation, and the deepest gratitude to Maria Cracchiolo and her parents Nina and Domenic Damico for their continued help with Gloucester’s Feast of Saint Joseph Community Film Project. From the project’s onset, they have opened their kitchen doors and very generously shared Sicilian traditions and baking techniques. We are so very fortunate to have Maria, her family, and Caffe Sicilia in our Gloucester Community. With thanks again to Mayor Sefatia for suggesting we knock on Maria’s door!

Happy Spring! Happy Easter!

Maria assembling the Easter lambs

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Maria Cracchiolo Lamb of Easter Pecorella di Pasqua Gloucester 2016 Kim Smith



Where does the Easter Bunny live?

Nichols Candy House Kim Smith 2016

In a house made of chocolate of course! Easter Bunny House handmade by Jan.

Nichols Candies Barbara, Bette, and Gerry:)

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Don candy maker at Nichols Candy House

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Nichols Candy House -2 Kim Smith 2016

Peeps in a Puddle

Nichols Candy House -3 Kim Smith 2016

For your jelly bean lovers

Nichols Candy House -4 Kim Smith 2016

I love the look of this very old gas fired stove. It has an extremely powerful flame and within seconds of Don igniting, the water was boiling hot. I meant to ask Barbara how old are their stoves and find out more about them. If she, or anyone from the shop, is reading this post, please write in the comment section and let us know. Thank you!

In the Pink! at Nichols Candy House

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Turtle Alley Kim Smith 2016Turtle Alley -4 Kim Smith 2016.JPGWe’re so fortunate in Gloucester to have not one, but two, F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S chocolatiers. Yesterday I visited Haley Baker at Turtle Alley where they are in full Easter mode. Tomorrow, I’ll be at Nichols Candy House. Shop local for your Easter baskets!

Turtle making with Haley Baker at Turtle Alley

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Turtle making part two

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Special orders for Easter being filled at Turtle Alley!

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Rivulets of chocolate –

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Turtle Alley  -3Kim Smith 2016.JPG

Turtle Alley -2 Kim Smith 2016.JPG


Beginning in the early 1900s, the American Father’s Day was brought to Italy, a sort of reverse sharing of holidays! Fittingly, in Italy, Father’s Day is celebrated on Saint Joseph’s Day.

Maria Cannova Gloucester Feast of Saint Joseph blessing children -5 Kim Smith 2016Three Generations of Cannovas, Maria’s son Leo, Giliano Mari, and Grandfather

Saint Joseph Gloucester gropp feast Kim Smith 2016

Caffe Sicilia Maria Domenic zeppole Saint Joseph. 2016 Kim SmithFather and Daughter Domeic and Maria making Zeppole at Caffe Sicilia

Groppo Feast of saint Joseph Gloucester Kim Smith 2016Kensie and Grandfather Tony


Caffe Sicilia’s sea of zeppoles, and sfinci, too!

Caffe Sicilia Maria Domenic sfinci Saint Joseph. 2016 Kim SmithSfinci

Caffe Sicilia Maria Domenic zeppole -2 Saint Joseph. 2016 Kim Smith .JPGZeppole in progress 

So many thanks to Maria, Nina, and Domenic for their continued help with Gloucester’s Feast of Saint Joseph Community Film Project. 

Caffe Sicilia Maria Domenic zeppole Saint Joseph. 2016 Kim Smith

Live Saint Joseph sfinci making with Caffe Sicilia's Nina – part one

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About ready to eat one of these amazing puffs of yumminess – Maria and Nina's sfinci at Caffe Sicilia!

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Are fishcakes obsolete #9 from Al Bezanson

Fort Square Cafe fishcake closeup__1024 (1)Fort Square Café formula for fishcakes

  1. Take a short walk down the street to a just-arrived dragger
  2. Select a couple large hake from the top of the catch
  3. Wait a  minute for a crewmember to fillet the fish
  4. Hand over the fillets to Heidi at the Fort Square Café
  5. Enjoy another cup of Rusty’s coffee as you wait for breakfast
  6. Note that the spuds are on the side – not in the fishcake
  7. Enjoy.  You won’t be needing lunch after this breakfast Fort Square Cafe fishcake with one egg__1024 (1)


Emerson In By the Sea is now hiring. The information below was provided by Chef Doug Papows. Doug also shares that the Emerson is hosting a job fair on Saturday, April 2nd, from noon to 4:00pm. 


