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Passports Restaurant Gloucester swordfish©Kim Smith 2015There are so many delicious appetizers and entrees to choose from at Passports, and all are very reasonably priced. On a recent visit my husband had melt-in-your mouth swordfish, grilled to perfection, served with super yummy scalloped potatoes, and a medley of veggies, all for only NINETEEN dollars. For the first course, I had the special French onion soup, which was not too salty as is so often the case; it was perfect and really hit the spot. Although an appetizer, for the main course I next had the fried oysters, which IMO are the absolute best around, hands down, without a doubt. We love the the always friendly and welcoming wait staff at Passports and our dinner was made especially outstanding by Sally!

Open for lunch and dinner, with community events happening often and throughout the week, make Passports one of your regular go-to dining spots!Passports fried oysters Gloucester Restaurant ©kim Smith 2015

Pumpkin Caramel Halloween Cookie Bark


bark final

Pumpkin Caramel Halloween Bark

It’s no secret to my friends and family that Halloween is one of my most favorite holidays. As soon as my twins were old enough to sit up in their highchairs I had them cooking and crafting for Halloween. Each year our activities grew grander and our creativity in the kitchen did too! A few years ago I combined two of our all time favorite recipes, Pumpkin Caramel and Chocolate Cookie Bark together and confected this almost to pretty to eat Halloween treat! I promise you won’t be disappointed and either will the Ghosts and Goblins in your life!

halloweeen bark


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Lisa Griffiths, also known as That Nutty redhead writes,

“Hey Folks, This coming Sunday, Oct. 25th, you’ll discover an article about our That Nutty Redhead in the Boston Globe!!! We are most honored. We’ll post the article for those that do not have access to this most important, and read, paper.”


525 Tavern on Lexington Avenue in Magnolia

On Wednesday was honored to take some photos and taste the new fall/winter food and drinks at 525.   Everything was so delicious.  Please make a date and visit 525 Tavern to enjoy a great dining experience.  From their Free Range Chicken to the Balsamic Fig & Chevre Pizza everything was served with a lovely presentation.  525 makes their own pasta right on site.

Please go to the following link to see more information on 525 Tavern.  525 also has a take out menu.

Ambiance of course

October 21, 2015 ambiance 005

Balsamic Fig & Chevre Pizza

October 21, 2015 Balsamic Fig & Chevre Pizza

DogTown Sour


October 21, 2015 Dogtown Sour

Free Range Chicken with seasonal root vegetables

October 21, 2015 free range chicken

Full assortment of beers


October 21, 2015 full assortment of beers

Hot Mulled Caramel Local Cider

October 21, 2015 Hot Mulled Caramel Local Cider

Smiling Justin one of the chefs


October 21, 2015 Justin chef

Lovely seating


October 21, 2015 lovely seating

Matt the restaurant manger shaking up a DogTown Sour


October 21, 2015 Matt Restaurant Manager shaking up a Dogtown Sour

Shrimp & Mussels Fra Diavolo


October 21, 2015 Shrimp & Mussels Fra Diavolo

Dine Out Cape Ann- October 25-29 and November 1-5th 2015


October 25 – 29, 2015 and November 1 – 5, 2015 The Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce is excited to announce the new Dine Out Cape Ann. Cape Ann is throwing away the tired restaurant week model and taking a fresh approach aimed at highlighting the unique flavor of each participating restaurant. The two week event will take place October 25th – 29th and November 1st – 5th, 2015, in restaurants throughout Cape Ann. Participating restaurateurs have been asked to create exclusive menu options that embrace their particular venue and highlight what makes them unique – from dishes that feature local seafood to signature cocktails and food pairings. This new spin culminates in a wide array of exceptional dining experiences that make up Dine Out Cape Ann. Cape Ann visitors, as well as locals, are invited and encouraged to indulge in the unique tastes of the area. This two week event provides plenty of time to experience the creative menu offerings at a number of different restaurants on Cape Ann. Enjoy! Participating restaurants to date include: Alchemy, Cala’s, Cape Ann Brewing Company, Castle Manor Inn, Foreign Affairs Wine Bar & Bistro, The Franklin Café, The Gloucester House Restaurant, Jalapenos, Latitude 43, Lobsta Land Restaurant, Mile Marker One, Ohana, Passports Restaurant, Seaport Grille, Short & Main, Topside Grill, and the Windward Grille. For more information on this event, please contact the Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce at or 978-283-1601.


