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We enjoyed yet another outstanding Passports wine dinner event this past Thursday evening, hosted by owner and Chef Eric Lorden and wine expert Matt Rose. Each of the four wonderfully delicious courses was paired with the perfect wine from the Loire Valley of France. And too, my husband and I enjoy so much the welcoming wait staff at Passports. Michael and Sally were our servers and they are always friendly and professional. We especially appreciate their fine and seamless service during the wine dinner events with a dining room bursting with patrons.

IMG_9164My favorite of the wines was the Champalou, Vouvray 2014 accompanying the salad of heirloom tomatoes, Tasso Lardons, Dolce Bleu, fava beans, butter lettuce, and Provencal vinaigrette.


Fantabulous roast lamp chops, with capers and wild mushrooms

Passports serves lunch and dinner seven days a week. They open at 11:30 am. You’ll love their everyday menu and they also post daily specials on Facebook, which you can check out here. Passports will be resuming their wine dinners in the early fall.

Our son Alex and Chef G rocked Passports wine dinner last night. So proud ❤️

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Each and every morning the DPW is out there cleaning Good Harbor Beach. They do an absolutely tremendous job. You would be shocked at what people leave behind, and the sheer volume of it. I am usually filming in non-public spaces and it has been an eye opener working at a public beach in the early morning. If you see these guys, please tell them thanks.

Good Harbor Beach heroes Tony and Murray.

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GHS summer training copyright Kim SmithCoach Mike Lattof shares that for over thirty years the Fishermen teams have been training at GHB during the off season. The program is open to everyone, boys and girls alike, and from every sport.

Early morning GHS all sports practice with Coach Mike Lattof

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Gloucester Stage Youth Acting Workshop Summer 2016 Session


Professional Theater Training for 5 – 18  Year Olds

Gloucester Stage Youth Acting Workshop exposes young people to professional theater during a 6 week acting program for children ages 5 to 18 on Fridays from July 8 through August 12. The Gloucester Stage Youth Acting Workshop provides young people an opportunity to develop self-confidence, communication and teamwork skills to use in their daily life as well as to introduce them to the skills necessary for professional theater. A professional training program, the workshops include an introduction to theater basics such as theater games, improvisation, movement, vocal and physical expression, character preparation, scene study, storytelling, writing, public speaking and confidence building training. Award winning actress Heidi Dallin teaches acting in collaboration with Special Guest Instructors to offer specialized training in theater related disciplines. This summer some of the Guest Instructors will include: Academy nominated actress Lindsay Crouse teaching an Advanced Acting Class;  Elliot Norton Award winning actress Marya Lowry teaching Acting Shakespeare Techniques; and Emerson College trained Dialect Instructor Elizabeth Milanovich  teaching a variety of dialects including Cockney, Proper British, American Southern and Russian. The  2016 Summer Session  begins Friday, July 8 and meets on Fridays for two hours per week through Friday, August 12 at Gloucester Stage, 267 East Main Street, Gloucester, MA. The students are divided in classes according to age: Children’s Class: 9 am to 11 am-5 to 8 year olds; Pre-Teen Class: 11:30 am to 1:30 pm-9 to 11 year olds; Teen Class: 2 pm to 4 pm-12 to 18 years old. The Youth Acting Workshop Program received a grant for tuition reduction thanks to sponsorship in part from the Bruce J. Anderson Foundation and John and Mollie Byrnes.  Call Heidi at 978-283-6688 to register or visit for more information.

All photos by Gary Ng


Piping Plover overexposed copyright Kim SmithFor the sake of the Piping Plovers folks really and truly need to keep their dogs off Good Harbor Beach. It is a matter of life and death for these beautiful creatures and their soon-to-be-arriving offspring. Additionally, the following article was brought to our attention by friend Pauline Bresnahan. The town of Scarborough, Maine, was threatened with a $12,000.00 fine for not enforcing their leash laws. A dog off leash killed a Piping Plover. If one of Gloucester’s Piping Plovers are killed by a dog, we taxpayers could very well be held responsible for the maximum fine. Read the story here.Good Harbor Beach No Dogs cooyright Kim Smith

