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Sea Smoke

Sea Smoke this morning seen from Singing Beach and White Beach in Manchester by the Sea. COLD!

Decorating the Trees, Manchester by the Sea

The tree decorating for the Festival of the Trees is ongoing. Remember that the official lighting of the Freedom Tree and the Festival of the Trees is this Sunday.

SUNDAY: The 3:30 holiday concert performance at the First Parish Church. Immediately following the performance at 4:30 will be the official lighting Manchester’s Friendship Tree and the Festival of the Trees on town hall common to officially kick off the holiday season.

Festival of the Trees in Manchester by the Sea

This is the second year of the Festival of the Trees in Manchester. The trees were set up and strung with lights today (Sunday) and will be decorated between 4:00 to 7:00 PM this Wednesday 12/03/2014.  Trees are set up on the green in front of the Town Hall and are sponsored by Town merchants and groups within the Town like the Boy Scouts, the Athletic Association, the Hooper Trust and many others.

Last year there were a total of 24 trees decorated and lit. This year there are 45 trees! The official tree lighting ceremony will be next Sunday December 7th with the lighting of the Friendship Tree and the Festival of the Trees at 4:30pm. It would be wise to arrive early and get a good spot as if last year was any indication, this year will be an even larger celebration!

These will also be great times to walk through Town and finish, start, or develop ideas for Christmas presents as you walk by all the shops.

Essex River

Clouds over the Essex River at high tide

Manchester Essex Varsity Soccer Out duels St. Mary’s For Division 1 North Championship

Ranked 7th overall going into the Division 4 North Tournament Manchester-Essex first took on Mystic Valley and fought to a 1-0 win this past Wednesday. The win moved them to Manning Bowl in Lynn where they had to face the number 1 seed in St. Mary’s on a cold (!) Sunday afternoon. This was Manchester Essex first trip to a championship game..ever. Leading for much of the game at 2-1 Manchester Essex saw St Mary’s score to tie the game late in the second half which is where the score stood at the end of regulation time. After two scoreless overtime periods the teams moved on to penalty kicks to decide the win. Manchester Essex took the win with a 5-4 penalty kick score and now moves on to the Division 4 State Finals! It was a great game with constant action at both ends of the field. On to the State Final!

Bentleys in Essex

Bentley Wings

A group of Bentleys met up in Essex today and after a tour of the Essex Shipbuilding Museum went on their way to Wentworth by the Sea for a weekend gathering of the Bentley Club. All except the more modern examples were British Racing Green, of course..

BAND CAMP/essex Saturday August 23

Just Like Newman

Saturday afternoon into the night Band Camp presented singers, bands, dogs and more dogs!! In the field of Peter Hoare and Cynthia Sweet in Essex the weather went from gray to great and the party was on.

A little more Sidewalk Bazarre

A closer look…

International Dory Races

The closest race of the day was the Men’s Race!

TOD Development Potential

I ran across this link to a MAPC study, browsing news for work. TOD or Transportation Oriented Developments are getting a lot of talk today and places like Melrose are already trying to capitalize on the idea. I thought to post the following link to the study  on GMG as the concept could be looked into for Gloucester and perhaps Beverly. The effort usually takes a zoning overlay district that allows mixed use developments and areas with strong connections to rail and bus systems. Not sure if anyone’s thinking along these lines already.

Follow this link to the MAPC (Metropolitan Area Planning Council) study of stations within the Metro area showing potential for development and capacity. Melrose has now proposed zoning changes in it’s Tremont/Essex Street Commuter Rail Corridor. Some of these include relaxed height restrictions allowing 4 stories, up from 2 stories, greater density, and broadened scope of allowed uses.  Great ideas for growth going forward with incorporation of public transportation as a foundation. . IMHO!





Morning Sun

It must be warm being in the sun and between the window and the shade. As is said sometimes, these shots were “offense by accident”, I saw this guy out of the corner of my eye driving through Magnolia. Turned around and he waited for me…

A Moment in the Sun

A Moment in the Sun

A Profile in the Sun

A Profile in the Sun


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