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Mom’s Kitchen

Great way to start this beautiful, sunny, Sunday morning with a fresh made breakfast at Mom’s Kitchen!!  Thanks Dave and El….great coffee, yummy food and homey feel!   Stop down and give them some love at 29 Commercial St (down the Fort.). Now off to brave the market!


VIVA Gesu, Maria, Giuseppe!!

I love that social media can bring you inside everyone’s homes for St. Joseph’s!   It invites you to be a part of all the celebrations going on around the city and feel the spirit of the day and I thoroughly enjoy seeing them all.   It does not matter how elaborate or how humble the celebrations are, it is a day when families can make more memories together and share traditions with our kids.   Here are some photos of Sista Felicia’s Feast day preparations, blessing and celebration.   It was a glorious day filled with a great family,  good friends, and some amazing food!!  Viva, Gesu, Maria, Giuseppe!


Feast Prep begins!

Blessing by Father Garibaldi


Feast night!

St. Joseph’s Feast Prep at Sista Felicia’s

Sista Felicia, Ma Pat and the Novena girls have been busy prepping for their St. Joseph’s feast tonight.  Typically it is celebrated on the 19th of March but to make sure the college kids who have to head back tomorrow can be here, we are having it tonight.   I wish you could get a whiff of how yummy the freshly made St. Joseph’s bread smells!!! IMG_2163

St. Joseph’s Novena…a time for prayer, support and tradition

St. Joseph Novena started last Friday night and as always it’s an unbelievably beautiful time to share the rosary with some amazing strong supportive women.  “…St. Joseph, you have blessed us with the gift of friendship, the bonding of persons in a circle of love.  Friends who love us, who share our sorrows, laugh with us in celebration, bear our pain, who needs us as we need them, who weep as we weep, who holds us when words fail, and who gives us the freedom to be ourselves.  Bless our friendships with health, wholeness, life and love..Amen”


It’s my GMG-iversary!

I love the “on this day” part of Facebook because you get to walk down memory lane a bit each day.   Today’s “on this day” was my first post as a GMG contributor and although I’m not sure I’ve had a whole lot to contribute over the last year, I know that GMG has contributed a great deal to my life.   It’s pushed me out of my comfort zone and allowed me to meet so many awesome new people!   The one thing I will take away from this last year is the love of my home town and how every day I learn to love this beautiful city even more!!   So Thank YOU GMG readers and fellow contributors for indulging me and always being so kind and supportive!


Sunrise at Long Beach

Last few shots, I promise!

The weekends go by too fast!   We had a great time in NY despite the sub zero temps.  I promise these are the last few pics I’ll bore you with.   These few black and whites are from our walk across the Brooklyn Bridge and the view from Hoboken, NJ at Sinatra Park looking over to Manhattan.   Have a great Monday!!

NYC or bust

Yesterday’s cold weather didn’t stop us from some touring and night shooting around the City!  (click below for some more shots)


Night views from Brooklyn Bridge Park


The Oculus of the Westfield Mall on Ground Zero has a “Grand Central Station” feel to it

PRNWR Barred Owl overload

Sorry for the Owl overload on GMG lately but this guy just makes me smile every time I get to see him!    If you are walking the Marsh Loop at the Hellcat Lot at Parker River National Wildlife Refuge keep an eye out for him or look for the crowd of his adoring fans!  (as always…stay on the boardwalk and a keep a respectful distance away!)


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