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Tourist from St Louis Missouri

A delightful couple from St Louis Missouri who come to Gloucester at least two times a year.  We exchanged emails and they sent me a photo they took at Stage Fort Park, the lobster they said was bought off a boat at Capt. Joe’s.

St Louis (1)

st l loobster

Looking Up Hancock St. Gordon Parks 1937 / Joey C 2015

Hancock St looking up toward City Hall Gloucester from Rogers Street. Bottom right in the photo would be Topside Grill and bottom left in the photo would be Turtle Ally.  Gordon Parks was a black man who died in 2006 at age 93.  He directed the movie Shaft and was a photographer for Life magazine.  I find it interesting that a black man in 1943 was roaming the country taking photos that would be acclaimed. 

Gloucester, Massachusetts. Street scene Photographer

Gordon Parks  CreatedJune 1943


2015-10-06 08.44.21

image2015-10-06 08.44.21

Pretty sure this is Beannie Nicastro’s Wharf (Felicia Oil) Back in 1937 and The Same Scene That I Captured in 2012

Gloucester Coal building is in the background, now the lumber shed for The Building center which you can see in the 2012 picture just to the left behind the F/V Mary and Josephine. It also looks like the building at the end of the right pier has the same pitched roof as the one in the 2012 photo.


Waterfront, Gloucester, Massachusetts


Arthur Rothstein


September 1937


Beannie Nicastro’s Wharf (Felicia Oil) May 27, 2012

Yale releasing 170,000 photos about Depression era America from 1935-1945 Many featuring #GloucesterMA

Tim Gay submits-

Hey Joey,

I hope all is well.

I am not sure if you have seen this but I came across this post on gizmodo about Yale releasing 170,000 photos about Depression era America from 1935-1945.

There are a ridiculous amount of photos from Gloucester, figured maybe some of your readers would find this interesting.

Talk to you soon,



Wounded Warrior 5K and 10K Event

It was an honor to help out this morning for The Wounded Warrior 5k and 10K.  Thank you to all our service men and women.


Wounded Warrior 10K 10/03/2015

The Wounded Warrior race/walk got off today without a hitch, despite the weather. Cloudy and windy with a bit of drizzle thrown into the mix.

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