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Alicia Unleashed- Closet Case

Alicia Unleashed Episode 65
Recorded with B-Side, Paul Catania, “Silent” MR. E and Hostess Alicia Cox


Hot Plate
*Hannah Kimberley’s book reading “A Woman’s Place is on Top” August 3rd @ Sawyer Free Library.

*Period Partners Drive August 12 at Stop & Shop 9am-1pm (See information below)***

*Shout out to Danny Diamond (Episode 61) with his AMAZING work at Cape Ann Brewery

* Patriots get 2 Planes, 1st in NFL to have their own planes. Wilfork signs a 1 day contract to retire as a Patriot.

*We missed in Episode 64 the passing of Chester Bennington.

*Yoga and Men, why is that not a thing, it should be. Shout out to Chelsea Porper.

Business Shoutouts: Gloucester Boxing Club, Cape Ann Power Yoga, Noel & Kevin from Boxx109 in Newton.

We’re talking with Paul C about Gloucester’s “Closet Case”. The origins of the monthly party @ Cape Ann Cinema. GURL at Short & Main, dance party and small shows. Paul talks about the vibes for creating and inspired by performances. Mission Statement: Entertain, Intrigue and Inspire. End of the Summer Party “Sex on the Beach” August 26th.

Paul also addresses his new sobriety and his mindfulness since drinking.
Insta: @closetcaseparty
Black Sheep Stampede on August 19th @Katrina’s. Find ‘Road to Babylon’ on Spotify.

***Period Partners will provide clients of The Open Door with a year’s supply of tampons and pads. To kick off its fund-raising efforts, the group will hold a product drive at Stop & Shop, 6 Thatcher Rd. in Gloucester, on Saturday, August 12, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Can’t make it to the drive? You can make a tax-deductible donation at – write “for Period Partners” in the note field. Or email for more info.

Viva Feva while drinkin Zima

Recorded 6/20/17 -With Hostess Alicia, Sam & Emmett Barrett, Rachelle Favazza and B-Side. IT’S FIESTA CAST!



B did not know that the word is “Gumbarre” not “Gomadi” (Ricotta vs Rigortta).


Send out Shoutouts, to the walkers!
Shout out to Andrew Nicastro!

Check out Alice Gardner’s Children’s picture book: St. Peter’s Fiesta Gloucester, Massachusetts.

We are trying to figure out the origin of the Sailor Suit. Anyone want to help us out?

“Women’s Bet”-
Short or Long Victory-
Saturday: Sam (Round 2/3) Rach (Round 3), Alicia (Round 2), Bridget (Round 3)

Shout out to Kim Smith, Amy Clayton and Robin Mcnair for our closer.


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Alicia Unleashed- Skribblefish

Alicia Unleashed episode 61 taped 6/9/17 with B-Side, Danny Diamond and hostess Alicia Cox

Hot Plate:

Gloucester Harborwalk Starts July 12 Starting with Jaws.
Cape Ann SUP Free Movie-Endless Summer June 16th.
Alicia has nodes.

Go Kyle Go! Go Team Zebra!

Happy Belly is now open!

Shoutout to Melissa Hayes who will be part of the Bakery portion.

We have Danny Diamond of in the house! If you have been to Miglewood, you have seen his work. Now featured on the boards at Happy Belly
Come seen Danny in action at The Harvest Moon Festival September 16.

Shout outs to:

West: Lake Painting, Bill’s Wheels, California Thrash Kids, Color-Thirsty Vampires, Kitty-Kat Drawings, Ferrell’s Donuts, Elements of Life, Sherwin Williams SC, Blue Lagoon, Sports Bar, Toast Ghost, Fast Eddie’s, Tacos Morenos, and El Tigre Sució.

East: KR Painting, Ben’s Wallpaper and Paint, Charba Crew, Vermin Supreme, Hush 3, Extreme Auto, Tale Rock, Long Shots, Sticky Fingers, BAU Builders, Will’s World, Two Sisters, Shmo, Firetrap Kids, We Do That, Rock the World, Backyard Growers, Serenitee, Dogbar, Shep Abbott, Uncle Ian, Prince Insurance, Kokeshi, Blue Lagoon Sports Bar, Staircase Tattoo (west)and the irrepressible Jed James Richardson, RIP.

Alicia Unleashed- EPICsode 60

Taped 5/12/2017 with Sam, Rachel, B-Side and Hostess Alicia Cox


We went back! BACK TO THE 90’S!

We revisit all things 90’s right off the bat with O’Maley School’s “ShamRock” which was the OG Lip Sync Battle (it was a competition). B destorys her yearbooks.

Whatever happened to the Steve Kercher Band? Where are they now? Who has that music video vhs?

Hot Plate: The Vape Store is gone. Now it’s a nail salon!

HAPPY Nurse’s Appreciation Week! National Teacher’s Day! National Military Spouse Day!

Dating Dictionary: B explains the 2 new terms “Haunting” and “Situationship” we even talk about a man of Alicia’s Summer past (sorry Mr. E).

What generation are we? We have determined we are the “Oregon Trail Generation”. We are not MILLENNIALS! We need to find STARTAH JACKETS ASAP! We also need to find some Watermelon Color Z Cavaricci.

We still haven’t learned our lessons. Bridget and Sam invented podcasts, we’re convinced.

We play “Would your rather?”, we talk our Top Hearthrobs of yesteryear, Favorite teen books, pen pals, our “first time” on the information super highway.

We touch base on some of the BIGGEST 90’s news stories (briefly). Also we celebrate the 20th birthday of so many of our favorite songs!

