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16708388_1028244820612685_1365850163122677238_nWinter getting you down? Spring is around the corner! Come on down to our FREE annual seed swap! Bring some seeds to share and swap. Don’t have any seeds to bring? No worries! Come any way and grab a few freebies!

Thu, February 16, 2017
7:00 PM – 8:00 PM EST
Backyard Growers Office
269 Main Street

This event is part of FRESH, a six-week exhibition with accompanying workshops and presentations hosted by the Rocky Neck Art Colony and Backyard Growers.


img_4266Turtle Alley does not disappoint in their dazzling and delightful array of Valentine sweetheart boxes of deliciousness!


Decadent and Delicious Valentine’s Day!




Where else can you go for both a Love Shack and Bait Shack but Nichols Candy House, naturally 

nichols-candy-house-c-kim-smithFor that special Valentine fisherman

love-shack-candy-house-c-kim-smithLove Shackjoe-hart-nichols-candy-c-kim-smith

How about this little Patriots Fan. His name is Joe Hart and he is an adorable ball of energy!joe-hart-nichols-candy-2-c-kim-smith

Winter Cabin Fever Market


Here is a list of vendors who will be participating at this show:

Melissa Cox Soaps
Sand to City Style
Premier Imprints
Erin Pequeno Stone Designer
Diane Saunders, Represent Lularoe
Criadh Morrison – Roberts, Edible Art Cookie Creations
Paula and Emma Sanders, hand painted greeting cards
Lisa Ann Schraff, India Hicks styling and jewelry
Amy Hunt, Watercolors
Cape Ann Animal Aid
Donna Ardizzoni – Photography
Lizzi Harrington, Rodan and Field’s Skincare
Stephanie Vanderbilt, coastal and window and exteriors
City Adams, Memory Quilt
Scott from the new Restaurant Press
Pauline Bresnahan, Pauline’s Gifts
Kylee Foote, Herbalist

This event will be covered in a live feed broadcast by Kory Curcuru for The Magnolia Library’s Bridge Page


Chef Eric’s Spanish inspired menu was beyond delicious and Nick Defasio from M.S. Walker selected some pretty amazing wines to go with. I highly recommend trying both of these outstanding wines and am planning to look for them at our local shops–a lovely white, the Burga’ns, Albarino, that Eric paired with a haddock entree; and a rich chocolatey red, the Casa Castilo, Monastrell, accompanying beautiful smoked paprika pork with grilled vegetables.

Passports wine dinners are typically in the $40.00 to 45.00 dollar range and I simply don’t know how they can afford to do that, truly an exceptional value The four course dinners are wonderfully inventive, the portions generous, and the wines, top of the line. Every third Thursday of the month – GO!


Mayor Sefatia write’s, “BIG shout out to Anthony Caturano and Tonno staff for the December ‘Sauce Cookoff: Gravy vs. Sugo’ charity event. We proudly raised $10,000.00 for local cancer patients and supporting services. Today, we delivered a check for $7,500.00 to Addison Gilbert Hospital Oncology, which will directly support their patients. The other $2,500.00 was previously given to different families in time for the Holidays.❤️


Press Restaurant on Lexington Avenue

Magnolia is getting a new restaurant at 2 Lexington Avenue. The owner is Scott Spencer, with his major helpers, Maddi and Emily, gave me the opportunity to have a peek at this great addition to Lexington Avenue.

This place looks great and look forward to having breakfast or lunch there.

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Festive appetizer: Pastaio via Corta pasta is off the charts and have you tried their superb fresh mozzarella?


Spot the fresh mozzarella, fresh basil, tomato skewer app tray from this Holiday Delights photograph? The mozzarella makes this festive appetizer delicious and great for little hands. (Don’t judge the prep–mine not Pastaio via Corta.)

Pastaio Corta is closing at 1pm today and will be closed December 24th-26th, December 31st-January 1st, and January 7th-24th. Follow them on Instagram for daily pasta updates @pastaioviacorta  in February.


First Look Video Interview With Paprika Grill Owner Emrah Arslan


Paprika Grill Is Located at 185 Washington Street Gloucester MA



Everything is incredibly fresh! Prices are great. And food tastes delicious. Kate scarfed her lunch down in a matter of minutes.  I’ve literally never seen her eat anything so fast!


back-yard-growers-copyright-kim-smithThere you will find an array of thoughtful, fun, and useful gifts; not only that, but your purchases help support this outstanding organization that gives back everyday to our community, in ways great and small.back-yard-growers-6-copyright-kim-smith

Garden gadgets and gloves, gardening how to books, Backyard Growers tees, children’s gardening tools, one of a kind finds, and much, much more. Here are some favorites of the favorites.


