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Today’s Google Doodle has Gloucester Ma connection

120th-anniversary-of-first-modern-olympic-games-google doodle

Today is the first day of track and field at O’Maley Innovation Middle School. On this 120th anniversary of the first day of the modern Olympics (thanks Google Doodle), may our student athletes be inspired by James Brendan Connolly. Before he was a Harvard spurner, a Veteran, a Gloucester Master Mariner, a sea tales chronicler and beloved writer,  James Connolly was one of 14 American athletes (5 were Bostonians) to compete in the international Games of the I Olympiad in Athens, Greece, 1896.Twenty percent of the international competitors were from the United States.

Connolly medalled. Twice. On the first final of the opening day, Connolly won what is now the triple jump and came in 2nd in the high jump. He sailed home a champion, the first Olympic medal winner in 1500 years. This recognition no doubt helped his byline and he rapidly gained a reputation as a fantastic writer. The Boston Globe published his first war correspondence, “Letters from the Front in Cuba” where he served with the Irish 9th Infantry of Massachusetts. His career soars after writing about Gloucestermen from his days working in Gloucester. I’ll let Connolly take it from here, it’s so good:

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Help Name the new Cape Ann Reads mascot extended


No, Paul did not say ‘Rubber Duck’s friend’

The seagull with spectacles is a logo designed by Ashley Curcuru, member of the Teen Artist Guild (TAG) at The Hive Cape Ann Art Haven in downtown Gloucester. The bird needs a name! Have some fun, jot down a suggestion and give it to your local librarian. And please ask your kids to drop off their ideas, too. I see Paul Morrison has tossed in an entry on the Sawyer Free Facebook page…

Kudos to Valerie Marino for the library’s social media and that cute desk display.

Cape Ann Reads is a dynamite year of FREE programs designed around the world of children’s books. There’s something happening every month,thanks to the four public libraries and community partners. Upcoming for Cape Ann Reads  is a major double-header on Saturday, April 16th, with Anita Silvey, a big force in the world of children’s publishing and promotion. Make your reservations soon as the programs are popular!

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Out in the street around the bend


Have you seen the custom sign designed for the Gloucester Writers Center on East Main Street? I sent a picture of the drive by view to Henry Ferrini. He sent back “an interior shot of the sign with an effigy of Vincent working at his typewriter”  looking out their new-ish (2014) window thanks to another helpful grant of the Community Preservation Act.


The sign was made by Cheryl’s Signs in Gloucester and installed last fall. Ferrini added: “William Taylor who is on the board of the Gloucester Writers Center should get all the kudos. He came up with the idea and executed it.” Look out the window and listen:  Henry plays a part in the captivating restoration of classical radio WCVA-FM Turn it on.

This week: poets Jay Featherstone reading with Carol Seitchik at the Gloucester Writers’ Center, Wed April 6, 7:30 pm.


Boston Globe complimenting Gloucester’s gorgeous WPA era murals


Did you see? Wonderful John McElhenny’s My View article to the Gloucester Daily Times thanking great work by the CPA committee and residents? And more this week in the Boston Globe? Nice to be the successful model. “In Gloucester, residents have leveraged funding for 80 units of affordable elderly housing in an old grammar school, replaced historic lead glass windows at the Cape Ann Museum, and restored Depression-era WPA murals at City Hall.”  Read more of the Boston Globe article here

Since April is National Poetry month it seems extra fitting to pause on the Charles Allan Winter mural–which by the way is notoriously difficult to photograph in that site. Nice job by photographer Pat Greenhouse / Boston Globe.

In 1931, he and his wife Alice Beach Winter, also a successful artist, came to live in Gloucester year round having spent summers since 1914 and building their Mt. Pleasant studio  in 1922.  Poetry was the third mural Winter completed in Gloucester.

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Jason Burroughs’ art will be featured in Montserrat’s Artrageous!30 in Gloucester this Saturday


His sculpture will be featured in the LIVE auction portion of Montserrat’s annual big wheel gig, ARTRAGEOUS including one that debuted at the Thanksgiving Pop Up Fair. This 2016 auction marks the 30th anniversary for the college of art’s annual fundraiser. Buy tickets now and note the night’s venue change…from Beverly to Gloucester. A portion of each sale goes to the school and directly to the artists.


