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Neighborhood Apothecary at a new address

Remember the Neighborhood Apothecary? I wrote about them not long ago when I discovered them at the block party. At the time, you sort of had to follow a map or a trail of bread crumbs to get to their store on the 4th floor of the Blackburn building.  I saw the owner Meg and her associate Clint the other day, moving into new retail space on Pleasant Street!

Their new location is 17 Pleasant Street:

_DSC08969 New location for Neighborhood ApothecaryThrough the gate, through the door on the left, down the stairs.

I bought some chamomile while I was there.
Meg was out, so Clint was manning the counter:

_DSC08980 Clint servint chamomile

Clint’s name was inspired by Clint Eastwood, but he’s much nicer than Dirty Harry.

Stop by and check out their wares! They will be having a grand opening soon for the new location. I’ll post the info when it is available.

Matthew Green

In case you forgot (or didn’t know) about Tacos Lupita…

Here’s a reminder.

Truly authentic Mexican tacos, $2 each.  (They also have lots other meat options and Latin American dishes, of course.) I got two tacos the other day, one with chicken and one with cow tongue.

Yes, cow tongue! Try it – it’s really good! I know that the thought of one’s own tongue and teeth chewing up the tongue of a dead cow grosses a lot of people out. But the meat is tender and very flavorful!


Tacos Lupita is at 63 Washington St. in Gloucester.  Open Monday through Saturday 11AM-9PM.


– Matthew Green

Block party!

It was a great evening for a block party!

Among other people I ran into, Joey and his family were dining at Ohana:And Henry Allen’s North Shore Folklore Theatre were doing a reading of part of one of Judith Sargent Murray’s plays, “The Happy Medium”:

I also took a moment to go to The Cave to buy something for a party I was going to later. Peach Chutney, which I put on ice cream! It was delicious!


These are great events!

– Matthew Green

Jason Burroughs’ art at The Hive

Yesterday evening at The Hive (on Pleasant Street, less than a block up from Main Street, on the right) there was an opening of an art show by Jason Burroughs in their back room. It was accompanied by a concert by a variety of bands. I stopped in to snag some photos! Jason is an up-and-coming local artist, who also works in the programs offered at The Hive and Art Haven.

He will also be in the gallery during the block party today. Stop by to see the art and meet the artist! And maybe buy a print or an original… Get it before he gets famous and the prices go up!

Jason with some of his art

Jason with some of his art

Matthew Green

Origami at the Farmer’s Market

Yesterday I got a slightly last minute invitation to go teach origami at the Gloucester Farmer’s Market with Art Haven / Tag / The Hive.  Fortunately my schedule was pretty clear, so I was able to go! I had so much fun, I think I got almost more out of it than the kids did… I hope to do it again, although next week I won’t be able to.

The funny thing is, I was wearing an origami shirt that I had put on before I knew I would be teaching, and I didn’t even notice until one of the parents of a student commented on it…

Matthew Green


Origami Nazgul

Designed by Jason Ku, published in Origami Tanteidan Magazine #129. Folded by me from one 12″ uncut sheet of foil paper. Here’s a photo that gives you a better sense of the scale of the model:



This is a great model!  Jason Ku designs some amazing origami.  His lobster design is so awesome it’s almost NSFW, just because it might literally blow your mind, and your boss doesn’t want to have to call an ambulance when that happens. You can see it on his website. (Go ahead, I dare you! Scroll down on his page to see the detail on the bottom side of the lobster!)

Matthew Green

St. Anthony’s by the Sea

This lovely little chapel of St. Anthony by the Sea (near Niles Beach) belongs to Holy Family Parish. It is open for Sunday services at 9:30AM only in the summer, and for weddings until the fall.  I think the stained glass windows are absolutely beautiful, real works of art.


For more about the history of the chapel, visit this link (thanks to Fred Bodin for the great info)!

Matthew Green

Sclafani’s does it again

Having just gotten back from vacation, I don’t have much food in my fridge, so today I went across the street to grab a sandwich from Sclafani’s (49 Washington St.) for lunch. It’s only the second time since I moved here (I don’t eat out often when I’m alone).

I got a small turkey sandwich with provolone and all the toppings except hots (lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, mayo, oil with spices…). As you can see from the photo, “small” isn’t exactly tiny – more than enough for someone like me. The meat and cheese were freshly cut, and the veggies tasted fresh and were not at all wilted or soggy. Of course, the bread was also fresh and delicious! And it only came to $4.28, which is a great price for a sandwich that filled me up! Granted, I usually have a small appetite, so a small sandwich might not be enough for everyone, but the “large” is only a little more expensive, and the quality is great. It seems to have been a while since Sclafani’s got any significant GMG love, but from my experience, they sure deserve it!

They are open Mon – Sat: 8:00 am – 2:00 pm.

