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Happy Birthday Greg Bover

Greg getting a Volunteer of the Year Award. (Greg is the one on the right.)

Greg posts good quotes at Good Morning Gloucester. Sometimes I scratch my head. Take this one for instance. A quote of Andy Warhol:

“Sometimes people let the same problem make them miserable for years when they could just say, ‘So what.’ That’s one of my favorite things to say, ‘So what.’”

I have thought of several translations of this quote to rationalize my non inertia about a lot of things. “Don’t let small unimportant things get your knickers in a twist.”

So I find myself saying “So what” a lot these days. I may mumble it or just not say it out loud. 🙂

Happy Birthday Greg.

[edit, note added] Everyone knows Greg so the line, (Greg is the one on the right) is superfluous. I added it because I ran into a Wkipedia editing argument. They thought this was superfluous too and it had to be removed. 😦

“Indifferent” had to go too but if you read the book the penguin was actually very indifferent.

Rubber Duck PSA: Solar Eclipse Peak on Cape Ann 2:46 PM

The eclipse. Just my suggestion. Skip the glasses. Have lunch under an oak or maple tree and marvel at all the little crescents dancing on the ground. I might go nuts and lay a white blanket out but that’s about it. The effect might even be better under an oak chewed up by gypsy moths.

My one preparation is making sure the colanders are clean. And a white sheet.

But don’t forget one thing. It is STEM that allows you to do this unconcerned that the sun might not come back. Science, Technology, Engineering , and Math. A lot of math.

Without STEM the dragon eats the sun and you must sacrifice a virgin to get the sun back. And around here we might be a little short on … nevermind.

First nibble: 1:30 PM
Peak: 2:46 PM
Last nibble: 3:55 PM

EXTRA EDIT: Cape Ann, GAAC, Gloucester Area Astronomy Club announcement. No eclipse glasses? No problem. Stop by the fisherman statue on the Gloucester Boulevard Monday afternoon between 2:00 and 3:30 and view the eclipse through one of our specially-filtered scopes.

Happy Birthday David Cox

If you see this Gloucester High School shortstop and official GMG good egg David Cox with a camera on the boulevard today make sure you wish him a happy birthday.

Forgot to credit photographer and now I can’t find where I got this shot. Any help? I’m guessing it has to be Manny Simoes.

You have 25 minutes to register for the Blackburn Challenge this Saturday

Quick! Be the 315th crazy person to sign up!

300 boats maximum but lots of boats have six nut jobs or more aboard so still room for one more. Do it. Think of it as a 90 dollar T-Shirt plus pain and the chance to be eaten by a shark. What’s not to like?

Your map to the road to perdition: BLACKBURN MAP

OMG!! The Blackburn Challenge is this Saturday!

Click here for new 2017 map.

A Twenty plus mile open water race around Cape Ann sponsored by the Cape Ann Rowing Club using seaworthy oar or paddle powered craft. Saturday, July 22, 2017.

I’ve added several Easter Eggs to the map. Find out what Cisco, the lovable 397 pound Great White Shark thinks of the race.

Off course!! There be dragons to the east.  Also Cisco.

Joey doing yoga

Bruh 😂

A post shared by The Rundown (@therundown) on

[edit] 8AM: What? This was not posted by Paul T Morrison and RD. Someone may have hacked my account or someone at GMG is playing tricks. I’ll leave it up because it is hilarious.

I have a much better one of Joey “doing yoga”.

This is Joey doing yoga the last time he actually went up to his ankles at Niles Beach:

Electronic fingerprints!:

AH AHA! My superior internet sleuthing skills quickly identifies the culprit!

Not the Super Crescent Moon

Saturday too early, Sunday clouds, maybe Monday at 9:22 PM a shot down the Dogbar Breakwater. Who am I kidding? There wiill be a cloud.

No crescent moon here because Saturday and way too close to full moon. If I was on a Colorado Mountain top in crystal clear air maybe but New England? Forgetaboutit.

But if it is a clear sunset, drive out to the lighthouse, wave at the guard he’s just a private dude he has to let you through and take a shot down the Dogbar for an award winning Super Crescent moonset.

Map from Photographer’s Ephemeris


Friday’s new super moon is super boring. Why? Because it’s a new moon and that means you can’t see it since the moon and sun are in the same part of the sky. We will see high high tides and low low tides. BFD that happens every month but super means a little higher and a little lower (moon in perigee).

But Saturday and Sunday as the moon starts lagging behind the sunset there will be a Super Crescent. Look right after sunset.

For the TL;DNR crowd here is the crib sheet: 

Look after sunset at 8:37 PM on Saturday and 9PM Sunday for super crescent moon just to left of sunset.  Plum Cove, Lanes Cove, Halibut Point, the Ferris wheel, or any good view of sunset.

Saturday: (Saturday crescent is only 1.3% of moon. That is thinner than a Mister Creosote thin mint. It’s wafer thin.)

Dark blue line direction of moonset. Brown is sunset.

Sunday: take a photo of this one.

Graphics by cool program Photographer’s Ephemeris. << Click to check it out.

Time to Just Keep Swimming

Rubber Duck and the A01 Buoy both say it’s time to go for a swim!

53.8 F is perfectly swimmable. Do it now and every day. Stiffen up that Rubber!

The 80.1 F is just the seaweed warming up at low tide but that 53.8 F is a sensor three feet down and it’s real. Just Google “A01 Buoy” which is a couple miles off Gloucester Harbor and you get the exact same temp.

