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State House a Work of Art ~ Inside and Out

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Most of our group went into the State House thru the General Hooker entrance. Escorted by Catherine Ryan, I entered via the accessible Bowdoin Street door, because it has a ramp instead of stairs. Once inside and past security, there are elevators aplenty. The first thing I wanted to see was one of the two large cod sculptures. By chance, we immediately ran into our State Senator, Bruce Tarr, who took the time to give us a short tour. Art in all media was everywhere, including the 1798 “new” State House itself.

Is Taylor Swift gonna sue me for this post?

I have to admit I kinda like Taylor Swift.  She’s cute and she can write a hit song.  But yesterday, what little admiration I had for her vanished when I heard this piece on the radio informing us that Taylor Swift now owns the phrase “Speak Now.”  That’s right, according to NPR, Taylor Swift “… was granted a trademark for the phrase ‘speak now.'”  But that’s not all.  She’s applied for dozens of trademarks, including one for the phrase “Love, Love, Love” (see a list of her trademark applications here)  Wow!  Something is awry here.

Let’s start with the fact that “Love, Love, Love” is beginning of a Beatles song by Lennon-McCartney that is far better than anything Taylor Swift has ever written or is likely to write during her lifetime.

Don’t get me wrong, artists deserve copyright protection for their works and I heartily approve of giving songwriters copyrights to their songs.  But Taylor Swift has a trademark on the phrase “Speak Now” giving her exclusive rights to use it on “Textiles and textile goods, not included in other classes; bed and table covers.” See the detail here.  So if you print out this post and stick it on your pillow, you might actually be breaking the law.

Perhaps if there are any copyright lawyers reading this, you could answer me this: Without infringing on Little Ms. Swift, could I sell a tablecloth for wedding receptions that said, “Speak Now of Forever Hold Your Piece”?

How does this happen?  And what’s next?  Is Paul McCartney going to challenge her application for “Love, Love Love”?  Is he going to apply for a trademark for the phrase “She Loves You” or better yet, “Yeah, Yeah, Yeah”?

Here are some videos to watch as you ponder these lofty questions:

Here’s George Harrison’s hit “My Sweet Lord”, the subject of one of the most famous and contentious copyright infringement suits ever (Harrison lost — see here)

Here’s Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me” another song, which was the subject of copyright infringement, but he and Tom Petty (writer of “I Won’t Back Down”, the chorus of which really is very similar) worked things out amicably (see details here.)

A Girl Can Dream

I took the boys to the New England Boat Show the other day.  We arrived at 12:45 to be there for the 1:00 opening and left at 6:45.  6 hours. Honestly, we could have stayed much longer (and gosh knows the boys wanted to), but we we were stopping for dinner on the way home and I was getting antsy to hit the road.

I have about 200 photos of a large variety of boats to weed through, that I’ll post later in the week, but for now….think Hinckley.  Sigh.

There are a million boats that I’d be happy with and there were several boat manufacturers that caught my eye the other day.  There are some boats that I like for one reason…like fishing….and then there are boats that I like for different reasons…like “cruising.”  There are even some boats that I would absolutely sell my home for the very second the boys go off to college and live upon happily for the rest of my life….like the Ranger Tug.

That having been said, there is one boat that I see in my dreams a bit more clearly than all others…and that is the one and only Hinckley.  Ummm…sigh, again.

HINCKLEY YACHTS   Worth taking a look.

If you were unfamiliar with Hinckley prior to last week, you may have quickly learned about them after having seen the images below go viral. The brand new 43-foot Talaria was making its way to the New England Boat Show when it lost its battle with snow banks at the intersection of Summer and Lincoln Street in Boston. The irony of the picnic-style boat, whose sleek design screams CAREFREE SUMMER DAYS, stuck in Boston’s dirty snowbanks in the midst of what could be a record breaking winter squeezed my heart just a bit.

So, I was delighted to see the Maggie Mae, gorgeous and unscathed, in all of her tremendous glory, in the Hinckley/Hunt Pavilion.

I was also delighted to learn a bit about the company, as well as, the boat owner who was eagerly anticipating the delivery of his purchase.  I was even more delighted to hear that he was understanding and realistic as to his boat’s little city adventure.  Kudos to you, sir.