Matthew Green

Origami hippopotamus!

This happy hippo is folded from a single sheet of paper following diagrams found in John Montroll’s “African Animals in Origami“.

John Montroll has published many books with a variety of topics. Two of his books – “Origami for the Enthusiast” and “Animal Origami for the Enthusiast” – were a huge discovery and inspiration for me when I was first developing my origami skills.

Like Robert Lang (a contemporary and collaborator of John Montroll), John is a very nice person, and very approachable. I see him at the origami convention every year in New York, and we always have a nice conversation (which, in the origami world, is kind of like a musician sitting down to have a nice chat with Vivaldi). Actually, all of the great origami designers I have met have been unpretentious.

I will be scheduling more origami classes soon at The Hive and Art Haven, I hope, but in the meantime I am also open to giving private lessons to groups or individuals. Comment on the post if you are interested.

Matthew Green

Origami goldfish

Another bit of fishy origami, on my last day of vacation away from Gloucester…

This little goldfish is not as complicated as the horseshoe crab, but just as delightful to me.  It is designed by the same artist – Robert Lang – and is found in the same book as well, “Sea Creatures in Origami“, a collaboration between Robert Lang and John Montroll (another of my favorite origami designers).

Matthew Green


Origami horseshoe crab

At a cottage by the sea, I had to fold something appropriate!

This is my first try at Robert Lang’s origami horseshoe crab. Folded from a single uncut sheet of foil paper.  It would be better with brown paper, but I didn’t have the right kind on hand; foil was the strongest, thinnest paper I have with me right now on vacation…


It has a few challenging steps in it…

Matthew Green

Enjoying Cape Cod

Continuing my vacation… Visiting a friend on Cape Cod!

Lovely beach!

The prettiest house on this beach, in my opinion, is this one:

There’s nothing like the feeling of the waves tickling your toes!

A perfect beach day!

Cape Cod is a lovely place to visit! But I’m still glad I live on “the other cape”…  When I get back to Gloucester I am going to have to do a beach walk and get some nice photos!

Matthew Green

Enjoying vacation in New York State

I’m sorry to have missed the  Gloucester Street Bazaar, but I’m off having a grand old time with family in New York State.  This is part 1 of a 2-part vacation, so I won’t be back with new Gloucester photos for a few days.  In the meantime, here is a taste of a Hutchings’ (my mother’s side of the family) get-together!

Beautiful landscapes:

Family photos:

My father and I

My cool cousin Kevin and I

Going over vintage family photos:

My grandma with her cat

And of course I’m doing origami, but I already posted some of those photos… and more will be showing up soon!

Matthew Green



Origami Cats

A while ago I came up for a design for an origami cat:


Recently, a cat friend of mine named Neo (who lived with the family upstairs) died.  I wanted to give the bereaved family a cat in memory of the deceased, so I made this one, changing the pose from standing to sitting and making a few other tweaks to the design:

Then another friend (Alexander Thompson of Ma’s Brand fame) offered a bigger challenge: to make a black and white “cow cat” in memory of one of his beloved felines who now rests in peace, in exchange for a a jar of his (delicious) pickles. This is what I have come up with so far, based on a photo of the cat in question:


It needs a little bit of work still, but it was a happy coincidence that my original design for the cat easily allowed me to add a color change to get the black and white (one side of the paper is black, the other white, and I folded it such that the colors come out where I want them). I also need to fold it with better paper.  But it’s exciting to be dedicating time to this kind of origami creativity!

Matthew Green


The British are Coming!

Actually, they already came, but that was the tagline for a wonderful concert given by the Choir of St. Mary’s, Maldon (Essex, UK) at St. John’s Episcopal Church in Gloucester on Monday night.  It was one of a series of events that are being held at St. John’s in honor of the church’s 150th anniversary. The choir was composed of 16 people, plus the director, Colin Baldy, and a 15-year-old organist who both accompanied the choir and played solos on the church’s Fisk organ.

_Choir overview DSC08847


_Willy the organist with Mark and the altos DSC08841

Their repertoire included pieces ranging from the 16th century to the present. I think my personal favorites were “Rejoice in the Lamb”, by Benjamin Britten, and “O Thou the Central Orb”, by Charles wood.

If you missed the concert, you can still hear them sing! The choir has videos on Youtube and CDs for sale on Google Play.

Other future musical events at St. John’s include their 150th anniversary Solemn Evensong on Sunday, October 6 at 4 pm, featuring the Parish Choir singing works of Vaughan Williams. The 25 anniversary concert of the Fisk Opus 97 at St. John’s is on Sunday, May 18 at 4 pm, featuring Thomas Baugh of Roanoke, VA, playing works of Bach, Franck and Gershwin. Both programs are open to the public and include receptions following.

Matthew Green

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