Thank you for your interest in employment at Emerson Inn. Emerson Inn selectively offers career opportunities to outstanding individuals with a proven record of success and demonstrated service ethic. We are currently accepting applications for many roles at the Inn including Front of House, Guest Services, Housekeeping and the Kitchen.

Emerson Inn is an Equal Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate by race, gender, religion or physical challenges.

Candidates are encouraged to apply with us via our Online Application. Alternatively, you can download Migis Hotel Group – Emerson Inn Application for Employment and send it to:

Emerson Inn
Attn: Human Resources
1 Cathedral Avenue
Rockport, MA 01966
– OR –



Joe Virgilio Makes Saint Joseph Rolls is a wonderful addition to Gloucester’s Feast of Saint Joseph Community Film Project. So many thanks to Joe for taking time from his busy work day to allow filming! Highlights include Joe sharing stories about the early days working alongside his grandfather and cousins, when the thousands of rolls needed for Saint Joseph’s Day were made by hand.

To order your Saint Joseph rolls call 978-283-5295 or stop by. Store hours are from 8:30am to 5:00pm.

Originally posted 2014.


To learn more about Gloucester’s Feast of Saint Joseph Community Film and the real story about how the project evolved, please go to the film’s website and click on the About the Film link and the Director’s Statement link. For periodic updates about the film, you can keep in touch on the blog page of the film’s website or friend me on Facebook.


Chef Doug Papows has accepted the Executive Chef position for Pigeon Cove Tavern at Emerson Inn by the Sea. Renovations are well underway and he is excited to join the team at Migis Hotel Group.

They are hiring! Applications for all positions are being accepted, front and back of the house.




FullSizeRender (36)Ken’s golden polenta, crispy on the outside and tender on the inside

There are still a few seats available for the next Duckworth’s Eastern Point Lit House Book Club event (Sunday evening, March 20th). Ken, Chris, Jenn, Michelle, and Colleen do a beautiful job welcoming guests, and if you haven’t been, they provide wonderful evenings of, quite possibly, the best book club fare ever, freely flowing wine, and great discussions.

IMG_6480Last month’s discussion was led by Eastern Point Lit House co-founders Jenn Monroe and Chris Anderson.

Don’t be intimidated if you haven’t read the book in time for the event (which is oftentimes the case with me). I’m usually so inspired after the discussion, I find the time.

FullSizeRender (37)So deliciooooooous, that’s all I can say about Ken’s meatloaf and potatoes

Lit House book Club Duckworth's ©Kim Smith 2015An array of salads, vegetable dishes, and soup accompanies every dinner.


Come, I promise you won’t be disappointed!!




Join Sister Felicia in her kitchen with friends and family as they have a blast while showing you how to make limoncello at home. She has 2 recipes for you in this video, the classic and the creamy styles of limoncello!

(click the little gear at the bottom right for full HD video)

Limonciello & Aranciello Bottling Night @Sista Felicia’s



Friday night friends and family gathered to bottle & sample this years batch of Sista Felicia’s Limonciello and Aranicello for the upcoming Feast of St Joseph! 


From left; Cousin Marisa Marcantonio Annaika Eves, Bridget Mathews,Andrea Carlson,Sista Felicia,Pat Ciaramitaro,Cousin Eleanor Tucker, BFF Dee Noble, Mo Klop


From left; Steve Noble,James Eves, Neil Mathews


While “Comere” Bridget Mathews and I mixed this year batches, the ladies help strain the rids from the alachol, and  prepared the bottles.




The men snacked on freshly fried Arancini and Hot Italian Bread with fresh Ricotta Cheese, Pesto and Red Roasted Peppers, while they anxiously waited to sample all 4 varieties.  Each year 2 straight up versions of Limonciello & Aranciello, and 2 creamy versions of both lemon and orange are prepared and bottled.




Neil Mathews, our official taste tester, sampled each, while bridget and I mixed and tweaked the ratios until Neil deemed it to be “Perfecto!”Several rounds of samples were enjoyed by all! 





