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St Anthony’s Feast the Sanfilipo’s

Angela’s story as told to Heather Atwood from the Blog “The Other Cape”:

Angela’s father was a German prisoner in WWII.  His mother prayed to St. Anthony for his return.  When he arrived back in their village, Angela’s grandmother vowed to always honor St. Anthony.  She continued celebrating the Feast of St. Anthony her whole life in Porticello.  Angela and her family now continue that tradition in this country

See Video:

Celebration with Friends and Family See Slide Show Below:

Celebration with Friends, Family and a smorgasbord of food:

Manuel and Alexandria Nunes, the 2017 Mordomos of the DES Crowning

This week the Portuguese community has been celebrating the Rosary every night in preparation of the Crowning on Trinity Sunday June 11th at our Lady of Good Voyage at 11:45

Father Jim Achadinha and Manuel and Alexandria Nunes

Visitors from South Hadley and Pittsburg


Visitors from South Hadley, he and his wife were celebrating his birthday.

They had just finished a “Taste Gloucester” tour.


Visitors from Pittsburg Pennsylvania.

Of course we talked about Football.

 New England Patriots and Tom Brady vs Pittsburg Steelers and Terry Bradshaw

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