Opening song: Mark Morrison-Return of the Mack
Closing Song: Semisonic-Closing Time


Alicia Unleashed- EDS Awareness

Alicia Unleashed Episode 59 taped 4/30/2017 with B-Side, Kyle D, Kim and Hostess Alicia Cox


Episode 59-Taped 4/30/17
With B-Side Special Guest Kyle Danikas and Kim

Alicia’s “Hot Plate” topics. We welcome back Kyle and she explains where she has been and what she has been up to. She also brought along her friend Kim who is incredible in her own. Kyle and Kim sit down with us to describe what it is like to live with EDS and the daily struggles they endure. We’re sure you will not want to miss a second of the episode.
May is EDS Awareness month and we are helping get the information out.

Kyle is doing a Walk with the Marfan Foundation June 11th in Boston Common. All money raised for her Team (Team Zebra) will go to research for EDS.

Every little bit helps, if you would like to make a donation to help Kyle’s Team please go to the following link:

Kyle Danikas-Team Zebra
The Marfan Foundation

Also we apologize for the recording quality and echo…and the crunching. (We’re a work in progress)

Alicia Unleashed- EMT Surgerical Goddess

Alicia Unleashed Episode 58 taped April 19 with B-Side, Cindy Tarantino and hostess Alicia Cox

We sit down with Cindy Tarantino, EMT, Student, Goddess, etc.
We disscuss Aaron Hernadez (and B’s conspriacy theories), Facebook Live Killing and what Zuck is doing about it.

Teaser for an upcoming podcast with Kyle Danikas and The Marfan Foundation.

We ask Cindy all sorts of questions as to her early beginnings as an EMT, Surgical Tech Student and what in the world made her get in to this career. We talk about the differences between EMS, EMT and Paramedics and touch on what the general public doesn’t know and should know.
Being an Athena’s Goddess and how Sexual Health vs Sex Ed are two different things. How Sex Toys pay for weddings.



Kyle Danikas-Team Zebra
The Marfan Foundation

Apologies for closing audio:
Salt N’Peppa “Let’s talk about sex”

Alicia Unleashed- Jenny of all trades

Alicia unleashed episode 57 taped 4/11/2017 with B-Side and Jenny Greeke

We sat down with Fashion Designer, Jenny Greeke of Harpy Fashion. In this podcast we discuss her being a Roller Derby Girl, Fashion Designer/Costume Designer, Tangoing with Tom Hanks and being a Welder. She breaks down some rules of the rink for Roller Derby, Her new direction for her Fashion Line, Wearable Art and Alicia is buying a coat! Jenny also discusses some pretty incredicble run ins!

Also a brief recap of Bikini Speedo Dodgeball, Frankie is the man (but does he know Drake)?

Websites for the following: Schedules and Locations



Opening Credits (provided by Guest):
Under Pressure-Queen & David Bowie
Dirty Water-The Standells

Alicia Unleashed- Shout out to G-Town


Alicia Unleashed Episode 55 taped 3/5/17 with B-Side and Hostess Alicia Cox

Pier 23, Dress Code, Azorean, Seaport Grille, Short and Main, Second Glance, Gloucester Mattress, Stones Pub, Phia Wellness Center, Beauport Hotel, Studio Restaurant

Alicia Unleashed- #makecraigviral

aliciaunleashed-1-picsay-1Alicia Unleashed episode 53 with special guests Joey C, Rick D, Melissa and B-Side with Hostess Alicia Cox

World Premier of new Theme Song, Pats Nation, Our boy Craig and so much more…



Alicia Unleashed- Snapface and Instachat


Alicia Unleashed Episode 52 taped 1/18/17 with B-Side, Kevin Bacon and Alicia Cox



Football Recap, Playoff Weekend, Goodell, Pats Nation, Concerts, Would you go to the movies by yourself?, How many bags do you bring to work?, What do you call a bag? etc

Alicia Unleashed- Size Queens

aliciaunleashed-1-picsay-1Alicia Unleashed Episode 51 taped 1/7/17 with B-Side and Hostess Alicia Cox


Happy New Year, Snow Adventure,  Mariah Carey, Drake and J Lo, Mr.E, Alexa, Records are back etc…

Alicia Unleashed- Get Uncomfortable

aliciaunleashed-1-picsay-1Alicia Unleashed taped 12/30/2016 with B-Side, Sam, Christina and Hostess Alicia Cox


Sam and Christina phoned in with us!

Happy New Year folks!


Alicia Unleashed- O Holy Night


Alicia Unleashed Episode 49 with B-Side and Hostess Alicia Cox


B-Side recaps her San Fran trip, Alan Thicke, Florence Henderson, Corrections department, Mr. E, 2017 dating

Alicia Unleashed- Tyler’s Back


Alicia Unleashed Episode 48 taped with Tyler and Mom

Lobster trap tree lighting, Recap Santa at sea, Lynnfield Marketplace Ice Skating, Wahlburgers, Seaport Grille, Stones, Virgillios buns on Burgers, Favorite holiday song, Favorite thing about the holidays, Chocolate, It’s Sugar, 2017 plans, Tyler is a perfect gentleman, Tyler’s future plans, Fuller House recap


Alicia Unleashed- Friday Night Fun

aliciaunleashed-1-picsay-1Alicia Unleashed Episode 47 taped on 11/18/16 with B-Side and Hostess Alicia Cox


Dating, Thanksgiving tradition, Real tree vs. Fake Tree, What kind of Christmas  lights do you like?, Holiday Music and when its too early?

Alicia Unleashed- Teaser


Alicia Unleashed Episode 46 with B-Side and Hostess Alicia Cox

You think you know what we are talking about? Well listen and see what the hype is about.


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