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It’s a dog’s life at the beach

The rising temps this weekend had everyone out with their pups enjoying some fresh air.  We took our Gracey for a walk at GHB to get some fresh air and make some new friends!




Our Gracey…are you coming?


This makes me a little sad….glad that you picked up after your dog, but you DO know that this is not appropriate, right??   Carry in, carry out people!!!


Sista Felicia’s beautiful St. Joseph’s altar

Getting Sista Felicia’s St. Joseph Altar ready really does take a village of amazing women,  each of whom bring their own special talents.  There is much to do cleaning, repairing, constructing, ironing, painting.   Many hours later and lots of love, it is ready and waiting for Novena to start March 10th.


We may be fed up with it…but it’s still so pretty!

I know everyone has had enough of the shoveling and wintry weather…I myself am tired of wearing ugly big boots and ski pants to work everyday, but you have to admit that today’s snow is so beautiful!


Stage Fort Park – My favorite tree


Welcome center looking very welcoming even covered in snow.


Trees hovering over Half Moon Beach


This is why I can’t have nice things..

You know that little black shovel that sits on top of the snow blower so if you iced up the auger, you can you IT instead of your hand?   Well…it apparently can fall off the flimsy clip they put on the machine and get caught in the auger.   That’ll teach hubs to go skiing during another snowstorm lol!   Anyway….it’s all better.   Nothing a little sawzall couldn’t fix!    Careful today…it’s slippery under that snow!


Hang in there!

Everyone is complaining about the slick conditions this morning and the approaching storm for tomorrow but I’m here thinking we got off pretty easy so far this winter!    1) It’s 32 days until daylight savings time (which should be a holiday in itself!!), 2) it’s actually light out when we leave work, 3) I can see the bottom of my wood pile….which all means… WE ARE OVER THE HUMP OF WINTER!!   902367_10201372320493299_833066144_o

Game day grub!

Everyone is prepping for the big game tonight and here my husband has some baked beans in the Dutch oven and smoking on the Traeger for 5-6 hrs…they smell amazing already!   Later we will be throwing some drumsticks, wings and buffalo turds on there.   Go PATS!



Pasta Day at Sista Felicia’s is underway!

Barred Owl at Parker River Wildlife Refuge

On my way home from NH yesterday we took the back roads through Rye, Salisbury and Newburyport to see if we could see any snowy owls hanging about.  We didn’t find any snowys but we were lucky enough to catch the Barred Owl that has been sighted at the Parker River Wildlife Refuge at the Hellcat Trail.   He was tucked in behind a bunch of branches but he was content to just sit and bask in the warm sun…and we were content to sit and watch him!

Basking in the sun

Basking in the sun

Sleeping beauty

Sleeping beauty

Cracking his eyes to check out his admirers

Cracking his eyes to check out his admirers

Sun and Snow at odds

The sun and snow were at odds yesterday afternoon as we were driving through the White Mountains.   Took this leaving lunch at the Mt. Washington Hotel which made for a pretty winter scene.   Heading back home today…back to the grind tomorrow but enjoyed my few days out of dodge!


Sun and Snow at Mt. Washington Hotel

Not the news he wanted…

I’m sorry to report that Neil’s (aka Yukon Cornelius) adventure up to Mt Washington was cancelled today!  The crew has had an extremely difficult 36 hours attempting to open up the road to allow passage up to the Observatory but as of 1am this morning winds had gusted on multiple occasions to a peak of 127 mph with visibility of less than 50 feet.   With conditions not expecting to improve significantly throughout the weekend they will also be unable to bring down the Observatory President and film crew who have been stranded there since Wednesday.  On the upside Neil gets to hang out with his adoring wife this weekend and try again the first weekend in April!!


Thumbs down!

Thumbs down!

My husband is whacked!

Ok, so I love a little adventure…but my husband really has lost it.  Neil has spent a few years hoping to get on the list to be able to head to the Mt. Washington Observatory in the winter which is something that has been on his “bucket list” for a while. He is going to spend 2 days and 1 night at the Mt. Washington Observatory hiking around and with any luck he’ll get some photos of a lifetime! It’s about 6288 feet above sea level and a 4.25 mile ascent up the mountain in a snow cat. The good news today is that the weather right now is pretty mild…only 92 mph winds and -22 windchill lol! The list of items he has to bring is lengthy and should he not have the right gear when he gets there they will not let him up, so he’s been researching and acquiring his gear for about 2 months now. He has been told to be prepared to extend his stay should they not be able to get him down. Where will I be while I wait for him to return? In front of a warm toasty fireplace with a good book!!


Here’s a pano I took a year or so back and you can see where the observatory sits.

Here is all the gear Neil will need for his 1 night atop Mt. Washington

Here is all the gear Neil will need for his 1 night atop Mt. Washington


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