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Chifeletti Cookies




Baking Chifeletti Cookies for the gang coming over today to help decorated the St. Joseph Altar! Perfect cookie for St. Joseph coffee time…

Chifeletti Cookies


2 1/2 sticks unsalted butter

5 tablespoons granulated sugar

1/2 teaspoon vanilla bean paste

1 teaspoon almond extract

1/4 teaspoon kosher salt

2 1/2 cups flour

1 cup finely ground Almond Meal/Flour

1/2 cup whole milk

1 cup thinly sliced almonds

¼ cup confectioners’ sugar


1 in bowl of stand mixer fitted with paddle attachment; cream butter and granulated sugar together 2 minutes

2 add vanilla bean paste, almond extract, and kosher salt; mix well

3 add flour, almond flour; and milk; mix well

4 using 1 inch cookie scoop fix scant dough balls; roll each dough ball into 3 1/2 inch long rope shape; curve slightly and dip into sliced almond pieces

5 arrange cookies 1½ inches apart on parchment lined cookie sheet; bake  in preheated 375 degree oven 12-14 minutes or  until edges are golden

6  cool 3 minutes; dust with confectioners’ sugar; Serve

* will keep stored in airtight container 7 days and will keep several months stored in airtight container frozen  



Construction Of The St. Joseph Altar




The 2015 altar is officially under construction! Yesterday, St. Barry assembled our families St. Joseph Altar, while my dear friend Tanya Frost and carefully removed dozens of Saints and Statues from the “vidina,”China cabinet, for their annual bath, polishing, and inspection for repairs, in preparation of todays traditional decorating  the altar gathering at my home with friends and family!


A special thank you to “My Love” St. Barry, for all his help, love, and support.


Thank you for helping yesterday Tanya Frost. You saved me many hours of doing it alone.

Packing Up The St. Joseph Pasta!



Last night the family carefully packed thousands of handmade dried Fettuccini  cuts of St. Joseph Pasta made Saturday, during our Annual Pasta Making Day. Packing up the pasta requires team work and patience!  Each and every strand is placed into large plastic storage bins that will latter be placed under the constructed Altar until the traditional Feast Of St. Joseph Blessing is preformed by a roman Catholic priest. 


The Pasta Is Ready For the Goranza!



The Pasta Making Is Officially Done!

Now onto preparing the Altar!

Marty Luster Captures The Action At Sista Felicia’s Pasta Extravaganza!


Marty Luster Thank You!

You did an amazing job of capturing the pasta making action yesterday! I already have a list of favorite photos for the pages of Cookbook #3!


Click on each photo in the gallery for larger images! Enjoy!


Madame Mayor Of Gloucester Sefatia Giambanco Romeo Theken Bringing laughter to Sista Felicia’s kitchen! 

Sista Felicia’s St. Joseph Pasta Day 2015 From Beginning To End!


Yesterday was my dear friend Mo Klopp first time making homemade past. Abbey Mathews’ captured Mo’s perfect 10 point toss, of her very first pasta dough into the bowl at the rolling station!


Thank you All…yesterday was simply amazing!

Last night I went to bed feeling incredibly blessed and proud of my amazing team of family and friends who successfully pulled off another massive production of making over 100 pounds of “Homemade St. Joseph Pasta.” All 110 lbs of Semolina flour was lovingly handcrafted into delicate cuts of fettuccini! Just prior to production yesterday everyone gathered around my kitchens island for a short tutorial of the pasta making process. It’s vital to keep the flow of production running smoothly. Each step of the production must be done correctly to insure the consistency of a high quality final product.   Every job starting with dough maker’s assistants to dough runners and pasta hangers were performed with precision! Yesterday’s pasta event was an amazing team effort from start to finish. Additional thanks to my husband St. Barry for his support and behind scene list of chores, my twins Amanda and BJ and awesome mother Pat, and brother Joey for their support and help setting up for yesterday and assistance in production, blogging, and live Streaming! Many thanks to my dear friends and owners of Nobel Electric, Steve and Dee Nobel, and Rick Moore and  Donna Ardizzoni, owners of Circle Consultants, for their assistance in getting our crashed internet back up and working for the live stream. Special thanks to my incredibly talented Creative director James Eves at Cape Ann Giclee for designing the first ever Sista Felicia Apparel! The “Sista Felicia Kitchen” aprons were perfectly “Felicitized! Also a huge shout out and big thank you to GMG Contributor and friend Marty Luster for spending the afternoon photographing yesterday’s event for cookbook #3. Special thanks and to Erich Archer, Executive Director at Cape Ann TV  and his photographer George for filing a portion of yesterday to air on Cape Ann TV soon!