Dine Out Cape Ann

Chicken Guadalajara



Chicken Guadalajara

My favorite dish on the menu at “The Boarder Café” is Chicken Guadalajara. Last week I was inspired to create this recipe after sadly missing the turn into the Boarder Café parking lot at their Saugus Route One location. Rush hour traffic had both north and south bound traffic backed up for miles, making it an easy decision not to attempt turning around. Craving the heavenly flavors of this dish, I headed straight to Market Basket to pick up a few key ingredients I knew I didn’t have on hand at home. Within 45 minutes of walking in the door my favorite Boarder dish was recreated and served to the family. It tasted amazing! Everyone gave it a double thumbs up!!  

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Niaz Dorry from NAMA gave the audience at the Rockport Harvesfest seafood throwdown a stellar demonstration on how to clean squid. I can’t post all the Instagrams here on GMG but you can go to my Instagram page to see the series.

How to prepare whole squid for cooking demonstration with the always awesome Niaz Dorry from NAMA

A video posted by Kim Smith (@kimsmithdesigns) on

Squid is very easy to clean and to cook and I love to order it out too. One of our favorite Gloucester restaurants for calamari is the Cape Ann Brew Pub, where it is always fried to crisp perfection and never rubbery from overcooking. Where ever I have tried squid in Rhode Island, they almost always serve it with bright yellow banana peppers. Does anyone know if any of our local restaurants serve squid with banana peppers?

Niaz Dorry is the director of the Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance. She lives in Gloucester with her dog Hailey. You can read more about her work with NAMA and why Time Magazine named her “Hero for the Planet” on the organization’s website here.

Squid part five

A video posted by Kim Smith (@kimsmithdesigns) on


A splendid way to spend a Saturday afternoon with friends and family enjoying the bounty and beauty of local harvests! 

Dahlias Rockport Harvest Fest ©Kim Smith 2015Roving Radishes Dahlias

Rockport Harvestfest puppet show ©Kim Smith 2015Puppet show particpants with Nichole’s Finn, second from right

Dora tevan ©Kim Smith 2015Rockport Sea Serpent with costume assistance from puppeteer Dora Tevan

Rockport Harvestfest ©Kim Smith 2015Preparing squid demonstration by Niaz Dorry

Squid quills ©Kim Smith 2015JPGSquid quills

Eric Hutchins Rockport Harvestfest ©Kim Smith 2015Eric Hutchins’s miniature horse

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Charlene Delaney is This Weeks GMG Cook!


Charlene Delaney pea hot ham pasta GMG cookes photos

Photo submitted by Charlene Delaney

Charlene writes~
 Tonight’s dinner another inspired by Felicia Ciaramitaro Mohan. Turn out great like all her recipes. Pasta with Ham & Peas. My biggest challenge is cutting recipe for one.


Thank you for the kind words! Looks like you did a fine job of cutting the recipe down for one …it looks delicious! Happy Cooking





Harvestfest is SATURDAY! The Details on GMG

Harvestfest 2015 is here and the weather looks perfect and the schedule of events looks even better. Local food & drink will be on hand plus tons of things to do, from celebrating Rockport’s 175th birthday to hanging out and listening to some great live music. Harvestfest is organized by the nonprofit Rockport Exchange with the support of the Town of Rockport and a bunch of great local residents and business owners. We hope you join us for the fun!

Check it out and we’ll see you in downtown Rockport on Saturday to celebrate the best of New England in the fall! Scroll down for a Schedule of Events.


11x17wayfind-22 (1)

Pork Loin-Cheap and Underrated On The Que

Started out with a 2 lb pork loin on the pit, setting it up using the snake method.  I learned something on this cook as I only lit 10 briquettes instead of a whole chimney and lit the fuse on one end letting it work it’s way around the perimeter of the kettlewhile having the cast iron pan set up with some atomic buffalo turds and triple smoked bacon which I’d let go for an hour or so to get all that good bacon fat into the pan for the brussel sprouts that I’d put on when the internal temp of the pork was 10 degrees away from when I wanted to pull it off (130 degrees).  Brussel sprouts are cheap and so damn easy to cook and delish!  After pulling the buffalo turds off there was a nice coating of bacon fat to cook the brussel sprouts in.  The baked potato went he same time as the pork loin.