Good harbor Beach ScofflawThis morning I arrived at GHB a little later than usual, around 6:30am. Within the first three minutes, there were three dogs on the beach, and all off leash. The man in the above photo had two dogs, and one of the dogs made a beeline for the Piping Plover nesting site. The guy did absolutely nothing to prevent his dog from running into the restricted area. I called out to him to let him know. He made a rude remark and called his dog back, but only after it was halfway in. The dog owner then walked the length of the beach with his dogs still off leash. When he returned his dogs chased the gulls as well as the Plover feeding at the shoreline. Now if it was a fledgling Plover, the baby bird wouldn’t have stood a chance in heck in the face of the exuberant dog. So after the dog ran into the restricted area, chased one Plover at the water’s edge, he then put his dogs on leash as he was leaving the beach. He was joined by another fellow at the footbridge, whose dog was off leash.Good harbor Beach no dogs copyright Kim Smith

It is in some dog’s nature to chase birds. Why oh why would a dog owner bring a dog like that to the beach with a known endangered bird species? The rule is no dogs during the summer months. We have a sweet Scottish Terrier and I sure would love to bring her with me when I am filming and photographing early in the morning. But even she, with her calm, gentle disposition, I know would terrify the Plovers and could easily accidentally squish a nestling.Good Harbor Beach Dog copyright Kim Smith

The Culprit. Is this a bad dog? No, of course not. I think it looks quite cute. Are there any bad dogs, or just thoughtless owners?

Piping Plover retruning to nest copyright Kim Smith

Plover returning to its nest this morning

With merely only a few thousand pairs of nesting Piping Plovers remaining nationwide, it’s super important that we all work together as a community to insure the successful nesting of the Good Harbor Beach Piping Plovers. There are so many unavoidable, natural mishaps for the birds and their nestlings; let’s prevent the avoidable disasters. Please, let all your friends and family know to keep dogs off the beach. If you see a dog, please ask the owner to remove the dog.

Piping Plover comparative photo with seagull copyright Kim SmithIn the above photo, you can compare the size of the adult Plover to the size of the immature gull and get an idea of just how tiny they are. And the nestlings are teeny tiny!

It’s no excuse for the behavior of today’s scofflaws, but I think we need bold signs at both ends of Good Harbor Beach, clearly explaining what a federally endangered species is, what a Piping Plover is, and why it is so important to keep all dogs off the beach. Also, perhaps if an officer were stationed at the footbridge end beginning at 5:30am, handing out tickets, folks would take the law more seriously. Or, if the officer were positioned in the middle of the beach, he would catch offenders in the act. I imagine it wouldn’t take more than a few days of ticketing for word to get out that the laws were being enforced. In just the short period of time that I was there this morning, the City could have earned well over a thousand dollars in dog fines alone!

      *   *   *

Male and Female Piping Plover’s take turns on the nest. Every morning they each spend time at the water’s edge feeding and bathing in the tide pools. Today this little fellow gave himself an extra vigorous washing! 

Piping plover bath copyright Kim Smith.Piping plover bath -2 copyright Kim Smith.Dunking from side to side

Piping plover drying wings copyright Kim Smith.Drying WingsPiping plover drying wings-2 copyright Kim Smith.


Happy Dad’s Day to the wonderful fathers, husbands, grandfathers, uncles, best friends, and all the good men in our lives.

Our son-in-law Matt O’Rourke created this ad for Volvo. We posted the shortened spot recently and here is the newly released full length version. The message is sweet for Father’s Day I think. 


why this?

FullSizeRender (63)IMG_9228


Tremendous job Jon, as we’ve come to expect!

Jon writes,

Hey Kim,

I hope all is well – summer is just around the corner!

Anyways, I just finished up another passion project that I thought you might find interesting. I’m not sure if you’re a big sushi fan or not, but I filmed a short interview with my friend and local chef Max Millefoglie. He’s the executive sushi chef at Lat 43, and he is super talented.

I can’t begin to describe how interesting this shoot was, and I was trying to absorb as much info as I possibly could about the craft. There is so much more to sushi than I ever could have imagined, and I’m now a fan of it myself!




Tons of cool stuff! Yard sale opens at 9am.

IMG_9262Sharp looking kayak, with apron and paddle for 175.00. I am told that’s a great price!

Live from Eastern Point Day School Humongous yard sale setup-opens at 9am. Come on over, tons of stuff!