What’s it all mean? It means it’s time to go for a swim! It’s time to toss a few poppers because Mrs Striped Bass has arrived. She waits until it is 50 F. What are you waiting for?

Stella and the Red Sox Break Records: Tick Alert

Red Sox score ten runs in the ninth and Stella the dog picks up 24 ticks in one half hour walk! Never done before! Watch out for the tall grass!

Stella as a puppy with no ticks.

Yesterday Stella, Evie and I do a four mile hike in Dogtown, over Pigeon Hill and back. Zero ticks. That is because we stayed out of the grass. Today we did a much shorter hike less than a mile but it was on the Atlantic Path along the shore with tall grass overgrown on the path. These ticks do not have super powers. They do not leap on you. But this time of year they crawl to the top of the blade of grass and hold their front legs out waiting for you to walk by.

If you walk through grass, check yourself as soon as you get back. No big deal if they are still walking around looking for a place to attach. But the sooner you get them the better. Powassan virus is rare but now present in ticks in this area. They are bad news and can transmit the virus far more quickly than Lyme.

ps. If you want a vaccine please advocate for full funding of NIH.

Oh Em Gee a Trifecta of Astronomy Tonight!!?

One would think right? If the Washington Post has a headline, “A full moon, lunar eclipse and comet all in one evening? It happens tonight”, you might think holy shit I gotta see this trilogy of spectacularness!

Every science article I read in the lay press I find an overhyped problem, Cancer is Cured!, Neanderthals and apes had sex!, Two blue moons this month never to be seen again!

That’s, fine, gotta get the clicks. But today’s story is utter nonsense and it leaves out the actual interesting part that you should go check out.

  1. It isn’t a trifecta. A full moon and a lunar eclipse happen concurrently every single time. It’s like saying “the full moon will be round at the same time!”
  2. It’s a penumbral lunar eclipse. You won’t see jack at the start when they tell you to look since penumbrals just darken the moon a bit and that won’t be until mid eclipse.
  3. The comet is cool but even with binoculars and you knew exactly where to look I doubt you would see it. Tiny smudge.
  4. Dipshits should have used an Oxford comma. (Yes, once I get picky I go full blown grammar Nazi too. I’m not pointing out the six other typos in the article because I’m too busy with some pointy sticks that I need to light on fire and jab into my eyeballs.

What is cool which happens every single month is a full moon rising in the east over the Rockport Breakwater at sunset. The moon rises at 4:59 PM. If you go to Granite Pier the moon will rise just to the right of the breakwater. The grey line in the picture shows exactly where. Or click on Photographers Ephemeris and make your own map.

And my name isn’t Paul “Buzz Kill” Morrison for nothing.  It’s going to be overcast by then. 🙂
I will be there since the clouds will move in from the west and there is a small chance the moon clears the breakwater in the east before the clouds extinguish the view, but we live in New England, so don’t count on it.

Go out there and pretend to see moonrise in the overcast which is going to drop more snow tomorrow.

Go out there and pretend to see moonrise in the overcast which is going to drop more snow tomorrow.

Hannah Jumper is a Patriots Fan

Super Bowl Sunday and I cannot get down to Woods Hole to visit my parent’s graves to tell them about Brady’s shot at getting ring number five (they were wicked Pats fans) so I am adopting someone no longer with us who is a local.

Mom's mom was a big fan of Yaz but for some reason Mom liked #9 Rondo.

Mom’s mom was a big fan of Yaz but for some reason Mom liked #9 Rondo.

Hannah Jumper would have been 220 years old when the Patriots won their first Super Bowl. Everyone thinks of Hannah as a party pooper but I am willing to bet she would have cheered Vinatieri’s field goal to squish the Rams waving her hatchet around. I’m sure she would be wearing jersey Number 12 today and having a brew because time marches on, the Red Sox and the Patriots are World Champions several times over and Feather & Wedge Tavern is having a Super Bowl Party in Rockport.

Still can’t get used to it. The championships. A beer in a Rockport Tavern. What is the world coming to? 🙂

Hannah communed with me and besides rooting for Tom she also said the bongs at Boston Smoke Shop in Gloucester were wicked pissah.

Hannah communed with me and besides rooting for Tom she also said the bongs at Boston Smoke Shop in Gloucester were wicked pissah.

Lisa Day-Copeland Synopsis of the Public Coyote Meeting Last Night

Lisa posted this on Facebook this morning and I thought it was a decent synopsis of the coyote meeting last night. Rubber Duck added the photo of Coywolf puppies.

Coywolf's have puppies in February and March. They are cute but do not go near them! If you remove their fear of humans they will geet in trouble.

Coywolf’s have puppies in February and March. They are cute but do not go near them! If you remove their fear of humans they will get in trouble.

I (Lisa Day-Copeland) went to the Gloucester coyote forum tonight with Jodi Swenson and Roland Leger. I think the presenters did a good job of teaching people about coyotes, that they have many useful functions and are here to stay (replaced wolves after they were killed off). Most weigh only 30 – 45 pounds and are far less dangerous than dogs in terms of aggressive behavior (and I love dogs!) They taught us to make noise and wave our arms, even toss something small at them or wave a stick. Don’t feed them. It is good for them to be afraid of humans. Also cover your trash and hiding spaces (I’ve got to block that space under my shed!) Lots of really bright people got in line to make comments or ask good questions…science students, wildlife specialists. Someone from Project Coyote came to see the presentation…perhaps he’ll be back at some point to further educate the public.

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