After I pulle th eloin and the baked potato I let he loin rest for a half hour to let the juices redistribute throughout the loin.  Then cut up pork slices to put on a potato bun with a sauce that is my new favorite- Trader Joe’s Carolina Gold.  Look for it!



Pasta with Peas & Hot Ham


Pasta with Peas & Hot Ham


Last night’s @sistafelicia Instagram Photo

This past holiday weekend was spent embracing opportunities to experience “Real Campus Life” while touring colleges with our twins. After three days of living off fast food, Starbucks Coffee, and a few campus dining hall delights, a “real meal” was much need when we arrived home late last night. The last half hour of our road trip back home felt like ten as we discussed what meal I could pull together the fastest with ingredients I knew I had on hand at home. After rattling off several options to please everyone’s starving bellies and picky pallets, “Pasta with Peas & Hot Ham” was unanimously requested, made and on the table before the boys finished emptying bags and luggage from the truck! 


 Pasta with Peas & Hot Ham is fast and easy to prepare and only requires a few key ingredients. This pasta dish is traditionally served for lunch or dinner as main course or side dish, but I think it makes a perfect late night meal for the fall and winter months.  Trust me you’ll have no trouble warming up or sleeping after eating a bowl of this heavenly creamy pasta dish late night! It’s one of our families most favorite “Italian Comfort Food” dishes! 

For Recipe Details Click Read More

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You thought you didn’t like brussel sprouts til you roasted them on the @STOKGrills Charcoal Drum Using Their wok insert


I never thought I liked brussel sprouts but we were doing mushroom swiss burgers with sauteed onions and I was looking for a side.  At Stop and Shop in East Gloucester they had brussel sprouts on sale for $2 a bag so I figured I could do something with them on the grill.

I never thought I’d have such a passion for BBQ Charcoal grilling but this grill with all the different inserts and the cast iron grates and the ash catching system at the bottom and the figuring out how to arrange your coals, it’s just straight up addicting. The process just takes you away and while I can’t imagine why some people like to golf, I imagine it’s the same type of thing- that you immerse yourself in the process and the stresses of every day life go away because you need to be focused.   It’s been a joy and the thing that takes the STOK grill system to the next level is all the cool inserts that you can use to try different types of cooking with wood chunks, chips and/or charcoal.

Anyway, preparing and roasting the brussel sprouts couldn’t be easier. 

You wash them under cold water and dry them, cut them in half length-wise drizzle them with Atlantic Saltworks coarse salt, crushed black pepper and some garlic powder and place them cut side down on the wok insert or if you don’t have the wok insert , a good seasoned cast iron pan will do.  Get the grill up to 400 degrees and move them around a little as you cook.   About 15 minutes and they’ll bring out that sweet caramelizing  from the heat.   If you didn’t think you liked brussel sprouts, you really ought to give them a try this way.


Twice Grilled Potatoes

Cover russet potatoes with olive oil and sprinkle top with Atlantic Saltworks Salt Flake.  Put on grill for about an hour, vents wide open.


Hollow out the potatoes once soft put soft potatoes guts aside.


Mix up equal parts shredded cheddar and cream cheese and butter and add just a touch of your favorite BBQ rub for color and a little kick.  Then add your potato guts and some chopped up cooked bacon and restuff the hollowed out potatoes.


Toss em on the grill before your steaks to get that cheesy goodness to melt all throughout the potato.


Once you got meltage, you’re good, time to eat!


Butternut Squash Risotto 


Butternut Squash Risotto    

butternut 6

Every fall daughter Amanda requests this dish I created for her several years ago for lunch or dinner at least once a week! It can be served as a meal or side dish. In Italian homes Risotto is considered a traditional Italian comfort food. The combinations of cheeses in this recipe paired with the fall flavor of roasted butternut squash and creamy risotto is just as addicting as the traditional American comfort food Mac & Cheese.

Click read more for recipe details

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