  • Saturday, April 2, 2016
  • 6:00pm-9:00pm
  • 11 Dory Road, Gloucester, MA 01930 (Off Blackburn circle)

Anyone know why the college’s founders selected the name ‘Montserrat’?



From Cape Ann Museum ~
Happy Birthday to CAM artist Anna Vaughn Hyatt Huntington (1876-1973)! The incredibly successful sculptor had a specialty in portraying animals, partially due to the influence of her eminent paleontologist father, Alpheus Hyatt. Her most well-known work on Cape Ann is the 3,500 lb bronze statue of Joan of Arc in front of Gloucester’s American Legion Post. The monument sits atop historic stones from France as a memorial to the Gloucester men who fought and died among French allies in World War I. Her model for Joan’s noble steed was a local horse named Frank that once pulled a fire wagon.
12814804_1089749337744461_3195385424672608358_n PHOTO COURTESY CAPE ANN MUSEUM

Five-Day Bare Bones Wood Carving Classes With David Calvo March 16-20, 2016

Five-Day Bare Bones Wood Carving Classes

The Bare Bones Wood Carving Class will give the beginner carving enthusiast a solid foundation in woodcarving because we address the carving skill from its most simpliest building blocks. No matter what your carving style preference is you need to know the fundamentals of carving technique and you need to know it well. In sports, because woodcarving is part sport, the learning curve of having strong fundamentals is akin to a tennis pro who has trained his tennis volley to be both effortless and graceful. Woodcarving can be effortless and graceful too. This is the romance and attraction of the skill.


  • WOOD CARVING TOOL SHARPENING: Learn how to design and sharpen your tool edge so that you have better control and a more versatile woodcarving chisel. I will show you how to sharpen with the proficiency that was used in the European apprenticship programs. I will also incorporate some Japanese sharpening theory because it comes from the samari traditions and is an integral part of their apprenticeship. Sharp tools that easily bite into the wood and do not skate are an important ingredient for woodcarving with intent.

  • WOOD CARVING TECHNIQUE: Learn how to handle your carving tools in the wood; from roughing out the beginnings of your project to the final delicate detailing. I teach an approach I call “anatomy integration” and it is an integral part of good hand technique. Wood carving is a skill that incorporates the body to better assist your hand control of the gouges. It is like a baseball pitcher throwing you a ball. You swing with the bat and use your body to step into the hit. The same is true in woodcarving, you use your body strength and weight for the cutting action. Simply stated; You don’t have to be a physical giant to handle woodcarving tools; it’s all in the technique.

  • YOUR WOOD CARVING PROJECT: In the five-day class each students will complete a few wood carving projects. In addition to practice exercises, you will carve a large fleur-de-lis that contains all the possible carving approaches and a woodcarver’s compass to understand wood grain. These are great projects because we can learn all aspects of carving thru them: technique, visual mapping and design elements. Each student does the same project which allows me creatively to keep repeating myself so the information I give you is reinforced. I have time tested this approach over many years and it is highly successful for adults.

  • ART OF SEEING: Learn the mechanical steps in the process of carving. Often I hear my new students say what I call the beginner’s mantra… “What do I do next?” There are mechanical steps to seeing what is the next move in your project. I also work with an approach method I call visual mapping. It is an activity that helps you to move through the progressive steps of your carving project. It is teachable and gaining this skill is critical for the beginner’s eye.

  • DESIGN SKILLS: Learn how to design your wood carving projects using references that many of the great artists used. There are many basic tools and mechanical steps to designing that are unknown to the novice woodcarver. This approach to building your design will expand your imagination and the steps to creating your own projects will start to come more easily to you. Finally, among many other things, you will learn about building contrast in your piece, a necessity to having a striking, attractive look.

This wood carving class will give you the skills to add a creative, personal details to all your wood working projects. The class and workshop formats are two, three or five days in length. Calvo Woodcarving School located in Gloucester, Massachusetts is a convenient commute from Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, New Jersey, Connecticut, New York and New York City areas. For those flying in we are located 45 minutes north of Logan Airport in Boston. For more description info click on: The Bare Bones of Wood Carving Article. This wood carving workshop will give you skills that will put you on a whole new level. You will be surprisingly pleased with your new found woodcarving abilities.

