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Valentine’s Day Destinations


Ok, Ok many people feel that Valentine’s Day is a Hallmark holiday. That’s fine but don’t ruin it for the rest of us. I do not particularly care about the whole “gift receiving and giving” aspect. Its the “spirit” I LOVE! Its a day when everyone just LOVES. Isn’t that what we all want? Is just to love and be loved?

So, for the spirit of the holiday I have put together your Valentine destinations on Cape Ann! I will update as I find new places! Book your destination today!



Seaport Grille special pre-fixe menu! Check it out!

Katrina’s Special menu, music and more!

Magnolia 525 tavern keep posted for their festivities


Foreign Affairs Valentine’s Brunch AND dinner!


Chocolate for your honey

Turtle Alley 42 Rogers St, Gloucester

Nichols Candies 1 Crafts Road/Route 128, Exit 12 Gloucester

Tuck’s Candy 15 Main st, Rockport


Wine and Cheese

Savour Wine 76 Prospect St, Gloucester

The Cave 44 Main St, Gloucester



Celia’s Flower Studio 77 Langsford St, Gloucester

Sage Floral Studio 274 Main St, Gloucester

Russell’s Florist 18 Eastern Ave, Gloucester

Audrey’s Florist 38 Railroad Ave, Gloucester


Specialty Gift Shops

Pop Gallery 67 Main St, Gloucester

Magic Scarf Main St, Gloucester

La Provence 4 Main St, Rockport

Mimi 11 Central St, Manchester


If you know of more restaurants and destinations drop me a comment and I will add them!


Alicia Unleashed Episode 13-Cold Review

aliciaunleashed-1-picsay (1)

Alicia Unleashed Episode 13 taped 12/27/15 with B-Side, KD and Host Alicia Cox


Sorry it cut off at the end 😦 sad face:

Topics Include:

Queen Latifa “Unity”, Hidden Homiecast, Joey’s Sabbatical, Yoga 2016, How many Homiecast in 2016, recap Pats game, Steve Harvey, Alan Thicke and Ryan Seacrest mishaps, Chris is wearing Pat’s Revis shirt, Cold Play in Super Bowl, Kyle’s review on new Cold Play Album, Kyle’s new necklace from Common Crow, Gas station open on Christmas, Little Sister Selia learning to cook and growing up, New year’s resolutions, Grandma Mary’s New Years saying, Do you say Hi to people you haven’t seen in many years?, New Years Eve plans, Hanging out with people younger than you, Nora Jones, Who is you favorite actress/actor?, Sandra Bullock drama in Cape Ann, Can you recite movie quotes?, Netflix series, Fuller House premiering Feb 26th, John Stamos, Adele


New Year’s Restaurant Rundown

New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day is my favorite time of the year.

Represents new beginnings and renewal for the upcoming New Year.

Here’s what we have for the 2 days of celebration!

I encourage restaurants and anyone that can add to this list!

New Year’s Eve

Ohana NYE Price Fixe Menu 3 Course Dinner  $45 With wine pairing  $80

NYE Lobster Specials At Seaport Grille & NYE Party Cruise On the Beauport Princess 8:30PM-12:30AM

2nd Annual Family Fun Night at Mile Marker One

Free swimming and party favor for the kids

Lat 43 NYE Party

20% of the ticket sales go to Gloucester Education Foundation

Ohana New Years Eve Menu
3 Course Dinner  $45 With wine pairing  $80

Foreign Affairs NYE Dinner

Manchester by the Sea

Franklin Cape Ann NYE Dinner

Downtown Rockport New Year’s Eve

Celebrating the New Year with family, friends, and neighbors. Six hours of continuous entertainment in downtown Rockport. 6 PM – midnight.

For music rundown on New Years Eve visit Gimmesound web page

New Year’s Day

New Year’s Day Brunch At Seaport Grille & New Year’s Day Jazz Brunch Buffet Cruise On The Beauport Princess 11:00AM-3:00PM

Katrina’s New Year’s Day Music Brunch

11:30am to 2:30pm Music by Brian King

Foreign Affairs New Years Day Brunch

Bloody Mary Bar 10am to 2:30pm

New Year’s Day 11:00 am Rocky Neck Plunge at Steven’s Lane and donations to Open Door Food Pantry. Always a great turnout and fun to watch (and plunge if you’re so inclined). After warm up party at the Cultural Center.

Do you believe in ‘Old Wives Tales’?


When I get a cold I will do ANYTHING to get better FAST! I literally have had 5 colds in the past 20 years. I have an immune system of steel!

