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Featured restaurants and scenes from scrumptious good eats 2016 YMCA Taste of Cape Ann @Cruiseport #GloucesterMA


All I can say is don’t miss it next year! Several new establishments joined this fantastic annual fundraiser for the Cape Ann YMCA held at Cruiseport, 6 Rowe Square, Gloucester, MA. All photographs from November 10, 2016.










































PIGEON COVE TAVERN @ Emerson Inn by the Sea
















Cape Ann Brewing Co. is Bringing on the Cans

Jeremy Goldberg, owner of Cape Ann Brewing Co. and his incredible crew have just opened their new canning facility on Whittemore Street in Gloucester…and it is gorgeous.  I’m not sure I’ve ever seen anything so shiny and clean!  I don’t claim to know much about the process of brewing beer, but I can say that their new facility and equipment are incredibly impressive.

On Friday evening they welcomed their “Mug Club” members to tour their new digs and I was happy to tag along.  To use their own words, “Fisherman’s beer — whose bold flavor and character reflect the spirit and courage of the sailors of the North Atlantic fishing fleet — is a tribute to hard work and a salute to friendships that endure.”  Well, it is clear that is true, when in the presence of this group of friends/co-coworkers.  They were excited, enthusiastic, and, as they should be, very proud of what they are accomplishing.

Check out their website for more information

Be on the lookout for the news cans…each design proudly showcasing the Fishermen’s Memorial Statue…and don’t forget to stop by the Pub at Cape Ann Brewing for some great eats, entertainment, and a seat on Gloucester’s Harbor before the nice weather is behind us!

Awesome things happening locally!  Great work, Cape Ann Brewing Co.!


Craft Beers for Your Super Bowl Celebration

Come down to Savour Wine and Cheese to get all your wine for Super Bowl Sunday . . . 
Don’t forget our Craft beers for
your Super Bowl Celebration
(We just got in two new Lagers from
Jack’s Abbey – and we have lots of single bottles, 
even Tripel Karmelite)!
AND – we have some great snacks to go along with your favorites – from
Marconna almonds to chocolate-covered coffee beans.
And, of course, there is always CHEESE!
New favorites – Kunik, from Nettle Meadows in the Adirondacks (a triple cream goat brie with Jersey cow cream and Lagrein Weinkasse ( a cow’s milk cheese from Alto Adige in Italy, brined in Lagrein wine).  Try them together – we have both!
Beer and Cheese 1

Do you Love Great Bird Paintings and Birding?

Trident gallery opening_winter meditations

Then definitely go check out the Winter Meditations exhibit at Trident Gallery, 189 Main Street.  The Opening last night was great and the work is exceptional and very exciting to be able to see right here on Main Street.  The space is wonderful and I’m just sorry it took me so long to check it out.  A fabulous addition to Gloucester’s art scene.

From Friday, January 24th, through Sunday, March 2d, Trident Gallery is proud to host a loan from the Massachusetts Audubon Museum of American Bird Art of more than 30 prints, paintings, and miniature sculptures by the renowned and important artists John James Audubon, Milton Avery, Andy Warhol, Allen James King, Robert Verity Clem, Lars Jonsson, and others. All the works of art depict bird species present on Cape Ann in winter, and their exhibition constitutes a new extension to the Cape Ann Winter Birding Weekend (Friday–Sunday, 31 January – 2 February) a festival which celebrates the winter bird life of Cape Ann, especially those Arctic species rarely encountered farther south. Sponsored by Mass Audubon and the Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce, the event draws several hundred participants to hear expert presentations and embark on bus tours and a boat trip to see the birds. A birding guide for the event in past years, Director Swift has this year orchestrated the festival’s new art component at Trident Gallery.

Throughout Winter Meditations, the public is invited to respond with commentary and with contributions of their own winter meditations at (not yet live). Director Swift will share selected Meditations submitted by the public within the gallery.

Works of art by Gabrielle Barzaghi, Winston Swift Boyer, Charlie Carroll, Susan Erony, Dennis Flavin, Eileen Mueller, Joe Poirier, and Lynn Swigart will be on display during the entirety of Winter Meditations. In the final phase, Persephone’s Return, additional works of art by these and other Trident Gallery artists will take the place of the departing Mass Audubon winter bird art.

E.J. Lefavour

Gran Prix of Gloucester Video from Day 1 – Look out Joey, lots of bikes around town

If you missed today’s psycho-cross excitement, this video will give you a feel for what you can expect tomorrow.  You really can’t miss this international sporting spectacle, complete with beer, food and plenty of fun for kids.  So bring the family up to Stage Fort Park tomorrow.  You’ll be glad you did.

Joey, you might want to listen to what Christy from has to say about putting more people on more bicycles more often — especially in Gloucester!

I ran into Thom Falzarano who shot more race footage.  Look for that coming soon.

