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Scary.. For a little longer

Magnolia’s Farmer’s Market

Every Monday, 4:00 – 7:00 on Lexington Avenue.

Rockport Lobster Company Pier Collapses into the Harbor

The pier of the Rockport Lobster Company collapsed yesterday at around 16:00 (4:00 PM).  Luckily the owner was outside at the time when he heard the floor inside collapse with a roar.   Approximately 10,000 ponds of Lobsters were lost, the family owned business has been operating since 1990.


IMG_6204     IMG_6195

Gloucester Tourist from Harrisburg PA Via Australia

IMG_2968Ron and his lovely wife from Harrisburg Pennsylvania, stopped by to pick up 20 lobsters at Rockport Lobster Company,  before heading back home.   Ron recently visited Australia, and  picked up a “CROCODILE GANDHI” hat made from Kangaroo hide. 

During their stay in Gloucester they watched Captain Muniz from the F/V Lily off load a tuna yesterday, they were hoping to pick up the Tuna Head to take back home as well; however it was long gone.

A most enjoyable encounter with Ron and his wife. 



Step on a Crack – Break your mother’s back

“Step on a Crack – Break your mother’s back” or

Step on a Crack and Trees will Fall and Sidewalks will disappear.

This all happened in  less than 48 hours..  after a 24 “ crack in the sidewalk was lifted 1/4” high by a tree root.

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Cape Ann Farmers’ Market on Thursday


not forget Thursday, Stage Fort Park, Cape Ann Farmers’ Market

Community Photos 7/28/15

Art in Dogtown?

Robert Maselek submits-

If anybody is wondering where their stuffed animals have run off to, I spotted the aftermath of a stuffed animal party in Dogtown…art installation? Runaways?  Just wondering if any GMG readers have any idea

Peter Digre submits-

The salt sea was frozen on her breast,
The salt tears in her eyes
And he saw her hair, like the brown seaweed,
On billows fall and rise.
Such was the wreak of the Hesperus,
In the midnight and the snow,
Christ save us all from a death like this,
On the reef of Norman’s Woe.


Good morning, Joey. 

We drove through a turn-around-if-you-have-any-sense downpour near Essex to find perfect dinner weather at the Harriet Webster Pier.  This was our second time at The Evening in White,  and we recognized many of the same people from last year, which only added to this year’s experience.  Enclosed are a few of our photos and here is the link to rest:

For comparison here are last year’s:

Lastly, I meant to send you this year’s Rockport Raging Inferno photos:

Michael Miller

heron 6

heron 7

heron 8

heron 11

“Polly-Five-Toe” The Gull Visits the Thomas E. Lannon

_2015_07_25_065362“Polly-Five-Toe the Gull” started visiting the Thomas E. Lannon in 2014, it returned again this year.  Capt. Heath has become friends with “Polly-5-Toe” as you can see in the slide show below.  Polly-5-Toe loves oyster crackers and sits on the back of the Lannon, or on Capt. Heath’s hand to enjoy her crackers.   




Community Photos 7/26/15

Hi Joey.

Tonight we watched this storm from Lobsta Land. We were there for my husband’s annual ‘pre-Blackburn carb-loading meal’ –  shrimp provencal and an Allagash White beer. Great views of this storm as it moved up the Annisquam and over the salt marsh; just missed a photo of an impressive lightening bolt. :O While there met 2 great guys from Ottawa Canada, Chris and Bruce, in town for the Blackburn. Chris told us he was so focused while training in the harbor, he “almost hit one of the tall ships.” From his description, I think it was the Adventure. Whoever she was, the captain had to blow his horn to prevent a collision. Hope to see you at tomorrow’s Blackburn Challenge! 

Enjoy.   Karen

Waiting for the Storm to Pass 7.24.15 FB


My daughter Lyndsay (“Plant Shack” E. Gloucester) suggested I send this morning’s sunrise in. I enjoy your site.


Larry Maver

Good Harbor 24 July 15

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