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Ocean Effect Snow

The same morning earlier this week that everyone was out photographing gorgeous images of sea smoke, I took this photo.  While we didn’t receive new snow fall during the night, the homes and landscape at the end of our street were covered with ocean effect snow early the next morning.  It was kind of cool to see.


Winter Storm Hits Rockport, Video

We took a drive just after high tide today.  We drove by Old Garden Beach, down Atlantic, to T Wharf, down Bearskin Neck, to the breakwater, through town, by Front Beach, to Granite Pier, and then back home.  Not much accumulation but it was coming down good, VERY windy, and some great surf!  #winterstormmars

Just another February on Cape Ann.

Mark Your Calendar- January 18, 2016 Winter Finally Arrived In #GloucesterMA @MattNoyesNECN


I left the house for work this morning much like I would every morning we’ve had this season- dressed like it was still fall. A long sleeve dry fit shirt under a heavy pullover.  Been fine like that right up til when I opened the door this morning to see the first decent amount of snow accumulation.  Took me a bit to clear the truck off and I was covered and cold without gloves in the truck to clear it off.  So the point is,  as of 5:00AM we’ve got 2.75 inches if snow and it’s cold so dress for it and leave yourself a little extra time to clear off the car and drive safely to wherever you need to go.
I hope this doesn’t turn out like last year when we didn’t have it too bad til the middle of January and then it just came coming relentlessly right through April.




RAVENSWOOD IN THE FALL- Get it while you can!

Yes, it’s 76 degrees and sunny on this fine fall day in November! Hannah, Ruby, and myself took to the trails to catch up on some last minute fall colors. Can you find Ruby?



For Everyone That’s Bitching About The Heat- A Little February 15th, 2015 Throwback Video For Ya-

What would you rather be out there shoveling all frickin day? Removing the snow from the bottom of your driveway that you just shoveled out because the overworked plow guy just made another swipe and pushed it all right back in front of the spot you just shoveled?

Don’t make Homie come and kick ya in the nuts. Nobody wants to see that now do they?

Gloucester Summer Storm Photos

What a day for capturing dramatic skies!
Gloucester city skyline summer storm ©Kim Smith 2015

Thundering and raining while the sun is trying to break out!

A video posted by Kim Smith (@kimsmithdesigns) on

Good morning in the garden summer rain- more please!

A video posted by Kim Smith (@kimsmithdesigns) on

summer storm ©Kim Smith 2015downed tree ©Kim Smith 2o15Downed tree on the road to Eastern Point Lighthouse

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