So I heard the old wives’ tale of putting a peeled onion in a bowl in your room and it absorbs bacteria.

Have you heard this?

Onions and the Flu

Q: Can Raw Onion Prevent the Flu?

A: There is no scientific evidence that a cut raw onion absorbs germs or rids the air of toxins/poisons.

A wives tale that dates back as far as the 1500’s claims that placing a cut raw onion in rooms throughout a residence could protect its occupants from getting the bubonic plague.

Long before germs were discovered, the dominate belief was contagious diseases were spread by miasma, or “noxious air.”

While false, this belief remained part of folk medicine through the 19th century claiming to ward off epidemics like smallpox, influenza, and other “infectious fevers.”


Gloucester makes #1 yet again…

Lets face it Gloucester makes #1 on lists all the time for various reasons. Some great, some not so great.

BUT this one takes the cake, I never laughed so hard!

Do you think its because half the city is related?

Tribute to FOB Peter Albert Todd


Photo by: Mary Barker


Our FOB and Ward 2 Councilwoman, Melissa Cox, has informed us of the passing of Peter Albert Todd. Earlier today Peter lost his very long battle with cancer. Peter Albert Todd was named Poet Laureate of the City of Gloucester, Massachusetts, in August, 2014.

Often referred to as the City Poet Laureate of Gloucester, Peter had been a life-long resident of the city that he loved.  He celebrated his love of everything Gloucester in his deeply personal and moving poems. His poems centered around such diverse topics as the Gloucester City Council, the city’s rich history, the fishing boats and working waterfront, Gloucester landmarks, individuals who have made Gloucester great, his adored family, and his deep personal Christian faith.

He was active in the Masonic Order for most of his life, Peter is twice Past Master of Tyrian Lodge, twice Past Master of Acacia Lodge, Past Master of Ashler Lodge, Past Master of Charles C. Dame Lodge, Past Worthy Patron of Martha Washington Chapter #21, OES, and was a faithful and loving Rainbow Dad for many years.  In 2004 Pete was honored with the Joseph Warren Medal for long and faithful service by order of the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts.  He celebrates his love of the Order in many of his poems.

Peter lived with the angel of his soul and the love of his life, his wife of over thirty years, Barbara. He has one daughter, Jenice; a granddaughter, Ashley; and two great-grandsons, Nathaniel and Daniel.

Mayor Sefatia Romeo Theken will lower the flag in front of City Hall on behalf of Peter.

Peter and his wife Barbara would visit us daily at Mamie’s Kitchen and when Peter was not sipping his hot chocolate with us he headed over to see his long time friend, Dean Salah of Georges Coffee Shop. We often heard the untold stories of Gloucester’s past and he brought copies of his poems to coffee shop to share with everyone. Peter had the most positive attitude towards life and the picture below says it all.




Time is a gift that one can spare
To help those who are in need
Just the knowing someone cares
Is a God given gift to all indeed
Time is also sharing flowers in view
Taking in their pleasant scents
Beneath the skies of heavenly blue
Rich of knowledge time well spent
As the years go by time does fly
Memories seem to all disappear
But as sure as the stars in night sky
Through God we have no fears
So treasure this gift in life each day
Share it with those you love
For does not the good book say
Trust in God beyond the sky above

by Peter Albert Todd


Alicia Unleashed Episode 12-Where is Frankie?

aliciaunleashed-1-picsay (1)

Alicia Unleashed Episode 12 Taped 12/7/2015 With Special Guests B-side, Misti Feliciano, Rick Doucette and Host Alicia Cox


Topics Include:

Salt n’ Pepa “Ain’t Nuthin but a she thing”, 90’s old school battle, Dude, Napster, O’Maley Legion Dances, Have you snuck into a dance?, Boyz to Men, Bridget sucks at love letters, Bye Girl Bye, Roller Pallace, Is Roller Pallace closing?, Save the Roller Palace, Bridget hurt herself at 21 at Roller Palace, Live caller Misti Feliciano of Glosta Joe Coffee, Misti come back!, Devon is 18, 84 Mustang vs, 86 Camaro, Car envy, Larry- Co Bean, People appreciate the island when they leave, Periscope after show, Frankie Gwen, Is Drake Canadian?, “Active Shooter” common term, Insta-Kyle, Sam Hunt, Get the sailors, Call Rick Doucette and Yearbook archives, What holiday songs do you love and dislike?, Hanukkah songs, Straight no Chaser, Holiday Pressure, Holiday Traditions, Favorite Holiday Present, Taylor Swift





Help Wanted


Local Job:

Recruiting Coordinator located at Varian via Yoh Staffing:

or send resume to:



Project Adventure in N. Beverly is hiring!