The learning about the company part was somewhat accidental….and I have 5-year old, Finn, to thank for the lesson.

Upon stepping foot on the Maggie Mae, Finn immediately announced (and loudly I might add), “I don’t like this boat.”  After a quick exchanging of, “I’m sorry…are you my son?” eye contact, he quickly explained.   “These people are Philadelphia Flyers fans.”


“Well, look, they have the Flyers logo all over the boat.”

Kudos to you also, Finn.

So, of course, we had to ask about their choice of logos.

And….here is the deal.

As an elementary school teacher I have spent a good amount of time teaching my students about Greek and Roman Gods and Goddesses…and while I would recognize the sandals worn by Greek God, Hermes, and Roman God, Mercury….I’m not sure that I ever knew that those sandals were called Talaria. The Talaria, as it would be, is a very fitting choice to serve as the logo of Hinckley Yachts if you ask me. Swift, regal, noble, refined….special.



While enjoying my one and only visit on the Maggie Mae (sigh), I also learned that her new owner, Robert A. Vincent, sounds like a really nice guy!  Mr. Vincent, in fact, was due to arrive at the New England Boat Show later in the evening for a Christening Party for his gorgeous boat….with a catered party and all.  Had my iPhone not died, I would have stalked a bit for some photos of the ceremony. Had I trusted that Thatcher and Finn would not choose that exact moment to demonstrate how tired they were becoming…I would have at least snuck back to observe from afar.

I would like to add that, while Thatcher, Finn and I were certainly not in the market for purchasing a Hinckley, the boat company’s representatives were cordial, helpful, kind, and patient with the boys…and with me.  The only thing that could have made our visit nicer would have been a large, flat body of water, some sushi, and some champagne.  And maybe the keys and a captain.  Just saying.


Let’s show our friends from warm climates how we New Englanders Party in Winter

Booker T’s new 2 CD/DVD set

Tomorrow (Sat 2/21) we welcome Memphis Soul legend and Stax recording artist, Booker T. Jones and his hot young band to the Larcom Theatre for his only New England stop on this U.S. tour.  Even though they’ve toured the world, I’ll bet they haven’t seen this much snow on the ground very often — and probably never in the Boston area.

We’re also offering a very limited number of VIP packages that include an intimate meet & greet with Booker T. before the show (just a few people) along with some wicked good gifts, including:

Get the VIP package (more details here) and be sure to tell Booker T. how much you appreciate his trek up here during our worst winter in a very long time and prove to him that nothing can keep us from enjoying great music!  Opening the show are local favorites Sarah Seminski and Eric Reardon.

Check out this video of Booker T. with Gary Clark, Jr (one of the guests on his new CD):

And here’s Sarah Seminski & Eric Reardon performing “Try A Little Tenderness” at the Larcom back in November (a song Booker T. recorded with Otis Redding when they were at Stax Records together).  Get tickets here.

Last word from the most important voice in modern journalism

“The ability to do journalism, to reach audiences, has never been better. I like your odds. I do,” David Carr said, while giving the 2014 commencement address at the University of California, Berkeley, Graduate School of Journalism. Credit Kevin Hume

You may have heard that New York Times columnist and best-selling author, David Carr, died on Thursday (see story here).  His New York Times column The Media Equation was a must read for everyone involved in media (all FOB’s included) and I can honestly say it was one of the only reasons I looked forward Mondays.

Today, the NY Times published an excellent story about David Carr, full of enough wonderful and witty quotes that it has the feeling of being co-written by him.

The story focuses on his teaching at B.U. and even links to the syllabus, which the article says is “… perhaps David’s most succinct prescription for how to thrive in the digital age.”

I highly recommend this article (read it here) especially if you’re snow-bound and looking for something fascinating to entertain you.

Kids Eat Free…and the Beer is Good Too

I love when restaurants offer great deals like this….especially during a school vacation week!

Cape Ann Brewing Company wrote this on their Facebook page today:

Happy Presidents Day! Remember Monday through Thursday kids eat free 11 – 4 (1 Kid per adult!). Bring the little guys in and we can lavish them with stories of walking 5 miles to school, up hill, in cardboard shoes and no World Wide Web.

I, for one, plan on taking advantage of this awesome deal at least once this week!

