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Gloucester Smiles on the other side of the Camera

MFS NCSometimes Gloucester Smiles ends up on the other side of the camera.  A wonderful couple from Kings Mountain North Carolina sent me a photo they took of me at the Breakwater.  One of the most enjoyable part of The Gloucester Smiles series is the wonderful and open people I get to meet, from Gloucester and from other parts of the country/world.

Thank you to all that have participated in the series.

see link to Visitors from North Carolina

Creating a 360° Image for Google Earth

These two gentlemen were creating a 360° Image for Google Earth of Gloucester’s Fisherman’s Memorial.   Photos were taken of the memorial every 4 inches.  I estimated that it took them approximately 1 1/2 hours to complete the task.  They are sub contractors for Google Earth, and the images they took may appear in about a month on Google Earth.



The above images were at about 5:30 PM the one below was taken an hour later on my way back from my walk.


Below are captures from the current Google Earth images of  the Fisherman’s Memorial

GE BLVD6GE Blvd3GE Blvd4

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