Give a gift of a garden to a member of our community. A donation of $25.00 purchases a card printed on paper that is embedded with seeds. The donation provides a season’s worth of seeds and seedlings to a family, and you can plant the card in the spring–your choice, a carrot- or lettuce-infused seed card. Wonderfully clever! (and Laura made the envelopes from seed catalogues, too).

Victoria Martins is helping at Backyard Growers. She is an Americord service member and her position is community engagement coordinator. I couldn’t decide which photo 🙂



This past week I stopped by to say hello to Maria and her family at Caffe Sicila. Nina, Maria’s Mom, invited me to come and see she and her sister Grace making pignulata. Caffe Sicilia has dozens and dozens of orders for this wonderful traditional fried pastry desert and they had already begun the first stages several days ago. Nina explains it is most typically served in Sicilian homes around Christmas time, but also other holidays too. Making this treat is a multi-step process, and labor intensive in the volume undertaken by Caffe Sicilia. The sisters offered lots of tips for making the most delicious pignulata (also spelled pignolata) and I hope I am remembering all that they shared!

caffe-sicilia-pignulata-nina-copyright-kim-smithThe dough is rolled out, cut into marble-sized bits, and placed in cold oil.

It takes about fifteen to twenty minutes for the little marbles to puff up into marshmallow-size and brown evenly.

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The bits of dough are throughly drained and set aside for several days as they release more oil. When ready to mold the pignulata, a glaze made of boiled honey and sugar is poured over the fried dough.

Beautiful❣️(and wonderfully delicious)

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Nina and Grace grew up in Terrasini, Sicily, emigrating from Italy when they were young teens. The sisters talked about how back in their childhood days, most people did not have a kitchen oven. To bake their weekly bread and to bake treats during the holidays, families would take their loaves and cookies and cakes to the local town baker and “rent” their oven for a nominal fee. Cookies and cakes were placed on long, long wooden trays and carefully placed in the baker’s oven. Now everyone has their own oven, but most don’t bake nearly as much as they did in the old days.

Visit Caffe Sicilia and see their beautiful display of cuccidati (and every other kind of traditional Sicilian Christmas cookie), wonderfully sweet and spicy gingerbread cakes, cassata cakes, mini pignulata’s, Maria’s handmade marzipan fruits, and much, much more deliciousness!

Caffe Sicilia is located at 40 Main Street. For more information call 978-283-7345.

Pure Pastry is Pure Perfection

Last week a co-worker arrived in the office with an amazing assortment of gorgeous treats from Pure Pastry in Beverly to share with the faculty and staff.

While delicious almost doesn’t do them justice, let’s back up a bit for a second to the presentation. I’m all about packaging….all about nice little touches…all about made with care. Kim Gregory goes over the top, in a very sustainable, green, and organic way, to make receiving her pastries feel like opening a gift.  And, a gift they are!  While almost impossible to choose….the two selections that I made were to die for. Truly, perfectly, delicious.

I look forward to finding a reason to order…or maybe even ordering for no real reason at all.

Here’s a bit about what Pure Pastry Stands for…


We are a unique wholesale and retail kitchen that is naturally organic, locally sourced and home grown. From our warm kitchen, we offer exquisite pastry that can cater to many special dietary needs. We are a small business purely dedicated to the integrity of our clients, to the pastry we make, and the foot print we leave on this earth. Through our beautiful handcrafted confections, let us help you enjoy the simple act of eating sweets together.

Pure Pastry celebrates our pure love for the bounty in the current seasonal treasures.Our Current Confections Menu brings together the mouthwatering flavors of season fruits and vegetables into a wonderful marriage in our naturally organic pastries.

There is much to be learned about Pure Pastry.  Please visit their website to read their story and learn about their ingredients, their current confections, their team, their “Forever Menu”, their “Tiny Sweet Market” that is open on Fridays and Saturdays, and much, much more.

LEARN MORE AT THEIR WEBSITE HERE:  Kim Gregory and Pure Pastry



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