After a day of cyclocross you may want to warm up a bit.  (Can you believe it? John and I were surfing last week!).  Plenty of good options for catching great live music (in warm, dry venues) from Beethoven to Ska to 80s to Zappa to Funk, Jazz & good ol’ Rock n Roll!  See tonight’s full lineup of live music in Gloucester and Cape Ann here.

Over 3000 people from all over the world coming to Gloucester this weekend

This is their 14th year.  Can you believe it?  The Gran Prix of Gloucester is a major, international sporting event — and this year Paul Boudreau and his gang are bringing over 3000 people from all over the world to Gloucester (950 riders each day plus a couple thousand spectators), including international superstars of this 150-year-old sport.

“If you talk to anyone who knows Cyclocross all over the world, they know Gloucester,” says Paul Boudreau.  Now it’s time for Gloucester to get to know him — and the sport of Cyclocross.  What is Cyclocross?  Think of it as crazy bike racing.  I call it psycho-cross.  As Paul says  in the video, racers prefer “crappy” weather.  They race through crazy difficult terrain, have to get off their bikes and carry them over obstacles and often get covered with mud, sand, snow — almost always ending up wet and filthy.  AND THEY LOVE IT!  You gotta come out and experience this spectacle for yourself.  These racers are the strongest, fastest, best fit, toughest sporting contestants you will ever see.  You’ve gotta be to compete.

Plus there’s plenty of food and beer.  Kid biking (5 and up) and much more.  It’s a two-day, family, international, world-class sporting extravaganza right here in our own backyard.  AND IT’S FREE!  Don’t miss it.

Oh, and these people LOVE Gloucester nearly as much as we do.  Look at what they say on their website Home Page:
Known nationally as “the New England Nationals” – unfolds at one of the most beautiful race venues in the country: wind-swept ocean side park. Winners are a veritable who’s who of cyclocross: Johnson, Vervecken, Trebon, Anthony, Powers, Bessette, Dunlap, Knapp and more. Gloucester is one of the oldest UCI races in North America and attracts hundreds of racers and thousands of spectators.  … The Great Brewers Gran Prix of Gloucester is two days of international races where competitors from all over the US, Canada & Europe converge to race in the most beautiful race course in North America.

FOR ALL YOU RACERS AND FANS:  From Paul’s description of you in the video, I get the feeling you like to party — well folks you’ve come to the right town.  You’ve got over 28 live music choices at 15 warm, dry venues.  And lots of them are on the water, so if you really want to sit out on the deck in the rain, just ask.  The owners will probably accommodate you.  We’re nearly as psycho as you are!

See the complete schedule for all Live music in Gloucester and Cape Ann here.

Ed Collard Returns!!!! Blackburn Challenge 2011 A Video


Ed Collard Returns!!!!

Blackburn Challenge 2011

A Video

Brought to you by;

Filmed on Location by:

Paul F. “Paulie Walnuts” Frontiero Jr.

Graduate of the Ed Collard School of  Videography

Who Loves Ya, Baby? A Good Kind of Rant

All this just to share a quote

After Reading GMG the last few weeks. It got me to realize what kind of person this “Blogger extraordinaire” Joey is. I’ll always say he’s a pain in the Ass. But he’s more than that. It’s hard for me to find the right words. I’m not a writer so I have no Idea why he ever asked me to be a GMG Author. I’m just a Ball Buster. I can’t help myself. Joey has censored some of my Posts and comments to save me from myself, and the GMG readers. Someday I may thank him for that.

BUT! I do love the Guy. His passion for this GMG Thing is unstoppable. I’ve been asked a few times how much Joey makes off of GMG. 

 When I tell them “NOTHING” They’ll either respond with; “Why Bother” or “That’s a lot of work for nothing”. For Joey it’s not Work, or I think a “bother” at all to the Guy. Look what he’s been doing the last few months on these Pages. The content has been unbelievably Entertaining, Fast Paced and sometimes Touching.

I want to thank Joey for including me in this Thing. I’ve met a lot of great people here; “Fellow GMG Authors” and Artists. He’s also taught me how to present my ideas without pissing off too many people. Joey has put up with a lot of my crap the past seven months, but he kinda asked for it when he signed me up. I thought of this after I texted him today, I could picture him Cringe when he read it. I could’nt stop laughing to myself after I got his reply. I had some great laughs at Joey’s, Sharon’s, Mr. Morrisons and my own expense. I wouldn’t Trade that for anything.  

All that just to Share a Quote and a Question I always ask myself. First the Quote. I thought of Joey when I read this;

Today is life-the only life you are sure of. Make the most of today. Get interested in something. Shake yourself awake. Develop a hobby. Let the winds of enthusiasm sweep through you. Live today with gusto.
— Dale Carnegie

Now the question;

Does anybody really Read This GMG Thing?