March 16-20, 2016   Five-Day Wood Carving Workshop   Wed – Sun

8 Years in the Carving: Morgan Faulds Pike MasterAltarpiece nearly finished

pictures from Morgan’s website

Cat Ryan submits-

Realism in so many particulars, gestures, and glances is difficult to capture in any media. One of the impressive commissions Morgan Faulds Pike has been immersed in these last eight years, a special carved wooden altarpiece, is nearly complete. It’s a gentle, quiet stunner made up of a center panel and two side panels. Morgan created the reliquary, too.

St. Mary’s in Rockport is raising money for its installation. Follow this Crowdfunding link for more details. Donations can be sent directly to St. Mary’s and marked “Reredos”, Attn: Rev Karin E Wade, St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, 24 Broadway, Rockport, 01966

‘Reredos’ describes the freestanding art behind (and above) an altar. 

A photo history of the project is available at



FOUND! One Art Rock 02/28/2016

From: Robyn Salvanelli;

Sara Salvanelli, Age 7 found her first Art Rock this morning!



We don’t mind at all if you post the photo of Sara. We read the GMG post this morning and thought it might be a fun adventure to go searching for the art rock. We had a terrific time searching together this morning, it was a great way to spend a sunny Sunday morning together. This was another opportunity to show my daughter what a special place Gloucester is to live in. She is going to start an ‘Art Rocks’ collection and can’t wait to search for the next one.
Thank you for sharing your art and the love of Gloucester,”
Robyn Salvanelli

Singapore – and Then We Sailed Away by Ginnie Ely

Ely-1Steve, is the son of author Ginnie Ely, was one of Gloucester Smiles, he gave me this book, which is a great real life adventure.  Steve was part of a once in a life-time adventure.  Check out Amazon.Com for your own copy of  “Singapore – and Then We Sailed Away”.

Smile links:  G-Smile Foosball, G-Smile-133








Yo Yo Yo- Check Out Bex’ #Lobster Trap Wire Lobster All Lit Up Like A MFer


Well if this isn’t the coolest damn#Christmas #lobster decoration ever I don’t know what is. My buddy Bex added the lights. Someone from #RockportMA made the lobster trap wire lobster. I’ll find out who and credit the creator once I talk to Bex.

Lobster trap buoy tree KIDS BUOY painting all week

Cat Ryan submits-

Hi Joey-
Cool interactive gateway this year on Cape Ann Art Haven lobster trap design! Great photo op for everybody.

If we ever have buoy overflow –or enough requests and funding– wouldn’t it be great to hang the buoys with the wreaths downtown?  We used to have gold buoys with the wreaths.

The wreaths at the train station and along Railroad Avenue look wonderful this year with the new sidewalk.


A wonderful exhibit at the Hive on Saturday

Really enjoyed the POP UP Thanksgiving exhibit which was held at The Hive on Saturday.  Young artists show their wonderful artwork.  Here is a few photos of this exhibit.


Live from the 18 Up and 30 Under Fabulous Show at the Hive! Beautiful photos by Alessia LoGrasso

A photo posted by Kim Smith (@kimsmithdesigns) on

Show assistant installers Charles and George Ryan!

A photo posted by Kim Smith (@kimsmithdesigns) on

7 things you need to know to know about TOMORROW’S Thanksgiving Break pop up art fair @TheHIVECenter

1. When: Yes, it’s tomorrow, November 28, 2015, ONE DAY ONLY, but not all day, from 4-8pm to leave time for shopping/dining local.

2. Where: Downtown Gloucester at @ Cape Ann Art Haven’s art center HIVE 11 Pleasant Street

3. What: Original art on exhibit and for sale! See the invitation below/attached!

4. Who: Features young local artists/creative services with Gloucester ties read more

5. Oh, oh, can’t go? Check out the HIVE new on line artist directory

6. Let your friends and family know: if you think of somebody who should get in that directory, do it! All media! They’ll resume editing and adding into it next week email

7. Cape Ann Art Haven art center has a donation jar. Support this full service Gloucester gem in the heart of downtown.



Art in the Schoolhouse

Please go to the following link for more information and to register.
If you wish to register for the show, please click on more and scroll down to Art Show registration.

Magnolia Show December 11-12

Please go to
If you wish to register for the show, please click on more and scroll down to Art Show registration.

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