We are looking for a development person, trainers/consultants, sales people and challenge course builders.

Please submit your resume to for consideration.


Database Research Associate for National Nonprofit Organization
NeedyMeds, a leading online national resource dedicated to increasing public awareness about using healthcare assistance programs, is looking for people who are interested in making a difference in the lives of those who are seeking help managing healthcare expenses. If you are the kind of person who gets a sense of fulfillment in helping others, then you are the kind of person that this national nonprofit is seeking.
The full-time Database Research Associate position focuses on keeping databases current and exploring the Internet for adding new programs to the vast resources on the NeedyMeds website. The position requires strong computer skills, paying attention to details, accuracy and comfort with making phone calls. The position also requires assisting in daily administrative duties and occasionally adding support for special projects. We offer flexible hours, excellent benefits and advancement opportunities.
Bilingual Spanish/English is a plus
Required skills are:
Excellent, current computer skills (Mac-based office)
Strong written skills
Flexibility in switching tasks
Good communication skills on the phone
Comfort with working on databases
Comfort with repetitive tasks
Accuracy with data entry
Competency with researching on Internet
Pleasant demeanor
Mature outlook
Team player
Reliable and dependable transportationReply by email to with attached cover letter and resume and subject line: GMG Job Posting.
Starting pay: $12/hr with 60-day review and annual reviews thereafter.


Have a job you want to post? Post it in the comments!



RUSTED ROOT PLUS ROOTS OF CREATION This Thursday Dec. 3rd 8pm doors open at 7pm @ The Cabot in Beverly MA.

rusted root



World rockers RUSTED ROOT have been bringing people together since the early ’90s. With undeniably infectious anthems like “Send Me On My Way” and “Ecstasy,” they’ve captured hearts and minds while spreading their peaceful message around the world. The quintessential live band, Pittsburgh’s Rusted Root continues to perform high energy shows around the globe to sold out crowds.

Having collaborated for two decades, Rusted Root has honed the perfect combination of musical intuition, freedom and virtuosity, which has allowed them to organically shape their music into it’s own distinct and undeniable vision. With eight albums under their belt, over three million records sold and countless nights on the road, Rusted Root transcends age, cultures and musical styles.The members of Rusted Root are drawn to and have explored virtually every form of music. “I am very inspired vocally by anything from Indian to African to Middle Eastern sounds and scales having grown up with a lot of Hebrew music” Liz Berlin notes. Michael Glabicki cites the Bee Gees, Elvis Costello, Neil Young, Toni Childs, Black Keys, Black Sabbath and various Afro Pop music as among his influences. Combining a jam aesthetic and a global mindset, Rusted Root combines World influences into a transcontinental brew. The powerhouse ensemble’s hypnotic live performances have allowed them to tour alongside Santana, Dave Matthews Band, The Allman Brothers Band, Plant & Page and many others.

Rusted Root brings down the house every time they hit the stage, and we’re proud to welcome them to the Cabot!JUST ADDED: ROOTS OF CREATION!

“From addictive reggae pop songs to consciously charged roots rhythms and berserk electronic improvisations, the grace and precision with which ROC executes their bass-heavy works is overwhelming. Their roots are tinged with rock, their rock brushed with electronica, and they’re as likely to dash off into a 10-minute guitar-led groove as they are to perform righteous vocal songs that resonate like the roots-rock classics of old” wrote Homegrown Music Network.

2013 New England Music and Cider Magazine Award Winners, Roots of Creation, mixes roots and dub reggae with guitar-heavy rock and electronica, all wrapped around lead singer/guitarist Brett Wilson’s introspective and consciousness-laden lyrics.

The band is raising the bar at every performance with the intent of delivering a true rock show cleverly disguised as a reggae dance bash with psychedelic and energizing lights.  The techno-beam and LED tube lighting increases the already high-energy sound that Roots of Creation (RoC) brings to their audiences.