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Good Harbor Beach Sunrise -2 Gloucester MA copyright Kim SmithPiping Plovers nesting -4 Gloucester MA copyright Kim SmithAn approximately six foot in diameter protective barrier has been installed around the plover’s nest. This is a huge relief as many of us have noticed dog tracks in the cordoned off area. The plover’s don’t seem to mind the wire construct and go about their morning routine, running through the spaces between the wire grid as if the barrier had always been in place. In the above photo, you can see a plover sitting on its nest between the two clumps of grass within the enclosure.

Piping Plovers nesting Gloucester MA copyright Kim SmithEvery morning the plover’s switch places several times, with both parents taking turns sitting on the nest, while the other leaves the restricted area to feed at the shoreline and bath in the tide pools. The above photo was taken on the 13th of June, before the barrier was put in place. There are minimal tacks around the nest site, so it would be logical to assume the nest was very recently established. The photo below, taken on the 15th, show many more tracks and it looks like there are three eggs.

Piping Plovers Three eggs Gloucester MA copyright Kim Smith

Piping Plovers Two eggs Gloucester MA copyright Kim Smith

Nest on the 16th, I only see two eggs however I think the plovers move the eggs around in the nest. And too, my camera lens is zoomed all the way, and the image is cropped.

Piping Plovers nesting -3 Gloucester MA copyright Kim SmithThis morning the plovers were easily slipping through the wires.

Twin Light GHB Sunrise copyright Kim Smith

Snowy Egret Good Harbor Beach copyright Kim SmithSnowy Egret Good Harbor Beach -2 copyright Kim SmithSnowy Egrets fishing at the GHB tidal river this morning.



Male Female Luna Moth dorsal Copyright Kim SmithConsidered by many to be North America’s most beautiful insect, a newly emerged Luna Moth will melt the heart of even the most vehement of insectophobes. These male and female pristine beauties were photographed at new friend Jane’s lush garden in Gloucester. Jane, along with her friend Christine (who we met last week), intend to repopulate Cape Ann with members of our native Giant Silkmoth Family. See story here.Male Female Luna Moth underside ventral Copyright Kim Smith copy

In the photo above, the female is in the lower right. You can easily tell the difference because the male has much fuller antennae–all the better to detect the female’s pheromones.

Female Luna Moth Copyright Kim SmithHer abdomen is swollen with eggs. A female Luna Moth will oviposit between 400 to 600 eggs, more during warm weather.

Not quite as large as the Cecropia Moth, nonetheless its wings span nearly four and a half inches. You are most likely to see Luna Moths flying during evening hours and the caterpillars munching on birch leaves, one of their favorite food plants in our region. The adult moths only live for a week and during that time are unable to eat (they emerge without mouthparts). The mature Luna Moth’s sole purpose is to mate and deposit eggs of the next generation.

Many thanks to Christine and Jane for sharing their passion for the gorgeous Giant Silkmoths!

This short film of a Luna Moth in flight was made after finding a Luna Moth at Willowdale Estate. I returned home with the moth and as evening approached it began to quiver and vibrate in preparation for flight. I had been listening to Ave Maria and it was playing in the background so I left it in the video and think the music perfect for this most stunning of creatures.

Jane’s Garden

Blue poppies Meconopsis coyright Kim SmithRare-for-these-parts Blue Poppy (Meconopsis rudis)