**BREAKING NEWS** well, not really

While I was at the State Fish Pier.  enjoying a home brewed cup of Coffee and reading my new Book

“The Yellow House: Van Gogh, Gauguin, and Nine Turbulent Weeks in Provence”(I may be as F’D Up as he was) this morning. I looked up and spotted a fast moving object heading my way. Man, those Seagulls can fly when they get a Tail Wind! Then out of the corner of my eye I spotted a very slow, sluggish and weighted down surface vessel.  Oh, it was Paul Morrison in his new Surge Kayak hugging the State Fish Pier. what a Beautiful colored (not Paul’s beat red face) Kayak, Light blue top with white hull. Very Sleek! (again, not Paul Morrison).

After Tossing Paul a couple of  Lattof Farms Monkey Breads from Rockport, Ma.

He headed off into the Sunset, I mean Sunrise.

But, Really. He was moving pretty Fast. That new Boat will do him good in next years Blackburn Challenge. He has a little work to do getting out of the thing. But I promised not to say anything about that. If I had some Manbags I’d be out there with him on Sunday Mornings.

Here are a few Photos of Paul and his Kayak from today;

Paul Skirting the Coastline and pissing off the Pier Anglers as he slices through their lines.

Paul booking it past the idled Gloucester Fishing fleet

and the Sugar Babe

Paul Morrison eyeing next years Challenge!


I Think He’s Gonna Need A Bigger Boat

We're waiting for you Mr. Morrison!

With all the Hype of The Sighting of a Great White Shark off of Gloucester by Seven Seas Whale Watch  and the upcoming Blackburn Challenge. GMG’s Thoughts and Prayers go out to our own Paul Morrison. Paul will be braving the Shark infested waters of cape ann next weekend in his quest to finish the 20 mile round the Cape Race in record time in a Kayak. A Kayak? Unfortunately Paul has been fatting himself up with a intense tour of Cape Ann Restaurants and Martini Bars. Biologists have speculated that warmer water and an abundance of bait fish have attracted these sharks to Cape Ann. But we all  know they were attracted to all the well fed Tourists and Locals who dine in all the great restaurants Cape Ann has to offer.

We all Toast Paul In his Quest;

“Here’s to swimmin’ with Bowed Legged Women!”


We’re all Rooting for you!


I think he's gonna need a bigger Boat

Causeway Liquors Weekly Wine Tasting

 Causeway Liquors will be having it’s weekly Wine Tasting this Friday from 4-7pm

They are also having a Fishermens Brew tasting on Saturday June 6th

Causeway Liquors‎ 76 Essex Avenue, Gloucester, MA (978) 283-4313‎

Jamey Burnham and Kathy Penna Discuss Fine Wine at Last Weeks Wine Tasting

Causeway Liquors "Represents"

Causeway Liquors ‎76 Essex Avenue, Gloucester, MA (978) 283-4313‎

Welcome MaHty and Barbara, BUT…..

Welcome to your new Home Barbara and MaHty!

Watch out for the Potholes, Pick up the accent, Drop the Yankees, the NY License Plate and you’ll be OK.


Now if you paint your car like this, you’ll be really welcomed.

Cape Ann Brewery VW Front

Cape Ann Brewery VW side

Cape Ann Brewery VW rear



And you thought the Yankees Sucked!


You Just Can’t Trust em’!

Unfortunately the Boston Based Pirate Ship The Formidable sailed into Gloucester HarborEarly Saturday Morning Under The American Flag,While the Sentries at Stage Fort Park were Asleep.

In these Photos you can see these Scalley Wags planning evil.

It looks like their first Victim was a cooler full of Grog in the Cruiseport Parking lot.


Your Cooler could be Next!

The Pirates were unaware they were being spied upon.

The Captain looking over a map of Gloucester


The Bastards Planning their next move.

Shit! They found our last case of Cape Ann Brewerys Fishermen's IPA


Ready! Aim! Art?


Deb Clarke gave me the “Heads” up on this Info. So I knew it must’ve had something to do with Art.

Is it Art?  Is It Intelligent Design?   What do You think?

Urinal Art

This Just in from;

“Sometimes your mind wanders in the most unusual places. It happened to me the other day as I was releasing the few extra beers I drank, and found myself concentrating on that little fly in the urinal. Then I thought about how that little insect made life a little better for the cleaning people who probably have less to clean, and for the customers of the place who have had a little more fun while in the restrooms (yes it doesn’t take much for a drunk guy to have fun).

So if you think about it, this simple drawing of a fly improved everybody’s life a little. But how?

  • By staying simple.
    A common advice for webdesigners is: “Don’t make the user think”. In our particular case, the urinal user doesn’t think and just follows his instinct: he pisses on that damn annoying fly that’s teasing him.
  • By understanding the user’s needs.
    In the urinating situation, all the user needs is a little guidance to focus on keeping the place clean, without even thinking about it. If the user instinctively knows what to do, your design is good.
  • By making a clever use of white space.
    Less is more, every designer knows this sentence I guess. If you designed this, many clients would probably have asked you to make the fly bigger or add more flies, which would in both cases be totally useless.” 
  •   From Designer-Daily
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