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Pasta day at Sista Felicia’s

Yesterday was the annual pasta making day at Sista Felicia’s as we prepare for the St. Joseph’s feast day next month.  Many hands make light work…along with lots of laughs and memories.   This year we donned our “house aprons” like our grandmother’s and aunts used to wear and we could definitely feel their presence!



Sigh…it’s still Winter

It was nice to have a little reprieve from winter yesterday but today with are reminded that it’s not quite finished with us.   Here’s a few chilly scenes to share from my time up North this weekend.   Hoping all of those school vacationers in warmer climates are bringing it home with them this week!!

Photo shenanigans

Train car at Conway Scenic Railroad ~ blue hour.

I’m always on the hunt to find new ways to shoot the same old scenes and this weekend while up in North Conway I played around with a 60 mm Lensball I bought last summer but never even took it out of my camera bag until yesterday.   It’s definitely a challenge to figure out how to shoot a scene with, but it certainly gets me thinking of some old home town scenes that could be shot differently! (I should add that this is a single exposure flipped in post processing so that the train image in the ball was the focus)

Fog lifting on the inner harbor

The perks of having an office overlooking the harbor is the ever changing views!  When I came in to work in the morning I couldn’t even see the harbor but by noon the fog was lifting and gave us these ethereal views of the FV My Grace coming by Eastern Point Lighthouse and unique panos of our inner harbor.

Don’t be jealous ladies!

While all of you are receiving roses and candy today, hubs and I got each other THIS for Valentine’s Day!   Now we can just run down to the basement after work instead of trudging to the gym!   The bonus was that we both survived assembling it together haha!  Don’t be jealous!   Wishing everyone a wonderful Valentine’s Day and Ash Wednesday!img_7863

Ice Sailing on Niles Pond

These “ice sailors” were enjoying the blue skies this past weekend on Niles Pond.  I’m not sure I’ve ever seen ice sailing in action but it’s fun to watch!


Apparently the Dutch were some of the first to experiment with ice sailing, not to break speed records, but to transport goods across frozen lakes and rivers.   They modified their traditional vessels by strapping blades or runners to the hull so that their shipping businesses would continue to be profitable during the long winter months.  In the 1930s and 40s it was quite the sport in the US before the automobile took the speed spotlight.  See link for more info.

Puddle’s perspective

Strolled around Eastern Point lighthouse yesterday with a friend from New York and tried to find a new perspective…so we got low and found some fun puddles to play in.




These pics were taken in just a small little puddle of water with the camera lens right up against the edge….here’s Nicki getting her shot.BLM_3745-Edit


Lanes Cove Sunset

Ran out for a quick sunset last night.   The sun is setting farther to the left these days so after checking out a few of my usual spots, I decided on Lanes Cove where thankfully the tide was low enough to get down on rocks just before the sun dipped below the horizon!  BLM_3548-Edit-Edit-2

Slumbering City

Anyone else notice that its not pitch black out when you get out of work at 5?  I was so excited the other night to leave the office and not need a flashlight to get to my car!   These longer days also mean I’ll have to be getting up earlier for sunrise, but I will take advantage of the late mornings for now.   Enjoy this view of our beautiful slumbering city in the not-so-early morning hours!


Park views

Here’s a couple more views of my Sunday morning sunrise over at Stage Fort Park.   The black and white image is a reminder to me to always look behind you or change your perspective.   I grabbed it as we were leaving just as a quick handheld snapshot but it became a favorite.   Enjoy the short week ahead!


Stage Fort sunrise

I love this spot for sunrise but I haven’t been back here since the summer mostly because I don’t like to venture through the park in the dark on my own, so my husband humored me yesterday and joined me in the -2 degree windchill.   I thought it was going to be a bust because the wall of clouds to the right were coming in quickly, but we were graced with a peek of sun!BLM_3457_HDR-Edit

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