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St. Peter’s Novena begins

While the skies raged outside, it was a peaceful, beautiful night inside the Legion for the first night of St. Peter’s Novena.   This year’s Altar depicts St. Peter as Captain of the vessel “Novena” carrying all into safe harbors.   VIVA San Pietro!


Novena to St. Peter begins tonight

Tonight begins the first of 9 days of “Novena” to St. Peter at 7pm @ The American Legion Hall located on 8 Washington Street Gloucester MA.   All are welcome to attend this prayer of the Rosary to St. Peter which will run from this evening June 18th to Tuesday, June 26th .


Sugar Hill, NH Adventures

Spent some time up North this weekend and  if you find yourself up in the White Mountains, NH area in the next couple weeks, it’s worth the trip to head up to Sunset Road in Sugar Hill, NH (Franconia Notch area) and take a walk through the beautiful Lupine field overlooking the White Mountains.   It’s a pretty stroll with quotes to read along the way.   While you are there you should stop in at the Sugar Hill Sampler Barn and browse all the handmade goods and then head down the road to Harman’s Cheese and Country store and grab a block of delicious homemade cheddar cheese (my fav is the horseradish!).   If you are there before 3pm, stop and grab some breakfast/brunch at Polly’s Pancake Parlor for the yummiest pancake fix!!   Enjoy some of my early morning pics in the fields!





Lupines at Sugar Hill, NH

I’m pretty sure when my husband married me he didn’t think I’d be dragging him up to NH at 1 AM  to stand in a very dark field of lupines, waiting two hours for the Milky Way to come into the frame, all the while looking for the cellphone I dropped somewhere in the field because i thought there was an animal coming lol!   Also, I’m pretty sure he didn’t think we’d be sleeping in the car for an hour while we wait for the sun to rise up over the White Mountains so I could get a few more shots of the silly flowers!   He’s a keeper!!   Off for a nap!

St. Matthews ~ Sugar Hill, NH

Lupine Sunrise ~ Sugar Hill, NH

Launch of the Viking Boat Polaris

The Essex Shipbuilding Museum hosted the launch of the 38′ Viking Boat Polaris yesterday in the shipyard along with talks and demonstrations from her Owner Stuart Boyd, Builder, Jay Smith and Captain Arista Holden.  For more info check them out at




It’s a fun time of year to be a spectator on social media!!  I’ve enjoyed seeing all of the beautiful spring brides, the college graduates with their proud families and tonight I’ll be looking forward to seeing everyone all gussied up for the GHS prom!   Wishing all the kids a safe and memorable night!


Making Beef jerky on the Traeger

Meat smoking is all the rage these days, and whether you are an old school wood fire or a Traeger #pellethead like we are,  the process and ceremony of smoking meat is somewhat of an addiction (as we have all witnessed with Joey’s BBQ journey lol!).   So yes, I’ve jumped on the wagon after I bought my husband a Traeger for our anniversary last year and watched from the sidelines while he experimented with briskets, ribs, pork roast, etc.   My first solo experiment was with 5 lbs of bacon…and it was so fabulous that I went out and bought 20 more lbs of pork belly to make a stash!   This week’s experiment was beef jerky.   I wasn’t sure what recipe’s I would like so I tried 2 different ones.   The process was the same just the marinade was different.  The first was a Dr. Pepper/Jalapeno marinade…the second a Terriyaki/Siracha.    At first I thought for sure I was going to love the Terriyaki because it had more ingredients and just seemed more flavorful, but surprisingly everyone liked the Dr. Pepper one.   I think there’s something about the carbonation in the soda that tenderized the meat more.   In any event, it’s an easy process, cut lean meat (I used eye of round but skirt steak or pork tenderloin work well too), marinate 6-24 hrs and depending on the temp your grill smokes at (mine was about 130-140 on smoke) about 4 1/2 hrs on the smoker and done!    Next time I might add some curing salt if I do a big batch so that it will have a longer shelf life.   So go give it a try and enjoy!



FLAG CREW adorning the Boulevard

Ringo Tarr was up “supervising” the Flag Crew early this morning as they adorned the Boulevard for Memorial Day weekend!  Thanks to all who keep this going each year and glad to see Ringo looking and feeling better!  If you’d like to purchase a flag for a veteran or make a donation you can stop down to Pauline’s Gifts at 512 Essex Ave, Gloucester.




Cape Ann Shave to Save

Cape Ann Shave to Save held it’s annual event to support the St. Jude Children’s Hospital on Friday.   Neil and I stopped in for a shave…(ok well NEIL shaved…I just supported) and joined Jane Shaw and Dawn Burnham in their fight against Cancer.    Big thanks goes to their awesome stylists Dawn Toye, Tara Lovasco, Rachel Cawley from Ambiance Hair Design, Dan Coveny from DC Hair, and Alyssa Craigen from Highwave.


Drift Cafe

I had the pleasure of sharing a toast with Kurt and Richard Hosman at the “soft opening” of their all new Drift Cafe (formerly Cafe, Brew & Spirits) at 3 Main Street on Saturday and can’t wait until they are in full swing in a couple of weeks!   I loved coming here last year because it had a great vibe, and it’s a perfect place to hit after dinner for some music and a drink (and a muffin…they are delicious!) or during the day for a espresso and light fare!   Good luck to Kurt and Rick!


32222581_476167106180043_7254434839389011968_oWith the help of prior owner Will Bard we were driven by the strong sense of place and purpose to create a Café built for those seeking to continue that warm, musical Café vibe.
During the day, we are a coffee house Café that focuses on espresso-based drinks while proudly serving an array of fresh made, pastries, muffins, scones and croissants along with fresh seasonal salads and sandwiches. At night, we transform into a bar where people feel “at home”, dishing out an array of bar bites and stirring up both classic and contemporary elixirs for every taste and price point. Whether you go booze free or spiked, we welcome you to go ahead and espresso yourself.  Drawing inspiration from the unique character of the neighborhood and the local community, and the creator of Café Brew and Spirits the NEW Drift Café Gloucester has been designed to be part of this growing community, satisfying both body and spirit from sun up to lights out.

Please do stop in to see us, check out the new look of the Café and say hello.

We look forward to seeing everyone back at DRIFT. ~Kurt & Rick


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