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If You Have A Friend Like Me That Likes To Drink Their Beer Out Of A Bottle Instead Of A Can- Here’s Their Gift- “BottleKeeper”

Check out the killer beer technology here-

I ordered two for friends and they will give you 10% off if you use the link they gave me.  Get it here

You can personalize the color and add keychains or the logos from your favorite sports team




Thanks Santa! @GlostaJoes On My Desk When I Got To Work This Morning!


Get Yours To Fill Up XMAS Stockings at @Seameadowgifts & @Paulinesgifts

Just noticed when I was looking over this post that on the label it tells you when the coffee beans were roasted.

Are you shitting me?

I love the fact that I know that my coffee was just roasted a couple of days ago- frickin cool AF



GloucesterCast 163 With @DinnerDealer, @DonnaArd, @KimSmithDesigns,Leslie Heffron and Host Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 12/13/15


GloucesterCast 163 Taped 12/13/15 With Jess and Dennis Alves, Leslie Heffron, Donna Ardizzoni, Kim Smith and Host Joey Ciaramitaro

Topics include:

buy dinner dealer decks here no brainer xmas gift
holiday delights Talia- Ruby McElhenny Stole The Show, kudos to heidi dallin
Lobster trap tree that you can walk under is absolutely bananas. and beautiful and must visit.  whole nother level.  donna and kim did a great job with the middle street walk coverage
Listening to the Alisha Unleashed podcast brought me back to my daughters making fun of me for being a Belieber
Glosta Joe’s Coffee available- Sea Meadow Gifts and Gardens or online here
 There’s an announcement that there will be a suburban wildlife education lecture at City Hall on January 11 with the snow date of February 1 at 7 PM. Speakers will include Chief Campanello, Mayor Romeo Theken, representatives from fisheries and wildlife, and environmental police officers. The forum will focus on coyotes and other animals that we live with on Cape Ann.
cigarette ordinance

A Council Order was submitted by Greg Verga and Melissa Cox on November 17 to begin the DISCUSSION regarding banning ‘checkout’ bags. After a less than warm reception at the first such discussion at the December 7 meeting of the Ordinance and Administration Committee and the email sent to all City Councilors by a bag industry lobbyist this page has been created to help spread the word.

You are encouraged to share your thoughts about a ban and also to share your photos that help illustrate the need for such a ban. You are also encouraged to reach out to the City Council members and let them know how you feel.

discover gloucester honoring three of our favorite people Mayor Sefathia, Kay Ellis and Bobby Ryan

art rundown with leslie:
 1.   GOMA   Gallery of Modern Art, Main Street, Gloucester between The Cave and Cafe Sicilia
   2.    Trident Gallery,  Main St., Gloucester Dec. 5-Jan.    3 Diane Ayott “Love in December”
   3.    Shalin Liu,  Celtic Christmas Sojourn,  Tuesday, December 15  4:30 and 8:00.  Show is sold out, but some tickets may 
          become available.  Call the box office.
   4.     Lexicon Gallery, 15 Lexington Avenue, Magnolia   “Leading Ladies” – potters Cynthia Curtis, Anni Melancon and Marty
           Morgan,  Eleanor Fisher- glass shard paintings
   5.     Truth North Gallery, “Lighting and Ringing the Winter Night: Artisan Bells and Lanterns” now through December 23

podcasticon1 - Copy

subscribebutton - CopyPodcast 163 with Jessica Emerson Dinner dealer ©Kim Smith 2015

The LobstahCrackah Rides Again…DOWNTOWN! See a preview rehearsal tonight @ The Floating Lotus 6-8pm ~ Gloucester Employee Shopping Night.

folklore henry


December 10th, we officially move the North Shore Folklore Theatre Company back to Main Street!

We will be in year-round residence at the Floating Lotus in the Old Empire building at 169 Main Street. If you would like to volunteer to help us move this week and next, please contact Henry Allen at 978-704-1269 or

henry allen lobstah crackah


Check Out The Wine Trap Made Locally In Gloucester!


Many different styles and colors-

You can buy them at Pisces, Savour Wine and Cheese and The Last Resort On Bearskin Neck!

From the online site-

The Wine Trap was born out of a love for lobstering and drinking

No good story ever started with “I had a glass of orange juice” and this one is no different. We are a crafty family with deep roots in fishing that go back to the early 1900s. We love to build and create together. After a few cocktails one evening, we tried to figure out a way to share our passion for the ocean with the world. After several hours of crimping and bending The Wine Trap was born.

Each trap is handmade by our family and friends using authentic lobster trap materials in a fashion similar to the traps we use for fishing.

Although it can be used to gift wine and other spirits, there are so many other uses for The Wine Trap. It can hold LED candles, potpourri, candy etc. And we think it will outwit most squirrels when used as a bird feeder. Hopefully you will find some new ones as well.

