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Flag Crew was busy early this morning!

Ringo Tarr and his crew were up early this morning installing the flags along the Boulevard in time for Memorial Day.   This year it extends down to the Tennis courts and looks spectacular!!   If you’d like to purchase a flag for a veteran you can stop down to Pauline’s Gifts at 512 Essex Ave, Gloucester and they are $20.00.

Just 20 minutes of amazing color, then poof!

This morning we had only about 20 minutes of the most amazeballs purples and magenta’s I’ve seen in a while then POOF it was gone, only to be replaced by gray clouds and fog.  You just never know what each morning will bring!  (Good Harbor Beach)

In case you missed this morning’s sunrise!

Just in case you missed this morning’s gorgeous sunrise!   I caught it out at Farnham’s in Essex.  It’s amazing how the skies change in such a short period of time.   It started out as rain showers and just bloomed from there.   These were taken at 4:45, 5:15 and 5:30am.   What a great way to start the day!

The Open Door – Empty Bowl Dinner Tonight

Empty Bowl Dinner 2017
Cruiseport Gloucester
6 Rowe Square
Thursday, May 11
4 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Join them for an evening of food and hospitality.

The meal is simple—soup, bread and a cookie. Guests can choose and keep a soup bowl handcrafted for this community event. The bowl goes home as an unspoken reminder that somewhere someone’s bowl is empty.

Tickets available at the door. $15 for adults and $10 for children under ten.


Extra parking is available at Harbor Beach with complimentary trolley service to and from the event site.

Empty Bowl events are held nationally to generate awareness concerning hunger and to raise money for local hunger-relief programs. Proceeds from this event will benefit the Summer Meals and Mobile Market programs.

Last year our attendance topped 1,000! If you would like information about corporate sponsorship opportunities, please contact us.

Can you spare a few hours a week for Generous Gardeners??

Honestly…I can’t get enough of the new views to be had on the Boulevard.  Last night I was stuck at the bridge and had to pull over to snap the Lannon floating by the flowers.   We have Generous Gardeners to thank for these gorgeous flowers!!   It takes a lot of hours and funds to make this happen and they are always looking for volunteers to give a helping hand.   You can put in as many or few hours as you have available and you don’t have to have a green thumb, they will show you what to do!  All you need is a love for your city and a few hours a week!!    Did you know that all of the tulips are still in pots and at the end of May they will be selling off the pots to raise funds for next year’s flowers so stay tuned!!   If you don’t have any extra time to volunteer, you can help out by buying a raffle ticket for an amazing trip to Amsterdam next year to see the original Holland Tulips!  Click here for more info on the raffle or Contact

All in a days walk…

Took some time to get outside on Sunday with a walk through the Hamlin Reservation out in Ipswich and then headed up to Salisbury.   The marshes were teaming with egrets having some breakfast and found a greater yellowlegs waking up the world with his squawking.  Later in the day we found a shy little fox kit hanging in the brush….so cute!!   It was a gorgeous day to be outside…although I could have done without all the ticks who decided to follow me home!

Greater yellowlegs squawking in the marsh

Marsh view at Hamlin Reservation



Lots of egrets enjoying some breakfast  

Shy little Fox kit hiding in the brush.


Uncaged Tulips!

The tulips and Fisherman’s Wives Memorial have finally been uncaged for all to enjoy on their daily walks!  I took advantage of the dreary weather after work last night to get a few shots of the vibrant, dewy tulips!  Thank you to all who put in endless hours of planting and preparation.   The result is just gorgeous!!

Pellet Pooper Meatloaf for the win

Sundays in my house are usually spent doing groceries and meal prepping for the week’s lunches.   Yesterday hubs and I decided to get some meat smoking on the grill and so I tried a meatloaf recipe that I’ve been eyeing for a while.   I know the boss is a tried and true Weber guy…but we like the “set it and forget it” ease of our Traeger grill which Joey has lovingly referred to as our “pellet pooper”!     You can adapt this any way you like, but I would not leave out the sausage…it gives it an amazing flavor!


1 lbs beef, 1 lbs veal, ½ lb uncased Italian sausage

2 rolls broken up and soaked in ½ c buttermilk

½ c diced onion & ½ c bell pepper & 1 clove diced garlic (microwaved 2-3 minutes to soften)

2 tbsp each Worcestershire, mustard, siracha

2 eggs

1 cup favorite bbq sauce (I use Stubby’s for it’s lower sugar content)

1 lb bacon (dice up and fry 2 slices for inside the meatloaf and use the rest for the outside)

Mix everything but the BBQ sauce up in a bowl.   Make a weave out of the remaining bacon on a piece of parchment.  Put the loaf on the bacon and baste with bbq sauce.   Wrap bacon around loaf and cook on rack with pan underneath so grease can escape.   Smoked at 225 for 45 minutes, then upped the temp to 325 until internal temp was 140.   Basted with BBQ sauce and cooked under internal temp was 160.

A sure sign of Spring

While I complain about all the bird poop on my porch from all the little busy birds this time of year, I love watching the little buggers!   This week I’ve been creeping on my neighbor’s porch waiting for these little Robins eggs to hatch (well, I think they are robin’s eggs lol!)   This morning I went over and 4 of them had hatched into 4 fuzzy little balls!  So cute!

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