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Thank You Aunt Joyce Curcuru



Yesterday I received a gift that I will forever cherish from my Aunt Joyce LoLo Curcuru ! Aunt Joyce I’m so touch by your thoughtfulness. The rosary beads handmade made by your aunt Jeannie that you gifted to me yesterday are absolutely beautiful. When I opened the box I was speechless.  All 20 sets are gorgeous! Your Aunt Jennie Mooney truly has hands of gold! From the bottom of my heart I thank you  both💕🙏💕 Please know they have been added to our family altar and will be put to good use each night of our rosary for many years to come!


Aunt Joyce you really pay close attention to detail…realizing our need for additional rosary beads this year! Each year our crowd grows and these beautiful sets of beads have been already added to my small collection of extra rosary beads draped on the Infant Of Prague Statue for family & friends to use during our prayer services🙏 during the Feast of St. Joseph. I look forward to leading our rosary with your beautiful gift next year!


I absolutely love the matching pearl sets you sent for my mother & I💕. You & your Aunt Jennie will be in my heart💗 each night I lead the rosary!

Thank You


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Lobster Mac & Cheese Panini


imageThis weekend is “The Studio Resturant’s Grand  Opening Weekend for the 2015 season!  The Studio is offering half off their menu excluding sushi!  Last night we kicked off for dinner with an appetizer of Fried Pickles served with spicy dipping sauce! Our beautifully plated dinners of  Lobster Mac & Cheese were delivered to the table with fantastic service! Our meal of Lobster Mac & Cheese, Twin Lobster Rolls, Southwestern Burger and fries, Bacon Pizza, were all cooked to prefection! The desert menu was impressive and oustandly delicious, and all made in house! The Key Lime Pie & Chocolate flourless Cake were both Fabulous!


 Today for lunch daughter Amanda and I decided to make a Lobster Mac & Cheese Panini using leftovers from last nights meal…. AMAZING!!!!!  I think owner Dennis & manager Peter should concider adding it to this years menu! What do you think?


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Beautiful Bird Having Breakfast In Sista’s Herb Garden


Anyone know what type of bird this is?



Apparently it prefers Worms & Fresh Chive for Breakfast!



This bird has been stopping by to feed for the past week!

Joey edits:


Yellow-crowned Night-Heron


IUCN Conservation Status: Least Concern

Yellow-crowned Night-Heron Photo

© Kaustubh Deshpande

A nocturnal heron of the southern swamps and coasts, the Yellow-crowned Night-Heron can also be found breeding along wooded streams northward to Indiana and Illinois.

Gail McCarthy’s Wearable Art Show News Article Hits Newsstands Today!



Sista Felicia’s “Gifts Of Gold” 10 lb Pasta Dress  modeled by her daughter Amanda Mohan in  the 2013 SeArts Wearable Fashion Show makes it onto the pages of The Salem Evening News!


wearable art fashion show pasta dress 2013 (47)

Dress designed and handmade by Sista Felicia

wearable art fashion show pasta dress 2013 (52)

Hair & Makeup by Sista Felicia

wearable art fashion show pasta dress 2013 (15)

Today’s Gloucester Daily Times issue also highlights Sista’s “Gifts Of Gold”  along with 4 wearable art creations made by Gloucester residents. Two created by Sage Floral Studio, made from fresh flowers, one Crafted with green soda cans by Donna Caseldon  and one  sailcloth Lobster Dress submitted by Daphane Papp,  both from Annisquam!

Looking forward to this years SeArts Wearable Fashion Show. The 2015 Sista Felicia Wearable Art Dress is currently in the making.


Banana Cupcakes with Coconut Cream Filling & Nutella Buttercream Frosting



Banana Cupcakes with Coconut Cream Filling & Nutella Buttercream Frosting

A small container of Coconut Cream Filling used in a cake inspired me to create this Cupcake for dessert  a few days after Easter, during my quest to create new recipes using leftovers and  ingredients from our Easter Feast…I have to say…They the Banana Cupcakes are OUTSTANDING!!!!

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Sista’s Grilled Lamb Chops with Creamy Dill Cucumber Dipping Sauce (Joey Says This May Be The Tastiest Thing He’s Ever Eaten)


Are you still looking for recipe ideas for your Easter Feast? Look no further…Trust me on this one!