If You Get Tired of the Snow, Go for a Swim!

The boys and I met my mom, dad, sister, and nephew for a super yummy breakfast at the Cape Ann Marina this morning and then spent a couple of hours swimming in the pool….and having a couple of mimosas.

While there, I bought my February School Vacation Pool Pass!  SUCH a great deal!  For $59 a family of four can use the pool all week long (ending 2/22). If you have more than four in the family there is an additional fee per head.

A totally easy way to spend some time, get some exercise, and tire out the whippersnappers!  A total bonus is that you can order lunch/dinner/drinks while there.

Cape Ann Marina Resort   Call and ask them about the deal….or stop on by!

IMG_1837 IMG_1838 IMG_1839 Image 1


Happy Valentine’s Day!

I’ll take “Things I Never Knew Until Yesterday” for $800, Alex.

“The little paper banner that protrudes from the foil wrapper of a Hershey’s Kiss”

Ummmm…..”What is a NigglyWiggly”


Insert cheer of the crowd.

Seriously, though, did you ever know that?

I did a bit of research and many sites confirm that is indeed the name, but sadly I found no information telling me so on Hershey’s own website.  So….. who knows?

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If you’re interested in the history of Hershey’s Kisses, read here…being Valentine’s Day and all.  

And…from an article on, I learned this:

  • 70 million Hershey’s Kisses are produced everyday at the factory;
  • The machines run 24 hours a day, seven days a week;
  • Enough Kisses are produced annually to form a line more than 300,000 miles long.

“Tenderness” – the perfect way to celebrate Valentine’s Day

OK, it’s gonna snow on Valentine’s day — maybe another foot or more.  You could amp up the #Snanger OR you could chill by the fire and take your sweetie pie to see Booker T. Jones next Saturday (2/21) down the road at Beverly’s Larcom Theatre.

What could be more romantic than a concert with the greatest Hammond B3 groove-master of all time (and a Grammy-winner and Rock n Roll Hall of Famer) in a gorgeous fully-restored, historic theatre, built in 1912 (same year as Fenway Park) with perfect sound?

Well, here’s what’s even more romantic than that … local rising stars Sarah Seminski & Eric Reardon are opening the show.  Here’s a video of them performing “Try A Little Tenderness” at the Larcom back in November.  Now, Otis Redding recorded with Stax Records at the same time as Booker T. & the M.G.’s, who backed Otis on his version of this song.  Romance will just envelope the whole place next Saturday.  Get tickets here.




I’m kind of in love with the new Shell Station on Eastern Avenue in Gloucester.

My mornings are just like the movie Ground Hog’s Day…..each and every day.

Hit the alarm, stumble through the house, open the laptop, turn on the coffee pot, let the dogs out into the back yard, fill their bowls, read overnight emails, grab the lunch boxes… and the lunches, icepacks, water bottles, and cloth napkins, fill the lunch boxes, let the dogs in, pack the backpacks, wake up the boys (if they’re not awake already), grab them some breakfast, and head off to get myself ready. Once I’m ready, there are only about 90 things left to do to successfully get out of the house by about 7:20.  Any kind of news or grown-up information is not one of them.

So, the new Shell Station allows me to multitask.  The new pumps with built in TVs actually allow me to fill my gas tank AND catch up on some current events. Shot. Score!   Even if it does cost a little extra.  The other day I found myself standing, pump in hand, for an extra few minutes, happily watching a news clip, before I snapped out of my daze and remembered that I was actually on my way to work….and chronically late at that.

IMG_3190 IMG_3192 IMG_3226

We’re not kidding — these two are headed for stardom

Sarah Seminski & Eric Reardon in the Grand Salon @ the Larcom Theatre

Sarah Seminski & Eric Reardon in the Grand Salon @ the Larcom Theatre

All of you who know us also know that we LOVE to find young, talented, rising stars and put them on stage with music legends.  But that process isn’t as easy as you might think.  We’re blessed to live in an area teeming with young talent.  The trick is to match them with the appropriate national recording star to produce a show that works musically and, at the same time, introduces the young musicians to fans who will appreciate their talent.

