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Rubber Duck Celestial Pinball Starts Tonight!

Some amazing collisions in our summer skies this summer and to really appreciate it you have to look at the darkened sky over the sunset starting tonight. It will be pretty easy to pick out Venus as the brightest object above the horizon. Then check out Jupiter which is sitting above Venus. Kind of cool but why are we looking at them? Because from here to the end of the month, keep track of how Venus tracks towards Jupiter. If you do, by the last day of June you will think they are going to crash into each other! It is only on July first that Venus edges by below Jupiter.

On June 30th Venus will be so close to Jupiter that by using a decent set of birding binocs with wide field you will be able to see Venus and four moons of Jupiter along with Jupiter a the same time! Comet 67P not to scale.

On June 30th, Venus will be so close to Jupiter that by using a decent set of birding binocs with wide field you will be able to see Venus and four moons of Jupiter along with Jupiter at the same time! An inner and outer planet with circling moons!  Comet 67P not to scale.

Then we can go back to figuring out where the Rubber Duck shaped Comet 67P is. This will be easy because the lander named Philae the European Space Agnecy sent woke up last week! The lander is sitting on the Rubber Duck’s head and we may be able to get photos of what happens to a comet when it heats up this August as it sweeps around the sun. Can you imagine photos of the Rubber Duck’s head popping off? (Joey and Craig are hoping!)

A photo of 67P if it landed in London. The Philae lander sitting on the head is the size and weight of a standard washing machine. But the gravity of this Mount Fuji sized comet creates an apparent weight for the lander of only one piece of paper! When this sucker heats up, fasten your seatbelts!

A photo of 67P if it landed in London. The Philae lander sitting on the head is the size and weight of a standard washing machine. But the gravity of this Mount Fuji sized comet creates an apparent weight for the lander of only one piece of paper! When this sucker heats up, fasten your seatbelts!

And here is where I got the photo of 67P Rubber Duck at the Bikini Speedo Tourney. David Cox is amazed.

And there are some interesting mushrooms growing over here!

There are some interesting mushrooms growing over here next to this tree. Should I post the next shot? Your call. Leave a comment.

[EDIT two days later]. Finally, someone asks about the mushrooms, EJ, wants to know. When I first posted the David Cox shot I was sure I caught a dodge ball player watering a tree in the background. But I looked at all my shots and a moment later got a clear view of the innocent players getting dressed after the game.

Forget the mushrooms, pull your pants on!

Hey, I’m just pulling my pants on!

Magnolia Art in the Schoolhouse

Wonderful turn out on June 5, 2015. Remember Magnolia Art in the Schoolhouse hours for Saturday are 12-4 and Sunday 12 -4. Come on by.

2nd Rockport First Night Tonight! 4-8 PM

Dock Square, Bearskin Neck, the other neck on Cape Ann full of wonder. Check it out. The shops and galleries are stuffed full of new stuff while keeping the old  good stuff.

When: 4-8PM and beyond, Tonight, First Friday of the month all summer.

Where: Rockport; Bearskin Neck, Dock Square and up Main Street.

Feature: The Art Nook Gallery on the Neck. Go all the way down and turn right into Helmut’s Strudel. Have a small coffee and a cinnamon roll with raisins. Make sure and get the raisins. Trust me. Then three steps right across the street is the Art Nook Gallery.

Take a selfie of you standing in front of Stefan Mierz’s freshly painted”Rockport Harbor Sunrise.” Stefan or Kathleen Miller will shoot it with your phone. Send it to Rubber Duck. Blue Duck will be shooting her Selfie at 5 PM.

Rubber Duck: "Do you see what I see?" Blue Duck: " I think they add more than fluoride to the Rockport water ..."

Rubber Duck: “Do you see what I see?”
Blue Duck: ” I think they add more than fluoride to the Rockport water …”

Art in Schoolhouse

Scan June 5 Magnolia ShowWhat a list of great local artists that are showing at this Art event.