There is no better feeling than sharing, so we hope you enjoy and share The Wine Trap with your friends and family.

From our family to yours!!!! Enjoy!!


If You Store Firewood-I’m A 100% Endorser Of The Firewood Rack We Use

ShelterLogic Lumber Rack Firewood Adjustable Bracket Kit

Here’s mine assembled. Took all of 45 seconds.


You can get it on Amazon for $43.54 and when I tell you it couldn’t be more secure or easier to put together, I’m telling you it couldn’t be more secure or easier to put together.

Literally you measure the space for where you want to stack your wood, go to the Building center and have them cut two 2x4s and slide the 2x4s into the collars at the base of the rack. Listen, I’m a complete dope when it comes to DIY projects.  On a scale from 1-10 on completely useless with a tool I’m a 3.  This a grandmother could do with ease. 

It looks nice and you can store a ton of wood inside instead of having to go out into the snow and unbury your wet damp firewood.  It is made for indoor or outdoor use and gets a 4.5 star rating on amazon. Read the reviews here  Here’s the link to the listing on Amazon-


Special Gloucester Schools Edition @ShoreKnots Bracelets Now Available With free Shipping

I saw that Kim from made bracelets with different school colors so she agreed to make up some Gloucester school colored ones for the holiday.  Only $35.  Perfect perfect perfect price gift!

There’s a free shipping promotion running through the end of the year. People just need to use the code FREESHIP2015 at checkout.

Gloucester Maroon and White


Gloucester Maroon and Gold


Contact Kim for Custom Colors-




Q: What kind of knot do you use for the bracelets?
A: It is a Carrick Bend knot that I tie with double strands of line. Beyond its great functionality for securely joining two lines, the knot also has some cool history. The knots pattern is seen in relief in the Elizabethan era plasterwork of Ormonde Castle in Carrick-on-Suir, so clearly I am not (no pun intended) the first one to recognize its beauty.

Q: What are your clasps made from?
A: I have literally searched the world to find the highest quality clasps available. Both of these unique magnetic clasps are very well made, and free of lead and zinc. Both are durable stainless steel with silver and brass plating. 

Q: What if I want a color or color combination that isn’t listed on the site?
A: I would love to make it for you! Right now I have over 30 different colors of cord. As you can imagine, that makes it really hard to list all the possible combinations! If you send me an email – – and describe what you want, I’ll put it together. If you don’t like it, we’ll keep trying until you do.

Q: What if I order a bracelet and it doesn’t fit?
A: Just send it back and we will get you one that fits.

Q: Can I wear my bracelet in the water?
A: It’s fine to wear your bracelet in the water, but we recommend moderation. Long term exposure to salt water may eventually cause some minor color fading of the cord and possible erosion on the clasp. 

Q: How can I keep my clasp shiny?
A: Natural wear and regular contact with your skin can cause some minor tarnish to the clasp. Jewelry polishes work great, but can be expensive. I’ll let you in on a little secret that is probably already in your house = toothpaste. Yep, just rub some toothpaste on the clasp, rinse it off, and your clasp will be as good as new!

Q: Do you guarantee your products?
A: Absolutely! We want our customers to be 100% satisfied! If you have any problems, let us know and we will make things right. As LL Bean has said for years, “there are two rules to customer service: 1 – the customer is always right, and 2 – if the customer is wrong, go back to rule number 1!”

Q: Do you have other products?
A: Not yet, but some are coming soon. I have lots of ideas and look forward to adding them to the website soon.

Q: Is Brewster a good dog?
A: He’s the best! A bit of a goof, but I sure love him!

Have You Ordered Your @FirstHarbor Company Nautical Christmas Wreath Yet?

Check out their beautiful styles here-

I got mine in Navy Blue/ White-

Happy Days! Our @firstharborcompany #nautical #wreath just arrived! @kfoley41

A video posted by Joey C (@captjoe06) on



Check Out Desi Smith’s Incredible Gloucester Boxing Club Project

Thank you Joey for having me on your podcast and your interest in my photo project. I’m going to continue this project to include some of the younger boxers along with some women, and will share the images with you and your readers.

If I you could, I would like to give a shout out and thanks to Carlo and Joey DaSilva at the Gloucester Boxing Club for allowing me into their space to do this project.

Here are just a few photos from the project.

Thanks again,


Joey_Mirror_1 copy



Doug Ryan_1

Do you have a loved one that loves Nautical Jewelry? @ShoreKnots Bracelets Are No Brainer Christmas Gifts! #CyberMonday Sale Today



Check them out here-

They are classy and if you have a JCrew minded person in your life I guarantee they’ll dig these.

Check Out The Cool Colors and Designs and The prices are Perfect For Gift Giving especially with the Cyber Monday Pricing-


Color Choices

We have a huge choice of color combinations available. Please put a comment with your color choice(s) in your order if you select a custom bracelet. In the future we hope to add this choice right into the order form, but we hope you will be patient with us as we continue to enhance our site. Here are our available colors below. Thanks!