Jane's Garden copyright Kim SmithPink Poppies copyright Kim Smith






Gloucester Stage Presents Live Theater Performances for Young Audiences 

Gloucester Stage Company proudly launches the 2016 season of  Playtime Stories, an engaging combination of children’s stories, live performances and interactive events for ages 3 and older, onSaturday, June 18 at 10 am at Gloucester Stage, 267, East Main Street, Gloucester. Playtime Stories offers young children the unique opportunity to experience the fun and magic of live theater as they watch their favorite books come to life onstage. Following the performance audience members will be invited to join the Playtime Stories Company in fun and interactive workshops relating to the story. Each Saturday the Playtime Stories Company, consisting of members of Gloucester Stage’s apprentice company, veteran Youth Acting Workshop students and special guest narrators. The company performs a children’s story against the backdrop of the story’s illustrations followed by a weekly series of dynamic interactive events related to the story. According Youth Acting Workshop Director and Teacher Heidi Dallin, “We had a great response to the Playtime Stories program last summer. It is a terrific way for YAW to reach out to younger audiences to spark their excitement in live performance. Many of the veteran YAW students in the Playtime Stories Company have been involved in the YAW program since they were 5 years old and now they will inspire the next generation of YAW students!” Each week Playtime Stories explores different stories ranging from classic fairy tales to new stories to works by local authors. The books for June 18 are the classic Thomas The Tank Engine and Friends: Thomas Goes Fishing, Based on The Railway Series by the Rev. W. Awdry and The Paperbag Princess by Robert Munsch. Upcoming books to be read and performed by the Playtime Stories Company include The Three Little Pigs and The Little Red Hen on June 25; Curious George and Little Bunny Foo Foo on July 9. Other Stories planned for July include Virginia Lee Burton’s Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel, Rumpelstiltskin, and the Dr. Seuss classics, The Lorax and What Pet Should I Get?  All Playtime Story performances are held at 10 am at Gloucester Stage, 267 East Main Street, Gloucester, MA. Admission is $5. For more information, call the Gloucester Stage Box Office at 978-281-4433 or visitwww.gloucesterstage.comSummer_2015_Edit (1)


Harbor Tour with Mayor Romeo Theken -8 copyright Kim SmithHarbor Tour with Mayor Romeo Theke -5n copyright Kim SmithThank you to Mayor Romeo Theken, Pauline Bresnahan, and Captain Steve Douglass for a super fun tour of Gloucester Harbor this morning. A tour of Gloucester’s harbor aboard the M/V Lady Gillian is a fantastic way to experience the waterfront. It’s actually a shuttle and costs only ten dollars for an adult ticket, children are five dollars, and kids under six ride for free. You can take the round trip, which takes about an hour, or you can ride between destinations, all day long. The Water Shuttle connects Gloucester’s two cultural districts, Harbortown and Rocky Neck, with points of arrival and departure at Maritime Gloucester, The Gloucester House Restaurant, Saint Peter’s Town Landing, and more. Visit the Harbor Tours website here for a map, hours of operation, and tour schedule.

Harbor Tour with Mayor Romeo Theken -3 copyright Kim Smith

Harbor Tour with Mayor Romeo Theken -7 copyright Kim SmithMayor Romeo Theken, Pauline Bresnahan, Rosaria Gaimbanco Floyd, Marianne Giambanco Pacquette, Grace Numerosi, Nina Goodick, Rosalie Favazza, Pierina LoContro, Rosa Palazollo, Geriann Palazolla, Donna Ardizonni, Manny Simoes, Kathy Santuccio, Susan Canning, and Roseanne CodyBeauport Hotel Greasy Pole copyright Kim Smith


Love the Giambanco Sisters❤️

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The last photo in the gallery shows the new handicapped ramp at Pavillion Beach, given by Beauport Hotel

Harbor Tour with Mayor Romeo Theken -9 copyright Kim SmithCaptain Dave Marciano’s Hard Merchandise

Bacheler Civil War coat : a case for a case?

Charles and George King write,

“Hey everybody,

The coat is with the textile conservator and they’re working on it and it’s going great! A magazine about the Civil War is publishing some news about this special Gloucester coat and restoration. We will share that as soon as it’s published.  In the meantime, we have a display case to decide on!
As a reminder, we hope that the coat will be shown 3D which poses some problems. For instance it makes any display case bigger and therefore more expensive. Before we make a decision we’d like the public to weigh in.
We have three options. All of them include the coat standing up on a special form from the restorer, a secure Gloucester High School location, and a stand design big enough to support the coat and show it off.Case002
1)We can place the coat in the huge, already made display case in the Gloucester High School currently filled with trophies and an old poster. The JROTC case needs to be de-cluttered and rearranged and the lighting switched out.
Pros: inexpensive and easy
Cons: You can not walk around the coat. (However we could install a mirror behind it.) 20160414_152350
2)We can put the coat in a 5 sided display case (1/4″ plexi) on a pedestal out in the open in the Gloucester High School. The wood shop could also make a cabinet for underneath the pedestal Pros: you can walk around the coat  Cons: more expensive than option 1 (estimates from a museum and gallery supplier start at $2000) Case006

3)Same as option (2), with some first class benefits that may offer more climate control
Pros: Special access door, special linen wrapped aluminum base, 3/8″ plexi
Cons: Pricey as estimates (from a museum and gallery supplier) with crating and shipping were more than $5000.