Sista Felicia



St. Barry Sets Up The Pasta Drying Rack Is Read

There wouldn’t be a St. Joseph Feast without ” The Pasta!” After working a fifteen hour day my amazing husband AKA St. Barry constructed his famous Pasta Drying Rack for tomorrows “Pasta Making Extravaganza”
Thank you my love for all you !

Coconut keeping in a watchful eye on last night construction!



Up & Officially Ready For Pasta!





Live From J. Pace & Sons

My friend Mauro always takes good care of me while shopping at J.Pace & Sons! Today I stopped by to pick up supplies for Saturdays ” Pasta Making Festivities.” I was happy to see their supply of my favorite imported dried oregano was replenished after shopping there last week and disappointed to learn they were sold out! Thank You Mauro for holding some aside for me this week. It will be put to good use this weekend!





Sista’s Favorite Kitchen Gadget Of The Week


It’s all About The St. Joseph Pasta this weekend!

pasta machine 2

Yesterday I picked up an extra hand crank pasta machine at Marshalls for only $24.99! There was no way I was leaving the store with that fabulous bargain in hand! One can never have enough pasta machine when annually making this amount of Sista Felicia’s St Joseph Semolina Pasta!

pasta machine  5 post

The cutting mechanisms on this Norpro Pasta Machine appears to be sharp enough to cut clean edges…I’ll keep you all posted during the live Stream broadcast how it preforms  throughout the day!


pasta dry 8

pasta dry 7

 St. Barry’s Drying Rack In Use

pasta dry 6

For Sista Felicia’s Homemade St. Joseph Semolina Pasta Recipe… click recipe video link below, filmed and produced by Giani Gallo from Gallo Productions.

Every Sicilian family makes their homemade St. Joseph Pasta slightly different. Some use eggs, some use white flour, some use semolina, and others use a combination of both.  The combination of ingredients and the pasta’s thickness really determines both the taste, and texture of the final traditional pasta dish. The St. Joseph “Goranza” is traditionally made with Cauliflower, fava beans, chick peas, and fennel frauns.  Some Sicilian families add several kinds of beans and some add the stalks and bulb of the anise.  Like all Italian and Sicilian recipes ….each family has their own twist.  Many make this pasta extremely thick and heavy, similar to the texture of wall paper paste, I do not. Over the years I have developed this pasta recipe and mastered the technique of making it.  If you’re looking for a pasta recipe that’s tender, light, and delicious, my Sista Felicia’s Semolina Pasta is for you!  Even The Mayor of Gloucester “Sefatia Giambanco Romeo Theken” gives it a two thumbs up, and looks forward to taking a 5 lb. bag home each year.  

 This Saturday we will be live streaming, Patsa Making Day! Preparations for the feast are in full swing at this time. My rosary ladies, close friends and family are geared up to gather in my kitchen for this weekend’s pasta event! On Saturday, all 130 lbs. of semolina pasta will be hand crafted, and set to dry on a large drying rack, creatively constructed by my husband St. Barry!  The hand crafted pasta will be served with our families “Goranza” Recipe passed down by my Uncle Michele and Aunt Vincie Millitiello. Our traditional “Goranza,” in english,“ sauce,” made with fava beans, cauliflower, chick peas, and fresh fennel furan, will be served on March nineteenth the official Feast Day Of  St. Joseph. The large pots of “Goranza will rest side by side with a large pot of “Sunday Sugu” minus the meat ingredients, for those who have not yet acquired a taste or appreciations for the  unique flovor of this pasta dish, but would still like to enjoy the hand crafted and blessed pasta. . Growing up I can vividly remember a long line of people waiting with containers in hand during my Uncle Mike and Aunt Vincie’s St. Joseph Feast Day.  A line from her stove in the kitchen went through the house, out the front door and down the street 2 city blocks.  People waited hours to get a potion of blessed pasta.  For the past few years I decided to take that tradition one step further, and send my family and guest home with a bag of dried pasta, and  small container of St. Joseph Goranza, so they can prepare and enjoy it one more time at home.  It has become the grand finally of our feast day.  Everyone waits in line for their opportunity to digs into the giant containers of stored pasta.  Each fills a plastic bag up with homemade dried pasta, and heads to the kitchen to pick up their container of Goranza by the stove top.  This new tradition is another “Gift Of Gold” that I hope to pass on to the next generation!  