RoC’s newest release, Live at Bella Terra Festival (. . . And Stoned at Church), captures the band, during a 10 show tour, from the east coast to Chicago to Eastern Canada in August 2011.  The stop at Bella Terra in Stephentown, New York allowed RoC to perform a high-profile slot directly after the headliner, The Mickey Hart Band.  As thousands of fans poured from the main stage over to the late-night tent, RoC delivered a truly unique musical experience with thumping reggae bass lines, piercing guitar licks, and an electronic-dub sound only this band could create.  RoC travels with their own lighting designer, who put on a show of techno beams and LED tubes to match the music and vibe of Bella Terra as lead singer Brett Wilson demanded the crowds’ attention with his soulful lyrics and revolutionary calls.

Roots of Creation is made up of original members guitarist/lead singer Brett Wilson, keyboard player Tal Pearson, and drummer Mike Chadinha.  RoC is currently touring with a rotating arsenal of bassists, horns, and auxiliary members to blow the audience away by enhancing the overall sound and energy. The band formed in 2001 with Wilson, Pearson, Chadinha and former bassists while attending Franklin Pierce College and began touring heavily in 2004. RoC also tours with a rotating arsenal of horns to blow the audience away by enhancing the overall sound and energy.

Alicia Unleashed Episode 11-SISTER SISTERS

aliciaunleashed-1-picsay (1)

Alicia Unleashed Episode 11 Taped 11/25/2015 With Special Guests Crystal Cox, Selia Cox and Host Alicia Cox



Topics Include:

Adam Sandler Thanksgiving song, Kyles BFFL, Seaport 1/2 off appetizers, Hulk ate Matthews cheerios, Periscope Turducken, Cave cheese platter, Selia PSA on eating healthy during the holidays, Hi Kyle, Selia says drink in moderation, What is Movember, Selia talks seriously about Prostate exams. Mens health, Does it hurt when you ejaculate, Family chaos, Question mark tattoo, alicia and crystal sound alike, Cape Ann Power Yoga, Crossfit, intervals of wine


Spicy String Beans with Toasted Sesame



IMG_0779Spicy String Beans with Toasted Sesame

Spicy up Thanksgiving with this easy to prepare, side dish!  Last week I served these delicious green beans with a Roasted Asian Infused Turkey. The family gave both a two thumbs up!


Click Read More For Spicy String Bean & Asian Infused Turkey Brine Recipe Details

Read more

VIDEO: Henri Smith with the Great Allen Toussaint

Last October, Gloucester’s Henri Smith chatted with Allen Toussaint in Allen’s dressing room at Berklee Performance Center.  Check out Allen’s reaction to Henri’s song.  Plus you’ll LOVE what Allen says about Amadee Castenell!  You can see Henri and Amadee along with award-winning trumpeter Stanton Davis (who performed with Henri at Celebrate Gloucester) on December 5 right down the road at Beverly’s fully-restored, acoustically magical Larcom Theatre.  Tickets available here.

Gloucester Mourns The Loss Of The Iconic Italian Pastry Chef & Legend Mike Lentini


mikes pastry 2Mike Lentini

Owner of  Gloucester’s Famous “Mike’s Pastry Shop” passed away, Sunday with his loving Family by his side.


mikes pastry1

Photos from “Gifts Of Gold In A Sicilian Kitchen With Sista Felicia: Harvest”, (purchased from the archives of Cape Ann Museum)

Mike’s Pastry Shop once located on Main Streets West End was “the” gathering place for fisherman and dockworkers during the fishing boom years of  Gloucester’s On & Off Shore Fishing Fleet.  Mike’s Pastry Shop was the go to Italian Bakery for all special occasions and holiday celebrations throughout the year for dozens of Sicilian Families residing throughout our city. Mike and his wife Katie, are best know for confecting the “World’s Best” Cassada and Strawberry Shortcakes” along with endless Italian sweet confections.  All their pastries, cookies and Italian Ice were  made from scratch using nothing but the very best of ingredients!

mikes 3

Trips to Mike’s Pastry shop with my parents and grandparents as a child inspired me as an adult to recreate my favorite pastries, cookies and desserts, once purchased at Mike’s Pastry. One of my most cherished childhood memories of shopping at Mike’s and my “Pasticciotti” recipe, I recreated from nothing but the flavors and textures I remembered as child are highlighted in my cookbook “Gifts’ Of Gold In A Sicilian Kitchen With Sista Felicia;Harvest” For recipe and memory details See pages 86-88 in “Gifts Of Gold”!


The Ciaramitaro family extends their deepest condolences to the Lentini Family.

Visiting hours Wednesday 4-8pm at Greely Funeral Home Gloucester Ma 01930, and Funeral Mass is scheduled for Thursday November 12 th, 11:00 am in St, Ann’s Church, Holy Family Parish 




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