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Busy day at Gloucester Maritime

Fish Out of Water

Not only could Codzilla be called a fish out of water, but it looks like a fish out of water sitting in our very own Gloucester Marine Railways.

I took the boys for a ride in Boston Harbor on Codzilla last summer.  They enjoyed it, but it wasn’t as crazy fast and fun as they expected.

If you find yourself interested in taking a trip, READ ALL ABOUT IT HERE


Two Vintage “Might Mac” Copper Printing Plates.

I Tried photographing the plates against a mirror to read the inscription.

One Copper Plate Contains advertising inscription about Chester Brown going to a Yale Harvard game, wearing his Might Mac Jacket. The plates were found by a gentleman from Beverly Mass.

A1  A2

B2  B1

Men At Work with a Smile

IMG_3371The driver of a 60 foot truck, finds it much easier to carry his load to the construction site versus driving down Commercial Street, and attempting to turn around.  The cooper tubing must have been at least 20 plus feet long and heavy.






Keeping the Faith

I love this memorial.  It makes me sad…and it inspires me.

While I’ve previously researched it for my own purposes and have more than likely read about it here on GMG, when questioned about it the other day, I was at a bit of a loss for information.  So, I was happy to come home, look through my photos, and brush up a little.

I actually like to refer to the statue as “them” …because that’s what I see. While clearly it is a statue…I just see the family…a them.  Pained, proud, haunted, hopeful, wonderful, worried, scared, strong, certain, uncertain….and much more.  They are really beyond beautiful.

Please visit the Gloucester Fishermen’s Wives Association here to read about the great work that they do, the Memorial, and more.  Below is a bit of what they include about the memorial.

On August 5, 2001, the Gloucester Fishermen’s Wives Association (GFWA) dedicated a monument to honor the women who have been – and are – the soul of fishing communities.

As Angela Sanfilippo, GFWA president, so eloquently said at the dedication ceremony:

“The memorial serves as a testimonial to what wives, mothers, sisters, and children of fishermen of the world have endured because their men chose to be on the water. They had no choice but to stand on rock, to be on land.”

Envisioned by the wives, mothers, daughters, and sisters of Gloucester fishermen, the memorial honors not only the faith, diligence, and fortitude of the wives of fishermen and mariners everywhere but also honors all women for their unselfish contribution to the well being of their families and their communities.




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