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Looking for a super easy gluten-free dessert for a relative this afternoon, a quick stop at Turtle Alley was made. I was knocked out by Hallie Baker’s fabulous heart boxes, each filled with a different assortment of chocolates, and each clearly labeled–all ready to go for your Valentine sweetheart! FYI, Hallie informs that her chocolate truffles are definitely gluten-free.
Turlte Alley www.kimsmithdesigns

Leroy Gaynor at Turtle Alley

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Valentine's chocolate making at Turtle Alley

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Turtle Alley Leroy Gaynor chocolatier

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The Red Swirl at Turtle Alley

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Turtle Alley's Deepest Dark Heart

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Lovely and delicious fruit galettes perfect for Sunday brunch! Available at @cakeann_

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The full menu is up and running! If you can’t get there early in the morning and are worried about missing out on a favorite pastry, call the day before and ask to reserve it. For Sunday brunch we served fruit galettes and kougin-amann and they were a HUGE HIT with the Fam! Along with Inga’s welcoming smile, I love the open, clean design of Cake Ann’s interior space and find both very inviting.

One more of sweet couple Inga and Matt @cakeann_

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Cake Ann is located at 214 Eastern Avenue in Gloucester. They are open from 8am to 4pm Wednesday through Saturday and Sunday from 8am to noon.



As I was parking on Main Street to meet a friend for lunch Saturday, who was leaving after just dropping off a batch of lobsters to Passports, but Joey. Lobster doesn’t get any fresher–from boat to table–and within only mere minutes! Sublimely sweet and delicious, both my friend and I had the lobster salad. To say she was impressed is putting it mildly.

FullSizeRender (24)


Thanks so much to our hosts, Passports owner and Chef Eric Lorden and wine expert Matt Rose, for a lovely evening of exquisite food paired perfectly with a selection of fine southern Italian wines.

FullSizeRender (23)

Superb, and my new favorite entree, is Eric’s rosemary scented duck leg, with walnut gremolata* and red quinoa, which was paired with an delicious rich and spicy red, Pipoli Aglianico, Del Vuture. What a treat! The shrimp scampi was equally as tasty, and for your information, Eric only purchases fresh native Gulf shrimp, no questionable farm-raised Asian shrimp is served at Passports.

Matt did an absolutely excellent job explaining the different regions from where the wines hailed as well as sharing interesting stories about the Sicilian farmers and families that grow the wines. As usual, the service at Passports was outstanding. Don’t miss the next Passports wine dinner; I recommend making an early reservation. The restaurant was filled with equally as happy and satisfied patrons as were my husband and I. 

FullSizeRender (22)

Hosts Matt Rose and Eric Lorden

* I had to look up exactly what is gremolata (or gremolada) and it is a chopped herb condiment classically made with garlic, parsley, and lemon zest.


After reading Joey’s post about Cake Ann, I just had to make a beeline when done filming today. The newest bakery in town had been inundated with customers all morning, and having sold out several times earlier in the day, were on their twentieth or so batch, of everything! I brought some blueberry muffins and Kouign-amanns (pronounced queen-a-mahn) home and they were quickly devoured by husband, son, and myself. Oh Lucky Us Cape Anners!

Cake Ann is located at 214 Eastern Avenue, in the small shopping plaza next to Common Crow.

Eben Cake Ann ©www.kimsmithdesigns.comEben

A Sweet Addition to Cape Ann: New Bakery Cake Ann Opens


A Sweet Addition to Cape Ann: New Bakery Cake Ann Opens
Saturday at The Commons
Gloucester, MA, January 21, 2015 Cake
Ann  , a new scratch bakery
featuring fine cakes and pastries using the best ingredients, will open its doors at 214 Eastern
Avenue this Saturday, January 23rd at 8am. The newest retail resident of The Commons
Gloucester, Cake Ann will feature a daily batch of fresh cupcakes, cookies, scones, and its
signature “Kouign Aman” pastries.
The brick and mortar location is the next step for pastry chef Inga McCarthy, who began Cake
Ann in the tiny kitchen of her home in Rockport. Since starting the business as a vendor at the
Rockport Farmer’s Market last year, Cake Ann quickly made a name for itself with a variety of
unique cupcakes and a small French pastry called the Kouign Amann, a buttery and sweet flaky
cake that soon stole the show. “We started with twenty on the first day and were sold out in the
first thirty minutes the market was open,” says McCarthy. “I doubled the batch each week, and
we’d still sell out within the first hour. People were coming to stock up for the whole weekend.”
At McCarthy’s new Cake Ann bakery, the daily menu will include her signature creations, as well
as a selection of cookies, muffins, scones and quiche made fresh daily using the highest quality
ingredients including organic flours, butter and cream, Valrhona and Callebaut chocolate and
eggs from Seaview Farms in Rockport. The shop will also feature fresh brewed coffee from
Atomic Coffee Roasters of Beverly.
McCarthy says it was their weekly appearance at the farmer’s market that introduced her to the
bounty of local farms on the North Shore. “That was the unexpected surprise,” she says. “Being
there every week helped us build relationship with so many local farmers.” Cake Ann’s baked
treats are a reflection these locally grown partnerships, featuring whole wheat flour from Alprilla
Farms in Ipswich, carrots from Seaview Farm in Rockport and seasonal fruits and vegetables
from Arrowhead Farm in Newburyport.
With the expanded offerings at the new storefront, McCarthy won’t abandon her roots. Cake is
still at the forefront of Cake Ann’s menu, and the new shop will offer custom cakes for events,
celebrations and weddings. Orders for standard size cakes require 48hour
notice and can be
reserved by visiting the store or calling 9788654100.
“We’re excited to meet a whole new group of customers in our community,” says McCarthy.
“And we’re thrilled to be building our business here on Cape Ann.” Cake Ann will be open
Saturday from 8am to 4pm, Sunday from 8am to 12 noon, and Wednesday through next
Saturday from 8am to 4pm, with expanded hours in the coming weeks. The shop’s official
Grand Opening celebration will be held on Saturday, February 6th.
Inga McCarthy 9788654100

525 Restaurant and Tavern

Who’s being featured on the Phantom Gourmet this Saturday January 23rd at 11am on TV38? The 525 Tavern located at 12 Lexington Avenue, Magnolia Gloucester, MA.