(Left-to-right: gold, white, gray, black, maroon, red, orange, yellow, kelly green, emerald, teal green, dark green, Marblehead Green, turquoise, navy blue, royal blue, denim blue, light blue, purple, fuchsia, light pink, hot pink, salmon)

Get Five of These Lobster Buoy Bottle Openers For Christmas Presents…

To have on hand to give to the people that never get you a present but show up with one unexpectedly for you.
It’s holiday season,  you gotta think strategically.

order yours here-

SELL OUT ALERT – Fly Amero opening for Steve Miller Band TONIGHT in Lynn – Less than 50 tickets left

It’s not often that a local musician gets to open for a major rock star at a big venue like Lynn Auditorium with over 2000 seats, but then, not every local musician is Fly Amero either!

That’s right, Fly Amero is opening for the Steve Miller Band tonight at Lynn Auditorium and there less than 50 tickets left.  GET THEM HERE if you want to go.

We’ll be there tonight cheering for one of our favorite local legends while he’s on the big stage!


Chickity Check It! David Emch Who Sat In On Our Podcast On His Tour Around Coastal United States For His Capture America project Did A Piece On GMG and Gloucester


David sat In On Gloucestercast 152 which can be heard here-

GloucesterCast 152 With Guests @KimSmithDesigns, Toby Pett, David Emch and Host @Joey_C

Read David’s take on Gloucester and GMG here-

Monday, October 5, 2015

Massachusetts: Good Morning Gloucester

Welcome back to Gloucester.  You can read the first article on this area by Clicking Here.  For those of you that watch television, I am told this is the setting of a show called “Wicked Tuna.”  

Although Gloucester was the first settled area in Massachusetts, residents soon moved to Salem because the soil was more fertile there.   But the great natural harbor pulled them back and this became the country’s first viable seaport.

    Colonial Massachusetts had a requirement that any town with over 100 families have its own school system, and records show that Gloucester complied with this in 1698.  So this has been a thriving community since well before the American Revolution.

For the entire post click here to read it in entirety

“John talked very kind of Liverpool docker talk…George was a bit more of a perfectionist. John seemed a little more relaxed”


Cha-Chi Loprete was gracious enough to give us permission to post his extraordinary interview with British Rock Star, Joey Molland that aired yesterday morning on his famous WZLX radio show, Breakfast With The Beatles.

Joey tells some fascinating stories about his life, what it was like working with John Lennon on “Imagine” and George Harrison on “All Things Must Pass” along with other momentous musical experiences, including being part of the Concert for Bangladesh.  And the whole thing starts off with a brand-new version of Badfinger’s hit “Come And Get It” by The Hollywood Vampires (Alice Cooper, Johnny Depp, Joe Perry and guests including Paul McCartney, Robby Krieger, Dave Grohl and others).

You can see Joey Molland and Badfinger this Saturday, right down the road at Beverly’s intimate, acoustically spectacular Larcom Theatre with Salem’s rising stars Brooks Young Band opening.  Good seats are still available.  Get tickets here.

Speaking of the Concert for Bangladesh, here’s a short recap of how some of the world’s biggest rock stars came together in 1971 for THE concert that set the standard for all future fund-raising efforts.

You could meet British Rock Star Joey Molland of Badfinger next Saturday

Joey Molland of Badfinger

In case you missed this post, here’s a reminder that we kick off our third season right down the road at Beverly’s intimate Larcom Theatre next Saturday, Oct 10, with British Rock Star Joey Molland and Badfinger.

Hand picked by The Beatles, Badfinger was the first group signed to the Beatles’ label, Apple Records and their first #1 hit “Come And Get It” was written by Paul McCartney!

George Harrison and Paul McCartney produced a string of world-wide Badfinger hits, including “No Matter What,” “Day After Day,” “Without You” and “Baby Blue”, which hit the charts again in 2013 on the Breaking Bad soundtrack.

Badfinger is still led by founder Joey Molland, who performed on George Harrison’s “All Things Must Pass” album and John Lennon’s “Imagine” album (check out this recent article for more detail on Joey’s contribution to “Imagine”).

You can enter a contest to win an exclusive back-stage meet & greet with Joey and the band before the show next Saturday.  It’s easy, just click here and enter BADFINGER where it asks for the CONTEST NAME.  Winners will be notified via email.  You must have a ticket to win.  Get them here.  The contest ends on Sunday.

Speaking of Sunday, Joey Molland will be Cha-Chi Loprete’s guest on his famous WZLX radio show, Breakfast With The Beatles.  Be sure to listen in on 100.7FM or online.  It’ll certainly be worth getting up for.

Anybody still have one of the records pictured in this video?  Bring it along.  I’m sure Joey would love to sign it for you!

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