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3rd Annual RNAC Holiday Arts & Crafts Festival

2015 RNAC holiday festival

2015 RNAC Arts & Crafts Holiday Festival

Open to All Rocky Neck Art Colony Artist Members

All Rocky Neck Art Colony artist members are invited to participate in this year’s Holiday Festival at the Cultural Center. This is an open show and all RNAC member artists are welcome to show and sell fine crafts and artwork in any medium. Spaces include a variety of wall spaces, jewelry displays, tables, and print bins on both floors. The main entrance this year will be on the lower level to make sure all artists have equal coverage. We are  planning 5 exciting parties and are planning a big publicity campaign. Applications will be accepted until all spaces are taken, but to get your name on the poster and postcard you must apply by October 31. Be sure to take advantage of this membership benefit to show your work at the Cultural Center on Rocky Neck.

See for more information and to download an application. Contact if you have any questions.

If you are not a RNAC member, this is a good time and reason to join.  Membership is good for one year from date of sign up.  This is a fun show, with great traffic and sales, and the show is manned on open days, so you don’t have to be there except to set up your display, replenish as things sell and have fun at the parties.

E.J. Lefavour

Plum Island from Steep Hill, Steep Hill from Plum Island

steep hill at crane estate

Spent the day Saturday re-exploring my old stomping grounds from years living in Newbury and on Plum Island.  After shooting Crane Estate and Plum Island from the top of Steep Hill, we made our way to the end of Plum Island Refuge and shot Steep Hill from there.  It looks a lot closer when you are just looking across the water, but it was an enjoyable adventure.  I’d forgotten how much I love that area.

E.J. Lefavour

The Paper House

The Paper House

Many of you have probably visited The Paper House at one time or another if you grew up in Rockport or Gloucester.  I remember visiting it as a child when my grandmother (God only knows how she found it) took us there.  My mother and I went to visit it again yesterday.  It is a cool tucked away little treasure in Pigeon Cove, well worth a visit if you’ve never been, or a nice memory to return to if you haven’t been in years.  It was built by Elis and Esther Stenman, who must have been a very unique and interesting couple.  You can learn more about it at  It seems to always be open, and is run on the honor system, where you leave your $2 admission in a metal mailbox by the front door of the main house.  There are signs, but it is a little tricky to find.  From Rockport, take left just before you reach the Tool Company, go up a little and take a left and then your second right (watch for signs).  It is #52 Pigeon Hill Street.  Coming the other way, take the right up a hill, right after you pass the Tool Company, then first left and second right.

If you look closely, the 2nd photo includes The Boston Post edition from April 16, 1924, in which the Sox apparently lost with 24,000 fans watching.

E.J. Lefavour

Invasion of the Phalacrocorax

spoke too soon

invasion of the Phalacrocorax

I’d never seen this many together at one time, both at the mouth of Wonson Cove and in Smith Cove yesterday.  Maybe they were taking a rest here while on migration, or had heard that the fishing was really good here, although I didn’t see any of them feeding, just swimming and hanging out together.  Today I didn’t see any.   If you look really close in the sky on the top photo, there is a huge flock of something flying by.  I hadn’t even noticed them when photographing the cormorants.

Oops!  Spoke too soon.  A huge flock just flew in and out of Smiths Cove.  It was pretty amazing to see, like those crazy bats flying out of caves videos.


E.J. Lefavour

Eyewitness Gaza

eyewitness gaza





On Sunday, October 25, the North Shore Coalition for Peace and Justice (NSCPJ) together with the Cape Ann Forum, will present Eyewitness Gaza: From Disaster to Resilience with Alice Rothchild,  at Gloucester City Hall, 9 Dale Avenue, Gloucester, from 3-5 pm.


Alice Rothchild is a physician, activist, filmmaker, author of “Broken Promises, Broken Dreams,” and producer of the documentary film, “Voices Across the Divide.”


Dr. Rothchild visited the Gaza Strip in March 2015 with a medical delegation as part of broader Israel/Palestine visits.  She will share information, images, and impressions of the destruction caused by the Israeli invasion of 2014 and the extraordinary resilience that she encountered, as well as the ongoing siege conditions.


Learn how people currently confined in the Gaza Strip – from farmers to psychiatrists – try to rebuild their lives amidst such extreme devastation and political challenges.


Explore the question:  Can the root causes of the conflict be addressed, or is the next deadly outbreak of violence only a matter of time?


The North Shore Coalition for Peace and Justice is a coalition of groups and individuals from the communities of the North Shore of Massachusetts.  The coalition came together in the winter-spring of 2001 to support activities of North Shore groups working for peace and justice and to initiate North Shore-wide peace actions.


The Cape Ann Forum is an independent, non-partisan community organization, founded in 2001 to increase public understanding of national and international issues and their connection to people at the local level. Speakers act as catalysts to foster free-wheeling dialogue and debate.


This event is also co-sponsored by the First Universalist Church of Essex, Jewish Voice for Peace, Boston, Merrimack Valley People for Peace, Salem Peace Committee, Unitarian Universalist Society of Rockport, and Veterans for Peace  Samantha Smith Chapter 45.


The event is free and open to the public.  Please join us.  For more information, call 978-283-5030.

Aggressive Beggar or Greeter

ducks rush

My mother and I were walking along Rocky Neck Ave., just past The Accommodations, when this female mallard came rushing from a distance toward us, quacking away.  You can see the wake she was creating in her rush to come beg something from us.  We didn’t have anything for her, which she soon realized and went on her way.  Maybe she wasn’t begging at all, and just rushing over to greet us.

E.J. Lefavour

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