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Video: End of the Season By Leslie Heffron

Hi Joey, The season’s winding down in Pigeon Cove. Here’s a one minute slice of life on the waterfront late Sunday afternoon.

Editor’s note: the season is far from over for everyone except the small part timers. We’re actually in the heart of it.

From The New york Times- “Cod’s Continuing Decline Linked to Warming Gulf of Maine Waters”

Cod’s Continuing Decline Linked to Warming Gulf of Maine Waters


Rapid warming in the Gulf of Maine contributed to the collapse of cod fishing in New England, and might help explain why the cod population has failed to recover, even though fishing has largely ceased, according to a new study.

But the quotas, the study’s authors say, were based on population estimates that did not take into account the temperature changes and therefore were set too high. Even when fishermen stayed within the quotas, they were in effect overfishing, the researchers write in their report, which appears in the Oct. 30 issue of the journal Science.

“The failure to consider temperature impacts on Gulf of Maine cod recruitment created unrealistic expectations for how large this stock can be and how quickly it can rebuild,” the researchers write.

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The Pearl Mist

The Pearl Mist was docked at Cruise Port for a couple days last week.  Here is some information from Wikipedia.

October 24, 2015 The Pearl Mist


From Wikipedia:

The Pearl Mist is a small Cruise ship, built in Halifax, Nova Scotia.[1] After her completion, years of legal dispute delayed her being put into operation, and she didn’t finally leave on her inaugural voyage until June, 2014. She is currently operated by Pearl Seas Cruises.[2]

The Baltimore Sun, reported the vessel was ordered from Irving Shipyards in 2006, and that Pearl Seas and Irving began their dispute in 2007, just five months after construction of the vessel began.[3]

The vessel is 335 feet (102 m) long, and the small size is described as a virtue, allowing the vessel to visit small ports that have to be skipped by larger vessels.[1] The vessel is described as being outfitted as a “luxury”, with 105 double rooms, all equipped with an outside balcony. The vessel is equipped with wifi.

In the summer of 2014 and 2015 her passengers visited Great Lakes ports.[4]

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