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History Channel’s Tougher In Alaska host Geo Beach is researching Gloucester


Geo Beach is researching Gloucester for the TV series “Geo Beach:Fishes & Dishes” we spoke at length about Gloucester and GoodMorningGloucester and St Peter’s Fiesta.







Geo and Mike who was out for a dory row.

Wicked Tuna–Capt. Bill Muniz of The “Lilly” Lands a Big One

Captain Muniz the Gloucester star on Wicked Tuna, lands a Tuna the hard way with a harpoon, just like his Portuguese ancestors from the Azores.  Also see Capt. Muniz prepare his tools of the trade.

Muniz Fish



Lye a New Friend

I ran into Lye on the breakwater, he was fishing and enjoying a day off from work. We exchanged our immigration stories of why we came to the USA. His was far more dramatic than my own. I also found that as a Vietnamese Interpreter, I found that his English was far better than my Vietnamese.  Lye a naturalized US citizen, like myself, passes on the benefits to his children, for his hard work.  We cherish our heritage, but Love America. 



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