I truly believe we’ve done this with our next show on Saturday, February 21, down the road at Downtown Beverly’s Larcom Theatre, where Sarah Seminski & Eric Reardon open for Stax Recording artist and Memphis Soul Legend Booker T. Jones (of Booker T. and the M.G.’s).  The thing is: Booker T. is still winning Grammys with his hot new band full of extremely talented young players, which makes this concert even more exciting.

Good seats are still available (get them here).  So get ready for a hot night of rockin’ blues & soul with the greatest Hammond B3 groove-master of all time and a stage full of bright, young talent destined for stardom!

Here are Sarah & Eric performing one of my favorite of their new originals:

And here’s Booker T. at the White House leading a star-studded version of “In the Midnight Hour”:

When FRIENDS Have Babies

What do so many of us have in common?  Surely not all of us….but, many of us?

I’m guessing that, like me, many of you spent 30 minutes each week for 10 solid years hanging out with friends.   And, by “friends”, I really mean FRIENDS….as in the television show.

From September 22, 1994 to May 6, 2004 I tuned in for 30 minutes of serious bonding with Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Ross, Chandler, and Joey.  Good times.

Say what you will, but I’m not going to lie, I think we should all consider ourselves lucky if we are able to say that we have friendships in our lives as strong as theirs.   And, yes, I do realize that they were merely television actors…

But, fresh out of college when we first “met” I loved getting to know them.  I loved watching their ups and downs…while laughing, crying, wishing, hoping, wanting, wondering…you name it.  We should all have a “Chandler” or a “Rachel” or a “Ross” or a “Phoebe” that we treasure in our lives.

So, if…like me…you were tuning in during that decade, you may remember when Ross and Rachel had a baby.  An adorable little baby girl named Emma.  But…did you know that Emma was played by not one but two adorable little girls named Cali and Noelle.   AND….that Callie and Noelle have all sorts of Cape Ann roots.

They are the stunning, funny, generous, smart, talented, kind, and polite 13 year old daughters of Geoff Sheldon and Gretchen Carpenter.  While they now live out in California, Geoff hails from Rockport.  And nothing beats 4th of July week when they all usually make their pilgrimage home!

My own warm fuzzies about Geoff began the night I was introduced to him and my future husband on Christmas Eve back in 1998.  Ironically, smack in the middle of the FRIENDS years.  Little did I know when I met Geoff that night that I’d marry the guy he was out celebrating Christmas with….and that he and his beautiful wife would later boast to sharing custody of their daughters with Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer. Well, you know, kind of.  And then there’s “Aunt Heather”.  When Heather isn’t out being amazing on horseback….she can be found in all of her gorgeous glory making Halibut Point Restaurant and even better place to be!

So, how fun to read this article yesterday!

This is What Baby Emma Looks Like Now

Photo Courtesy of Reddit

Photo Courtesy of Reddit

Also pretty cool is…

The twins made #11 of this Hollywood List:

Top 20 TV Baby Births of All Time



The Road to the Show

You all know where this year’s Vince Lombardi Trophy is going to reside.  But, do you know where it came from…or how it was made?


If you’re not so sure and have ever wondered….here you go.

Some simple facts first:

  • The trophy stands at 22 inches tall and weighs about 7 pounds.
  • It takes about 4 months to craft the beautiful trophy at Tiffany and Co.
  • Tiffany and Co. has been making the Vince Lombardi Trophy since the first Super Bowl.
  • The football on the trophy is regulation size (a fully inflated one at that).

The Making of the Vince Lombardi Trophy

Tiffany and Co. Sports Trophies

The best way to support local musicians is to go to their big shows — like TONIGHT

When your favorite local band gets to open for a multi-platinum, national recording star, the best way to honor that opportunity is to go to the show.  And you can do that by bopping on down to road to  Beverly’s Larcom Theatre TONIGHT at 8pm.  Good seats are still left to see  Gary Backstrom Band open for John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band.  Get those seats RIGHT HERE.  Some of the best available seats are in the balcony GET THEM HERE.

And there’s a wonderful personal connection going on at this show.  Gary’s drummer Mike Doyle studied at Berklee with Jackie Santos, who plays drums for Beaver Brown Band. This will be the first time student and teacher have performed on the same stage in a while.  ANT THEY’LL BE HOT!

In fact, John Cafferty and “Tunes” sound better and have more energy now than they did in this 1984 video.

