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Breaking News! Sista Felicia’s 3-D Valentine Cookies On Sale Today @The Cave Cheese Shop Glou Ma! 

On Sale Today 12-2  Chocolate Chip Valentine Sweatheart Cookies, Sugar Sweatheart  Cookies, Dark  Chocolate Sugar Cookies…. Stop by The Cave Cheese Shop Main Street Gloucester for all your Special Valentine needs!


Baked Stuffed Muddica Chicken Breast


Baked Stuffed Muddica Chicken Breast



5 chicken Breast; skinless & boneless

2 lg whole Red Roasted peppers; cut into quarters( reserve 3 pieces for another use)

5 ⅛ inch thick slices Fontina Cheese

½ cup pesto

5 prosciutto slices

½ teaspoon Kosher Salt

1 teaspoon freshly ground pepper

1 ½ cups olive oil plus 1 tablespoon for baking dish

3 cup Muddica (Italian Style Bread Crumbs; See link below for Sista Felicia’s Muddica Recipe)

⅓ cup water


1 Cut a slit/pocket along thick side of each chicken breast

2 lay cut chicken on clean flat work surface; open slit side facing up

2 arrange one piece of red roasted pepper on right side of split breast; top with slice of cheese, 1 teaspoon pesto, one slice prosciutto

3 fold left side of split chicken breast over top of fillings; season with salt & pepper; (repeat with remaining 4 breast)

4 carefully dip each stuffed breast in olive oil and immediately cover with Muddica (Italian Style Bread Crumbs)

5 arrange in glass baking dish

6 mix water and 1 tablespoon olive oil together; pour equal amounts in each corner of baking dish

7 cover baking dish with aluminum foil; bake in preheated 375 degree oven 20 minutes; remove foil cook 10 minutes uncovered until Muddica(breadcrumbs) are golden in color and Chicken is fully cooked

8 Serve immediately

click link below for Sista Felicia Italian Style Breadcrumb recipe ” Muddica”

Doesn’t This Photo Look Familiar!

Durring yesterdays interview with Gloucester Powerball Organizers Lillian LoGrasso & Misty Amero I asked both ladies to pose for a photo with the official Group list inbetween calls from verious media outlets! Today a photo of this occursnce was highlighted on the front page of the GDTimes!

Below is the “Original” photo posted yesterday on GMG

Below is the photo highlighted on the front page of the GDTimes…. Yes that is  Sista Felicia’s Hands & Cell Phone in the bottom left frame of the photo! Pretty fun to see!


@WCVB Channel 5 Boston Scheduled to Interview Gloucester Powerball Organizer Lillian LoGrasso  Today @ 5PM 


Misty Amero  came up with the orginal Gloucester Powerball Pool Idea then latter collaborated with Gloucester  FB Queen Lillian Lograsso


Powerball group members have been Chatting with eachother on their private FB Page all day!  
When Lillian threw out the idea of a city wide pool on her personal FB page early this week she had no idea it would snowball into a pool of  490 + people!  Lillian had REMAX coworker Jane Cahill bussy collecting money at the front desk of the 224 REMAX office located on Washington Street all day yesterday!  

Overwhelmed by the # who responded to her post, lillian enlisted the helping hands of Misty Amero! Both work hours organizing an official group list and private FB page for the Gloucester Powerball Pool!

Thank you Lillian for bringing Gloucester together, once again, and a special thank you to Misty and Jane for assisting you you in last 24 hours! NOW LETS WIN THIS!

Sista Felicia Making Arancini Using This Weeks Favorite Kitchen Gadget! 


Arancini making with my new fav kitchen gadget! @giadadelaurentiis #sicilianfood #Arancini

A video posted by Felicia Ciaramitaro-Mohan (@sistafelicia) on

Cranking out Aramcini with my newest Favorite Kitchen Gadget! @giadadelaurentiis #sicilianfood

A video posted by Felicia Ciaramitaro-Mohan (@sistafelicia) on

Click link below for Sista Felicia’s Aramcini Recipe!

Pinulata Making At Sista Felicia’s Kitchen!


Click link below for recipe details



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