Skip                Montello

Phil                 Cusumano

Leslie              Heffron

Sue Ann          Pearson

Kathy             Roberts

Deb                 Nypaver

Josiah              Bedrosian

Susan              Drennan

Robert            Williams

Mary Anne        Brewer

Rusty               Kinnunen

Abby                Quinn

Audi                 Souza

Judy                 Robinson-Cox

Wilmarie           Torres

Joey                 Ciaramitaro

Laureen            Maher

Donna              Ardizzoni

Erin                  Pequeno

Lara                 Barnett

Bridgette         Matthews

Powers-Smith and daughter

Amy                Bain


FOUND! Art Rock, 05/28/2015 Good Harbor Beach

FOUND! “Art Rocks!”  05/28/2015 Good Harbor Beach

"I'm the lucky one today! I went to the side of Good Harbor Beach 
certain that the rock would be gone and couldn't believe it when I 
spotted it! I had gone to Lanes Cove too late last week and never 
thought I would have another chance. Very very special. Hope to meet you
 someday! Thank you soo much! What fun!!" 
Becareful what you wish for Aurise!  :)

Rockport Middle School production of "The Sound of Music" was nominated for five MET Musical Awards by the Massachusetts Educational Theater Guild


Hi Joey!

The Rockport Middle School production of “The Sound of Music” was nominated for five MET Musical Awards by the Massachusetts Educational Theater Guild.   Winners to be announced June 9th.



Jack Kelly, Best Lead Actor  – Captain Von Trapp

Hattie Rich, Best Supporting Actress – Elsa Schraeder

Alex Strzemilowski, Best Supporting Actor – Max Detweiler


Best Set Design and Execution

Best Lighting Design and Execution


Best source of additional information:  Keith McCarthy, Drama Director Rockport Middle School

Time to visit the all new Bearskin Neck, Rockport

You might think ho-hum, I’ve been to Bearskin Neck over the years many times, but you should try it out again. Lots of new stuff. Two examples:

A new turn-around and new breakwater at the end! There is still the “Pass at Your Own Risk” sign but now it is so much easier to walk all the way out to the #6 harbor beacon. It really needs a good storm to wash the grit off it left from mashing 13 ton rocks into a flat top but you should try it out now.

There's a party out on #6 ATON.

There’s a party out on #6 ATON.

New artists! I’ll highlight just one but there are tons of new artists and shops out there. One gallery you have to stop in to see is David Arsenault. Leaf through his website but you have to see these in person. The very familiar, Good Harbor Beach, Old Garden Beach swing. After viewing if you go back outside on Cape Ann you realize you are living in a painting.

You've sat at this picnic table before enjoying a sunset haven't you?

You’ve sat at this picnic table before enjoying a sunset haven’t you? New owner, same table, different sunset.

Click on for the latest including first Friday Nights in Rockport or click on the frequently updated Facebook page.

Rubber Dick Approved.

Rubber Duck Approved.


This is a video I did about 11 years ago while working for the Virginian-Pilot and in Norfolk, Va.

An amazing friend and musician Todd “Tones” Jones produced and played on the track. He’s an amazing guitarist as you will hear. When I first heard this track, I immediately knew I had to create a Memorial Day tribute video. I filmed all the locations throughout the entire Hampton Roads area. (this was pre-HD, sorry) Please enjoy and share!


Inside a Birdhouse ~ Patrick Dougherty’s Stickwork!

Patrick Dougherty Stickwork Peabody Essex -5 w ©Kim Smith 2015Today driving along Route 1A I passed the fabulous and fantastic Patrick Dougherty enormous two-story tall birdhouses in the midst of downtown Salem. I did a double take and turned around. They are simply extraordinary. Although a work in progress, it must have been lunch break because the site was empty of people. I would have loved to have met the artist and see the volunteers at work but it was a magical experience to walk through and around the birdhouses with no one present. Especially captivating was peering out from the round windows towards the passersby from inside the structures–evoking the feel of being a bird in its nest. GO SEE!!!!