Wake up by 9AM on Sunday to get the scoop on Matt Damon’s “Manchester By The Sea” movie filming

Aurelia Nelson

This just in from our friend Aurelia Nelson, host of “Curtain Up” Sundays at 9am on North Shore 104.9.

“This Sunday’s guest is Chris Palermo of Mass Movie Mavens. We will be talking about upcoming film projects happening on the North Shore, including the latest on “Manchester by the Sea” being produced by Matt Damon and now starring Casey Affleck.”

Worth getting up for — even if you stayed up late with John Cafferty & the Beaver Brown Band at the Larcom tomorrow night.  Don’t forget our local favorites, The Gary Backstrom Band is opening.  What better way to support them than to bop down the road to Beverly and revel in their opportunity to open for a multi-platinum recording star!



It’s On!

Bring it, co-workers.  It’s on!

I’m kidding.  Kind of.

Several of my co-workers and I have been challenging, taunting, supporting, pushing, and heckling each other…all in good fun…and for a good cause. Sadly, I don’t mean a good cause such as a charity, but I mean a good cause like our own mind, body, and soul well-being.

Armed with our Fitbits (literally) we’ve been conducting Work Week and Weekend Challenges to see who can clock more steps….hence, burning more calories each day/week.

The Fitbits are tons of fun…even if they count steps that aren’t necessarily exercise oriented.  Honestly thought, for this group of overextended teachers, that’s part of the charm.  While the main goal is to accumulate “active steps” through actual exercise, we all take full advantage of simple things too.  We make trips to the copier at the end of the hall on our own… rather than sending a student. We go to the art room for supplies ourselves…rather than asking a child. We walk to the front office to ask a question…rather than simply calling them on the phone.

More than those little tasks, the friendly challenges have definitely kept me on my game with actual exercise during the past couple of cold weeks too.  I’m fairly competitive, but I don’t force myself to go out for a run after work because I want to win per say, I go because I’m in the challenge and to not step up and play means ignoring the efforts that others are making to participate.  So, I’ve been making time to run for myself, but also to be a productive part of the challenge.

Those of us participating in the challenges are between the ages of 35-45, most are mothers, all are teachers, some actively participate in sports, some don’t, some are morning people, some are night owls, some shorter, some taller, some with big goals for health, some with smaller, all are hoping to simply feel healthier.

It has been funny to watch each other’s progress.  Some get to exercise in the morning and start the daily challenge running (literally again), others are able to fit in some type of work out during the day and might suddenly take the lead, one may be late in the polls and then will soar to the top after playing a late night soccer game in an adult league! I’m lucky to fit in a run in the early evening if a) both boys have hockey and go with my husband or b) neither boy has hockey and my husband is home to watch them. So, we’re all over the place…and that is one of the things that makes it fun.

This evening I was laughing because a co-worker (who happens to be the mom of two young girls) and I were “neck and neck” for a solid couple of hours. During those hours, I was busily folding laundry, changing linens on bunk beds, packing lunches, emptying out hockey bags, etc.  It was safe to assume she was at home gaining steps by doing very similar activities.

The Fitbits do more than track steps and exercise.  They also, if you choose, will track sleep patterns, water intake, calories consumed, calories burned, and exercise routes if out for a run/walk.

So, if you find yourself looking for a simple way to get motivated this winter, get yourself a Fitbit, challenge some friends, find a routine that works for you….and get going in your own little (or big) way!

Check out Fitbits here!

images images-1


If there’s one thing that pisses me off about the 4 or 5 weather apps I own on my iPhone, it’s that none of them ever make me laugh. “Really” you ask? “NO” dipstick, and nobody on this planet has ever thought that either. Well…until now that is.
Don’t get me wrong, I love me some weather and l love me some comedy. But for the life of me, I can’t figure out why a website dedicated to funny viral-videos would want to cash in on the weather app game. Isn’t weather hilarious enough on it’s own? Nothing says funny like a good ole’ life smashing storm. When a hurricane or tornado hits, I bet the app gets pretty gut busting’ funny on the quick.
I haven’t downloaded it yet, so I don’t know how amazingly hilarious this app is going to be. But I sure hope it pushes out some funny weather quirkiness like this:



It’s friggin colder than a gawdamn witches ti*@y

during the Salem winter solstice parade.