Live From Gloucester Crossing Market Basket With Gorton’s Smart & Crunchy Fish Stick Truck!




Gorton’s “Smarty Cruchman” promoting a New line of never fried fish sticks that have 50% less fat then their orginal fish sticks… This tour started at their headquarters here in Gloucester Ma. this morning and moved to Gloucester Crossing Market Basket parking lot for their 2nd tour stop.  The truck tour will be traveling across the country all the to Seattle, Washington promoting this new fish stick product!


I had the pleasure of sampling Gorton’s newest fish stick product, “Smart & Crunchy,” and I’m happy to announce that I give it a “THUMBS UP” for crunch and flavor !





4 year old Nicholeai Slocum of Gloucester stands with “Smarty Crunchman” sporting Gorton Smarty Eye Glasses!


Look for “Smarty Crunchman” at the North Shore Mall this coming weekend near JCPenney where they’ll have a promotion booth and sweepstake opportunity for a trip worth $10,000. All details about their cross country tour and the sweepstake can be found on Gorton’s websites






Preparations For The Feast Of St. Joseph At Sista’s House Is Well Underway!



Preparations For The Fest Of St. Joseph Is Well Underway!


The planning baking, cleaning, and rearrangement of the house has begun! Over the weekend while cleaning, I decided to make a batch of “Rose Pedal Infused Sugar & Rose Pedal Jelly” using rose pedals left over from Valentines Day. My clever way to recycle the fragrant roses into a delightful sweet treat of Heart Shaped Linzer Cookies for my Novena Guest, that will tie in my families “Red Rose” Altar Theme onto the dinner room table where homemade pastries and confections are shared during our traditional nightly “Novena Coffee Time” held after each Rosary!

st. joseph feast 2014 (1)


My Rose Pedal Jelly Recipe is featured in “Gifts Of Gold In A Sicilian Kitchen With Sista Felicia; Harvest” click link below to purchase copies of “Gifts Of Gold”

st joseph 2014 273


Coconut Is Free At Last!


coconut 1

 A few days ago we were greeted at the door by a very proud Coconut sporting her “dangling” plastic cone.  God only know how she managed to wiggle it loose while we were out! After a few failed attempts, with the sad puppy eye stair down, the cone was successfully refastened around Coconuts neck for the remainder of her recommended recovery days post eye surgery, preformed by Dr. Ray Cahill at SeaPort Veterinary Hospital. Happy to report that our Coconut was finally freed from wearing the dreaded “hard plastic Cone” yesterday and tomorrow she will be off to K-9Kuts for a much need bath and day of beauty with Julie Borge!


coconut 2

East Gloucester Vikings Youth Softball Photo From the 70’s


East Glouceseter Vikings Youth Softball

Cousins Joe & Mary Marcantonio Submit Photo

Were currently working on list of name! Can you find Sista Felicia in the photo? A small hint …The wearing jewelry…

Rosemarie Calomo Vizena Hysterical. I see some familiar faces! Love it!!!

Bob Scola Tag them

Julie Davis Broe Tamie Rodolosi – is that you top row on the left?

Felicia Ciaramitaro Mohan OMG! Love that photo!

Debbi Dobson Biondo Beth?

Cindy Greely Beck Love all of the Farrah Faucette hairdos!

Rosemarie Calomo Vizena I hope you tagged all these people joe.

Rosemarie Calomo Vizena Look at Lisa Olson

Rosemarie Calomo Vizena Sandy Muniz

Rosemarie Calomo Vizena Marybeth morrissey

Gulzat Dalton Heather, are you on the left? Your daughter look just like you!

Marybeth morrissey

Gulzat Dalton Heather, are you on the left? Your daughter look just like you!

Rosemarie Calomo Vizena I think I see one of the powers.

Rosalee Nicastro Felicia, Is your daughter in is picture?

Anya Ciarametaro Auntie Mary… That hairstyle is really doin’ it for you. I think you should consider bringing it back.

