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Cape Ann’s Farmers’ Market at the Gloucester Unitarian Church on Saturday

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Manchester By The Sea Movie

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San Giuseppe

Rick and I had such a wonderful time at Felicia’s on San Giuseppe March 19, 2015. What a great tradition being passed down to future generations, thank you Felicia. Here are a few photos from a wonderful day.

Community Photos 3/20/15

Hi Joey,

Here’s a shot of a mooring marker near Gloucester Marine Railway.  The water had a painterly look about it.


Matt Cegelis

Cegelis Art Group


Hi Joey,

Last Saturday, Ocean Alliance let the Phyllis A Marine Association use the

old Paint Factory for our annual retreat.   I thought I’d share a few shots of 

the other sides of  the Paint Factory that we don’t all see too often.  What 

an interesting old building.   I’ve included one shot of the attending Phyllis A

board members in the 2nd floor conference room and a couple of the Phyllis A

herself as she looks sitting in the Gloucester Marine Railway parking lot.

Mary Barker

Ongoing repairs at Mitch’s on Rogers Street

Maritime Gloucester Sea Scouts news

Hi Joey,

Our troop of Sea Scouts just completed a sea survival course in Groton.  I wonder if there’s anyway you can give them a shout out?  I think they’re very proud of what they did (and had a lot of fun).  What photos we have were taken with a cell phone so are not great, but they get the idea across (I’ve attached some here).

Here’s what we posted on our website about it:

Maritime Gloucester congratulates our North Shore Ship 5 Sea Scouts on completing the Sea Survival safety course at Survival Systems USA in Groton, CT. The course is designed to provide the knowledge and skills necessary to enable anyone to care for themselves in a sea survival situation.  

While the skills around hypothermia mitigation were individually challenging and the group sea surface formations enlightening, the highlight of the event was the group raft rescue in simulated rough seas, complete with high gusty winds, lightening, helicopter sheer winds, deafening noises, and driving rain all assaulting the small raft in the dark. Apparently it’s not uncommon for participants to yell “Do it again!” when the simulation ends and they crawl out of the survival raft, all smiles, shaken but happy.

It would be great if you could include them in your posts, but I know you have a lot going on!


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