Whatya you think d-bag? It’s still friggin cold!


Who cares, the Pat’s are in the Supa Bowl ya dink! And since none of yuz or ya boyz can afford tickets to Arizoner, get ya broke ass ova to ya neighbors house, he’s the one with the stolen cable ya bum!


You get the idea. Perhaps we need our own “Glosta” weather app. One that speaks to us on a local level!




It’s friggin blowin out daya, so ya nowt fishin. Go hit Pratty’s or the Nest for a pop.



Crappy, rainy, but in the 80’s…so get dressed, you have the greasy pole to walk today. And get drinkin, it’s almost noon!



Really? Look out da window a shmuck, there’s da weda right in ya face! It’s perfect out, call in sick and go to da sox game…and oh yeah..Yankees suck!



Who’s in? Any developers out there for iPhone apps?


Hey Peter Lovasco, what say you???!!!!!

Appears almost sold out, but there really are plenty of good seats left

Balcony Seat

View from Balcony Center Row H Seat 11 — still available here

If you’ve been following us for a while, you know we always warn you when a concert is about to sell out.  A quick glance at the seating chart for next Saturday’s John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band concert at Beverly’s Larcom Theatre, looks like it’s almost sold out.  But here’s the thing: there are lots of excellent seats left.  Most importantly, every seat at the Larcom has a great view and the sound is PERFECT!  For this show, the best available seats are in the Balcony and you can get them here.

This will be a special show, in part because local Rock Star, Gary Backstrom, is opening with his excellent band — and there’s a wonderful personal connection at play too: Gary’s drummer, Mike Doyle, studied at Berklee with Jackie Santos of the Beaver Brown Band.  You don’t want to wait until it really is sold out and miss this drummer’s reunion do you?

You can see Mike showing off at 3:23 in the video below, of Gary Backstrom Band at Harbor Loop.

And just in case you’ve forgotten the cult hit Eddie and the Cruisers (for which John Cafferty wrote and sang his hit “On The Dark Side”, here it is (with the movie’s co-star and Beaver Brown member, Michael “Tunes” Antunes on sax).


Holiday Delights on Cape Ann TV This Weekend

This just in from Lisa Smith:

Keep Warm, stay inside this MLK weekend and watch “Holiday Delights” on Cape Ann TV Channel 12. This latest version of the Gloucester Stage perennial favorite Christmas play was filmed with three cameras last month. It features over 30 young actors from the Gloucester Stage Youth Acting Workshop and tells the story of a Gloucester girl who finds the true  meaning of Christmas on Christmas Eve. The program airs Saturday, January 17 at 9 am and 5 pm; Sunday, January 18 at 8 am; and Monday,  January 19 at 9 am and 6 pm.  See complete Cape Ann TV Schedule here.

So This Happened

In the category of Never a Dull Moment

I’ve been teaching for 22 years.  I’ve seen a lot.  I have had all sorts of excellent…and funny…and puzzling things happen….but, never…ever, this.  Until this week.

We have two crested geckos.  I’ve always believed in having a lot of pets.  It is a time suck when you’re the one ultimately responsible for caring for them (even with lots of helpful hands), but the lessons for the students are invaluable. We’ve had your run-of-the-mill hamsters and gerbils…and now the coolest guinea pig around.  We’ve also had a hedgehog and a rabbit.  We’ve had birds…and more fish than I can count.  We’ve also had tree frogs, anoles, a tortoise…and now geckos. There were a few years before I had the boys that I had a fish, amphibian, reptile, bird, and mammal all at one time so that we could really learn first-hand the different classifications of Phylum Chordata.  I digress.

The children have always treasured having the opportunity to interact and care for these critters and they’ve also provided fantastic learning opportunities.

What better way to learn the parts of a fish…ventral fins, pectoral fins, dorsal fin, caudal fin, gill openings, lateral line, etc…than observing a real live fish?

You get my point.

So, this week we learned that when a gecko feels threatened (don’t ask) it will “drop its tail” in an attempt to distract the predator so that it can flee.  Fascinating.  Most geckos will grow a new tail.  Crested geckos do not.  They can, however, live happy and healthy lives without their tails.  Phew.

What happens after the tail falls off, you may ask?  Well, see for yourself.


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