Conservation vs. good enough?
Because some of the estimates are as much money as the restoration, we are considering all the pros and cons and want to hear from the supporters.
On the one hand, we think it’s a shame to repair the coat and chance going through this for nothing. On the other hand, these estimates are more than it costs for kids to go to camp this summer.
We ask: is there a case for such a case?
Please email us your vote for  1), 2), or 3) or  any comments or questions you have.
We hope to reach as many residents as possible, especially kids.
We wish nd Jane Enos will ask the Cape Ann Beacon readers, Mr. Lamont will ask the Gloucester Daily Times readers, and Kim will ask Good Morning Gloucester, and Caroline will ask in the High School,and Jule will ask Bay State Banner readers –even though we’ve asked so much already. “
Charles and George King




June 7, 2016

By Rachel Cobb

Rachel Cobb: How did you fall into documenting these fishermen?

Nubar Alexanian: I moved to Gloucester from Boston in 1971. I was teaching photography and having shows, and that was getting a little boring. I wanted to start doing magazine work and learn how to do photo essays, so I decided to find the most successful fishing family, at least in Gloucester, if not on the East coast, and follow them. That turned out to be the Brancaleone family. They had two boats. They were the boats that everyone else wanted to know where they were fishing. I followed them for about a year and a half and went on four ten-day trips to Georgia’s Bank.

I have a middle ear balance problem and get seasick very easily. After the first trip, when my wife came to pick me up, I had lost 20 pounds. She just drove right by me. Every time I would tell the Brancaleone family I needed to go again, they were just incredulous. It was painful for them to see me so seasick. So they were like… No! But they always agreed. When I sold the story to Geo, the magazine asked me to go on one more trip—a winter trip (which are really bad). But when you’re working on something and it has you, you just have to keep up with it.






Cape Ann TV Lunch & Learn Series: How To Make A Movie On Your iPhone

Cape Ann TV

Lunch & Learn Series:

How To Make A Movie On Your iPhone


Cape Ann TV’s Lunch & Learn Series continues on Wednesday, June 29th, 2016 at 12pm with “How To Make A Movie On You iPhone” presented by Professional Video Producer, Ted Reed.

It used to cost thousands, if not millions of dollars to make a movie. But now the basic production tools are in the hands of millions of people. Your smart phone can capture better video than most top of the line professional cameras did only a few years ago; all you need are a few tips and a few (if any) accessories to produce a festival-ready film. Join independent producer Ted Reed for a Cape Ann TV Lunch and Learn discussion that will show you what you need to know and what works best to get high-quality video out of your iPhone. The principles are the same for almost any current smart phone; we’ll concentrate on what the iPhone can do and the free or cheap apps that will help you get your indie feature made.

Participants are encouraged to install the ProCam app* which we will do a quick tutorial on, but even the stock Camera app will do the trick.


Space is limited for this event; please RSVP to to reserve your spot. 

*Cape Ann TV in not affiliated nor endorses this application.  Please do your own research and use your own discretion when downloading.


Mayor Romeo Theken Heidi Wakeman copyright Kim SmithMayor Romeo Theken and Heidi Wakeman

Community members gathered Monday night at a vigil organized by Mayor Romeo Theken for the victims of the Orlando shooting. The memorial was held outdoors at City Hall with the American and Rainbow flags flying at half mast in honor of the victims and their community. The Mayor led the program, with eloquent speeches given on love, hate, and tolerance by Reverend Wendy Fitting, Reverend Rona Tyndall, Reverend Thomas Bentley, Representative Ann Margaret Ferrante, and Senator Bruce Tarr. Several songs were sung, with Alexandra Grace and Josh Cominelli performing Hozier’s “Take Me To Church.” Heidi Wakeman read the poem “Say I Love You,” written by Christy Sharshel.

The screenshot below, of the comment from Rick Fish, is from Mayor Sefatia’s Facebook page. Rick is working in the trauma room at the hospital to where shooting victims have been brought.

So proud of our community for this gesture of loving kindness.


Heidi Wakeman's tender poem "Say I Love You"

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Eloquent speech by Senator Tarr #lovenothate

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