Patrick Dougherty Stickwork Peabody Essex -10 ©Kim Smith 2015

Patrick Dougherty Stickwork Peabody Essex -1 w ©Kim Smith 2015Patrick Dougherty Stickwork Peabody Essex -4 w ©Kim Smith 2015

Looking up through the skylight.

“Stickwork” by Patrick Dougherty is under construction, with the help of local volunteers, through May 23rd. The finished structures will remain on the grounds of the Crowninshield-Bentley House for one year. The Crowninshield-Bentley House is located at the corner of Essex and Washington Streets and is owned by the Peabody Essex Museum. “Stickwork” is the first environmental art installation under the museum’s Present Tense Initiative. For more information visit

Patrick Dougherty Stickwork Peabody Essex -9 w ©Kim Smith 2015

The birdhouses are made of saplings from unwanted wood such as Norway maple and buckthorn.

Patrick Dougherty Stickwork Peabody Essex -7 w ©Kim Smith 2015



Printmaker Needed!

Hi Joey,

This is Mary Rhinelander here, of Cape Ann Blue Willow fame. I am not sure if you list things like this, but I am losing one of my print coop. members and must find someone to take their place and help offset the monthly rent.  Located in the Beacon Marine Building, the Shop is a pretty magical place to work, with with tide rising and falling literally underneath you! If there is room in your line-up one of these days, I would most appreciate a post. Image of the press and my contact info. are attached.

Many thanks,



The first one sold out in four or five hours…


The second one sold out on the first day. Marketing and trying to stay current, here’s to a local employee’s initiative.

Kayleigh Bishop, bar manager for Jalapenos had a hunch Paint Nite would be a good fit for Sundays.  She and a couple of friends enjoyed one in Boston. Why not here? She was right. “They have been a huge positive, selling out weeks ahead of time. They’re so much fun to work. And just to be there for it—just to witness!” For Jalapenos, at first it was mainly regulars. Gradually it began to bring different crowds of people, sometimes older, sometimes younger, some from other towns. It energizes the regular business.  Jalapenos jumped in with the new programming January 2015. “People come in early, grab a seat. We’ve tried the back room and the bar area. The instructors are funny and personable, hands on.”  The teacher, Quinn Ramini, Paint Nite artist, is a local; he grew up in Maine and now resides and works in Gloucester. He’s also a trained artist teaching this class a few times a week or month. “Gloucester has an incredibly vibrant history and colorful culture which makes Paint Nite a perfect match,” he says. “The vibe that the town exudes compliments the event…I love hosting events here!”

Jalapeno’s Bishop suggests arriving early to grab a seat and order some food before starting- “the paint area not enough room to eat where you paint.” Then sit down with drinks and music. “Everyone leaves with some fun.” Bishop likes Paint Nite’s community–someone from here– purpose.

Anything else? “Look for groupons!” Maybe they can arrange with UBER, too.

Paint Nite raised 13 million in another round of financing in February and celebrated its 3 year anniversary.



SELL OUT ALERT: 35 seats left for Art Garfunkel @ Larcom This Sat 5/23

Art Garfunkel

Only 35 seats left for this very special evening with Art Garfunkel, one of popular music’s most revered icons.  Most of the seats are in the Balcony (get them here).  For this show, with only 2 people on stage, the seats at Balcony left and right (that normally offer a partially obstructed view) will be fine.  And they’re a bargain. Get them NOW!

Imagine seeing him and hearing his extraordinary voice in the intimate Larcom Theatre (right down the road in downtown Beverly) with gimmeLIVE’s perfect sound.

This will be Art Garfunkel’s only Boston area appearance on this tour.

It will certainly be an experience you won’t soon forget!  Don’t wait until tickets are gone.  Get them now, right here.


Public Conversation on the Arts Hosted By Mayor Romeo Thekan

Thursday nights art’s conversation was well-attended. After the introduction and welcome speeches by Mayor Romeo Thekan, Jack Clark, and Judith Hoglander the audience broke into small groups to answer three questions: 1.) What values or vision informs your thinking about the selection and placement of public art. 2.) What suggestions do you have for reaching out and including the community in the process? 3.) What criteria should we use in the selection and placement of public art? After which the audience reconvened to share the small group’s answers.