Share this link for my easy Step-by-Step recipe

I just placed my order for lamb chops with the meat department manager at the Gloucester Crossings Market Basket…he highly recommends calling your Lamb Chop order in early today. Market Basket Lamb Chops $19.99 lb.,Danvers Butchery $24.99, and BJ Wholesale Club $16.99 Yes they are expensive but so worth it …

easter dinner 2012 007

Grilled Lamb Chops with Creamy Dill Cucumber Dipping Sauce

lamb chop

This recipe was created several years ago, on a whim, using ingredients I had on hand in my pantry. The combination of flavors from the herbed marinated grilled chops are perfectly balanced with the Creamy Dill Cucumber Dipping Sauce. To say they are incredibly tasty is a huge understatement! These Grilled Lamb Chops have become the highlight of our Easter meal. I guarantee that they will disappear from the serving platter in minutes, and strongly recommend setting some aside for yourself if your the one cooking Easter Dinner!

easter dinner 2012 010

dill sauce 3

For Grilled Lamb Chops with Creamy Dill Cucumber Dipping Sauce click see more Read more

Filling Easter Baskets with Mariposa at Harbor Loop Gifts!



Spring has Sprung in Sista’s Mariposa!


I decided to shop “Harbor Loop Gifts,” located at the Building Center on Harbor Loop here in Gloucester for useful items to fill a nontraditional Easter Basket filled with my beloved Mariposa tableware! Harbor Loop Gifts has a wonderful assortment of collectable pieces from the Local “Mariposa” company’s product line, and is my go to store to purchase gifts of Mariposa for friends and family throughout the year!  One of the great things about gifting Mariposa aside from the fact it always makes a perfect gift for any occasion, is that it’s sold at many different price points. I fell in love with the Starfish Salt & Pepper Set, Butter Dish and Trivet on display at the store. Below are a few photos of the Starfish pieces arranged in baskets that I prepared and brought with me to the store, to use as props to highlight a few gift basket ideas for last minute Easter shoppers!



If you’re still looking for a special gift basket idea, or special something to add to a loved one’s Easter Basket, or in need of a hostess gift for the chef preparing your Easter feast, stop by and check out the selection of Mariposa gifts available at Harbor Loop Gifts!  


Mariposa will make a great addition to any Easter basket!  





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Kids Easter Bunny Cookie Day at Sista Felicia’s Kitchen!




Before noon yesterday, I had received numerous requests and inquire to purchase an “Easter Bunny Cookie.” Unfortunately because of the exorbitant costs to build and permit a commercial kitchen space I do NOT currently sell Sista Felicia Foods, and simply share my dishes and confections with family and friends. Hopefully in the near future an opportunity to hurtle this giant obstacle presents, enabling my cooked foods to be sold to the general public, but for now I continue to share my passion for food, tradition, and the gathering of family and friends with the public here on GMG. I feel truly blessed to have the opportunity to and share my Step-by-Step recipes and personal experiences celebrating the three “F’s”, Family Friends & Food with the general public though my “Sista Dish” post daily on this website, created by my brother Joey.


 I quickly turned yesterday’s frustrating morning of “sorry they are not for sale” into a fantastic afternoon, the moment I decide to whip up another massive batch of cookie dough,( my Italian Cookie Dough recipe is included below) and extended an open invitation “treating” the children of my family and friends with an opportunity come to my kitchen and bake a Bunny Cookie with me!  Within hours an impromptu afternoon of baking Eater Bunny Cookies with all kids in and around my life was well underway! The afternoon couldn’t have been more perfect! As the word got out, three waves of kids between 3 and 6pm found their way over to my kitchen, to craft Easter Bunny Cookies, followed by daughter Amanda, Columbia tennis exchange student Laura, and mother Pat,who latter in the evening after tennis academy training and work made the 4th and final wave of bunny cookie makers ending yesterday’s baking extravaganza!  


Sisters Lexi & Lola Carollo

finn schraft easter bunny kids cookie day gmg post

GMG Contributor Nichole Schraft’s son Finn intently frosting his bunny!


The smiles on the kids’ faces were priceless!



Several Easter Bunny Cookies left the kitchen with missing ears and feet…Maybe GMG Contributor Alicia Cox DeWolfe’s son, Tyler DeWolfe can explain?




Thank you all for joining me last minute yesterday afternoon!
XO Sista

See video below for my Step-by-Step Italian Easter Egg Bunny Cookie Tutorial!

Click read more for “Basic Italian Cookie” recipe and photo gallery of Kids Day At Sista’s Kitchen



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The Winning # Is……



Sunday Night Sista Felicia’s Facbook followers and friends were invited to enter a chance to win an adult Easter Bunny Cookie. Below is the invite posted on FB!