To mark the occasion, we are giving away a $100 Gift Card.
To win, simply LIKE our page and SHARE this post on Magnolia 525 Tavern Facebook.

October 21, 2015 Shrimp & Mussels Fra Diavolo

April 29, 2015 015 525 keeps improving


mike linquataThis is a story of an unusual creature that made good. This creature was known as “squid”. Today it is called calamari. When it was known as squid there were no sales of this product. It was not on any restaurant’s menu. It just had no appeal to the public or to restaurant cooks or owners.

Prior to 1950, the Gloucester fishing fleet would have some mixed in with their catch of other fish such as whiting or ocean perch. The fishermen did not get paid for this product. It was considered waste.

However, some of the workers, including this author, would on occasion take some home to be cooked. In my case, I had to do the cooking because the squid would have some water in them and this would splatter. I overcame the problem, but I kept the job.

Sometimes if I had cooked more than the family could consume I would bring the extra to the fish workers. Many had never eaten this before. Now there wasn’t as much waste. The workers started to bring some home to be cooked.

About a year later I assumed the position of manager of the Gloucester House Restaurant. Now I had to teach the cooks how to prepare the squid for cooking, then the proper timing to cook, then I had to overcome the dining room staff’s reluctance to suggest this item to the customers.

We overcame these problems by first changing the name from “squid” to “calamari”. Then to introduce the product, for about a year, we put a small sample on each table for customers to try at no cost. Then the next year we put it on the printed menu.

Today there are probably a thousand restaurants in the United States that have calamari (not squid) on their menus. We think that ours is still the best.

This started in Gloucester, by the Gloucester House Restaurant and the Linquata family, the owners of the Gloucester House Restaurant.



Don’t miss out on Short and Main’s splendid daily oyster special. During the first hour of business, from 5 to 6pm, and the last hour open, a selected oyster freshly shucked is available at the delicious price of $1.00.

Hustling and bustling @shorthandmain! $1.00 Wellfleet oysters can't wait!

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Looking for a Valentine’s gift idea for your special cook? Alexandra’s Bread has the gamut, from crisp, tailored nautically inspired aprons to vintage girly girly ruffles and polka dots, and everything in-between. I especially love their current collection, including several made from cotton fabric prints seemingly inspired by Cape Ann author/illustrator/Folly Cove designer Virginia Lee Burton’s children’s book The Little House. 

Valentine's gift idea for your special cook- best #apron s at Alexandra's Bread!

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Alexandra's Bread Aprons -2 ©Kim Smith 2016.jpg

Alexandra's Bread Aprons -3 ©Kim Smith 2016.jpg

Detail of vintage inspired apron

Alexandra's Bread Childrens' Aprons ©Kim Smith 2016

Laminated cotton for your littlest cook/artist

See more here Read more

Ribeye’s At Stop and Shop East Gloucester $5.99 Lb. A No-Brainer Purchase


I like to point out great deals.  This is a great deal.  $5.99 a lb for choice ribeyes when you buy three steaks or more.  These are usually $9-$11 a lb.

Got a bunch for the crew for Sunday dinner. There was boneless and semi-boneless all with nice marbling.   No one complained Smile

Brother Joey @captjoe06 Grilling up A few Steaks on Sista Felicia's DCS Grill for Sunday Night Dinner @fisherpaykel

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Look Who I Found!

Undoubtedly one of the very best bartenders ever!

I spy with my little eye, the one and only, Jack Muniz!

Jack is now tending bar at the pretty fantastic Turner’s Seafood at Lyceum Hall in Salem.

I had a yummy lunch up there the other day…made that much better by being able to chat with Jack.

Great food, great location, great ambience, a great raw bar, and Jack. Win, win, win, win, win.

Check out their menu and more HERE!  Turner’s Seafood.



IMG_5273Christmas treats at Morning Glories, made by owner Nancy Clooney

Liv and I stopped at Morning Glories for breakfast on our way back from the doctor’s office this morning. Our meal was fantastic and perfectly hit the spot, but what really caught our attention was a platter of treats piled high on the countertop. It was a gorgeous array of wonderfully delicious homemade cookies alongside a tureen of freshly made eggnog, both gifts of appreciation to their customers. We sampled (a few) and they were all out of this world scrumptious, each better than the last. Make it a point to stop at Morning Glories for breakfast or lunch during this holiday season, I promise, you won’t be disappointed!

Morning Glories serves breakfast and lunch daily from 7am to 2pm and breakfast is served all day.


Tina Moccia made the eggnog and it was rich and delicious and wonderfully festive!

IMG_5285Elyse welcoming guests with cookies



@captjoe06 #GloucesterMA Barbecue King!

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 I love to check in on Joey’s Northeast BBQ blog although beware, it will make you super hungry!

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