There was a shared vision and commonality in many of the responses. A strong desire for transparency throughout the entire process was stated often as was the position that our public art choices tell the story of Gloucester.

In our small group, Gloucester sculptor David Calvo shared the story of Maritime Gloucester’s humble beginnings and how it grew organically, with the full support of the community behind its development. There are a number of reasons why there is such a community-wide viscerally negative reaction to the proposed David Black sculpture and one of the solutions suggested was to put a policy in place which would allow the community to say no to an unwanted gift. Another suggestion was to identify places where we would like to see public art so that the community is not in the position of scrambling to place very large-scale works of art in very small parks.

A suggestion that resonated with many was that we investigate and learn from neighboring communities about their policies toward selecting and placing public art. The meeting was productive and we’ll be hearing more from the Mayor and Committee for the Arts in the coming weeks about Gloucester’s developing public arts plan. Mayor Sefatia Romeo Thekan Melissa Cox Gloucester ©Kim Smith 2015

Mayor Romeo Thekan and City Councilwoman Melissa Cox


Mayor Sefatia Romeo Theken invites interested residents of Gloucester to join with her and the Committee for the Arts to begin a Public Conversation on the Arts on Thursday, May 14th, from 7:00 to 9:00 pm in the Kyrouz Auditorium at City Hall. The purpose of this facilitated discussion is to solicit ideas on what a public arts policy should look like. The meeting is not about individual projects, works of art, or location but about what should guide the City as it makes decisions on this important subject. “I am committed to carefully and thoughtfully considering issues related to the selection and siting of public art in the City of Gloucester and the upcoming Public Conversation on the Arts will be an invaluable tool,” said Mayor Romeo Theken.manat the wheel

Fisherman Memorial Painting by Paul Frontiero

Motif No.1 Day 2015 (M1D:15) is Gonna Be Amazing

Five days away from the best M1D in 65 years (really). Film, Dance, Poetry, Music, Art, activities for kids and tons of community events are planned.

FILM: (look for GMG goddess Kim Smith’s clip!) The Red Shed Film Fest at the Rockport Public Library

DANCE: The T-Wharf tent featuring the Rockport Dance Academy and Fight or Flight Aerial Theatre.

MUSIC: The Dock Square tent features the Mari Martin Band, Pesky J. Nixon and Glass Onion. The Shalin Liu features a FREE community concert and an Instrument Petting Zoo.

WORDS: The School Street Tent: Magnetic Poetry Slam, Words Interactive, Words Before Dinner: the Poetry of Cape Ann.

ART: motif 2015 is a show featuring fresh, new work curated by Bob & Jill Armstrong of Iartcolony Gallery in Rockport. Artists from Cape Ann, Boston and beyond have re-imagined the Motif in everything from sculpture to paintings to video installations. A gallery walk will also be part of the festival.

COMMUNITY: Rockport Elementary School 3rd Grade Art Show, the M1D 5k & Fun Run to benefit Rockport Public Schools, Thacher Island Committee, Sandy Bay Yacht Club, Rockport Cub Scouts, Millbrook Meadow Committee, Addison Gilbert, SISU Fitness and more!

FOOD: Top Dog will have a food booth at the School Street Tent, Blue Lobster Grille and That Nutty Redhead will be set up in Dock Square, the New Year’s Rockport Eve Food Booth will be in Harvey Park.

FAMILY ACTIVITIES: Sidewalk Chalk Art Contest with prizes sponsored by The Ice Cream Store, painting, sketching, a Story Walk and Make-a-Book craft sponsored by the Rockport Public Library and much more!

Print out this handy Schedule of Events and bring it with you to Motif No.1 Day. The CATA trolley Park ‘n’ Ride will be running all day. Follow us on Twitter @rockportfest to stay up on the festival haps (do people still say that?) #M1D #rockportrocks



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