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Fish Box Derby

September 20, 2015 PrayingAnother fun day at the Fish Box Derby

Next weekend is Cyclecross weekend

Saturday and Sunday there will be lots of fun going on in Gloucester. The Annual CycleCross Races at Stage Fort Park. Please follow the links below to see more information. 27, 2014 097m-continues-support-as-technical-sponsor

From Gloucester City Hall Tower

What an amazing experience to go up to the tower at Gloucester’s City Hall.


Happiest Birthday to two strong amazing women


Happy Birthday to Anna Baglaneas Eves and Vickie Van Ness.

Anna and her husband James Eves run and operate Cape Ann Giclee. The best and only place to have your photos printed on canvas, metal or any other media. Anna is fun and pleasant to do business with. We at GMG treasure our friendship with Anna. For more information on Anna and Cape Ann Giclee please follow the link below.


Vickie and her husband Peter have done so much for Cape Ann and Gloucester. From promoting local music and festivals to designing and maintaining great websites. We at GMG always have fun with Vickie.

Just as with Anna for more information on Vickie please follow the link below.

Most important, GMG is thankful to have these 2 wonderful women as friends and co workers.

The Annisquam Exchange Furniture Sale

Terrific furniture at the annual Annisquam Exchange Furniture Sale on Saturday.

Helping eliminating plastic

FOB Henry Allen submits another way to eliminate using plastic water bottles.


Dearest Community,

One of our beloved and very generous theatre moms very kindly offered to purchase a butt load of bottled water for the cast for the wetting of our whistles during rehearsals. While I do feel it is necessary for us all to stay well-hydrated, I’ve lost much sleep over the issue of plastic bottle waste in Gloucester and Cape Ann. Here is my concern and what I have decided to do about it.

I am greatly disturbed by the amount of plastic bottle trash we Americans generate and accumulate at work, school and at home, not to mention the refuse we see in our beloved oceans, beaches and forests. Last summer, the theatre kids counted no less than 40 pieces of plastic trash in the water as we walked down the boulevard toward Stage Fort Park… and that was BEFORE we even reached the Fisherman at the Wheel! Much of it plastic bottles. Oy…

So I am OFFICIALLY forthwith, BANNING bottled water from the theatre forever. The Magnolia Library has a bubbler in the lobby, we have a sink upstairs, and plenty of washable cups. I am on a mission to vastly reduce or even eliminate as much waste as possible in this company.

That said, I have also decided to invest in durable stainless steel water bottles with our beautiful triple spiral logo to sell as a benefit for the theatre. For a $20 donation, you will receive an elegant, 26oz, BPA and aluminum free, environmentally-friendly bottle. They are available now at the Magnolia Farmer’s Market, and at the Magnolia Library.

Yes, I know eliminating plastic water bottles is a pain in the tush, but here is the deal. I’ve done my homework, and bottled water is just bad news all around, and that is the truth.

The good news is that Gloucester’s tap water quality is likely not as bad as it might seem (or taste). There have been major improvements and upgrades to Gloucester’s water system in the last couple years, and the most recent report states in bold that “Gloucester’s water supply is currently in compliance with all federal and state primary drinking water standards.”

Thank your for understanding. I believe that once we make quitting plastic bottles a regular practice, it might cause us all to think a little more deeply about the issue, about our beautiful Cape Ann’s natural beauty and animal habitats. Teach your children well.

The North Shore Folklore Theatre Company hopes to become a model in our community that other organizations will want to follow.

Thanks for hearing me out, folks. Let me know if you want to order the NSFTC Bottle of Steel and how many you’d like. (Great holiday stocking stuffer!)

This video is a great overview on the issue. I checked the facts personally and they are all true. Wouldn’t it be amazing for your kids to someday tell their grandchildren stories about the Ghosts of Plastic? I think it would. Viva!

More info about the NSFTC Bottle of Steel and upcoming shows and events at:


September 14, 2015 Water bottle





Saturday Clean Up

Good Morning all:


Hope everyone is well. 

 When:                  Saturday, September 19, 2015

Where:                 Wingaersheek Beach

Time:                    8 – 9

 Will have bags, please bring gloves

 Thanks all


April 21, 2014 Spring day on Winkgersheek


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