“Take a guess … How many lbs. of cookie dough? Closest guess without going over shall receive a Special Bunny Cookie made by my mother Pat & Joanne Frontiero Did you know that They specialize in adult Bunny Cookies!”


Last night the winning guess was announced with the help of Gloucester’s “Crazy Carl!”


<p style="text-align:center;"

Congratulations to Sean Nickerson for being the first to guess 


A big thank you to all who participated in the guessing game! Until next time…

XO Sista

group photo from easter bunnny cookie night 2015

Click Read more for complete photo gallery of last nights event in Sista’s Kitchen. Warning photos include the “Adult” Easter Bunny Cookies! Warning… recommended for Adult viewing only!  Read more

Live From Caffe Sicilia 




Beautiful handcrafted Easter Sheep Mazapan a perfect addition to any Easter Basket!

Small Single Sheep $15, Large in Basket $18


Enter Raffle To Win Giant Uova di Pasqua!

Tickets on sale now for a chance to win the “Uova di Pasqua” Giant Chocolate Easter Egg! A Traditional Italian Chocolate Egg Suprise, enjoyed by all ages during the Easter Holiday!

IMG_4470Caffe Sicilia has an assortment of  Uova di Pasqua Eggs available for sale while supplies last! Shop Caffe Sicilia soon for best selection of color, sizes and price ranges!  



Don’t forget to place your holiday pastry order for next weekend!


Don’t forget to tell them Sista Felicia Sent you in!

Filling Easter Baskets Locally at Virgilio’s Bakery




Thursday I was inspire to create nontraditional Easter Basket for a dear friend, after spotting a mini can of my favorite Partanna Olive Oil, on sale at Virgilo’s Bakery. Creative thoughts immediately began running through my head the moment I laid eyes on the adorable, tomato red, petite sized can of Partanna Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Partanna Oil has been a staple ingredient in my pantry for many years. It’s used for sautéing, cooking, dressings, Pannini and everything in between on a daily basis in my kitchen by me and my twins! “Pani Cunsatu,” Hot Seasoned Italian Bread made with Partanna Oil is son BJ’s favorite after school snack. The fragrant Sicilian Olive Oil enhances the flavors of all ingredients it’s paired with.  


If you’re looking to create a nontraditional Easter Basket for a special someone who has a passion for cooking or are planning to prepare an Easter Feast, or have been assigned to fix a salad to share you must include and use this oil.



Step away from the traditional Easter Basket this year and shop Virgilio’s Bakery for their classic assortment of dried pasta, and Italian specialty items. Many of the specialty ingredients used in the recipe collection included in my cookbook “Gifts of Gold In A Sicilian Kitchen With Sista Felicia;Harvest,” can be purchased locally at Virgilio’s bakery.” 


Pick up the key ingredients for your special someone’s favorite Italian dish and creatively weave them into a beautiful Easter basket this year. Spring is around the corner, love is in the air, and Italians know the fastest way to someone heart is through their stomach with flavorful foods.

basket for gmg virgilios post

Embellish a gift basket with decorative bow and get shopping for ingredients to fill personalized Italian Theme Easter Baskets at Virgilio’s this week! Endless ideas will come to those who think out of the basket…

espresso basket at virgilios


Look for the story and recipe in “Gifts Of Gold” surrounding my childhood memory my grandfather’s Italian Variety store “Pat’s Center Grocery,” with aunt Gina using Italian Tuna!IMG_4352

The basket shown above was created with an assortment of Italian specialty ingredients needed to create Pasta with Sardines, “Pasta‘a Milanisa” is an authentic Sicilian recipe highlighted on page #160 in my cookbook “Gifts Of Gold.” This recipe is real old school cooking. Sardines are known to have a very distinct strong flavor but that’s simply not the case in this dish! You won’t know what you’re missing until you give this recipe a try! Pasta with Sardines it’s heavenly!


 Note~above basket is not included in the Virgilio’s Italian Dinner Easter Basket Raffle

For my Hot Seasoned Italian Bread, “Pani Cunsatu” recipe see “Gifts of Gold In A Sicilian Kitchen With Sista Felicia; Harvest” page #182


A friendly reminder to pick up a few containers of  “Ceci” roasted chic pea, and “Simenzi” salted pumpkin seeds” for the car ride home and late night holiday card game with the family!

seminzi ceci seeds virgilos

 Enter to win the Italian Dinner Easter Basket

shown below

at Virgilio’s This week!


Be sure to Enter you name in the drawing  to win this Italian Dinner Basket at Virgilio’s Bakery…applicable to all who make a purchase and fill out a red ticket located on display in the store. Basket includes, 1 Dried Pasta, 1 Virgilio’s Bread Dipping Oil, 1 Tomato Basil Pasta Sauce and 1 Italian bread.