Chris Carlson and “Ma”

A Special Thank You to my incredibly talented friend & Creative Director James Eves Owner of Cape Ann Giclee, for the beautiful Limonciello & Aranciello Lables he created and “Feliciatized”…XO

image image

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FullSizeRender (34)Thank you to Jenn Cullen for posting to Instagram her photo of one of Sugar Magnolia’s new super salads. It looked so yummy, I just had to try it for myself. The roasted veggie, kale, almond, craisin, bulgur wheat, and goat cheese salad was fantastic. Crab cakes added to the order made an exquisite and filling lunch, so huge in fact, I brought half home for lunch tomorrow. My husband had one of Sugar Mag’s classic favorites, the corn chowder with jerk and honey grilled salmon. You’ll find an enticing array of new menu items and, not to worry, everyone’s old favorites, too. I can’t wait to try more❤


Sugar Magnolias is located at 112 Main Street and is open Tuesday through Friday from 7am to 11am, closed for half an hour and then again from 11:30am to 2:30pm. On Saturdays and Sundays, they are open for brunch from 7am to 1pm. Closed Mondays.

For more information visit their website here: Sugar Magnolias

Friends David Cox and Carol Roberts–you run into the nicest people when dining on Main Street!!

David Cox at Sugar Mags!

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Carol Roberts

Some Genius Marketing Dude Just Took The Energy Snack Game To Another Level…


So the bitchy broad from Desperate Housewives of New York branded some mass produced Vodka with the brilliant name “SkinnyGirl” and #boom she is making millions seemingly overnight.

I was watching TV the other night and saw this ad for  “Energems” which is  basically chocolate with caffeine and they are acting like they revolutionized the chocolate energy snack game.  Uhm has no-one eaten chocolate covered espresso beans, readily available at just about any chocolatier in the nation?  Doesn’t matter if you have or haven’t because just like SkinnyGirl Vodka, it really doesn’t matter what’s inside the packaging, it’s more about the marketing apparently.   You just throw stuff together that’s already been around for hundreds of years, give it a catchy name and some slick packaging and it’s a guaranteed winner.

The Energems folks are just smart marketers.  Chocolate and caffeine and make it sound healthy- #Boom!

Uhmmmm hellooooooo, It’s frickin Chocolate and Caffeine.  It’s been right there under our noses all along.

Disclaimer: I have no idea if this stuff if good or bad, works or doesn’t. I just think the marketing is brilliant.

I need an angel investor to back my ideas for some products I’m developing. 

First and Foremost “Big Cock” Chicken brand where we inject frozen breaded chicken with Viagra.  Bake ‘em in a preheated oven for like ten minutes and you’re good to go all night long.   Hello??????   I’ll be retired in no time at all.


P.S. Look for my GoFundMe page any day now.


Inga and Jeannie from Cake Ann write in ~

In celebration of the Oscars this weekend, we’ve created some tasty treats:

Malted milk bar chocolate cupcakes with a chocolate ganache filling and a Malted milk bar buttercream frosting (because people often buy malted milk bars when they go to the movies!)

Sweet potato scones with a maple glaze frosting in honor of the Martian (the main character survived on potatoes)

“Big” Cardamom short bread cookies in honor of the movie the Big Short.

Thanks so much Kim.

Cake Ann cupcakeCake Ann Photo of Malted Milk Bar Cupcakes

Saturday 2/27/16 Sista Felicia Will Be Live Streaming From Her Kitchen- St Joseph’s Pasta Making Mayhem

We Will Be Live Streaming Sista Felicia’s St Joseph’s Past Making Day

Saturday 2/27/16 At 10:00AM

Click Here At That Time For The Live Stream-

Breakfast is Served…again

Last week, Steve and Kelly Salah closed the front door of Rockport’s Red Skiff for the last time.  The last time until its reopening under new ownership this morning, that is.  As I drove by at 7:30 last night I found new owner, Talia Khan-Bettencourt, and some others busy at work preparing for today.  With a new sign hung by the door, that only remained closed for a mere ten days, comes the promise of more meals, mug ups, and memories.


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