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CATA Trolley is Fun

CATA Trolley

I decided to jump on the trolley with my mother as it came through Rocky Neck on Sunday and take a little hands free tour of Gloucester.  Since we are both seniors now, it was a fun little excursion that only cost $1.00.  Jessica is the driver, and she is very sweet.  I plan to take it again to go to Stage Fort Park for a walk and picnic lunch.  It is nice not to have to drive, especially on weekends when if you leave Rocky Neck, there is a good chance you won’t be able to park when you get back.

10:00 a.m. to 5:39 p.m.

June 20 through September 7
Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays

One Way Fare: $1.00
All Day Pass: $3.00

Persons with Disabilities, Seniors
& Persons on Medicare $0.50

Children under 5 years FREE


* No free parking during Waterfront Festival (August 16 & 17) & other city-wide events at Stage Fort Park

Visit for schedule

E.J. Lefavour

Mary Rhinelander McCarl at Annisquam Gallery

mary mccarl at annisquam

Mary Rhinelander McCarl has 26 paintings on display for the month of August — August 3 through September 7 — at the Annisquam Art Gallery, 32 Leonard Street, over the Annisquam Exchange. There are also Medieval faces on wooden panels and hand-painted decorated paper suitable for collages for sale.
The hours are 10:00 to 4:00 Monday through Friday and 10:00 to 1:00 on Saturday.
The reception — which is also for the second summer show by many Cape Ann artists — is also upstairs over the Exchange on Friday, August 7, from 5:30 to 6:45PM.

Pieces of Gloucester

Rokhaya Waring_Pieces of GloucesterStopped by to see the newest exhibit at the Cultural Center at Rocky Neck by Rokhaya Waring – Pieces of Gloucester.  It is a definite must see.  The Center also now has air conditioning for your comfort in viewing on a hot day.  The opening reception is Sunday from 5-7:00pm.  The postcard really doesn’t do her work justice, so stop in and see this truly beautiful expression of our beloved city.  It will move you.

E.J. Lefavour

Drumming at Trefrey Park

mamadou and henry

The usual drumming class with Mamadou takes place at the Rocky Neck Cultural Center on Tuesday evenings at 6:00 (all are welcome).  This Tuesday the weather was so beautiful, they decided to move to Trefrey Park.  They sounded great and people stopped to listen and watch, including my mother and I.  Henry the dog was so moved by the sound that he flipped on his back and pawed the air to the beat of the drums.  It was hysterical how well he kept to the beat and truly enjoyed himself.

E.J. Lefavour

My Joey Dog Experience

joey dog

Personally I love dogs – all dogs.  My worst experience with dogs has been too much drool and a little dirt on my clothes when they jump up on me.  But this morning I had a bone fide Joey dog experience.  I was walking out Eastern Point Blvd. by Three Waters, and this vicious, snarling beast raced out the driveway at me, obviously wishing to leap and sever my juggler vein.  Fortunately, I was too tall for that and he quickly realized the folly of his evil plan and turned and ran away.  Those who walk out on Eastern Point, beware!  I’ve never seen him before, so he must be the new guard dog forThree Waters.

E.J. Lefavour

Sailing on the Ardelle

ardelle sail with down home swing

Took Mom for a sail on Ardelle last Thursday.  It was a beautiful evening and a great way to spend two hours out on the harbor.  There was a marvelous four piece band playing, called Down Home Swing, who entertained us the whole trip, that is when Harold wasn’t entertaining us with his feeding of the demanding visiting gulls.

I visited Harold’s boat yard in Essex and watched as Ardelle was being built, wrote about her back in 2011, and went aboard when Ardelle visited one of our Mug Ups on Madfish Wharf, but had never yet been on board to sail with her.  I’m so glad I finally did and got to take my mother, who enjoyed it immensely.

E.J. Lefavour

Grand Fatilla Returns to Rocky Neck!

GRAND FATILLA_Rocky Neck_print

Grand Fatilla returns to Rocky Neck!

Friday July 31 2015, 7:30 PM

The Cultural Center at Rocky Neck, 6 Wonson St Gloucester MA 01930

COST: $15 / $10 for Rocky Neck Art Colony members

At its Cultural Center concert in November 2014 Grand Fatilla placed a smile on the face of every listener for the entire night, a night that flew by far too fast. July 31 will welcome this extraordinary band back to Gloucester in a not-to-be-missed concert.

Described as a magic carpet, flying listeners to different known and unknown places, the Grand Fatilla experience is delivered by an innate spontaneity that defies world music boundaries. What began as a virtuoso trio exploring gypsy-infused, cross-cultural folk music, Club d’Elf bassist Mike Rivard, electric mandolinist Matt Glover and accordionist Roberto Cassan joined with percussionist and singer Fabio Pirozzolo, and Grand Fatilla was born. With a considerable following, notable for its raucous enthusiasm and varied ethnic make-up, audience members are drawn to the music’s infectious authenticity. The group travels from Argentine Tangos to Italian Tarantellas, from Turkish sacred Sufi songs to Irish reels, Moroccan trance to Bulgarian dance music, all performed with a signature of improvisational group interplay and playful spontaneity.

Each member of the band brings a distinct flavor and area of expertise in different World music to the collective sound: Cassan and Pirozzolo both hail from Italy where they were immersed in the folk music of that area (and play with the Italian folk group Newpoli), and have also intensely explored Armenian (both of them are also a part of the Armenian-jazz nonet Musaner), Balkan, Tango, Brazilian and South American music. Glover came to Boston from his native Newfoundland where he absorbed the Celtic influences and fiddle music of that area, as well as studying the South Indian style of mandolinist U. Srinivas. Rivard, who is also a member of Indian-jazz group Natraj and plays with the Boston Pops Orchestra, has a passion for North African music, especially Moroccan trance music. This lead him to study the sintir, a 3-stringed bass lute.