***While shopping don’t forget to place an order for Virgilio’s famous breads and Dinner Rolls for your Easter celebration!****

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Breaking News From Sclafani’s Bakery




Mark your Calendar & Set you cellphone alert for Monday morning March 31, 2015! Just received word  from an employee of Sclafani’s Bakery, that starting Monday morning they will be taking orders for their famous freshly made  Cartocci, Lobster Tails, Cannoli, and Ricotta Pies, for next weekends Easter Celebrations!. 


Brother Joey and I have posted numerous times about brothers Frank and Gus Sclafani’s delectable hand crafted “Ricotta Cartocci.” We both agree, that the Sclafani’s  brothers Cartocci are by far the best Cartocci sold in town!


Every Saturday morning my twins, husband, St. Barry and mother Pat, look forward to enjoying a freshly made Italian pastry from the Sclafani’s Bakery. This year it’s been requested they be added to our Easter Brunch menu. Over the past several months, this Italian Donut’s popularity has grown to sell out by 10:30 am each Saturday morning.  Knowing this fact, first hand after leaving the bakery a few times empty handed, I decided to inquire about pre ordering a dozen for our families Easter Brunch next weekend. While inquiring this morning while shopping for Easter basket fillings, I asked if they would be willing to extend a pre order option for Cartocci to their customers and general public this holiday season. Without hesitation Frank agreed! 


The Sclafani borthter’s Cartocci are usually sold “Saturdays Only,” in limited supply. Take advantage of this opportunity for next weekend. Call your Easter orders in before next Friday. 

scalafani bakery gmg post 3

If your planning a Easter Brunch, lunch or Dinner, or invited out for any of the above, I highly recommend calling in an order bright and early Monday morning for one of  Sclafani’s delicious handmade pastries. All will be freshly prepared and awaiting your pickup next Saturday! 


Trust me… your guests will be licking their dessert plates clean!

scalafini 2

Monday Sista Felicia shares an Easter Basket filled with products she uses often, sold at Sclafani’s Bakery. One product included is a childhood favorite. Look for the Sista Dish post Monday to learn what that childhood favorite is! 

Call Sclafani’s Bakery  to Place your Easter Orders

49 Washington Street, Gloucester Ma. 01930

 Phone #1-978-283-6622

Cartocci $2.50 each

Lobster tail  $2.50 each

Cannoli $1.75 each

Ricotta Pie $12.99 each

Italian Cookies $5.99 per lb.


Sista Felicia’s Favorite Picks for Filling Easter Baskets Locally!



The Seven day countdown to Easter Sunday begins tomorrow!


Planning for the holiday is well underway. The house is officially decorated, and our Easter Brunch menu is set! It’s now time to start the Easter baking and basket making! Thursday while shopping for ingredients at Virgilios Bakery I was inspired to fix a few traditional and “nontraditional” Easter baskets using items sold at local stores that I shop often. This year I’m looking forward to surprising friends and family with a few of my favorite things tucked into the decorative Easter Baskets my loved ones look forward to receiving each year! Over the next several days I will share my theme basket ideas highlighting items I adore sold at local business. 

Get ready to think in and out of the basket!



Starting off this week’s Sista Dish Easter Basket Blog Series off with a basket created for the special cook in your life. If you are looking to create a special gift for the hostess preparing your celebratory Easter meal this year, stop by The Cave and seek owner Laura Cramer’s expert help selecting the perfect items to tantalize the pallet of your Easter chef!  

Laura Cramer Owner of “The Cave” Writes ~ The Cave is filled with an incredible amount of cheese. Blues, double & triple cremes, cheddars, classic Italian, & so many more. Foie gras, pate, olives, spreads, smoked fish & salami too. A bounty of chocolate & confections also just in. Come by for a taste. Open 10-5





 All items displayed in this hostess theme basket, are items sold at “The Cave” on Gloucester’s Main Street.


Sista Felicia’s Cookbook for sale while supply last…


Note~ Easter basket embellishments were shopped locally at “The Dollar Store” located in Gloucester Crossing Plaza. Easter Basket was selected from my personal basket collection.

Wine will be on sale starting April 1, 2015

Don’t forget to pick up a wedge of “Rat Cheese” at The Cave and follow my Step-by-Step Recipe for a delicious “Lent Friendly” Homemade Mac & Cheese!

Click Read more for Step-by-Step Mac & Cheese Recipe and complete photo gallery of shopping “The Cave”… Read more

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