Felicia Ciaramitaro Mohan Rosalee Nicastro I’m in the back row 4th on in from the left side!

Theresa M. Testaverde Big hair Mary Testaverde. …lol :)))

Beth Bertolino Aylmer Oh sweet angel of death! Take me now! In my defense, I cut my hair to look like Lady Di and didn’t realize it was so curly.

Beth Bertolino Aylmer Felicia Ciaramitaro Mohan just tell Rosalee that you are the one next to Will Farrell. Poor Beth

Mary Hubbard Rooney I think we need to take that show back on the road!!!!

Carolyn Hunt-cribbs We can wear purple and Red:)

Ella Comeau Lewis awesome Heather is 3rd from left and Phyllis Ann is behind her. All these great East Gloucester faces

Ella Comeau Lewis oops Phyllis Ann is second from right in the last row

Ella Comeau Lewis Is that Mary Testaverde on the right end? Everyone has lots and lots of hair

Phyllis-Ann Bourassa Beth Beth Bertolino Aylmer, when did you have short hair??

Beth Bertolino Aylmer Phyllis-Ann Bourassa 5th-beginning of 7th. My Will Farrell stage. wink emoticon

Felicia Ciaramitaro Mohan Kim Arntsen…is next to me

Felicia Ciaramitaro Mohan Carl Mckay-Stratton…That’s your sister on the end in the back row right?

21 mins · Like · 1

Mary Marcantonio Yes Ella it’s me, this is what happens when I show my husband an old photo!! No more pics for him,lol!

Felicia Ciaramitaro Mohan Nikki Parisi middle row on left!

Mary Marcantonio Yes I know a lot of the girls but can’t remember them all!

Felicia Ciaramitaro Mohan Love it Mary Marcantonio…If I remember correctly I caught 2 balls that year one to get us into the championship and the one that won the championship game…both with eyes closed and head turned away from the ball…That’s why Leann Kennedy put me way out in right field!

Mary Marcantonio Yep!! The good old days!!!


Sneak Peek Behind The Scenes of Limonciello & Arancello Making In Sista Felicia’s Kitchen





new label limcello 2

Get Ready Limonciello & Arancello Lovers…Sista Felicia’s Video Recipes Coming Soon


 Craig Kimberley is wrapping up his editing & adding some finishing touches!






You may have noticed that lemons, oranges and bread are always present through the feast of St. Joseph. Each have significant meaning. I have written about them on many occasions in past Sista Felicia St. Joseph Posts,  and this year they will be once again highlighted in many of my post… The lemon represents the sweetness of ones life, and the orange represents life’s bitter past, and the bread is for all to never go hungry!

I First I have to thank my dear friend and fantastic videographer Craig Kimberley, for offering to film this production the moment he heard the plans in the making last spring during the Mathews Family homemade wine production, and filming. I personally would like to thank my friends and family for their labor of love and helping hands throughout this entire production.  I can’t wait to see the finished piece! I would also like to thank my”Creative Director” James Eves from Cape Ann Giclee for designing and producing the beautiful Sista Felicia Limonciello Bottle Labels. You always know how to “Felicitize” everything we do, and I adore you for that! A special thank you to the Mathews Family Neil, Bridget, and Abbey for sharing in the cost of the production, and for the lovely Sista Felicia Tags!


Countdown to The feast Of St. Joseph 2015 Begins Today!


Preparations for the feast of St. Joseph 2015 at Sista Felicia’s was officially kicked off  Tuesday evening with making of Homemade Arancello!

Recipe for Limonciello & Arancello coming soon on Sista’s Dish!


From Left: Abbey Mathews, Bridget Mathews, Andrea Carlson, Sista Felicia, Eleanor Tucker, Nicole Tucker


Kerrie Callahan Donahue Has Some Nice Things To Say!



tommy 1

Kerrie Callahan Donahue Writes in response to my Sista’s Dish Post, posted yesterday regarding the Common Eider sighting on Roger Street~ I love it, Felicia Ciaramitaro Mohan! You are quick on the draw with your camera, catching the best moments!! Ty

Sista Felicia Writes~ Kerrie, I will be sure to save this photo in a safe place for his 21st Birthday and Wedding Video!

tommy 2tommy 3

Click Link below for more details of my post yesterday!


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