In this age of heightened global consciousness the repertoire that Grand Fatilla performs acknowledges and pays homage to the idea that it is indeed One World that we all live in, and the music of diverse cultures enriches us all.

Incredibly Observant FOB, Sandy!


fish in foregroundSandy commented on my post yesterday asking if I had seen the big fish in the foreground of the first photo.  I hadn’t seen it and thought she was just imagining a fish until I blew up the photo and adjusted the exposure.  Indeed there is a big fish in the foreground of the photo.  It is a metal sculpture at the water’s edge in Kim and Linda’s yard where I was photographing, but I hadn’t noticed it because I was so focused on the incredible light on the boats in the distance.  Amazing observation Sandy!

E.J. Lefavour

Glass: Realism to Abstraction – Photography by Judith Monteferrante

judith monteferrante_glass

Glass: Realism to Abstraction

Photography by Judith Monteferrante

Gallery 53 on Rocky Neck, 53 Rocky Neck Ave., Gloucester

Wednesday, July 22 – Tuesday, Aug. 11

Opening Reception: Saturday, July 25  6-8 pm

“Glass: Realism to Abstraction” is the title of local photographer Judith Monteferrante’s upcoming Summer Artist Series show at Gallery 53 on Rocky Neck in Gloucester. The show opens on Wednesday, July 22 and closes on Tuesday, Aug. 11. The Opening Reception is set for Saturday, July 25 from 6-8 pm. Everyone is welcome to come and meet the artist.

This photography project started for Judith with the death of her only child and her desire to avoid the holidays. On a cruise in 2007 she explored the book “Light, Science and Magic” and found she could capture images of inanimate objects with their reflections that together represented her private vision.

“Photographing glass and its reflections, creating abstractions from simplicity to pure indulgence in subject matter, while adhering to the principle that light illuminates and shadows define, led me to this metaphysical exploration of reality,” says Monteferante.

A fine art photographer living in Gloucester and Scottsdale, AZ, and a retired cardiologist, Judith’s skills at imaging the heart were transferred to the study of nature’s intimate places. Her main focus is on fine art photography of flowers, often interacting with water, still life, glassware abstracts as well as landscapes to seascapes. She believes that years of witnessing and helping those who are ill and dying  sharpened her sensitivity and allowed her to see beauty in the world with precision and with her personal stamp.

She was awarded Copley Artist status with the Copley Society of Art in Boston, is a Moab Master photographer (by Legion Paper),  a member of many art associations including Sonoran Arts League and the Rockport Arts Association, and was the former Artistic Director of the Rocky Neck Art Colony. Judith has gallery representation in Massachusetts, New York and Arizona.

Judith recently had two solo shows at the Rockport Art Association and Marblehead Art Association. She was accepted into fifteen juried shows in 2014-15 as well as two invitational exhibits. Judith has won numerous awards, most recently First Place in the juried SeARTS: Art @Bass Rocks 2014-5 exhibition in Gloucester and second place in the winter members’ exhibition 2015 at the Copley Society of Art, Boston. She was published as a Silver Award winner in “Color” magazine in 2011 and won the Haystack Residency Scholarship Deer Isle, ME from the Copley Society of Art in 2010. Judith’s work is in many private and corporate collections.

Need Help with Your Focus?

kitten focus

Whether this is true or not, this study provides great justification for looking at those adorable kitten photos every morning before you start your day, or before starting a project you need to focus on.

On the subject of focus and memory, I have been doing a lot of research and trying all sorts of things since my mother slipped into the realm of dementia.  I wanted to find whatever I could to help regain her memory, and my own, which had gone from bad to worse rapidly over the past few years.  While I can’t say I have found a universal cure, I can say that my own memory is now back to where it was 10 years ago, and mom’s is also improving.  This morning I met a new neighbor and his puppy, Ted and Pippa.  Might not sound earthshattering to you, but a year ago, I would never have been able to remember their names, nor the names of people I had met repeatedly, which was very embarrassing, but whose names I now remember.

Aside from regular exercise, pursuing a deeper spiritual life, and getting us on as brain healthy a diet as possible (fish, fruit and vegetables, minimal gluten and bread/pasta carbs, coconut oil, beet juice, etc.), there are three supplements we have been taking for a number of months now, which I believe have been having an amazing effect.  One is Dynamic Nutrition pure extract turmeric curcumin with BioPerine, the next is HealthForce ZeoForce Detoxify Daily, and the last, and I think the most effective, is Biogenesis Focus Fizz.  Poor nutrition, stress and toxins are known causes of dementia and loss of cognitive ability.  Unless we live in a bubble eating only nutrient rich foods, we are all subject to them and need to take whatever steps we can to protect ourselves from their effects.

If nothing else, try the kitten photos.

E.J. Lefavour

We can turn back the hands of time, but not that far …

surfer girls2

Just when you’ve lost a few pounds, gotten yourself into decent shape, and are feeling good and proud of yourself, you stumble across that 45 year old photo which tosses all illusions out the window.  Surfing buddy, Karen Husby, and I at Ogunquit Beach, ME, circa 1970.

E.J. Lefavour

Romula Art

romula art

If you are on Rocky Neck, don’t miss the opportunity to visit Romula Art Gallery, G6 on Madfish Wharf.  Romula’s art is very unique, bold and done completely with her fingers – no brushes used.  Many of her pieces represent street and restaurant scenes in Boston’s North End, but she also has some beautiful figurative work.

E.J. Lefavour

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